November 2, 2010 / by emptywheel


How’s Tim Kaine Working for You Dems?

At this point of the evening, let me remind you that Tim Kaine, former Governor of Virginia, is the DNC Chair presiding over this debacle tonight.

Sure, sure, it’s a wave election. Presidential parties always lose in the first midterm.

But Virginia:

  • Bob McDonnell wins
  • Ken Cuccinelli wins
  • Tom Periello loses
  • Glenn Nye loses
  • Rick Boucher loses

(Gerry Connolly is still neck and neck with his challenger Keith Fimian.)

I mean this guy has presided over the loss of his entire state to the Republicans. Much less significant swaths of our country.

Someone please set an alarm for Barack Obama tomorrow morning–so he can wake up first thing and fire Tim Kaine.

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