October 19, 2010 / by emptywheel


Foreclosure Mill King David Stern Announces Big Management Changes

David Stern’s company, the foreclosure mill that has removed thousands of Floridans from their homes, announced big management changes today. Otherwise known as abandoning ship:

DJSP Enterprises, Inc. (Nasdaq:DJSP) (Nasdaq:DJSPW) (Nasdaq:DJSPU) today announced that Stephen J. Bernstein, the Company’s Lead Independent Director, has been appointed as Interim Chairman of the Board of the Company. Initially, Mr. Bernstein’s role as non-executive Chairman will be a full time position as he provides Board support to the Company as it develops and executes plans to respond to recent developments impacting the Company and the industry. Mr. Bernstein replaces Mr. David J. Stern as Chairman of the Board. Mr. Stern continues in his role as Chief Executive Officer of the Company and will serve as its President.

The Company also announced the voluntary resignations of Richard Powers, as President and Chief Operating Officer, Kumar Gursahaney as Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer and Howard S. Burnston, as Vice President, General Counsel and Secretary, each of whom joined the Company in 2010. [my emphasis]

The only question is whether these guys were fired for being insufficiently loyal, or whether they’re trying to get out just before the sheriff arrives.

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