Trash Talk: Patriots Have A Strange Kind Of Mascot

Sports mascots are ubiquitous. College mascots are a tradition I suppose, irrespective of redeeming value, but pro mascots – with the exception of the San Diego Chicken, the Phoenix Suns Gorilla and, maybe, the Philly Phanatic are totally lame. Seriously. Then there are those big headed sausages the Milwaukee Brewers have. Are those even mascots?

But mascots, like Tiger Woods, are only human. They have indiscretions:

A prostitution sting in Rhode Island netted an unusual John, or, rather, an unusual Pat—as in one of the men who plays Pat Patriot, the huge-foam-headed mascot of the New England Patriots. Robert Sormanti, 47, was among 14 charged; there was no indication he was wearing his costume when busted.

And this:

Pat the Patriot, beloved mascot of the New England Patriots and inspiration to Boston-area children since 1960, has been arrested in a prostitution sting. But it gets worse: Evidently Pat was caught answering a naughty ad on Craigslist. Placed by a policeman in Rhode Island.

Rumor has it that local prostitutes called Pat by his other nickname, “The Revolutionary Minuteman.” They did not mean it as a compliment.


See, now this is the problem with the media in today’s society; it is so shallow. Where is the discussion of the extreme team spirit of Sormanti and his willingness to get “up” for the big game against the Panthers? Bill Bel does not lose three in a row does he? No.

The Steelers have already opted out via a loss to the Brownies; but not before James Harrison’s mother threw down and bashed some fools with a beer bottle at the local VFW Post. Don’t mess with Silverback’s mom.

The prime time matchup this week is the Iggles at the Gents. Philly wins and they are sitting pretty at 9-4; they lose and they are tied with NY at 8-5 and the NFC East, and the wildcard, are a total mess. Which brings up the Bolts little visit to Tejas to see the ‘Boys. Dallas is 8-4, which is kind of amazing considering how mediocre they have played this season. December, however, is Bolt time and with Ladanian Tomlinson having been sighted, San Diego should be too much for the Cowboys. See, a total mess in the NFC East.

The Falcons are without Matt Ryan and Burner Turner; that is not a good thing with Drew Fookin Brees coming to visit. Le bon temps roule. The Pack are really coming on and are going to be a force heading in to the playoffs it appears. The Cheesers are too much for the Windy City Sliders. I’ll take the Fish over the Jags, Rayduhs at home over the Skins and Titans over the Rams too.

The best games by far this weekend are Cincinnati at the Vikings and Denver at the Colts. The Bengals have been solid all year and the Vikes are coming off their worst showing of the season in their loss in the desert to Kurt Warner and the Cards. If this game were in Cincinnati, the edge might go to the Bengals; but in the Metrodome, I don’t think so. It is about time for Adrian Peterson to bust out with a big game and this would be a prime week for him to do just that. The Broncos have regrouped and are playing well again having rediscovered their running game behind Knoshown Moreno. They will play the Colts tough, but it is hard to see how they have enough to overcome Peyton and the undefeated Colts in Indianapolis.

In a late breaking story, Tiger Woods has announced an indefinite leave from the PGA Tour while he works on piecing his life and marriage back together.

I am deeply aware of the disappointment and hurt that my infidelity has caused to so many people, most of all my wife and children,” Woods said. I want to say again to everyone that I am profoundly sorry and that I ask forgiveness. It may not be possible to repair the damage I’ve done, but I want to do my best to try.

I would like to ask everyone, including my fans, the good people at my foundation, business partners, the PGA Tour, and my fellow competitors, for their understanding. What’s most important now is that my family has the time, privacy, and safe haven we will need for personal healing.

After much soul searching, I have decided to take an indefinite break from professional golf,” the statement continued. “I need to focus my attention on being a better husband, father, and person.

Will be interesting to see how he does at that effort; he has a lot of work ahead of him. Might be helpful for them to go to that new island pad in Sweden Elin bought and get away from the animal cage Woods’ gated community and house in Orlando have become. Neighbors would probably appreciate it too.

That is it for this week; let’s trash this gin joint.

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  1. BayStateLibrul says:

    He’s from Rhody, whatsyouexpect?
    Pat the Patriot since 1960, and he’s 47, must have started young
    or he is Pat the Patriot II?

  2. BoxTurtle says:

    I feel for the Steelers, but they challenged the Cleveland curse and it bit them.

    The curse works like this:

    1) The Browns remove themselves from playoff contention.
    2) The Browns win just enough games to screw their draft position.
    3) The Browns choose poorly in the draft.
    4) The Browns then coach their Draftees into Oblivion.

    It was #2 that beat the steelers. The Browns had to win at least one more game to screw their draft position. They might have to win another, so if I were playing the Browns I’d worry.

