Trash Talk: Fox TV Sucks a Bag Of Big Honking Salted Dicks

Well, I am getting ready to watch the European Grand Prix. It is being broadcast for all of us lucky discriminating American viewers on Fox TV, and coverage will start at 12pm EST and 9am PST. Did I mention it is on Fox TV?

I hope one and all will join me in a discussion as we watch the race live. We can regale in how young Sebatian Vettel started from pole and drove away from the field for his sixth victory in eight races this year, basically racing against himself while the rest of the grid actually had a competitive race. We can marvel at how Fernando Alonso in the Ferrari is putting on a hell of a show throughout the entire race in front of his home country Spaniard crowd in Valencia. We can take sides with some of us supporting Fernando’s foil today, Mark Webber, in the Red Bull and us Scudderia aficionados screaming with glee as Alonso out bulls Webber’s Red Bull for the precious P2 podium finish; especially in that heart stopping Senna like pass that put the crowd breathless and on its feet.

We can do all of the above, of course, because the fucking race is over. And, thanks to the MENSA geniuses at Fox TV, we Americans were denied the ability to watch it live and have no alternative but to watch it on tape delay long after the checkered flag dropped for Vettel.

This is just craven and malignant jackassery by Fox; and there is simply no excuse for it. Formula One is the biggest and most popular sporting league in the world. Contrary to the ignorant belief of most Americans, the circle jerk that is NASCAR is NOT the highest form of motorsport, and its drivers are nowhere near the best in the world. No, that distinction would belong squarely to F1. The entire rest of the civilized world got to watch the excitement from the Valencia Street Circuit live, but Fox took it upon themselves to shit on Americans and serve them the anticlimactic sloppy seconds after the fact. Thanks for that Fox.

They may yammer about Rupert Murdoch going to jail for his paranoid exploitive phone hacking offenses, but this sheer fuckery right here to American F1 fans is far more of a capital offense as far as I am concerned. Off with his head!

Okay, with that out of the way, a few housekeeping matters. First off, congratulations to Jim White, whose Florida Gators will be hooking up with South Carolina in the finals of the College World Series. The SEC was, and is, dominant this year.

Secondly, the August 12 theatrical release of the blockbuster documentary “Senna” is rapidly approaching. It was debuted at Sundance and literally won rave reviews. “Senna” was screened last Tuesday night at the Los Angeles Film Festival and the Emptywheel blog’s intrepid roving correspondent, Rosalind, tried to attend; but it was standing room only sold out, and she couldn’t get in. Once it debuts, we will probably figure out some discussion format with me, Rosalind and whoever else wants to go see it on its opening and participate. Stay tuned.

In the same vein, there is another big budget F1 flick afoot, and it sounds incredible. The working title is “Rush”:

A development project currently making the rounds of Hollywood studios, “Rush” tells of the 1970s F1 rivalry between the late playboy British driver James Hunt and his nemesis, Austrian champion Niki Lauda.

Packaged just a few weeks ago as a Paul Greengrass film, the director has opted to move on to other projects, say two sources familiar with the pitch who asked not to be identified because they weren’t authorized to speak on the director’s behalf. Instead, one of the sources said, the movie is being shopped with veteran director Ron Howard (“A Beautiful Mind,” “The Da Vinci Code”) as the filmmaker.


Lauda and Hunt would make compelling movie subjects. Archrivals who dominated their sport in the 1970s, their most storied square-off came in 1976, when Ferrari’s Lauda went out in middle of the season after suffering a serious injury. That allowed McLaren’s Hunt, who had lagged behind Lauda, to make up ground and eventually eke out a season win.

Adding to the rivalry: the pair were opposites both on and off the track. Hunt was known for dining with his dog at high-end London restaurants and for a general club and party lifestyle. Lauda led a more hard-luck life, contemplating suicide at one early point in his career and suffering the 1976 accident that burned a considerable portion of his face. His post-race career has nonetheless been fruitful: He’s founded two airlines and for a time managed a Formula 1 team. (Hunt, who after retirement did racing commentary for the BBC, died in 1993.)

Note, buried toward the end of the LA Times article linked is the little gold nugget that Steven Spielberg is also developing a project based on the life and exploits of James Hunt. I have had the distinct pleasure of meeting both James Hunt and Nicki Lauda. Both are, in the case of Lauda, and were, in the case of Hunt, fascinating men. I even prevailed on Hunt to let me buy him a cocktail and chat for a couple of minutes in the bar on the Queen Mary, where we both were staying during the Long Beach Grand Prix in 1976. This was pretty heady stuff as Hunt the Shunt, as he was nicknamed, was a jet setting F1 star playboy and I was, well, a 20 year old college student. Hunt could not have been nicer and more pleasant to talk to, and the, what appeared to be Belgian, beauties he had in tow were not shabby either. At any rate, it was a glorious period in F1 and Hunt and Lauda are both incredibly complex and compelling characters, it really could make for an incredible film. I can’t wait.

