Trash Talk With Stevie Nicks

Hello mothers, hello others; welcome to The Wheel, brothers. So, we are kind of in the ether, the no mans land, the void and vacuum between the end of basketball and the start of football again.

Yeah, yeah, that little soccer interlude was somethin, there is the comforting coo of baseball (well, unless you are a Dodger fan) and the big NFL lockout surrounding the draft was spectacularific and all that jazz.

But, other than the F1 Grand Prix Circus, ain’t none of it means jack shit without the sugar plum Pro Football Fairy dancing in the graspable future. And, now, we have it.

We did a fair amount of jabbering about the initial free agent signings last weekend and, yes, somehow stodgy old Bill Belichick and the Pats seem to have scooped the tabloid news. Go figure. Well, except, of course, the Iggles. Andy Reid, apparently freed up from worrying about his errant sons, has gone all ape shit. You know they still have the juju in them to sign Favre or Terrell Owens.

I don’t have a ton to throw out, other than to open the floor up for discussion. Well, okay, maybe one thing. Friday night, I watched something on ESPN called “Year Of The Quarterback”. They had a proposed new rating system to take the place of the admittedly complex and somewhat screwbally NFL Quarterback Ratings Formula. Which always struck me as somewhat suspect when Chad Pennington could rate above Brett Favre. Of course, now that Pennington is again gone to injury, Favre may be the only hope for The Fish.

I think Miss Marcy may wander in and add some material to this post, and heck I might add some later too; but I do not have a ton else to add right now.

The music this weekend is courtesy of Miss Stevie Nicks. The first video you may think was a Fleetwood Mac song (as it was indeed one of their most famous hits). But, huh uh mofos, Rhiannon was very much a Buckingham Nicks song before both of them joined up with Fleetwood Mac. As is Cathouse Blues, the second video. Stevie was, and still very much is, from Phoenix. She went to Arcadia High School (as did wonder Woman Lynda Carter and some dude named Steven Spielberg) where my daughter is about to start her junior year. If you find fault with all this local nostalgia, blame Jason Leopold, who started it by buying up some some Japanese masters of early albums by yet another very local in proximity artist named Alice.

WhaddaYaGonnaDo?? Rip this joint, that’s what!

[Errata – As Rosalind points out, Nicks’ Arcadia may actually be Arcadia High in California, although there are people around here who have said it is the Arcadia here. Stevie was born here though and her dad lived right here in Paradis Valley until he died a few years ago. Lots of Arcadia Highs out there, maybe she went to all of them!]

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  1. scribe says:

    That all you got?

    On the weekend Neon Deion is inducted, make that enshrined, in Canton?

    If that’s all the better you got, I’m gonna go work in the garden. Your trash is lame.

    And ESPN reports the Geezer says no way to taking his talents to South Beach. Extra points for the nice rip Merrill Hoge (who thought he had it in him) had the other day on the Cult of The Tebow, which should distress anyone who cheers the Broncos, ensure Orton stays in the mountains, yadda yadda.

  2. emptywheel says:

    @scribe: Oh yes, the Tebow sich is making me smile. Not just because Mr. EW likes Orton, but because it only took a year for Tebow’s well-crafted facade to fall down and his bitchy superstar mentality to come out.

  3. rosalind says:

    yeah, espn radio has been hilarious this week with the tebow conundrum.

    and ms. nicks may have attended your Arcadia High, but she graduated from my Menlo-Atherton where she met a talented young boy named Buckingham and musical history was born.

    bringing it back to sports: Lindsey’s older brother Greg was an All-American swimmer at our school and went on to win a silver medal at the ’68 Olympics.

    and the current manager of the Oakland A’s is my classmate Bob Melvin who’s got the team going in the right direction (pay no attention to the four game losing streak…)

  4. Jim White says:

    Leave Timmy aloooone!

    But speaking of QB’s, today’s Gainesville Sun has an interesting article on Charlie Weis’ grand assignment of rebuilding John Brantley’s confidence. Besides not fitting into a spread offense, I think not enough attention is given to how badly Florida’s offensive line played last year: Brantley never had time to throw and that eventually affected his entire outlook. If Weis could turn a piece of crap like that Brady puke into superstar material, he should be able to turn Brantley into an outstanding QB. The only question is whether he can do it in one season.

    [My theory on why the offensive line was so bad is that Adazzio was the position coach, but his duties as Assistant Head Coach during the Meyer Meltdown put most of his attention onto head coach duties and he made the false assumption that such a veteran group of supposedly good players could get by with little attention.]