    Boxturtle (Is it too early in the day to start drinking?)

  3. emptywheel says:

    I’m grateful for the Stillers’ meltdown this year, only because it makes the Pats’ meltdown look less bad by comparison.

    Particularly when you throw Harrison’s mom in the mix.

    • Phoenix Woman says:

      Well, now that half of the Vikings’ starters are now out, many for the season if not their careers (thanks, bmaz!), I think the Pats and Stillers have a chance. As long as you ignore the Saints and the Colts, that is.

      • Minnesotachuck says:

        The one the Vikes will really miss is Henderson (E.J.), who came back from the Arizona debacle with a broken femur. Obviously he’s out for this season and perhaps part of next as well, although there appears to be cautious optimism that the latter won’t be the case. Henderson is (was) an underrated element of the defense and his replacement, Jasper Brinkley, is an untested rookie. As PW points out, other at least four key starters, aside from Henderson, are questionable.

  4. freeman says:

    Can anyone tell me what the status of posse comitatus is today . I know the warner amendment has been repealed although Bush made a signing statement but I have been under the opinion that many believe it has been revoked . Anybody ?

  5. 1970cs says:

    Col. Brendan P. Doherty, superintendent of the state police, said at an afternoon news conference. “This case also demonstrates that the Rhode Island State Police take this seriously. …

    “It’s morally wrong, and now it’s illegal,” Doherty said

    Morality police in R.I. The state is broke, but the state police used how much manpower and hours to set up this sting, and more time to make known to the press?

    But the 12 year old beaten to death in their custody was a ‘mistake’.

    • BoxTurtle says:

      There’s a red light district here, as there are in most cities I expect. About once a year, typically right before a police levy vote or around Xmas, the police devote major manpower to a thorough (if temporary) cleanup with lots of TV and press. Someone once asked the police chief how he could devote so much effort to hookers when half the bank robberies were unsolved.

      He displayed a laundry basket full of letters the next day that were entirely citizen and legit business complaints about the area. Not one citizen had taken the time to write and complain about the bank robberies.

      It was clear what was having a bigger impact on the quality of life. The squeeky wheel gets the grease.

      Boxturtle (Legalize it. Regulate it. Tax it as income. Keep it indoors)

      • 1970cs says:

        First and foremost, congrats to having a long off season with bragging rights over the yinzers, Cribbs was awesome.

        As for Rhody, they changed a loophole in the law that made it legal indoors which was their whole reason for the sting.

        • BoxTurtle says:

          Cribbs was awesome. But every other position on that team should have to compete for their jobs in training camp.

          Boxturtle (Even Quinn has real problems seeing open receivers. Perhaps he’ll grow out of it)

          • 1970cs says:

            I would start with Lerner’s position, he seems incapable of making good decisions and it goes from there, sadly.

            • BoxTurtle says:

              Lerner I do not blame so much. As he puts it “My job is to sign paychecks, run the front office, and hire or fire the head coach.” He keeps pretty much to that.

              His coach picks have not been impressive, but I hope he gives this new one a chance. One year is not enough time to fix something as broken as the Browns.

              Boxturtle (Hoping for a super bowl win in my lifetime)

  6. BoxTurtle says:

    Football snack:


    2 cans whole water chestnuts.
    1 lb bacon. The leaner, the better. Center cut works best.
    Tabasco sauce

    Heat over to 350. Select a baking pan WITH A RIM and cover with foil. Wrap half a strip of bacon around each chestnut, secure with toothpick and place in pan. Bake for about 30 minutes or until bacon is at desired crispness. Once sauced, the bacon will not get any crisper.

    Prepare a sauce of 1 cup ketchup and 1/2 cup sugar and add tabasco to taste. Sauce will be slightly gritty. Any HIGH SUGAR BBQ sauce may be substituted. Sauces sweetened with other than sugar may not glaze properly.

    CAREFULLY remove the pan from the oven, it will be full of hot bacon grease (you did use one with a rim, right?). Drain off the grease, no worry if you leave some. Dip each chestnut into the sauce and return to pan. Bake for about 20 minute, until sauce is glazed on and does not drip.

    Serve warm, but give them a moment or two to cool when removed from the oven.

    Boxturtle (As a Browns fan, it is sometimes easier to be in the kitchen then in front of the TV)

    • Jim White says:

      Hmm. I can live with Harbaugh, but I sure would have preferred Nolan Cromwell for my Jayhawks.

      Maybe Urban Meyer could get Cromwell for play calling and send Adazzio either back to coaching the line or just send him away. I’ve been tracking our Sugar Bowl tickets and FedEx says they just made it to Gainesville this morning. They won’t be delivered until Monday. Ticket sales are down for the game; StubHub’s supply was 4000 early in the week and is still at 3000. The Gator ticket office ran a full page ad in today’s local paper pushing people to buy since the UF allocation was not sold out through the season ticket holders. I expect sales eventually will pick up as the sting of the loss to Alabama wears off and people start realizing it’s the last chance to see Tebow in a Gator uniform.

