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More Torture Documents

Anyone feel like they drowning under the weight of a really horrible bureaucracy yet.

DOJ IG Documents (1)

DOJ IG Documents (2)

CIA Documents

DOD Documents

OLC Documents

Consider this a working thread.

Jeff Kaye–see the first document in the OLC batch, which pertains to Appendix M.

In CIA Thread, PDF 3 is a document that has to have been written after September 4, 2003 (I suspect it was written sometime during the finalization of the CIA IG Report). It shows that the Memoranda for the Record memorializing the Congressional briefings in February and September 2003 were not yet finalized. This means that the MFR for the Goss and Harman briefing on February 5, 2003–at which Harman may have expressed concern about the torture and destruction of the torture tapes–was written at least seven months after the briefing. It also suggests that CIA may not have considered the September 2002 briefings to be briefings on torture (as they appear not to have been).

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