Obama Administration: Don’t Cut Construction Funding to Bahrain

In its statement of Administration policy on HR 2055–which funds military construction–the Administration expressed concern that the Senate had cut $100 million funding for two projects in Bahrain.

The Administration is worried, you see, that such cuts would signal that we do not “stand by its allies.”

The Administration is concerned about the reduction in funding for military construction projects in Bahrain as well as those associated with the relocation of United States Marines to Guam. Deferring or eliminating these projects could signal that the U.S. does not stand by its allies or its agreements such as the realignment of forces from Okinawa to Guam.

Because it’s very important to “stand by” our allies, I guess, when the abuse their own people.

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  1. DWBartoo says:

    It is very important to stand by our “allies” whomever “they” abuse, their own people, including minorities and immigrants, as well as autocthonous peoples everywhere …

    Is not mimicry the sincerest form of flattery and proof of good intention?

    Please Stand By … especially Looking Forward … and remember, “policy differences” should never be criminalized.

    Sometimes, there may, indeed, be small misunderstandings, you know, with drones and such like “collateral damage” … “events”. Say, whatever became of the eight billion$ that went missing in Iraq?

    Let’s keep things in perspective, shall we?

    Wots a mere hundred million dollars among dear friends and willing allies?

    How much chump “change” is it possible to believe in?

    (One notes that the prodigious amount of “activity” at the wheelhouse continues, unslackened and unabated …)

    Continuing appreciation for benefiting from some of the absolute best and most important mental (and physical) endeavor (of a seemingly super-human dynamo and HER allies) presently ocurring on planet Earth.


  2. bell says:

    gotta love how the usa always supports dictators, unless they fail to support the usa’s military agenda… the usa – proud to support dictatorships round the globe, lol…

  3. marksb says:

    Maybe the left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing. The place seems pretty much without a coordinated hand on the tiller these days. See yesterday’s EW post on Somalia–the CIA’s private fiefdom. And the DOJ in a whole bunch of ways. Ditto the DOD. The White House and the Congressional Dems IRT Social Security. And so on.

    Everybody seems to be singing from different hymnals.

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