      New Year’s Eve on Bourbon street is a bonus.

    • GulfCoastPirate says:

      Interesting. I thought Harbaugh was smarter than that. Why he would want to get involved in the Borg + the 11 little sisters conference after that farce of a finish last Saturday night at Jerryworld is beyond my comprehension.

      • CTMET says:

        I’m here… just trying to wipe the tears from my keyboard to respond. I don’t think the UB Athletic Department of the Kansas Athletic Department has said anything official yet, but word is clearly out everywhere.

        The only thing that might have made sense for Harbaugh in Kansas is that is wife is from there. Turners daughter is also at Kansas, he’s a former Big 12 guy as a Nebraska quarterback. This has got to drive the Nebraska fans nuts.

        We’ve got nothing to complain about. If you told me when we hired him we’d get 4 years a conference championship and a bowl game, I would have taken that deal any day.

  7. freeman says:

    The confusion around the posse comitatus act seems staggering .And that was before the Warner amendment and it’s subsequent repeal . Googling reveals that nearly universally the opinion is that it’s dead and that the assignment to north-com of troops is proof of it’s demise but that seems a wrong interpretation .The sheer number of right wing websites screaming bloody murder for it’s reinstatement is staggering , makes the tea baggers look cuddly .
    I have found no where other than wikipedia ( sorry ) the fact that it’s reinstatement is a reality . There is so much grey area in the little act and it’s interpretation that it’s mind boggling .
    Help !!!!!!!

    • BoxTurtle says:

      I did some googling of my own and came up with the same thing you did. I’m not a lawyer, but that seems to be the opinion of all the lawyers. To get a more definative review than that, it’d have to be tested in court.

      You may get a better response from one of the lawyers here. But remember, they’re LAWYERS, it’s the weekend and the left coast is likely just thinking about waking up anyway.

      Boxturtle (Careful of those right wing websites. They’ll rot your mind and cause digestive issues as well)

  8. freeman says:

    Turtle ,
    fter looking at the right wing’s interpretation of the ambiquity , I think someone had better clarify it soon , or we will end up with a new generation of Tim mc veigh’s .

  9. bobschacht says:

    I received this delicious bit of trash talk from my Great-Aunt in Denver:

    Date: Sat, 12 Dec 2009 11:00:33 -0700
    Subject: The Bears

    “THE” BEARS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PURDY (Uralbacha?)

    Chi Bears

    Too much truth here…

    Q. What’s the difference between the Chicago Bears & the Taliban?
    A. The Taliban has a running game!

    Q. What do the Chicago Bears & Billy Graham have in common?
    A. They both can make a stadium full of people stand up & yell “Jesus Christ.”

    Q. How do you keep a Chicago Bears player out of your yard?
    A. Put up goal posts.

    Q. Where do you go in Chicago in case of a tornado?
    A. Soldier Field – they never get a touchdown there.

    Q. Why doesn’t Rockford have a professional football team?
    A. Because then Chicago would want one.

    Q. Why was Lovie Smith upset when the Bears playbook was stolen?
    A. Because he hadn’t finished coloring it.

    Q. What’s the difference between the Chicago Bears & a dollar bill?
    A. You can still get four quarters out of a dollar bill.

    Q. What do you call 47 people sitting around a TV watching the Super Bowl?
    A. The Chicago Bears.

    Q. What do the Chicago Bears & possums have in common?
    A. Both play dead at home & get killed on the road.

    Q. How can you tell when the Chicago Bears are going to run the football?
    A. Forte leaves the huddle with tears in his eyes.

    Bob in AZ

  10. Peterr says:

    No mention of the Heisman, bmaz?

    My pick: Suh.

    Nebraska wouldn’t have had a chance against most of their opponents with an ordinary defensive lineman in his place. It has been amazing to see him chew up offenses all year. His game against Texas was simply the icing on a very tasty cake.

  11. freepatriot says:


    jes to be safe …

    now, down to business

    pittsboro can’t win without the long haired mad man

    the bungles an the norvals play essentially meaningless games this weekend. Don’t matter if they both win, both lose. of split either way

    forget the playoffs. the bungles lurk on norval’s schedule, so that playoff spot will be won on the field

    and as a special treat, here is a a prediction from Rod Woodson of the NFL Network:

    Brett Favre has thrown 17 interceptions every year for 17 years. since he’s only throw 9 interceptions this year, favre has 8 more interceptions to throw

    so it looks like I ain’t the only guy that knows that Santa Farve is coming to town

    Squids over the ground pounders 7 – 3

    • scribe says:

      The guys calling Army Navy mentioned that one of their sources, inside the room on counting the Heisman votes, said it was going to be the closest vote in a long time, possibly ever. And that it was tied until late in the oounting.

