Turkey Trash: Eat the Bird and Pass the Damn Ball

Times are tough all over. Why I even have some Big Wheel trying to repossess my Trash Talk. But I done securitized, privatized and lobotomized the damn thing to where she can’t really get her claws on it. So, I’m back!

First off, let me, and on behalf of Marcy, give you all the greatest of thanks for patronizing this blog. As I have said many times before, and I truly mean it, you folks are the greatest, brightest and most wonderful group of folks imaginable; and please know we completely realize and appreciate it. Thanksgiving and joy to one and all!!

Now, back to business, cause you know we never get sidetracked here (okay, that may not be totally true). I do not know diddly squat about food other than I like to eat it; this is a sports post and it will so reflect. Arrrrr! So, it is the traditional weird Thanksgiving schedule, and we are trashing way early; this post may maintain on through the Sunday slate, it may have to be superseded, we shall see.

In the first substantive thing on the slate, I would like to convey a big fuck you to the President of Ohio State University (sorry KLynn), who in true ugly Sweater Vest arrogant 2 yards and a clod ‘o sod fashion, has made a total ass of himself. From the NY Daily News:

I do know, having been both a Southeastern Conference president (at Vanderbilt) and a Big Ten president, that it’s like murderer’s row every week for these schools,” said Gee in the AP interview. “We do not play the Little Sisters of the Poor. We play very fine schools on any given day. So I think until a university runs through that gantlet that there’s some reason to believe that they not be the best teams to (be) in the big ballgame.

Um, hi there, Mr. Big 10.5 who are begging the Division II quality Fighting Irish to join yer little conference. Take your foot out of your mouth, and head out of ass, and glance at the schedule Ohio State played this year. It is lame, and seriously qualitatively hardly any better than that of Boise State. And Boise State has offered, begged actually, to play you and those loudmouthed guys (Hi Nick Saban) in the SEC, during regular season for years; of course you don’t have the ball to do that.

Maybe facts don’t matter (this clod must be excited about a Palin candidacy) to you, but they do to the rest of us. Oh, and one other thing, Boise State does not have a well earned reputation for getting rolled in huge games like some team you may be related to; they always win their biggest games, even against teams like Oklahoma. Remember that truck named Florida that ran over you?? Heck, whatever Pac-10 team that showed up made a history of doing that to you and your precious Woody Hayes. Did it to Big Bo Merlot too. Go check the record dude. Then shut up. Oh, and no, if Auburn gets beat by a two loss Crimson Tide and then wins the SEC Championship over the ‘Ole Ball Coach and the Gamecocks, they do not deserve to go ahead of an undefeated Boise State or TCU either.

Okay, now that I have vented that BCS spleen, back to regular programming. The meat tomorrow comes from the Pros, not the Joes. Leading off, we have the Pats vacationing in the lovely confines of the Lions Den. You know, if the Kitties had a healthy Matt Stafford that had been playing with and synched up with his offense for a few games, if not all season, I might be quite inclined to take the Kitties. The Lions are a better team and closer than most people realize. I think. Suh and the defense are really tightening up and the offense has weapons – if they have a front line quarterback. But that means Matt Stafford, and they do not have him currently.

The Patriots, however, are starting to congeal. As anybody who has studied Bill Bel knew they would. Belichick has a young defense that did not have sufficient time as a unit together when the season started; but, as you might predict, Bii Bel has them learning, growing and coming on late. Bad news for the rest of the NFL as Bieber Brady seems to be rounding into the brash and confident Brady of old too. The need to feed distraction of Randy Moss is gone, and the Pats are probably better off for it. Bottom line is, as much as it would be heartwarming to see the Lions rise up and devour the Pats; nuh uh, not gonna happen. Close to a blowout.

Next is the Saints versus Jerry Jones Aints; otherwise formerly known as the Cowboys. Gee, like Goldman Sachs seeking a HAMP refinance because of hardship, you really have to feel for the Owboys. Or not. Have to say this though, they are a different team under Jason Garrett so far. And, although no Tony Romo truly dents their fender, Dallas does have a bunch of talent. Problem is, New Orleans is starting to clear the cobwebs from the massive amounts of Hurricanes they slurped down at Pat O’Brien’s and bead chicks they collected up after the gridiron urban renewal they enjoyed last year. Oh, and say what you will, Reggie Bush is returning to the field and that is a huge X factor. Dude may have taken some caash at USC, but he is one game changing football player. Bush doesn’t even have to do anything to change the equation; just the thought of him does that. Cowboys have a nice little 2-0 start under Garrett, but that ends with Drew Fookin Brees and the Saints.

