June 15, 2010 / by emptywheel


Touchdown Jesus Struck Down by Act of God (or Maybe Al Gore)

This is perhaps a post that klynn and Leen (and BoxTurtle, too?) will appreciate more than the rest of you. Because they, like me, have undoubtedly almost crashed their car because they were laughing so hard as they drove by Touchdown Jesus, which is a mighty gaudy distraction just east of 75 north of Cincinnati.

Or should I say was?

Because last night an Act of God–in the form of a lightning strike–destroyed Touchdown Jesus. (Thanks to cbf for alerting me of the target of this particular Act of God; for video, go here.)

Though I tend to think it was not so much an Act of God as an Act of (fat) Al Gore–or rather, climate change. After all, climate change is likely the more direct cause of the really crazy weather we’re having this year. And this Act of God occurred just one week after tornadoes took part of the roof off Michigan’s Cabelas (which, for you arugula-eating Coasters, is a temple to hunting culture much cherished in flyover country), which is MI’s biggest tourist site and, like Touchdown Jesus, is also a testament to the hubris of Americans.

I think climate change is trying to tell us something.

(Touchdown Jesus photo by Morhange under Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 3.0)

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