Snowy and Wooden Trash

The noticeable lull in the NFL for a couple of weeks is over. We are down to the last three weeks of the season and there are big and interesting games everywhere on the schedule. And the cold and snowy weather is harshing on the pro’s mellow, which always makes things even more exciting. So let’s get down to it.

The Show Me State Showdown. Go figure, but Kansas City at St. Louis is both an important and very interesting game. Young Sam Bradford has the Rams much improved and at 6-7 they, incredibly, have a real shot at winning the NFC West. The Chefs at 8-5 took a large hit last week losing Matt Cassell’s appendix and the game to the Bolts. But they still have a game lead on the Bolts, if they win out they win the AFC West. Not sure why, but I think the Rams get it done.

Saints at Rayvens. Don’t look now, but Drew Fookin Brees has got Reggie Bush back, and with him the juice in the offense has returned. People do not give Bush enough credit for what he provides the Saints. The advancing age of Ray Lewis, Ed Reed and the Ravens defense really showed when they were gassed at the end of last week’s game against the Texans. Saints going to put another chink in the old armor.

In some ways, there is no bigger game that Jags at the Peytons. Jacksonville has a one game lead on the suddenly injury depleted and pedestrian Colts who, at 7-6, likely would miss the playoffs if they lose to the 8-5 Jags. But the won’t, Peyton will get this done and pull the Colts into a tie for the AFC South. Falcons at SeaSquawks looks like an important game too; but it’s not. Falcons have quietly been the class of the NFC this year and Seattle is no match. This is why the Rams game is so important. The Donkos visit the Black Hole, a lovely garden spot for Tim Tebow’s first start. The Rayduhs are gonna crush the kid.

Eagles at Giants. Eli, Vick, the weather, and Santa is safe from the Philly fans as the New Yawkers are much more hospitable. Doesn’t get any better than this. I have felt the Giants were slowly turning into a surprisingly solid team for a while now. The Eagles have been on a tear since Vick took over. Both teams are 9-4 and tied atop the NFC East, so this is a huge game for playoff seeding and since the Iggles won the first meeting, they would take a commanding lead with a win. Both teams are banged up at receiver, with the Gents losing Steve Smith for the season and the Eagles DeSean Jackson nursing a banged up foot that will not feel good on the cold field. This is probably a pickem; I would take the Iggles were it in Philly, but in NY it is anybody’s guess. Slight edge to Vick and the Eagles because they have more ways to score points.

The Jets Jets Jets wander a little dazed and confused into Stillerville. Polamalu is out with a flaring achilles. Dirty Sanchez suddenly looks lost. This game is not as good as it looks on paper or ought to be, Big Ben and the Steelers are built to win this kind of game, and they will. Same with the Packers visiting the winter wonderland at Foxborough. Even with Aaron Rodgers the Packers were going to get smoked; without Rodgers, still out with a concussion, it could be brutal. Oh, and Bieber Brady has not lost a home game since 2006. That leaves the Da Bears at the Vikes at the alcohol free University of Minnesota outdoor stadium. If the Geezer were able to go, this might be damn interesting game. Joe Webb can run; but not on this field against Urlacher and the Bears. Game over.

That is all the snowy part, now off to the Wooden segment of today’s Trash. In case you have not heard, Geno Auriemma, Maya Moore and the UConn Lady Huskies are on the doorstep of history. They have not lost a basketball game in two years, eight months and 13 days, a streak of 87 games. With a win this afternoon over 11th ranked Ohio State in the Maggie Dixon Classic at Madison Square Garden the top-ranked Huskies would match the 88-game winning streak of UCLA’s men’s teams from 1971-74.

This is one of those Joe Dimaggio hitting streak like records most people assumed would never be broken. Honestly, Geno and the Huskies are due all the credit in the world, but it is not the same as Wooden and the Bruins. Give them their own space and respect in the women’s game and stop the comparisons with the men and John Wooden. Please.

Each are entitled to their own space. But in that space, stop for a minute and give UConn their due, because what they have done, and are doing, is truly remarkable. And a win today over OSU and high scoring star center Jantel Lavender will not come easy. There is also some history as Ohio State coach Jim Foster was influential in getting Geno Auriemma into coaching at the start of his career.

So with that, let’s get yer trash on!

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  1. emptywheel says:

    Dunno about the Wooden comparisons. ESPN had a neat piece comparing Auriemma and Wooden, and the thing about them is they’ve both got superb coaching philosophies (incidentally, our high school coach was a backup on that Wooden team; he was such a great coach that he consistently took our pasty-white suburban team to Crenshaw to lose at the second round of states, which is pretty damn good).

    In any case, I think the women will again–as they were when they played Baylor–be the game of the day, not least because all the interesting NFL games have key players out. I mean, who wants to watch the Stillers if Polamalu isn’t playing (and I think that game will be closer than bmaz does)? And while I agree that the Pats have hit their stride, I’d have liked to have seen Rogers play in that game.

