Crist’s Morrison Pardon: 21st Century Fox In A Lizard King’s Henhouse

Hey, being pretty much a sentient life long Doors aficionado, I am all in with pardoning Jim Morrison, which there has been a flurry of scuttlebutt emanating, cool and slow, with a backbeat narrow and hard to master, out of the instant swamps of Florida, regarding.

Oh, and when I heard the subject brought up by the patently unhip, plodding Blue Dog, holier than thou, I’m a better Democrat than you, scold Larry O’ Donnell on his craptastic bloviathon MSNBC show, that was just too fucking much. The backdoor rumor is Charlie Crist, who may or may not have eaten more chicken that a man has eve seen, is pondering giving the Big Scooter Libby Get Out Of Jail Free card to the Most Right Reverend Snake King Jim Morrison.

Outstanding. And long over due. Because if some fucking little germ boy, bear cage child threatening, functionally traitorous subservient to Cheney blank like I. Lewis “Scooter” Libby can get a walk from a complicit President of the United States in order to mask apparent criminal behavior, then why not a posthumous hall pass for James Douglas Morrison? Seriously.

If you are comparing and contrasting facts and circumstances, one was an entertainer who may or may not have, for a fleeting moment, exposed himself in 1969 to a Miami audience at the end of a Doors concert that truly could not only have cared less, but were bummed they had not done so earlier. The other, Cheney’s toy Scooter, conspired to expose and out a classified top CIA clandestine agent working on the most critical issue of the day, the existence of nuclear and/or weapons of mass destruction in Iraq and/or Iran. You know, the fraudulent reason the very same Mr. Cheney and wooden operated mouthed George Bush relied on to affirmatively, aggressively and illegally start a war against Iraq for the sins of 9/11 that Iraq not only did not commit, but had actual avarice for the people who did.

That Scooter Libby.

So, if Scooter Libby can skate and, in the process, serve as a firewall for the immorality and illegality of the Bush/Cheney Administration, there is no reason the Lizard King should not be posthumously exculpated.

No tears, no fears, but a lot of ruined years. Charlie Crist made clear intimations he wanted to do this when he took office. Being a gutless politician at heart he, of course, never did it as Governor of the rockin state of Florida. Instead he cowered to the perceived sensabilities of the people in rockin chairs. And lost his ass, soul and electability in the process. Douchebag. Crist is toast. But if he wants to belatedly clean up the halls of the Morrison Hotel, well then I am all for that. Mr. Mojo is rising; Charlie Crist is not. Lizard Kings rule; political blanks drool.

We have constructed pyramids in honor of this escaping. Let the spirit of Mr. Mojo fly Mr. Charlie Crist. It is about the only thing of merit, morals and guts you can do at this point. Get on with it you ineffectual political chameleon stale fish.

  1. Teddy Partridge says:

    There was great hilarity tonight in our house imagining Charlie Crist reviewing all the photos and non-existent video oh-so-carefully for signs of Morrison’s penis.

    But I also wondered: why didn’t the Ken Lay death-voids-conviction exemption apply here? Why was Jim Morrison’s conviction allowed to stand after he died, since he was appealing it?

  2. Peterr says:

    Because if some fucking little germ boy, bear cage child threatening, functionally traitorous subservient to Cheney blank like I. Lewis “Scooter” Libby . . .

    What do you really think of Scooter, bmaz? C’mon, don’t hold back.

    But the lack of a period at the end of your last sentence makes me wonder. Is it simply missing, or are you still thinking about how to end that sentence in a manner in keeping with your (ahem) somewhat longer description of Scooter?

  3. Phoenix Woman says:

    I’m afraid LoDo might be too far gone to be helped much by the backbeat that is narrow and hard to master. What he needs is to be strapped to a chair for forty-eight hours and the Brian Eno catalogue, starting of course with Here Come the Warm Jets. (A sample thereof may be found here.) If the patient is unresponsive, a few hours of Dead Kennedys might be in order.

  4. Mary says:

    Drive by – speaking of pardons ;-)

    NY USA, Preet Bharara, issues a challenge to Obama and Obama’s assassination squads:

    “No one should ever think he can plot to kill Americans with impunity.”

    Oh wait, sorry – apparently the quote was cut off: “unless they work for the Executive branch and promise to torture them first.”

    My bad.

  5. decotodd says:

    “patently unhip” is the perfect description for both O’Donnell and his dull show. Would rather see David Shuster with his own gig again or even better Cyenk Unger or Sam Seder.