Lastly, on Turducken Day, we have the Bungles versus the Jets Jets Jets. Mark Sanchez has been getting dirty. Seriously. Freaking looked like Joe Montana on that game winning drive last weekend against Houston who, despite their record, is not a slouch. Kid has a long way to go, but it is hard not to like what he is doing and how he is growing. And the Jets have that defense, which has actually been a little dormant for a spell now. You keep thinking the Bungles are gonna break out, but it is hard to see how against the Jets. In Jetville. Nope, my money is on Namath er, I mean, Sanchize and the Jets.

Huge student athlete games on Friday. Seriously huge, including Auburn Alabama in the Iron Bowl and Boise State against a way better Nevada team than most can even possibly realize. Not sure if we will updat this post for that, or start another one. You know where we are. Get Trashy! And remember, from the ashes we can build another day.

  1. klynn says:

    No need to apologize bmaz. I was surprised and disappointed in Gee’s remarks. He is normally a fair kind of persona but this time he caught me off guard.

  2. phred says:

    So bmaz, what’s the scoop on Bieber? I caught something on the radio that he didn’t practice ’cause he’s hurt. What’s that about? Might change your calculus a bit. I would love to see the Kitties win for a change before slipping into a food coma ; )

    • emptywheel says:

      Hmmm. Was wondering about that. At the end of the last game, his backup, walkon MSU QB Brian Hoyer, was warming up.

      Said to myself, “hmm, is Brady hurt? And will BillBel put him in for some handoffs so the opponent doesn’t realize he’s not going to play next week.” Which may well be what happened.

      • bmaz says:

        Oh, wait, you are going to propagate a false Patriots Brady injury meme?? Like that is almost basis for consideration on the Salon Hactacular list! Bill Bel has been faking the big Bieber injury since the day he took over from Bledsoe. Come on man!

      • phred says:

        Sneaky little devil. I didn’t catch any details, so I don’t know how hurt he might be. I can imagine BilBel starting the backup if he thinks the Kitties will be a cakewalk, but I wonder if he would send in a banged-up Bieber if it looked too close…

        And bmaz, I’m looking forward to a Boise State v. Badger Champeenship of the World… If only the NCAA would actually run a freakin’ tournament ; )

        • readerOfTeaLeaves says:

          Oh phred… well, heh ;^}

          And bmaz, I’m looking forward to a Boise State v. Badger Champeenship of the World… If only the NCAA would actually run a freakin’ tournament ; )

          Now there’s a beautiful idea if I’ve ever seen one.

          And bmaz, props for this:

          And Boise State has offered, begged actually, to play you and those loudmouthed guys (Hi Nick Saban) in the SEC, during regular season for years; of course you don’t have the ball to do that.

          No. They don’t.
          Heh ;-)

  3. emptywheel says:

    You sort of gotta feel sorry for the NFL. Here they were thinking… we got a problem. The Kitties have sucked for so long, the only legit team we’ve got are the Boys. And a lot of people hate them so much they’d rather fight politics over the T-Day table. So let’s fix that by bringing on a cracker of a game to ease everyone into their tryptophan dose. Let’s get some division winners to plan in an evening game.

    And so now they’re stuck with the Kitties, the Boys, and the Bungles, presumably getting creamed by their opponents (though I think both the Kitties game and the NOLA game will be closer than bmaz lets on).

  4. phred says:

    Oh and before I get sidetracked with being well fed and festive and all…


    Can’t tell you how thankful I am for all of you…

  5. masaccio says:

    Is Gee still geeking the bowtie? I think he’s a George Will wannabe.

    The Irish have had a bunch of injuries and haven’t played that well, but they are a lot more fun to watch, and I have high hopes for next season. Among other things, I hope we beat Navy.

    • bmaz says:

      And I hope there are prosecutions of the Torquemada brigade! I should pitch brown stinky stuff (not) because my ASU Sun Devils are as craptastic as the Fighting Irish. I really have no room whatsoever to talk.

  6. radiofreewill says:

    There’s hardly anything better in all of College Football than an un-ranked Michigan travelling to Columbus to deflate perennially over-rated Ohio State’s season – Go Big Blue!