    Brantley/Weiss article link:

  5. scribe says:

    @emptywheel: Yeah, but tehy’re grooming Tebow to be the REthuglican/Jesus-cultist candidate for Governor of Florida, dontchaknow? So the mere fact of wearing the uniform of the No Fun League, not competence at it, is all they need.

    Count on a career-ending knee injury, possibly combined with a Divine Revelation Of A New (Jesus-Directed Political) Mission In Life to move Tebow from Denver back to Fla.

  6. joberly says:

    Bmaz–Donovan McNabb made his first appearance at Vikings training camp Thursday afternoon, after the latest NFLPA signing of the CBA. On his fourth pass from scrimmage … interception! Sports radio wags say that he has not lost a beat since last year with Washington and is already in “mid-season form.”

  7. bailey says:

    A more apt Nicks selection for the moment might be the one with the words: Who’ll break the chain”

  8. Montysano says:

    One of the great injustices of our time is that, after 30+ years and counting, “Buckingham Nicks” has yet to be released in digital format.

  9. bmaz says:

    @rosalind: Wow. so I just went to teh Google and Arcadia High in California claims her too. No way she went to two Arcadia Highs is there?? I will have to say I stated she went to Arcadia here just on what I had heard; maybe not!! Well, I do know she was born at Good Sam hospital, same as I was. Think I will puyt a caveat in the high school bit in the post…..

  10. bmaz says:

    @Montysano: There are rumors it is finally going to happen; but there have been before too. It really is very kick ass good, so it would be nice to get it in remastered digital.

  11. Jason Leopold says:

    @montysano: I totally agree. I cannot believe Buckingham Nicks has not been released on digital format. That’s because Lindsey Buckingham owns the masters and won’t give his blessing to a reissue by Polydor (a label spoofed in This Is Spinal Tap). I think the album has aged well. Check out how much a vinyl copy is selling for: $60 and up. There are unauthorized copies that have been released on CD and they sell for $19 but the sound quality stinks. The album, however, is supposed to be released in Japan as a limited edition SHM-CD. I just bought, as bmaz noted, four Alice Cooper albums and a Duane Allman best of on SHM-CD from Japan and the sound is incredible (I’ve burned you a copy bmaz and puttin’ it in the mail!). Definitely worth the premium price.

    On a side note, anyone into Stevie Noicks should check out her new album. Been listening to it this morning and its very good.

  12. emptywheel says:

    TBogg linked to this on Twitter. It’s some worthy trash.

    There are two competing groups when it comes to public opinion on Tim Tebow.

    The first group thinks Tebow is God’s gift to humanity and that his NFL quarterbacking skills will catch up to his holiness if the Denver Broncos ever give him a chance.

    The second group is creeped out by the first group.

    Tebow isn’t the best quarterback on his team. That would be Kyle Orton, the former Bear whose numbers the last two years are better than the player he (and some high draft picks) were traded for: Jay Cutler.

    But the Broncos find themselves in a very awkward position because they took Tebow with their first-round pick last year, well above where most teams had projected him to go in the draft. In fact, much of the pre-draft discussion in 2010 centered on whether he’d be better off at another position in the NFL.

    But armed with the irrefutable evidence that somebody out there, or up there, believed Tebow was worthy of being a first-rounder, his supporters became emboldened.

  13. Montysano says:

    @Jason Leopold: I’m a vinyl guy, so I’ve got a decent copy of Buckingham Nicks for everyday playing, and a mint copy stashed for posterity. A lot of ’70s music hasn’t aged well, but BN still sounds fresh.

  14. bmaz says:

    @emptywheel: Well, except Orton is lousy when plays break down and the team really did seem to come to life under Tebow. Personally, I don’t think Tebow, Orton or Cutler is all that. But I would be tempted to give Tebow a shot; its not like Denver is going to the SuperBowl with Orton. Why not see if he really is Baby Jesus or just a flop?

  15. JohnT says:


    There are two competing groups when it comes to public opinion on Tim Tebow.

    The first group thinks Tebow is God’s gift to humanity and that his NFL quarterbacking skills will catch up to his holiness if the Denver Broncos ever give him a chance.

    The second group is creeped out by the first group.

    I’m in the second group

  16. Jason Leopold says:

    @matthew carmody: yes. Exactly what it is. Volume 2 is the one I just picked up off of ebay for $45. Volume 1 is still too expensive. Prices are over $70. It’s a replica of the gatefold vinyl as a cd. The sound quality is truly amazing. Those are two volumes that need to be remastered in the US.

    @montysanto: I’m jealous!

  17. JohnLopresti says:

    All this material was pretty much before my time, or after.