    • bmaz says:

      I think the comparisons of coaching and teaching between the two are much more accurate than a strict comparison of the two streaks. The streaks are different, but you sure don’t get to that point in either one without a special set of recruiting, teaching and coaching skills. Lesser coaches, even with the best talent on the planet, have a down game or two somewhere along that line.

    • Mauimom says:

      he consistently took our pasty-white suburban team to Crenshaw to lose at the second round of states,

      “Crenshaw”?? As in the section of LA known as Crenshaw??

      EW, I never knew.

    • bobschacht says:

      I am glad to see women’s BB receive their due. I actually prefer to watch women’s BB to mens– except that I do follow the Suns and the Celtics.

      As someone else has commented, it now becomes interesting which team will be the first to beat Auriemma’s Huskies, since UConn beat Ohio State. Next good possibility: the our Ladies of Notre Dame. Stay tuned.

      Bob in AZ/CA

  2. klynn says:

    We are here but mulling the President’s terrible tax cut plan. I still want to pay my payroll taxes.

    Now, as for BB…

    It’s a great game. UConn is a great team.

  3. dakine01 says:


    the iggles just came from 21 down tied the score with less than two minutes, held the giants and scored on a punt return with no time left to win

  4. JohnLopresti says:

    Former Chicago Ditka protege has chance to bring west coast team to playoffs. Bulletin from San Diego, late Friday December 16 2010. The local humorous chronicler wrote in the paper:

    After the game someone asked Singletary if the 49ers are a playoff team.

    “If we are fortunate enough to go to the playoffs,” he said in the thoughtful voice he sometimes uses, “I believe we deserve to go.”

    If the 49ers go to the playoffs, they need to apologize to teams with winning records who are denied the playoffs, to the NFL for hogging a valuable spot and, in the interest of good breeding, to all of America merely for existing.

    However, the first part of the article was funnier, if equally as genuine.

    • bobschacht says:

      “If we are fortunate enough to go to the playoffs,” [Singletary] said in the thoughtful voice he sometimes uses, “I believe we deserve to go.”

      I didn’t know that Yogi Berra had a son?

      Bob in AZ/CA

  5. scribe says:

    Oh, well. This was a trap game for the Stillers and they fell into it. So it goes.

    As to the G-men v. Iggles, a friend who’s a huge Iggles fan responded with a “wha?” when I emailed him congratulations on a heck of an end to the game. He’d turned it off in the first half, overcome with disgust. Not to worry – that punt return will be played over and over a hundred times this week. Too many fans had grown up without having experienced – as opposed to hearing of – the greatness of Joe Pisarcik. Throw in a new stadium in need of a proper christening (fill that baptsimal font with tears) and this was wholly foreseeable.

    And now, the Pack are playing the Patsies very, very tough.

    • bmaz says:

      Well, Flynn’s inexperience hurt in that last minute, but McCarthy’s use of timeouts earlier and play calling in the last minute were not great either. Matt Flynn 23/37 for 247, 3 touchdowns and 1 pick. Pretty damn good game all things considered.

  6. Petrocelli says:

    1. The Pats Defense showed up tonight

    2. No matter how great a game BieberBrady has, when he goes home, his night gets better …

  7. Jason Leopold says:

    Oh fa cryin out loud!First Rainbow and now The Burrito Bros! God Damn! Excellent, excellent selection! HUGE Gram/Burrito Bros fan! Just picked this new box set up coincidentally: Will burn you a copy if you’re interested. Amazing how much great music he produced during his short time on earth.

  8. bobschacht says:

    …Even with Aaron Rodgers the Packers were going to get smoked; without Rodgers, still out with a concussion, it could be brutal. Oh, and Bieber Brady has not lost a home game since 2006….

    Nevertheless, it was an interesting game. The Pack did NOT get smoked, and Rodgers’ backup performed well against one of the top defenses. IIRC, the Pack was actually leading early in the 4th quarter. But Brady is formidable in the 4th quarter, and the Pats showed the GB rookie how to do it.

    I’m traveling (presently in So. Calif.), and will drop in when I can. Tomorrow, I fly to Illinois, hopefully in time to watch Boise State’s bowl game.

    Bob in AZ/CA

  9. john in sacramento says:

    Favre to start

    Healthwise, it seems counterintuitive, but it is a good idea when you think about it. If he can make the throws, these are perfect conditions for him. The cold and snow, and possible icy patches will pretty much negate speed rushes (think Peppers and Allen) and blitzers

    Back in the day Lynn Dickey (Packers) and Tommy Kramer (Vikings) had multiple 300, and 400 yard passing games in cold snowy conditions

    I wasn’t going to watch, but now it could be interesting

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