      Hanging chads, anyone?

      • freepatriot says:

        so the geezer has an even dozen interceptions left to throw this year ???

        if ya know he’s gonna throw a dozen interceptions in the next 4 or 5 games, is it really so smart to bet on the guy ???

        (duckin & runnin)

  12. scribe says:

    Well, my Stillers aren’t totally out of it. Yet. At least it ain’t Bubby Brister QBbing. Remember him? He wore number 6 when he came on to succeed Bradshaw, and promptly earned the status as the butt of innumerable “half a QB” jokes.

    Then there was Nill ODunnell, who did the “go to the Super Bowl, then be a free agent and go to the Jets for the money”. If you’ll remember, when he became a Jet, about a half a season later something happened which was akin to his arm falling off, and he never was the same.

    Then there was Greg Lloyd, who famously announced during his interview, post-AFC Champinship Game win, “We’re goin’ to the fuckin’ Super Bowl!” On national TV. A couple years later, he came down with a bad case of drug-resistant staph, spent a couple months in the hospital, almost lost his leg, and did lose like something half his body weight.

    Joey Porter shot off his mouth too often, and became a Dolphin.

    Plexiglas Burris set the suburban Pittsbugh township record for “police responses to domestic dispute telephone calls”, became a free agent as the Stillers said “go with God, but Go”, won it all with the Jints, and will be watching the Super Bowl from the dayroom at Sing Sing.

    Antwaan Randle-el came to the Stillers touted as a one-man highlight reel, pouted and posed, got sent on his way (“Go with God, but go” again), had the Daniel Snyder dumptruck back up to his house and unload cash down the coal chute into the basement, and has been stuck with losing in DC ever since.

    It could be worse. And, besides, where do you think Silverback Harrison gets his fire, if not from his mom? It surely isn’t from watching cartoons. I like the fact that she was willing to go bust up a bar.

  13. bmaz says:

    Ruh roh, where is CTMET? Looks like Harbaugh is staying put at Stanford (Why would somebody leave the Pac-10 for Kansas anyway?) and Turner Gill of Buffalo is the new head coach for the Jayhawks.

  14. LabDancer says:

    Almost every responder is overlooking bmaz’ theme for this week’s trash take-out: mascot misbehavior. I propose the source of the problem: most of them — though ironically not necessarily the one bmaz features here for being caught in flagrante de prostituto — must feel disoriented from having to furry up in this post-wilderness, post-industrial age. I postulate this growing problem does not merit a War On Mascots — conceptual wars don’t have an exactly inspirational track record — but might be addressed effectively by a gentler, Obama-era-appropriate incremental approach: updated team nicknames. This would put an apt end to all the unnecessary aggression, contributing to the appropriate atmosphere for the emerging anti-concussion attitude, plus provide a long-overdue opportunity to rid the sport of all those messy cats and birds.

    Arizona Maroons: bmaz’ own were only called the Cardinals in recognition of the fact that their originally maroon jerseys had faded in the wash.

    Atlanta FullCons

    Baltimore Nevermores: They’re only the Ravens because Poe happened to pen the poem in that future urban hellhole.

    Buffalo Bipolars: Loads of snow, plus they’re playing in Toronto this weekend.

    Carolina Punters [Brit slang for ‘couch potato players’]; or, for some continuity, Punthers; or there’s always: Trailhikers

    Chicago’s Daleys: Their original name was “Staceys”.

    Cincinnati Queens: It’s the Queen City, after all; or Civic Virtues, which is both a nod to the Roman after whom the city’s named, plus seems to fit the local longing for stodginess.

    Cleveland Cuyahogas

    Dallas Depositors: One of my faves.

    Denver MileHighers: For the headlines: Clubbies Win!

    Detroit Pretenders:

    Green Bay Title Townies

    Houston Undocumented Immigrants: or, to keep with an already-established Theme, Astroturfs

    Indianapolis Speed Freaks: or Circle Jerks; or Race Riots…

    Jacksonville Cowforders: In recognition of it’s original name.

    Kansas City Funkhausers: After the current owner, and in recognition of what Paul Brown did for Cleveland; also, my personal favorite.

    Minnesota Wobegons: or Scandals; or Fjords is also good; actually, Vikings has turned out well for the Norske.

    New England Patriots: or Teabaggers, except it doesn’t fit the state political profile, and Pats has turned out a pretty useful nickname: when they’re bad, they’re the StandPats, etc.

    New Orleans Saints: Can’t mess with success. And when they’re bad, they’re the ‘Aints.

