Geezer Returns: Special Old Fart Trash

In case you have not heard, some guy who last week was not a starting quarterback will suddenly start for the Minnesota Vikings tonight on Monday Night Football against the Chicago Bears. Who knows what this untested and unknown quarterback can bring to the game, time will tell. He will have to do it without Adrian Peterson. He apparently has completed his first pass. what will the rest of his career portend??

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  1. john in sacramento says:

    My comment from the last thread

    Favre to start

    Healthwise, it seems counterintuitive, but it is a good idea when you think about it. If he can make the throws, these are perfect conditions for him. The cold and snow, and possible icy patches will pretty much negate speed rushes (think Peppers and Allen) and blitzers

    Back in the day Lynn Dickey (Packers) and Tommy Kramer (Vikings) had multiple 300, and 400 yard passing games in cold snowy conditions

    I wasn’t going to watch, but now it could be interesting


    TD – Favre to Harvin

    • MadDog says:

      MD makes a note to himself – must be a memorable occasion when a 2nd Trash Talk is posted in honor of his Geezerness.

      With a Geezer intercept and typical 2010 lame Viking secondary, score be now 10-7 Midway Monsters.

        • MadDog says:

          I see your moving hell is almost over. You have my sympathy. I’ve experienced both kinds of moving. The one where you want to move and the one where you have to move. I much prefer the former. *g*

          I assume you’ve closed or are closing on the AA place. Are you then getting a new home or still staying apartment dwellers for the time being?

          Here’s hoping there’s a lakeside home in your future!

          • emptywheel says:

            We close tomorrow, in AA. Then I drive (w/o Mr. ew) to PA.

            We have decided to rent, possibly in Grand Rapids (cause I’m tired of driving 20 minutes to the store), for a while. Someday, I might be in the market for a lakeshore house. But not until the market is done crashing.

            • MadDog says:

              Grand Rapids sounds better than Erik’s backyard. You might even find a Democrat or two living in GR. *g*

              Have a safe and pleasant drive to PA.

              You’re not stopping in Nazarath for Xmas are you?

              Because I hate to tell you but Baby Jeebus won’t be there. A manger or two, yes, but no room at the inn.

              I think the TSA has probably profiled Joe and Mary and has them on the No-Fly list.

  2. john in sacramento says:

    what will the rest of his career portend??

    Notsomuch thanks to Bryant McKinney.

    He needs to lose at least 20 pounds. I’m not even gonna list all his blown blocking assignments over the last two years

  3. MadDog says:

    And totally, totally OT from Mark Mazzetti and Dexter Filkins of the NYT:

    U.S. Military Seeks to Expand Raids in Pakistan

    Senior American military commanders in Afghanistan are pushing for an expanded campaign of Special Operations ground raids across the border into Pakistan’s tribal areas, a risky strategy reflecting the growing frustration with Pakistan’s efforts to root out militants there…

    Raise your hands all who didn’t see that coming. Hmmm…looks like no hands showing.

    It jibes with where I was going with my comment in tonight’s Bhutto documentary post.

    I’m getting to believe that what is exceptional about America is our tendency to break stuff in order to fix stuff.

    • MadDog says:

      And more totally, totally OT from Peter Finn and Anne E. Kornblut of the WaPo:

      Obama administration readies indefinite detention order for Guantanamo detainees

      The Obama administration is preparing an executive order that would formalize indefinite detention without trial for some detainees at the U.S. military prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, but allow those detainees and their lawyers to challenge the basis for continued incarceration, U.S. officials said…

      • MadDog says:

        And more from Dafna Linzer over at ProPublica:

        White House Drafts Executive Order for Indefinite Detention

        The White House is preparing an Executive Order on indefinite detention that will provide periodic reviews of evidence against dozens of prisoners held at Guantanamo Bay, according to several administration officials.

        The draft order, a version of which was first considered nearly 18 months ago, is expected to be signed by President Obama early in the New Year. The order allows for the possibility that detainees from countries like Yemen might be released if circumstances there change.

        But the order establishes indefinite detention as a long-term Obama administration policy and makes clear that the White House alone will manage a review process for those it chooses to hold without charge or trial…

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