    • rmadelson says:

      As someone who grew up in Michigan hating OSU and now lives in Boise, I’m hardly the most objective to comment on this, but “perennially overrated” is the best description of OSU. Sure, they beat some good teams, but their record in big bowl games is just plain bad. They’ve had a great team or two, but for the most part they’ve been living off their reputation as THEE Ohio State University for the last ten or fifteen years — getting over-ranked, losing a game, raising in the polls again because of their reputation, and then getting whipped by Florida or USC, or whoever. There are obviously some exceptions — they beat Miami for a “national championship” and Oregon last year — but they are consistently overrated.

      Gee apparently doesn’t watch much football. Again, I’m not the most objective guy on this, but BSU and TCU look like VERY good teams. Maybe OSU could beat them, maybe Auburn or Oregon, or the Big 10 gauntlet would run them down — but there’s only one way to find out — on the field with a playoff system. Until then, the college football “national championship” will always be in quotation marks.

      I’m a BSU fan but I’m not arguing they should be in the final BCS game — I don’t really care because there is no championship game.


      • bmaz says:

        Well, as to that “national championship” against Miami, it only occurred because of a horrendous non call in the end zone; but for that, OSU loses that game too. I actually think Boise would kill Ohio State this year and I have no idea how they would fare against either the Ducks or Auburn, but I am dying to see that game. I cannot see how the Ducks lose a game before the BCS Championship; Auburn is a little dicier.

  7. randiego says:

    We’ll be in Texas until Tuesday, leaving on the first flight out of SD tomorrow.

    Tomorrow night we’ll have the Texas vs Texas A&M game on, and it won’t be pretty for the in-laws.

    Tomorrow I’ll be hoping for the Lions and the Tigers. Somebody needs to shut up the national media – it’s freakin’ Red Sox Yankees all over again. It’s all they can fucking talk about. That and Vick.

    Sunday night it’s the Peytons and the Bolts. Today a local beat writer reminded Payton of the 1-4 record since 2005 vs. Da Bolts in his conference call, and Mr. Hollywood got a little testy…
    Rut roh, someone is a little sensitive

    With all his image handlers and media training, you’d think he’d be ready for a question like that and respond with some Southern hokum (as Philip Rivers would) instead of being pissy. Sounds like maybe the Bolts are under his skin a little?

    Anyway, it’s blossomed into a rivalry (Chargers eliminated Colts from playoffs in ’07 and ’08). With all the injuries on each side, it will be hard to know the players without a scorecard, but the aging star and his heir apparent will make it a good show. It’s on the Indy turf, which gives the home team the advantage, but the Chargers have the better defense, a little momentum and Mr. Vincent Jackson is making his first appearance of 2010. He ain’t no practice squad guy – I really like the Chargers chances in this one.

    Happy Turkey Day kids!

  8. fatster says:

    To all: May the only turkey at your house be the one on the platter on your table. Eat hearty and think of peace.

  9. ANOther says:

    Hi bmaz

    Just in case this post does maintain into Sunday, and because I don’t tnink that Skdadl is too much into football, I wanted to remind you that it’s Grey Cup Sunday up here with a repeat of last year’s game between Montreal and Saskatchewan. The game is outside in Edmonton – like Green Bay, only colder. In last year’s game, Montreal kicked a field goal to win on the last play. On the previous play, they had missed the field goal to lose, but Saskatchewan were called for too many men.

    In addition, on the other side of the world, today is the start of the Ashes test series between England and the dirty diggers (Australia). That’s cricket for the uninitiated. There are a series of five test matches each of five days duration, and the first is being held in Brisbane at a stadium called the Gabba. The Australians have for a long time been the best team in the world but have struggled in recent series. To put this in some perspective, if England win the series and retain the Ashes, it will be a far bigger boost to the national ego than the wedding of any royal tosser.

    • skdadl says:

      Baseball, yes. Fussball, you’re right. ;-)

      Happy non-Canadian Thanksgiving to all the wonderful smart people here who have taught me so much and been such kind friends.

  10. scribe says:

    First of all, thanks to all for being themselves and making this forum.

    And then, thanks to the employment gods who have decided to sprinkle some of their pixie dust my way. The last couple weeks I’ve been working in a big city on a big litigation as one of the nameless, faceless reviewing documents for some lawsuit, so I’m living out of a suitcase and peregrinating but, hey, they’re paying by the hour and definitive about going to 6 x 10 and talking about amping up to 7 x 10. Not that I was doing anything with my weekends away from home, anyway. Thing is, I’ve been getting up so early I couldn’t sleep in and catch up today.