    New York Banksters:

    Oakland Acorns:

    Philadephia Cheese Steaks: Doesn’t mean Wisconsinites can’t still use it as a hat.

    San Francisco Values: Please; pretty please.

    St. Louis Blues: Okay, the icehookey team has the perfect name, but unlike all the legit sports, they don’t play with a ball, but with a puck, so how about maybe Blue Balls.

    San Diego Inquisadores: because some should be asking questions about all the shenanigans going on there

    Tampa Bay Misconceptions: There is actually no municipality called “Tampa Bay”; it’s a concept used to describe the region; and if you don’t like that, the most accurate description would be captured in Tampa Bay Brackish Estuaries, which I wouldn’t mind at all.

    Tennessee Appalachians: They could take the field to the first strains of Appalachian Spring! There’s also Tennessee Authoritarians, but I’m actually concerned they’d prefer that.

    Washington Lobbyists:

    [hands slap together: problem solved]

    Or can you do better?

    • scribe says:

      Like TBogg says: “Tebow is to sportswriters like a Rickey Schroeder poster was to the guys in NAMBLA”.

  15. WTFOver says:

    Dr David Kelly WAS murdered and there has to be a new inquest, say six top doctors

    Six doctors who believe government scientist David Kelly was murdered have launched a ground-breaking legal action to demand the inquest into his death is reopened.

    They are to publish a hard-hitting report which they claim proves the weapons expert did not commit suicide as the Hutton Report decided.

    They have also engaged lawyers to write to Attorney General Baroness Scotland and the coroner Nicholas Gardiner calling for a full re-examination of the circumstances of his death.

    The doctors are asking for permission to go to the High Court to reopen the inquest on the grounds that it was improperly suspended. If Baroness Scotland rejects that demand, or the court turns them down, their lawyers say they will have grounds to seek judicial review of the decision.

    • scribe says:

      So, does this mean that Jesus won’t cancel Chistmas because Tebow didn’t cry?

      Can I go out and buy a tree now? Drink some eggnog?

        • scribe says:

          More than a little bittersweet for Ingram, Sr., since he’s doing 8 years or so in a federal pen for bank fraud and is still looking at some exposure for not showing up and surrendering on time to begin his sentence. That defalcation, which could be treated as an escape and therefore a separate crime, has not yet been resolved.

          It’s all fun and such to make fun of Plexiglas Burress for not … being smart enough to leave his gun at home, but when you sit back and think about how prison affects people and their families, the laughter soon dies.

    • Neil says:

      Hurray for Ingram, Alabama, Sabin, Flint MI, and a proud mother and father, former NY Giants running back.

      All the nominees are extrordinary football players/

  16. orionATL says:


    200 yds?

    250 yds?

    300 yds?

    How about sex drive?

    The wilt chamberlain of golf;

    A whole- in-one at every “course”.

    More f—ing fun

    Than titleist has balls.

  17. freepatriot says:

    so Tiger apologized to anybody who he might have disappointed

    what about people like me who were NOT disappointed

    what about the people who expected him to fall off his perch ???

    some of us ain’t disappointed at all

    is he gonna accept our congratulations ???

    btw, did anybody notice that America is dealin with Tiger a lot different than a similar situation was handled 100 years back ???

    so you could mabbe unnerstan how I could get some enjoyment outta this

    if ya don’t give a shit about golf, and ya want a historic measuring stick …

    • LabDancer says:

      One such measuring stick would be Tom Weiskopf, who until Tom Watson came along was supposedly a lock to succeed Jolly Old Saint Jack Nicklaus — & when he proved the pundits were pretty much all wrong about that, we learned all about his extracurriculars, right? Or if that’s not compelling enough, how about the King himself? Even after it was obvious he was outclassed at every point of his career by Hogan at the outset & by then-amateur Venturi in the middle & by Nicklaus, and Player, and Casper at the end,we still never get to read about the nature of the record-breaking scores that convinced every reporter who ever hoped to get an interview from him or a gig on the Golf Channel to swear an oath of permanent omerta. Lots of other examples with the same shall we say profile but of lesser stature.

      I’m not suggesting there’s anything wrong with that big gloat all over your type-face; I’m just saying.

      • freepatriot says:

        I got limited capacity in observational methods. I’m stuck in the “Compare and Contrast” method of examination, and I can’t get beyond it

        Tiger and Jack Johnson are just TOO tempting to resist

        in ten years or so, I’ll be able to tell ya how much progress we made in my grandfather’s lifespan

  18. bmaz says:

    For all those that thought the Bill Bel Brain Fart was a good idea, how is that working out for ya? The defense that Belichick dissed with his Brain Fart has turned to mush and now there is dissent in the lockeroom – even Brady is questioning the heart of the team. No there are lots of factors at play, the loss of Seymour and Bruschi are key, but the Brain Fart and loss to the Peytons exploded the gig. It was indeed a Brain Fart and it stepped all over the team’s mojo and swagger. It was the single worst coaching move this year in the entire league.

