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In Honor of Obama’s Nobel “Peace Through War” Prize, Donate to the ACLU

I was going to make this pitch somewhat differently. But as the jist of Obama’s “Peace through War” speech has sunk in today, I’ve just gotten more and more frustrated.

First some background. As Glenn points out, the ACLU is in a whole bunch of hurt right now after their biggest single donor told them that cash flow issues prevent him from donating for the foreseeable future.

As The New York Times reported yesterday, the ACLU this year, largely without warning, lost its single largest source of funding as a result of the financial crisis.  The loss of that individual donor, who had been contributing $20 million per year, was a major blow to the organization, “punching a 25 percent hole in its annual operating budget and forcing cutbacks in operations.”  That loss came on top of substantial fundraising losses last year from the financial crisis and the Madoff fraud, which had already forced the group to lay-off numerous employees and cut back substantially on its activities.  The lost donor made clear yesterday that he continues to support the ACLU’s work emphatically but is simply now financially unable to continue his support.

I agree with Glenn that the ACLU has been utterly critical over the last decade in fighting to sustain our Constitution and the rule of law. But this funding set-back puts their ability to maintain their leadership position on these issues in jeopardy. And it sure looks to me like we’re going to continue to need their services in the coming years.

So if you can afford to do so at all, please consider supporting ACLU.

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