    On to football.

    Bad Peyton’s problem, as I heard it discussed by someone knowledgeable, is that he does not have his regular receivers. “So? This is the NFL” you might say, and you might be right. But, only partly right. According to that commentator, the problem comes up for Bad Payton because his whole offense is based first upon timing and second, touch. He and his receivers have been playing together so long their clocks are synchronized and they know where the others are and what they will do. Plugging new receivers – even with better skills – into the O does not solve the problem b/c they don’t have the timing down. So, you get inaccurate passes, picks and Bad Peyton scowling. Look for the Colts to miss the playoffs.

    As to the J-E-T-S JETS JETS JETS, their fans are rounding into true world-class obnoxious form, setting me up for the inevitable pleasure of watching their implosion. And the rest of the league has caught up to their D and the blitz schemes they used last year and haven’t really changed since. Sanchez is turning into a pretty good QB and no one doubted Santonio Holmes’ skills, just his ability to stay out of trouble. Revis Island continues to have problems not because he’s a bad player but because teams have adjusted to him and his game, making him less of a factor. Look for a Romo-T.O. level bitch-fight between him and … T.O. tonight. If you have No Fun League Network. Otherwise, sleep off your turkey.

    Looking at the J-E-T-S JETS JETS JETS Coach Ryan and his bro on the other sideline last week, and thinking back to their dad Buddy, did it occur to anyone else that the Ryan family had to have reinforced floor joists under their dining room come Thanksgiving dinner?

    As to Bieber and his Patsies, I do have to agree with (I think it was) EW upthread that they are starting to jell. Whether that will be into a solid team or a solid block of whatever it is you bust through to get at the leftover gravy below to reheat tomorrow for hot turkey sammiches, only time will tell. I wouldn’t put it past Cheatin’ Bill to pull an injury scam, but I get the sense Mr. Needs-a-Haircut does have an actual injury that will slow, hobble or incapacitate him. I’d bet he has something which will not tolerate the turf well.

    And, as to the Owboys, they’re going to play for the guy they might hate to the same degree like they sat around and collected paychecks while coached by their Cupcake. It’s down to pride and playing for jobs (Assuming there’s a league next year). But the WhoDats will win.

    More later, maybe.

  11. dakine01 says:

    Don’t forget that Mr “Ohio State President Gee who used to be in the SEC” was at Vandy’s ‘Dores who were and are far more likely to resemble the “Little Sister’s of the Poor” than they do a part of a “Murderer’s Row”

  12. Jim White says:

    Enjoy the turkey and trimmings, folks.

    Dangit, I was so happy when we changed horse breeds for the kids’ shows. [Heckuva job Mikey got his start fucking up a horse club and he’s not the only one who can send one down the tubes…] For years, I’ve been stuck at a show on Thanksgiving weekend so that I have to sneak off to find a TV to watch the Gators play the Seminoles. And wouldn’t you know it, just a few weeks ago they added our new breed to the same damn show. [Shakes fist in air–Damn you, Whizzer!]

    Anyway, it would be great fun to watch Bieber fail while my bird cooks on the grill, but I won’t hold out too much hope.

    Tomorrow we will get to watch the Iron Bowl before heading down for the show. With our older daughter in her second year at Auburn, it’s been fun to pull for them this year.

    Enjoy the day, folks, and I am thankful for the most terrific community of folks ever.

  13. bobschacht says:

    Hey, what is this? We’re visiting at my sister’s, I turn on the bedroom TV for my better half, and what to my wondering eyes did appear the Kitties scoring a TD on the almighty Patsies to go ahead 7-3! I thought this game was supposed to be a gimmee. Could it be that the Kitties are actually roaring like a Lion?

    Bob in AZ

    • BayStateLibrul says:

      I was more pissed at Detroit signing our catcher Vicor Martinez to a four year deal….

      As to the Lions, and Randiego… “thanks to a sterling second half from Tom Brady (21 of 27 for 341 yards and four touchdowns, no interceptions), who carved up the Lions’ defense like well-cooked turkey, and a pair of interceptions from rookie corner Devin McCourty they departed Detroit with a 9-2 mark.”

      What’s not to like about Tom?