  19. bobschacht says:

    Different sport–
    Women’s college volleyball doesn’t get much attention here, but I’ve been following it since I discovered 5 years ago that Hawaii’s Rainbow Wahine were nationally ranked. Their coach has led them to more than 1,000 victories over the years. And yesterday, the Wahine crushed the University of Michigan, sweeping them 3 sets to none, to advance to the semifinals on the 17th, when they will face the top-ranked Penn State.

    Hawaii is based in the WAC, which is a relatively weak conference. Distance makes it difficult for them to play very many high-ranked teams until they get in the tournament. So Hawaii is definitely the underdog.

    Go Wahine!

    Bob in AZ
    HI 2004-2009

  20. randiego says:

    Sweet! I got Denver at Indy, and DFB (Drew Fookin’ Brees) at Atlanta this morning.

    Chargers-Cowboys should be a shootout today – Romo will probably throw 50 times for 400 yards against the Bolts D. Rivers will need to put up 35 today.

  21. randiego says:

    Denver can’t compete against Indy’s front seven D, and Orton can’t go downfield against their secondary, ala Tom Brady. Going to be a long game.

  22. sluggahjells says:

    Shocking ftom New England so far………and once again, the coverage down the field just isn’t there. An old Shawn Springs against Steve Smith is always a mismatch no matter who the quarterback is, and who the defensive mind is.

    • freepatriot says:

      Once again, the Saints are showing totally vulnerability on the road.

      don’t take it as a sign of weakness

      the chicks really dig it when you show yer vulnerabilities

      (duckin & runnin)

      • sluggahjells says:

        But the rest of the NFL, including the Cowboys, wish that they would show vulnerability at the Superdome.

        They haven’t shown that at all this year.

  23. BayStateLibrul says:

    FOXBOROUGH — (4th, 3:56, Patriots 20, Panthers 10): The Patriots offense continues to struggle as Gostkowski steps in for the 47-yard field goal. Drive: 7 plays, 13 yards, 1:57.

  24. emptywheel says:

    BREAKING! FOr the first time in the month, the NE Patriots have been spotted playing actual football in the 4th Quarter.

    It ain’t pretty. THey’ll forget again by the time they travel next week. But it’s nice to see them playing in the 4th quarter again.

    • sluggahjells says:

      Buffalo has played better in recent weeks, and we all know the Pats where lucky to in in week 1 against them.

      Still, I just can’t see them dropping that one on the road to them.

      The AFC, especially if the Titans beat the Rams as expected today, will be and is a total mess of playoff complications that will have to be explained in detail. The Pats win helped the confusion be less than it already is.

  25. bmaz says:

    The Powerhouse Pats are BACK! Impressive win. Of course they have to go back on the road next week, that is always an adventure….

    • emptywheel says:

      I think impressive overstates it badly. Still, they maintain their one game lead over the division. But Buffalo has been playing well enough of late to beat them.

    • sluggahjells says:

      Nothing impressive at all about it……the Panthers are a team in serious disarray right now. John Fox looks like he will be fired, Moore is in because of how woeful Jake Delhomme has been.

      And the defense, especially with what to do with Julius Peppers, is in problems. And yet, the Patriots had to struggle in this game, with turnovers flaring up again.

  26. sluggahjells says:

    But what is clear is this….the Dolphins control their own destiny. The other teams at 7-6 (Jaguars, Ravens, and Jets) will need help, while the teams at 6-7 (Steelers, Texans and potentially the Titans) need a lot of help.

    • sluggahjells says:

      Correction, the Jaguars are still 6th based on conference record over the Dolphins. But if both of them, and only both of them, end 10-6, the dolphins will go to the playoffs based on the tiebreak head to head.

  27. emptywheel says:

    Don’t tell randiego. But thus far, I’m having a lot more fun watching Rivers than I am watching Romo.

    But then, it is December, and Rivers is pretty damn hot in any month.

    • sluggahjells says:

      Yes, and this is the one team the Colts don’t want to play in January. Amazingly, even more so than the Patriots now.

      And if the playoffs did start today, the Pats would play the Broncos again, this time in Foxboro.

        • sluggahjells says:

          Great first quarter…..held on the rest of the way. But I say just keep on with the winning. The secondary can only do so much without Jackson and cornerback (let’s not even go there with Sanders now), so it is quite amazing that they have been able to do this well despite the absences.

          They dodge a bullet last week against the Titans when Nate Washington dropped a game changing touchdown pass.

          It will be interesting to see if David Gerard can make big plays to Mike Sims-Walker down the field on Thursday.

