The Day after Blanche Filibusters Defense Bill, Biden Rewards Her w/$$$

This is just pathetic:

Vice President Joe Biden travels to Boston Wednesday, where he’s scheduled to team up with Sen. Blanche Lincoln of Arkansas.

A Democratic source tells CNN that the event is a fundraiser for the two-term Democratic senator, who faces a very difficult re-election bid this year.

Blanche Lincoln just joined Republicans to scuttle the defense bill, and with it the DREAM Act and DADT repeal–both purportedly Administration priorities (to say nothing about the Defense bill itself). Moreover, no amount of money is going to get Blanche out of her electoral hole this year. And her patrons, the Waltons, have plenty to give her all by themselves, without picking the pockets of Boston liberals.

So why is Joe Biden wasting some of his precious time and political capital helping a woman who, yesterday, broke with the party on the defense bill? Is this Administration so dysfunctional it can’t even demand discipline from those it’s financially supporting?

  1. BoxTurtle says:

    Why suddenly start enforcing party discipline on Blanche? Nobody ELSE is expected to toe the line.

    Boxturtle (See Lieberman, Joe)

    • emptywheel says:

      I don’t think the Admin does much fundraising for Holy Joe.

      The whole POINT of fundraising is that you get, in return, discipline. If you give the expectation of discipline away and still offer the support of the party, then it just encourages people to undermine party discipline.

      • BoxTurtle says:

        Perhaps not, but they sure seem to spend a lot of time kissing his butt. How they handled Holy Joe after the election set the tone for the party “discipline” we have now. Instead of throwing him out of the caucus, he not only kept his committee seats, but got chairmanships as well.

        Boxturtle (Perhaps Blanche is the only Dem willing to have the admin campaign for her)

    • BoxTurtle says:

      I’m working in columbus now, just north of OSU. Ain’t you in this area?

      Boxturtle (If so, perhaps lunch?)

      • klynn says:

        How great. Welcome. We need to get EW down to Buckeye country for a book signing or something.

        Lunch would be great. I know a number of us Wheelers have tried to get together but have not had success. North of OSU…Near Chem Abstracts?

        Gosh, you think we might get put on a watch list?

  2. radiofreewill says:

    I’m going to guess that the Occam’s Razor answer to this is that, despite the rhetoric to the contrary from the White House, they really wanted to kick the can of the defense bill, with its embedded electoral hot potatoes, down the road past the election…so, from their point of view, Blanche actually helped them out.

    Why would the White House want to do this? Imvho, to get the supporters of the DREAM Act, Repeal of DADT, etc, etc off the bench in this election and into the game.

    Unless the Dems retain control of the House and Senate, those provisions are never going to pass.

    We’re going to have to pick up our sabres, put on our eye patches and board the ship if we want any booty…

    • hackworth1 says:

      Reward bab D behavior now with our votes for a possibility (not likely) of good D behavior later? This a valid theory.


      Punish bad behavior by voting 3rd party.

      I’ve had enough of this shit.

  3. BoxTurtle says:

    Actually, AT Chem Abstracts. I know nothing about eateries around here, been surviving on the CAS cafe. Pick a day and a spot.

    Boxturtle (we’re already on multiple watch lists)

  4. ThingsComeUndone says:

    What is her polling at now I trust you guys to give me the right information in local races I don’t know enough to find accurate polls.
    I think polls are going to be real funny this year as the Blue dogs and GOP try and protect their own with media and pollsters help.

    • ThingsComeUndone says:

      This is the Lake we know Obama hasn’t done crap to support this Lady Gaga has done more is anyone on the Lefty blogs smoking the crack on this issue? After Healthcare I think we all got clean.

  5. carlberg says:

    Helluva job, Joe.

    Joe is so helpful to O:

    …”I want an exit strategy,” he said at one meeting. Privately, he told Vice President Joe Biden to push his alternative strategy opposing a big troop buildup in meetings.

    While Obama ultimately rejected the alternative plan, the book says, he set a withdrawal timetable because, “I can’t lose the whole Democratic Party.”

    A White House official said Wednesday that the president is accurately portrayed in the book as an analytical, strategic, and decisive leader.

  6. onitgoes says:

    Disgusted? Yes.

    Surprised? Absolutely not.

    Kabuki show, yadda yadda, BHO had no intention of repealing DADT, blah blah, effen r*tarded for taking notice of this, etc etc.

    And so: on it goes…

    • hackworth1 says:

      Rachel Maddow suggested that Obama might and should repeal DADT by executive order.

      DADT is Rachel’s pet project. She is emotionally connected to the issue. She could barely contain her pain and bitter disappointment last night.

