Mr. Obama’s Very Very Busy Week

Since Obama tried to sneak in a trade agreement making it easier to outsource jobs to Korea after the newspapers have gone to bed, I thought it wise to catalog what a “productive” (in the Frederick Taylor sense) week he has had:

  1. Freeze pay of federal workers
  2. Attack Social Security
  3. Cut taxes for the stinking rich
  4. Censor Wikileaks
  5. Cut Food Stamps at a time of record reliance on them
  6. Make it easier to send manufacturing jobs to South Korea
  7. Fiddle while 10% of the country can’t find jobs
  1. behindthefall says:

    I’ve been wondering lately how anybody coming after us is going to be able to write our history, given that the MSM is ethically compromised and propagandistic and that most other records of our day-to-day are little better. I think the blogs are going to be important for historians in the future. If we all go crashing down, the reasons for our demise and the way it felt as it happened will be preserved here in Left Blogistan.

    Well, *that* was O/T, wasn’t it?

    • zapkitty says:

      You’re assuming that the blog archives aren’t “lost” or rewritten by the NSA after the fact.

    • prostratedragon says:

      Think Suetonius, writers like that, maybe.

      I have a feeling that we’re going to be found inordinately entertaining to whatever society remains after the smoke clears.

  2. MadDog says:

    My apologies to EW for all my OT hogging commentary on her previous post, but I just couldn’t help myself when faced with a Friday Document Dump of “US government is watching!” Big Brotherism.

    I will now head off to count some sheep and ruminate on my hogging ways – mixed metaphor intended. *g*

  3. darclay says:

    I hope the DNC has someone in the wings to run in 2012 because it looks like O is gonner. I for one will not vote for REP or DEM !

    • alibe50 says:

      I think it is better to threaten the DNC by saying you will vote for a Republican instead of the co-opted Obama. I voted for McCain because I knew what Obama was. And I knew the Left would be neutered if Obama was President. And NEUTERED they are. Defanged, emasculated, screwed, diminished, deconstructed, demolished, destroyed …just to name a few.
      I personally have called the DNC several times and told them to throw Obama out of the Democratic Party. I call the White House and ask when Obama is changing parties. I call and write my Reps and demand they threaten Obama with mutiny. Time to throw him back to the Repulicans. He ain’t no Democrat…PERIOD!!!!!

  4. denny says:

    Why is President Obama in Afghanistan with the soldiers now when the Democrats are trying deperately to have a vote for the middle class tax cuts and not for the rich? He seems to be disconnecting from reality. He needs to have a news conference and tell Americans what the Republicans are doing to this country as he speaks.

    • zapkitty says:

      Then you do not understand the problem.

      Obama wants the rich to have their eternal tax cuts and he intends to see that it happens.

    • manys says:

      He needs to have a news conference and tell Americans what the Republicans are doing to this country as he speaks.

      It ain’t just Republicans, that’s what the post is about. Furthermore, I’m sure Obama’s just fine to be out of the country while this travesty goes down. Rich people are his backers.

    • Hmmm says:

      Perhaps it’s PBO’s way of signaling that he needs tax rates to return to normal in order to continue funding the wars (of empire) he so clearly supports.

      To dear fatster: Isn’t it interesting how frequently these days the term “counterterrorism” could be swapped out for the term “imperialism” without changing the meaning of the sentence?

      • fatster says:

        So happy to see you Hmmm! Back in the day (I’m older than dirt) in the Deep South, those of us involved in the Civil Rights struggle were called “communists”, and that carried over into the anti-war struggle. That term has now become passe and you know, as well as I, which term those of us involved in the struggle for the Constitution and Bill of Rights will be called next. Sigh.

    • jdmckay0 says:

      Interesting, thanks for that link.

      Brazil’s explanation for their position makes perfect sense to me:

      A representative from UN’s refugee agency, UNHCR Luis Varese, explains the reason for Brazil’s position:

      …refugee status in Brazil is usually granted after the refugee has been recognized by the host country (in this case, the U.S.). According to Varese, the GOB and CONARE believe that the migrants at Guantanamo Bay do not fit into this category because the USG has not “formally recognized” them as refugees. If they were formally recognized, CONARE believes, the USG would allow them to resettle in the U.S. so resettlement would not be an issue. Varese told PolOff that the “formal recognition” issue caused the GOB to reject the USG’s proposal in 2003… [emphasis added]

  5. fatster says:

    And you might be interested to know that The Guardian is keeping a list of the cables, jdmckay0:

    WikiLeaks embassy cables: the key points at a glance