    • randiego says:

      Don’t tell randiego. But thus far, I’m having a lot more fun watching Rivers than I am watching Romo.

      But then, it is December, and Rivers is pretty damn hot in any month.

      Okay you, just stop right there. Next play after you post that he throws and end-zone pick.

    • scribe says:

      And Romo gets the kryptonite thing when Christmas trees start popping up.

      Maybe Christmas carols sound to him like ol’ Jess, and he starts drifting of to Cabo and memories….

      • emptywheel says:

        Yeah, that’s why I mentioned December. Unlike Bmaz, I respect the Bolts in December.

        Besides, all right-thinking people right now are rooting for your Bolts against the Boys. Aside from the sick joy of seeing the NFC east as much a clusterfuck as the AFC east.

        • freepatriot says:

          Aside from the sick joy of seeing the NFC east as much more of a clusterfuck as the AFC east

          there, fixed that for ya

          jes in case “Good Eli” shows up, an the iggls find a replacement for westbrook*

          *that would be a back capable of dropping any third-down swing pass that comes his way

          can we blame jessica simpson for fuckin up Sam Bradford’s career too, just for shits and giggles ???

          Texas Stadium is the vortex of hell …

  28. scribe says:

    Randiego – have you picked yerself up off the floor yet, what with the Bolts’ D stoning the OWboys trying to rn it in from the 3? Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful.

    And Coach Cupcake standing there on the sideline, looking all fat and confused.

    One of my fishing buddies is a huge Owboys fan, and this is just the kind of ammo I need…..

    • randiego says:

      The media storyline this week was the Norv Turner/Wade Philips comparisons. Norv got passed over for the head coaching position that Philips got, but is still very much loved in Dallas from their Super Bowl days, but especially now, since Philips isn’t very popular there.

      In San Diego, Philips is still loved and respected by his defensive players. I think that was our best defense in the current run. That defense has a good mix of solid starters, was injury-free (Merriman’s best year), but was wasted in a bone-headed loss against the Pats in SD that cost Schottenheimer his job. Philips was going to be the head coach in SD I think, until Dallas hired him away.

      • scribe says:

        Well, keep this in mind: I call Phillips Coach Cupcake, but I did’t invent that nickname. I got that nickname from the Fort Worth paper writing last year (post-mortem) about how they Owboys imploded with all that bitchy “Tony Romo has favorites and won’t throw to me” crap T.O. was putting out before he got out of Dallas and went to Buffalo.

  29. bmaz says:

    Harrumph! Like there is anything wrong with sick joy. (I also root heavily and employ voodoo against the BCS and take sick joy when it works)

  30. scribe says:

    Listening to the Pats game today, and especially the pregame, it became pretty evident that the press who cover the Pats regularly believe Cheatin’ Bill may have managed to lose the locker room, or is pretty close to it. The Aedelius Thomas outburst the other day – going after BillBel for sending him home when he was 9 minutes late getting to meeting/pactice in a snowstorm (and had called in to advise the team he was being held up in traffic) – was noted to be the first such retort by a player at Belichek in perhaps 6 years. The press also noted that it seemed communication etween BillBel and the team leaders had broken down to the point where sending Thomas, Moss and the others home was the last resort – and the only choice – BillBel had. As the analysis goes, when the Pats had D leadership like Vrabel, he was the type who would get chewed out and then amp up his play toshow the coaches hey were wrong. Thomas, OTOH, seems to be the kind of guy who stews when chewed out. BillBel can work with a Vrabel personality, but not with a Thomas type, it would seem.

    So, it’s likely worse in Pat-land than has manifested itself. Yet. That team is one event away from a total implosion.

      • BayStateLibrul says:

        Bill finally had to kick arse.
        Moss had a bad day, and maybe Bill over-reacted during the week, but Welker
        pulled them through…
        We still have an ever so slim chance to right the wrongs…

  31. BayStateLibrul says:

    “For the entire game, Moss played one his worst games in a Patriots uniform. Brady threw four passes in his direction. Moss dropped two, fumbled one, and watched another turn into a interception. In the fourth quarter, Moss drew an offside penalty. Late in the game, Moss sat by himself on the bench, his helmet on, and Brady walked over to yell in his face.” Globule

    • bobschacht says:

      Uh oh. Bad Moss resurfaces. This is the crap that it made it easy for the Pats to sign Moss in the first place. Time to shop for a good sports psychologist.

      When Randy is good, he is very, very good.
      But when he’s bad, he’s horrid.

      Bob in AZ

  32. Petrocelli says:

    Tiger Woods should replace Brady as the Pats QB … Tiger’s passes always hit the mark and he’s only had one intercept this year !