  14. Elliott says:


    The video was presented at the Marsh Hoosier Classic at Lucas Oil stadium where it won the school $300, but the school brought home more than just money. [Quarterback Brandon] Ledford says, “We were on a two game losing streak. After that week we went Lucas Oil and our video was played and we went on a three game winning streak.”

  15. emptywheel says:

    Hello there.

    IF the Kitties pull this out, can one of you call my husband–with whom I have a $.25 bet on this game–and tell him I told him so that the Kitties could too beat the Patsies and if they did we would regret mightily having considered, but then decided not to, go to this game?

    Though I admit I’m conflicted. I think I’m the only one who likes the Patsies, but I do want the improving Kitties to have some success.

    • bmaz says:

      The confidence to bet .25 on the Kittehs and against Bill Bel is impressive. Lets game this out here – Shaun Hill or Bieber Brady? Who do you choose? Looks like Brady has the look in his eyes again where he is focused and on a mission. That is bad news for the rest of the NFL because you can bet Bill Bel is coaching up the young defense and they will start gelling down the stretch.

      • BayStateLibrul says:

        Plus Tommy’s in love, and great-dealing with Under Armour

        “Under Armour’s everything I was looking for,” Brady said. “It’s cool. It’s fun. It’s what so many of the kids are wearing, and I like to try to stay cutting-edge. I like the company. I think we’ve got a lot in common. We both want to stay hungry, stay humble.”

        • randiego says:

          Hah hah , that’s rich! Aw shucks, Tommy is sooo humble!

          When the Patsy’s beat the Chargers last month, your hero didn’t do a thing – he didn’t have to, the Bolts did it all for him with thurnovers and mistakes galore. The pats were dominated but still won, but Bieber decided to smack and call the Chargers a high school team and take a dig at the coach. They were, but that’s beside the point. Someone ‘humble would have taken their gift win and gotten out of town. He’s great, and good for him, but he ain’t my hero. As for MNF, I’ll be pulling for a 3-3 tie.


        • bobschacht says:

          Shave and haircut, two bits.

          *rim shot*

          [I know the musical notes that go with those words, and most people recognize it as the way to end a song.]

          Bob in AZ

        • CTuttle says:

          The better half, a Patsy native, was grumbling that his beard covers up his ‘baby face’…! I was rolling…! ;-)

          Aloha and Happy T-day, bmaz, Marcy, and brethren wheelers…! *g*

  16. Petrocelli says:

    BillBel’s M.O.: You have to peak peek at the right time …

    I’m a Pats/Brady fan too, Marcy.

    Happy Thanksgiving to the smartest group … East, West, North aaaaand South of the Pecos !

  17. Mason says:

    Well, there is absolutely no doubt that the best college team in the country right now is Wisconsin and its merry band of growlin Bad Grrrrs.

    • Petrocelli says:

      Drew Fookin’ Brees !

      I have to say, the OwBoys showed a lot of grit, staying in this game as they did.

  18. BayStateLibrul says:

    Week 13, Woodhead and the Patsies

    When will the Trash Talk Two announce live-blogging at The Gillette on

    Sunday, December 6th?


    A) Former Jets RB, Woody, at 5’7-3/4″ will turn water into wine.

    B) Brady will be questionable

    C) Scribe will root for the Patsies

    D) Randiego will diss Brady

    E) EW will remain conflicted

    F) Bmaz will go all in for the Patsies (hope this won’t jinx it)

    G) The weather channel will give hourly updates.

  19. radiofreewill says:

    I’m guessing Alabama will send the house on this punt…

    Auburn comes back to win it 28-27!

    Nice to have the edit feature back!

        • bmaz says:

          You know, Alabama is not that great and, by all rights, should have beat Auburn. Bama left two scores on the table in the second quarter. The fumble by Ingram after his 50 yard or whatever ramble was literally like only the second fumble in his career or something ridiculous like that. Auburn did win though, you have to give them that, but I sure don’t see any case to be made that they are necessarily superior to Boise State. I don’t particularly know who would win if they played, but it would be a fair fight and I actually think Boise might would win.

  20. john in sacramento says:

    Ohio State’s Prez is probably a very smart guy, but he has zero credibility when talking about sports

    He formerly was some muckety-muck at a) Brown (do they even have athletic teams?) where he was memorialized by the students; and b) Vanderbilt. No offense to Brown or Vanderbilt, but come on

    He was forced to resign from the Board of Massey Energy

    No offense meant, but wouldn’t he be more comfortable talking about the Chess Club?