      Yet, she is dillusioned to believe that Republican-lover-Mr.-Churchy-Faith-Based wants to repeal DADT, DOMA or anything to give LGBT an equal footing under the law.

      • JamesJoyce says:

        “Rachel Maddow suggested that Obama might and should repeal DADT by executive order.”

        WTF, Just gave links for the template! RM is a little late on this one…. Must have read my comment some time months ago. BTW, I’m straight, sober and fear no maggot ass fucking loser! Call these ignorant bigots on the carpet. Expose them for they are….. callous opportunistic vermin.

        • ThingsComeUndone says:

          BTW, I’m straight, sober and fear no maggot ass fucking loser!

          Yeah The Lord God Fights for our side the bible is a crock when it talks about Gays! Either we all have Rights or none of us do!
          When we let one person’s Rights be taken away we wait until its our turn to lose our rights!

      • ThingsComeUndone says:

        Can he repeal it legally? Maybe Rachel is just trying to point that out to voters to increase the public pressure. If so I agree with her tactic this lets people know Obama is to blame if it fails.
        Harry got African Americans to serve in the army openly and not be restricted to crap jobs like cook with the stoke of a pen did Rachel make that connection?
        We need African Americans to see Gay Rights as the fight for their rights. I’m Mexican I support Gay rights because its right and also because I need their help for Immigrant rights.
        Not that I’m illegal but even after 3 generations I still look illegal and will be stopped and asked for papers.

              • ThingsComeUndone says:

                Everyone Needs a WindMill to Joust or a White Whale to chase trying to make the world better is mine but yeah the world may never be perfect but because of people like us America just since the 70’s has gotten better the kids surprise me with their ideas.

                • JamesJoyce says:

                  Todays kids do not give a “crap” about sexuality. They are more intelligent than the lack of intelligence surrounding this fucking garbage. It is only the dysfunctional sexually repressed moralizing neurotics who fail to think! They don’t think. They reacted based on “dysfunctional conditioning,” a byproduct of ignorance!

        • hackworth1 says:

          Technically, O can at the very least order the de-enforcement of the railroading of these individuals.

          But Obama loves Donnie McClurkin, Faith Based Education and Charter Schools, Rick Warren, the Pope, etc

      • geminorange says:

        Rachel Maddow suggested that Obama might and should repeal DADT by executive order.

        Obama cannot repeal DADT by executive order, but he can end ENFORCEMENT of it — but he won’t.

        Any bets on whether Obama’s DOJ appeals the court ruling that DADT is unconstitutional? Wouldn’t that make a great campaign statement — that REPUBLICANS (specifically, Log Cabin Republicans) ended Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell

  7. ThingsComeUndone says:

    Moreover, no amount of money is going to get Blanche out of her electoral hole this year.

    Great you know if Biden is wasting his time on losers that means he is not helping Progressives who can win. Whats that Stockmarket saying sell your losers let your good stocks run? Backing your losers with more cash or in this case personal appearances is throwing away resources.
    We can’t win if losers like Blanche suck up resources. I suspect our Progressives who are polling much better than the Blue Dogs will be targeted with everything the GOP has because they are popular can win and if take control can effect real change.

  8. cbl2 says:

    thanks empty

    looks to me like just more anecdotal evidence that Electoral Politics trumps Governance/Policy with this crowd – Blanche didn’t commit any crime against the former so we’re good to go

  9. msobel says:

    I just got a fund raising call from the DSCC. I told them I don’t give to the DSCC because they give too much money to people like Blanche Lincoln who vote against Democratic principles. I said I give money to specific candidates. The guy, paused, thought for a while and said, “Well, I understand your position”

  10. ShotoJamf says:

    I’m in a generally foul mood anyway. Blanche’s bullshit only serves to compound the felony. Is there any level too low for these fuckers?

    • ThingsComeUndone says:

      Nope and they will try and blame us for losing the election but its their Blue dogs sucking up resources like Biden even as the GOP and all the GOP secret groups goes after the Progressives.
      In a sense the Dems are doing their best to lose and by not supporting repealing DADT and letting Gays serve by not having Obama Push and I mean really push on the Dream act we don’t have any causes to rally behind.

  11. Russron says:

    Lincoln is a dead woman walking and you would think that the Administration would see that, ditch this traitor and make her an example. She’s going to loose anyway and is the message: “Work for us and we won’t campaign or otherwise help you”? While Obama gives max effort for Blanche, he’s going to let Russ Feingold go down the drain. Using this strategy, Obama’s going to love having all his aides being forced to testify at whatever contrived scandal hearings the new GOP majority wants to exploit.