    *Ducks & Runs*

  33. randiego says:

    Pretty impressive win right there. On the road, against a team that should have been able to move the ball against the Chargers defense. That 7-minute ball-control drive at the end; that’s what playoff-caliber teams do. I had thought Dallas was our toughest game out of our last four.

    I’m surprised the Bengals-Bolts matchup next week wasn’t flexed to sunday night.

  34. freepatriot says:

    what the hell happened to Bob Costas’ head

    did he lose a bet ???

    the dude has a hair cut that’s perfect for radio

  35. scribe says:

    Watching the Jints-Iggles: Who let the dogs out? Vick throws, too.
    I’m waiting for Andy Reid to bring on the A-11 offense with Vick and McNabb as the dual QBs. He loves his flea-flickers, so why not take that to the next level…..

    • emptywheel says:

      True enough–why else do you take the only QB with more mobility than your own, than to do something creative like that?

      I think I’m officially rooting for the Iggles in the NFC East clusterfuck. cuz it looks like i’m going to be stuck with Peyton through January, so I’d rather limit it to one Manning bro.

      • scribe says:

        Funny, that flea-flicker the Iggles tried down at the Jints 3 kinda filled the bill for what I was thinking of.

        Great minds think alike, I guess.

      • randiego says:

        Did you hear what Dungy was saying about Peyton? How he’d stinkeye any reporter who had written something mean about Eli?

        I guess I can understand that, but I still hate Eli. Go Iggles.

  36. sluggahjells says:

    The secondary play has been downright shocking today.

    I expect it from the Giants without Kenny Phillips at safety , but this has been just awful from the eagles secondary tonight.

  37. randiego says:

    Don Coryell is on the ballot for the Hall of Fame this year and it’s been a long time coming. The fact that guys like Madden, Walsh and Gibbs are all there but Coryell isn’t is a travesty.

    Here’s an article on it. Educate yourself about the role of the San Diego Chargers in creating the modern NFL game.

    Coryell Deserves Hall Berth

    Don Coryell is the only coach that has 100 wins in the NFL and 100 wins in the NCAA (San Diego State).

    • Petrocelli says:

      When Warren Moon played up here, we had more than a few of these games.

      Same in the era of Doug Flutie … these games give Coaches nightmares but the fans love ’em.

  38. BayStateLibrul says:

    Post Game: Arrows in the quiver

    “Coach Bill Belichick said he didn’t think the distractions during the week led to the Patriots’ poor first-half performance.”

    Remember Billy Boy is no Pete Carroll.
    Belichick sent a signal…
    I like Bill when he gets emotional, in his unemotional way.
    The team needed a big shakedown, not hugs.
    We will see.

  39. freepatriot says:

    jes a note to those still payin attention:

    Arizona is the road team on monday night, and they travel next week as well

    if Arizona don’t win tonite, don’t bet on em to win next week

    jes sayin, is all

  40. bmaz says:

    Well, if anybody is in here, may I please add that THE CARDINALS SUCK!

    And if you don’t believe me, please reference the first quarter tonight.

      • bmaz says:

        Um, in case you have not been paying attention over your lifespan, the Cardinals make Norv Turner, who I manage to lambast relentlessly for really unknown reasons, look like Vince Lombardi. It is impossible to say they cannot stand prosperity, because they have never had any other than fleeting and momentary glimpses of it. It is the Bidwell way.

    • john in sacramento says:

      Haven’t been watching the game, but, I figured the Cards would have a tough time because of all the rain turning Candlestick into a pig trough

      It started Thursday night and didn’t stop until last night .. with more tomorrow

      PS I also figured Ingraham (sp?) would get the Heisman; three words:

      East Coast Bias

      Should’a been Gerhart or Suh

  41. freepatriot says:

    about 1982, the cardinals and the GNTS played THE WORST monday night game EVER; a 20 – 20 tie that highlighted the incompetence of both organizations

    about 2 years after that game, in an off-hand remark to a cardinals fan who thought his team was improving, I said the GNTS would win a superbowl before the cards

    thus I became a devout follower of the Tuna

    I foolowed him from new york to new england, back to new york, almost to Tampa, unbelievably to dallas, and now I’m a fins fan

    the cards still ain’t won a superbowl …

    jes sayin, is all

    the Cardinals ???

    the Cards suck

    they sucked yesterday, an they’ll suck tommorrow too

    the Giants will win a Superbowl before the cardinals

    btw, did I mention that the Cards fan was my boss ???

    so I got what you could call a “devoted interest” in the cards, for the past 25 years or so

    and I can confirm what bmaz says


    they’re like 7-UP

    never had it, never will

    • randiego says:

      Note to self: when you’re down 17-0, and the whole world thinks you’re going to run it (correctly, it turns out) on 3rd and 2, TRY PLAY ACTION.

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