    If he wants to talk about strength of schedule? Please — come back and talk to me when they stop scheduling Marshall, Ohio, Miami (they’re not what they were 20 years ago), and Eastern Michigan

    And as far in-conference. Indiana (basketball school), Purdue (Drew Brees doesn’t play for them anymore), Illinois, and Minnesota = nobodies, Penn State is having a down year, Mich has no defense, and Wisconsin and Iowa are on the outside looking in

    Shorter, E Gordon Gee: open mouth, insert foot

  21. bobschacht says:

    Well, Nevada made the first half interesting by scoring a touchdown, but Boise State scored back, so it looks like they’ll probably win easily.

    Bob in AZ

    • rosalind says:

      was just gonna post the same thing. i’m watching this game going “is the fix in?” boise is getting flagged every other play, but on their crucial 3rd down pass play the refs conveniently overlook the fact the boise receiver was unable to make the catch because of the nevada player’s hand affixed to his facemask.

      time for boise’s D to step up.

  22. rosalind says:

    oh my god my heart can’t take this!!

    (and the paranoid part of me thought when the refs blew a timeout to “review the play” they were helping nevada out by giving the kicker time to think about it. but they wouldn’t do that, would they? nooooo)

  23. rmadelson says:

    My thoughts on BSU-Nevada:

    1. Nevada’s been threatening for three years — they broke through.
    2. Vai Taiau and Kapernak are really good — nothing new there.
    3. BSU’s defense was sucking air from the end of the 3rd quarter on. No knock on BSU, but Nevada ran ’em ragged.
    4. I’ve always disliked Brotzman — nobody, especially a kicker, should have a tribal armband tattoo. Really, my wife and I always bitch about that guy.

    This will make the Utah State game in the frigid cold even more unbearable. C’est la vie. I’ll probably root for the Ducks since I like the coast so much.


  24. radiofreewill says:

    Teams of Destiny don’t miss two field goals from inside the 20…still, it was a good run this season by Moore and Boysie State…good luck in the Humanitarian Bowl!

  25. randiego says:

    My thoughts on the Boise gane:
    1. The Boise D was sucking wind pretty much the entire second half. The offense would go 3-out or score so fast the D was back on the field too fast.
    2. The zebras were killing BS in the 2nd half. A non-call on the facemask PI, while the flags were flying on the other side of the ball were bad, but there was also a terrible call on a muffed punt by Nevada.
    3. Nevada got some killer bounces. Two big fumbles that took bounces straight into the arms of other Nevada players.
    4. The BS coach suddenly went timid when his offense needed a spark and his defense was on its heels. They kept handing the ball back to Nevada too easily, including a pooch punt on a 4th-3 from the Nevada 40. Where’s Mike Leach when you need him??

    A great game, but a bad loss for anyone who hates the BCS. No way will Nevada get any respect for being a very good team – that Nevada QB/Running back combo who now hold the NCAA record are really impressive.

    Congrats to Nevada. They earned it.

    • bmaz says:

      Yep, that is all about right. Boise should not have lost that game, they are generally I think a better team than Nevada; but credit where due, Nevada is way better than people realize and you are spot on about the Wolfpack’s QB/RB, they are something. Total bummer for my BCS busting schticht though.

    • phred says:

      Good point about Nevada not getting the respect they deserve. Thinking about the Bogus Championship Series…

      How often do we see top ranked teams get knocked out of the basketball tourney? Nearly every year. It’s about time NCAA Football got over themselves and greedy university presidents and started holding a proper tournament. If high schools and the pros can do it, then colleges can, too…

    • bmaz says:

      No. Thank god Wisconsin appears on its way to blowing out Northwestern, lest the Ohio Sweater Vests come west for the Rose Bowl or Fiesta Bowl.

  26. bobschacht says:

    I still hope that Boise State gets a Bowl bid. They should probably get a top ten opponent, even given their inability to score a field goal in a close game. And Nevada probably should, too.

    Badgers vs. Ducks? That would be interesting.

    I saw USC vs. Notre Dame tonight. Interesting game, with ND winning despite 4 turnovers. Why didn’t they use that running game earlier? Or was USC playing a “prevent” defense protecting against passes rather than runs?

    Bob in AZ