    I won’t feel bad seeing Rahm, telling Chairman Bone Head (or Sir John of Orange) to fuck off; under oath, at the hearings looking into Obama’s birth certificate.

    • ThingsComeUndone says:

      I won’t feel bad seeing Rahm, telling Chairman Bone Head (or Sir John of Orange) to fuck off; under oath, at the hearings looking into Obama’s birth certificate.

      That might be the only good thing Rahm does his whole time in the WH:)

    • onitgoes says:

      While Obama gives max effort for Blanche, he’s going to let Russ Feingold go down the drain.

      Well, it’s done deliberately, isn’t it? Guess it’s what the Koch brothers have demanded that they do. Don’t they all jump to the Koch’s commands these days? Kochs aren’t just funding the T-Party; they fund the Dems, too.

      I’d say this is just what they want. Have the Dims rush about madly supporting clearly FAILED & unpopular pols on the way out the door, while deliberatley ignoring the pols who stand a chance of re-election but who are way too progressive for the liking of the Messers Koch.

  12. nonquixote says:

    Thanks as always EW,

    Had my little coffee break, back to the trenches at the home front. Visiting county Dem headquarters today, and fixing some tools that may provide opportunities for billable hours.

    Going through old book collection very early this morning, threw the I-ching, (forgot I had this for about 2 decades). Work on what has been broken.

    Hoping a fine day for everyone, despite the obvious hurdles.

  13. BoxTurtle says:

    We didn’t move…I’ve got a 70 mile commute one way.

    Boxturtle (Otoh, it’s an easy commute and Pandora is my friend)

  14. dhfsfc says:

    Joe’s bought and paid for. So is Blanche!

    They’ll be working for the same Health Insurance Company Board, soon enough!

  15. bluefloridia says:

    I feel like moving back to Arkansas just to vote against that bigot. Biden’s got no more credibility in my book. Throw the whole goddam lot of them out.

  16. hackworth1 says:

    Biden sucks. We primaried Lincoln because she is a WalMart Tool a HCR Tool and a Warmonger. She is a Defacto Republican. Biden’s telling labor and liberals to GO Cheney Ourselves.

  17. ThingsComeUndone says:

    I want Gays, Mexicans and African Americans to work together show up at each others rallies to support each others Rights. At the immigrants rights March I saw Whites, Asians ,American Indians, African Americans, AIM, the Black Panthers I didn’t see openly Gay Groups but the crowd was so big hey I could have missed it.
    But Thats the story I want the Media to tell America we are all united!
    The Tea Baggers are one group mostly Whites and they want to divide America!
    We are at war with Hate People. We can win this if we don’t give up!

    • Ann in AZ says:

      Sounds like a good place for y’all to show up would be to Jon Stewart’s 10/30 wingding. A show of strength right about now couldn’t hurt!

  18. Knoxville says:

    WTF? I made a contribution to Halter. Sorry he didn’t get the nomination…

    I wonder what the Republicans would have done to Snowe had she sided with those who think it’s a bad idea to block the defense bill.

    Btw, why isn’t the fact that the Republicans blocked the defense bill getting more media attention. The media focus on DADT rather than on this historic blocking of the defense bill.

  19. onitgoes says:

    why isn’t the fact that the Republicans blocked the defense bill getting more media attention. The media focus on DADT rather than on this historic blocking of the defense bill.

    I assume your question is rhetorical because of course the corporate-owned rightwing media is NOT going to focus on the fact that Republics blocked a Defense bill. Rather, the corporate-owned rightwing media will focus almost solely on how Obama’s dastardly evilly liebrul plan for repealing DADT was overthrown by Republics, the ever-vicitorious staunch & sole defenders of truth, justice, mom, apple pie and the so-called “American way.”

    The real question is: isn’t this just what Obama wanted, too???

  20. JaneaneTheAcerbicGoblin says:

    Is this Administration so dysfunctional it can’t even demand discipline from those it’s financially supporting

    Yes. Obama demand discipline from a Blue Dog who hates liberals and progressives? Obama LOVES Lincoln because she hates liberals along with Obama.

  21. szielinski says:

    Perhaps the DP elite could not care a damn about repealing DADT. If so, then why would the DP elite care if Lincoln broke with the party over this policy? It wouldn’t, and the party elite certainly wouldn’t want to send the wrong signal to insiders by totally abandoning them when they’ve held fast to the bulk of its center-right agenda.

