June 21, 2011 / by emptywheel


Still Fishing

If you haven’t already figured this out, after Netroots Nation I dragged bmaz up to northern Minnesota to count lakes, counting backwards from 10,000. We only got down to 9,976, but I understand there are actually far more than 10,000 lakes in MN.

The picture–photo credit: the NSA–is me and McCaffrey walking across the headwaters of the Mississippi at Lake Itasca. The shiny yellow figure in the background is commenter John Forde, who hosted us. (Thanks John!)

Today I’m sending bmaz back to the desert and me and Mr. EW and McCaffrey the MilleniaLab are going to continue our yearly NFC North tour. Meaning, we’re headed through WI to the Upper Peninsula of MI (Mr. EW already drove through Chicago).

For those of you who haven’t been through the area, it’s remote. As in, far west levels of remoteness. Which means I’ll be lucky if I find Toobz reliably.

Which means you may not hear from me before Saturday. That either means someone is going to resign (as generally happens when I go off-grid) or Judy Miller is going to release a tell all. If bmaz gets home safely–he’s flying Delta, so you never know–he’ll enlighten you all in the meantime.

Have fun!

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