That is it for today. Make sure to hate on Fox a little and please trash this joint up!

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    • bmaz says:

      Whoa, the way that helicoptered a little and went into the trees is reminiscent of Jo Bonnier’s fatal crash at LeMans.

  1. JTMinIA says:

    I know it’s not the kind of racing you all seem to like, but David Higgins just knocked 9 seconds off the record for the Climb to the Clouds (i.e., the single-stage rally climbing up Mt Washington). If it helps, this is the east-coast version of Pike’s Peak.

    And even if this is trash talk, I won’t even try to argue that there are rally drivers that put some F1 drivers to shame both in terms of skill and nerve.

      • cregan says:

        A good race to watch. I had not watched Formula 1 before, and liked it a lot. I tuned in initially because I’ve been over to Valencia a few times on business, like the city, and wanted to see where in the city the race went.

        But, got hooked on the race after a few minutes.

  2. Jim White says:

    First off, congratulations to Jim White, whose Florida Gators will be hooking up with South Carolina in the finals of the College World Series. The SEC was, and is, dominant this year.

    wo0t! Thanks. I’m having a blast in Omaha. Getting three SEC East teams into the final four was a big deal. The 13 inning South Carolina – Virgina game Friday night was a lot of fun. I was sitting among a lot of South Carolina fans and kept telling them they had nothing to worry about.

    I can’t wait for the finals to get going Monday night. The Gators look to be in good shape, with their numbers one and two pitchers planned for Monday and Tuesday. [The finals just CAN’T go three games, because family responsibilities have me leaving Omaha Wednesday…]

    The baseball stadium (for sure) and my hotel (I think) are outside the evacuation zone should the upriver levee fail, flooding Omaha. The airport, unfortunately, would be under water.

  3. klynn says:

    The banner on the page mentions FDL will be down 8-12 PM EST and to save all posts and comments.

    I am confused by what/how we “save” all posts and comments.

    • bmaz says:

      Posts are for the authors at the blogs and MyFDL comments are for everybody. If they are posted to whatever blog you are on when the downtime begins, they will be preserved. If you are still working on them though, they will disappear and be gone..

      • klynn says:

        Ah hah.

        Good. I was hoping that was the case. Thanks!!!

        BTW, I am sorry you even found yourself in a position to have to write this post. So sorry.

        • bmaz says:

          Hey, you should know while Marcy was portaging me around on the Minnesota lake counting extravaganza, there was some Sweater Vest discussion had with beers.

          • klynn says:


            THAT must have been one fun discussion. I am not happy about sweater vests right now. He didn’t resign soon enough.

            I have no idea what to do with the sweater vest I bought to send to you. In fact every time I hear or read the words “sweater vest” I feel like a beer…And that says a great deal because I am not a beer or wine drinker due to a severe sulfites allergy (although beer is less a problem).

            I will say, counting lakes and beer bottles “on the wall” would take the sweater vest sting away!

  4. rosalind says:

    Dodger Divorce Update: After Bud Selig and MLB told Frank McCourt to take his proposed TV deal and shove it, McCourt today has filed for bankruptcy protection in Delaware.

    Cool chart showing the eleventy billion pieces the Dodger organization has been broken into.

    Only five of these pieces are included in today’s filing.

    This nightmare ain’t over by a long shot.

    In the end, Bud Selig et al preferred to hand over the Dodgers franchise to a man who has spent his entire adult life suing people and who financed the entire purchase on credit rather than allow Mark Cuban and his cash into their club.

    How’s that working out for ya, guys?

      • rosalind says:

        i saw that a couple of days ago, and cheered. my kind of owner.

        alas, the dodger cluster will not be easily resolved for many many moons.

        • cregan says:

          As a longtime former Dodger fan, I’ve totally dropped them the last few years. The whole sit there is just a mess. I could care less about the players or the owner or anything. They lost me a few years ago.

          It’s like a revolving door with no “there” there.

      • mzchief says:

        { belly laugh } I love that. Boy, it sure does make Perot et al look like whiny, greedy numbskulls. Now if dealing with the bankstas could be made into a picture and three simple pages (the forth page for signatures), then we could all go have a beer.

  5. michtom says:

    Tried to watch the Mets-Yankees World Series on Fox. Gave up after watching repeated shots of celebraties and team wives in the crowd, managers’ forehead wrinkles in the dugout and extreme closeups of batters’ & pitchers’ pores instead of a baseball game.

    Fox sports is to sports as Fox news is to news.

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