  22. tammanytiger says:

    The White House should have thought about Lincoln’s chances of re-election before going all out to defeat Bill Halter in the primary. Then again, maybe Rahm & Co. did, but concluded it was more important to teach the progressive wing of the party a lesson than to hold on to a Senate seat.

  23. pdaly says:

    OT: powwow, in a comment on ondelette’s Seminal post about Siddiqui
    writes this

    “leaving us with a President who operates in the dark, with impunity, how and when he will. [Today he’s reportedly actively helping a ruthless regime in Yemen, with whom the U.S. is formally at peace, to corner U.S. citizen al-Awlaki somewhere in Yemen (presumably not for apprehension…)”

    I couldn’t find any mention of the US attempt to “get” (wet or alive) al-Awlaki at the NY Times. Is it in the news elsewhere? Edit: oops, realized this happened yesterday. Found the stories. Sorry for the OT. I have several days of news to catch up on)

  24. lucy2009 says:

    Progressives are NOT the Obama Admin base. Blue Dogs and the GOP are. Get over it. Stop being surprised. They’re just not into you.

    They’ve been fucking us over every chance they get since being elected into office.

    Expect this sort of stupid shit to happen, and then god forbid, they actually do something good and decent we can celebrate.

    • bmaz says:

      Well, there is a distinction as to who appears to be Obama’s ideological base and who, in fact, was his electoral base that put him in office. While circumstances would appear to bear out your statement as to ideological base, the simple fact is without the progressive activist base, he would not be where he is today, and likely would not be reelected. We are certainly not unique in that regard, the electoral base also includes the Blue Dogs/Centrists/Moderates. The thing is only one faction is consistently derided, insulted and chastised by the Obama White House, and that is the progressives. There should at least be some recognition and respect paid instead of pure disdain, which is what is given; that, at least in my opinion, is the beef of most progressives I know. They do not think they should control all aspects of the table, but do think they should be afforded a place at it and some concern and performance on their issues (especially since they are a healthy part of what Obama ran on and promised when seeking the Presidency).

  25. uneasyone says:

    “Don’t worry, Blanch,” sez Joe, “It’s us against them.”

    Of course, we’re them.

    I live in Texas, and I’m definitely voting for Bill White for Gov. He’s about as progressive as it gets in Texas these days, running against Rick Perry, one of the biggest fascist ignoramuses in the country.

    He (White)also happens to be the most competent administrator, leader and mayor Houston has seen in my more than 60 years.

    Not voting for any more blue dogs or sellouts downticket, though. Fortunately, Houston is pretty liberal and I will have a fairly progressive choice in a lot of races.

    Just can’t figure out why liberals haven’t been shoving money at Dems like they used to. Here’s an idea:

    Maybe they could get some really big contributions from those corporations they have been sucking up to. Come here and let us know how that goes, guys.

  26. Mary says:

    Moreover, no amount of money is going to get Blanche out of her electoral hole this year.

    Exactly and the big point. It’s stupid moves like Biden is making that cause you to distrust Obamaco handling of everything from *negotiating* health care to private contracting in war zones to handling the economy etc. Good money after bad.

  27. fwdpost says:

    Blanche will lose. The GOP will lose one sure vote and gain a Republican vote. Biden has lost his vision, and snubs liberals in favor of company Dems.

  28. Ann in AZ says:

    All I can say is, I’ll be waiting with bated breath until Ms. Lincoln comes slinking in after her loss at the polls and concedes, when someone can answer Rahm’s infamous quote:

    “Organized labor just flushed $10 million of their members’ money down the toilet on a pointless exercise”

  29. JamesJoyce says:

    Don’t matter if you r a Rethugz or Demorat. Gobble that corporate cash like an “infected” Bangkok whore?

  30. radiofreewill says:

    The Goopers are going to roll-out their “Pledge to America” (pdf) tomorrow.

    And, of course, they are using it to campaign prominently on two things:

    – Jobs (all trickle-down, supply-side, thru the owners, natch), and

    – Repeal of the Health Care Reform Bill (to return to the status quo)

    Most of the rest of it is code language for ‘fixing’ America’s social flaws – as they see it.

    So, it’s all there – just exactly what they intend to do with US when they regain the power.

    And they plan to get that power by beating-up Obama and the Dems using the very products of their obstruction efforts as the clubs, too.

    That’s very bully-like, so none of US should have any illusions about what life under Gooper rule is going to be like the next time…

  31. empiricalguy says:

    There is only one party in the USA but we can start a second one. Of course, we would need to work hard spreading the word because the corporate controlled communication media won’t give it any play. It can be done but we first need to end our heartbreaking love affair with the so-called Democratic Party.

    These look very much like the final days of Weimer Republic. Time is running out.