    Yet, I was thinking of @emptywheel this week, when I saw an article of how JHarbaugh still can take a snap and drop back, and show the feet placement to one of his cadre of enthusiastic QBs.

    I just play music, and provincially am in a phase of letting the electronic playback apparatus simply stay on the shelf unwired and displugged. But, that’s like a musician, or, perhaps, one with the ego of a backfield genius. ?Say what about jazz? It’s ok if you know harmony, then go dissonant. Just do it.

    And, on MA, I have known an alumna, who transferred to Gunn, cool in PaloA; and it looked like the kids there fit that judgment of hers, too.

  18. JohnT says:

    Hey you all in sweatervest/bigblue land

    Did the Big 10+2/whatever (doesn’t matter what ya call it, SC still kicks their ass anyway) stay with those lame division names?

    Patriot (or something) and I’m More ‘Merican Than You ‘Cause I drive a Big Honkin’ Monster Truck, So There Divisions?


  19. bmaz says:

    @JohnT: Yeah, I think they still got those goofy division names.

    Weiners and Wankers I think it is.

    You know, the Big Howevermany is gonna miss the competitiveness of Rich Rod. This was gonna be his year!

  20. phred says:

    @bmaz: Favre??? Crap, I thought this was a football thread, not another Social Security / Medicare thread ; ) I gotta keep better track of my tabs ; )

  21. nomolos says:

    OK, I’ll take your Stevie Nicks and raise you a Christine McVeigh…

    FYI England beat Wales although Wales was stirling in their efforts to recover from a devastating injury to Stoddard. Scotland beat Ireland so there was tears in the Guinness.

    The football season begins on Thursday when my Pats whup some other team.

  22. Mauimom says:


    ESPN had a savage analysis of Tebow last week. {Some commenter did it, and then it was passed around among the various radio shows.]

    Said Tebow’s biggest problem was “accuracy” [as in, “doesn’t have any”]. That he was crap from the pocket, and crap squared when on the move. Also said that was not one of those things you could “improve on.”

    I guess you can pray about it, however.

    • bmaz says:

      That “analyst” was Merrill Hoge. The one thing all these clucking heads on Tebow seem to forget is the guy just wins. Everywhere he has been, and the kid is apparently infectious. When he took over at the end of last season, it put a giant spark into the Broncos. The team, and not just the offense, did an about face. I am not much on the rah rah stuff, and the critics are probably right about him, but you never know. The Broncos aren’t going anywhere anyway, and Orton is okay, but he is not the QB for the future. I would get whatever I could for him from Miami, move him and give the kid an extended chance. If things are positive, then you got something; if they are not, then you will know and have a great draft position and a chance at Oliver Luck. Or you can just twiddle your thumbs with Orton getting nowhere for the future.

  23. nomolos says:

    Hmmm “was tears” should be “were tears”. My English is getting ruined by the damn ‘net.

  24. JohnT says:


    RichRod is gone?

    Now who’s gonna take the Big Howevermany Crown?

    Course, I have no idea who the favorites are in the Junior Pro Football League aka the NCAA this year

    PS Chilly still sucks

  25. Oaktown Girl says:

    @scribe: Totally agree with everything you said, scribe. Props to Neon Deon, and the Tebow/Hodge bruhaha this week positiviely made my panties moist. (Gads, did I just say that out loud?) If God is mad at me for hoping Tebow’s NFL career is a dumpster fire, I think I can live with that.

    So is this joint gonna be the place to go for lefties to talks sports on Sat. night? If so, I’ll have to put it on my calendar. It will be so nice to have a place to talk sports online that’s not a sexist hell hole.

    With those caveats, you will like it here and do just fine I think. And welcome!!

    • bmaz says:

      We do Trash Talk fairly regularly, always during football season and in non football season, mostly for Formula One or if there is some particularly notable reason, but not necessarily every weekend.

      And welcome!

  26. radiofreewill says:

    O, ye of little faith! Hasten to hide thy jealousy!

    Just give the Baby Tebow the chance to walk across the gridiron untouched! To preach from the pro-set! And to sling Hail Marys to miraculously receptive hands!

    Then you’ll see…you’ll all be believers then…it’ll be easy then…

  27. Oaktown Girl says:

    Yeah – Go Pac 10 + 2! (But Stanford sucks – Go Bears!)

    I remember back in Jr.High getting rather bent out of shape that my Pac 8 was going to rename itself the “Pac 10”. “Pac 10” just sounded so wrong. That was way back in 1978. I can’t even imagine how weird “Pac 8” must sound to ears much younger than mine who’ve never know anyting but “Pac 10”. But lemme tell you whipper snappers something: the Pac 8 was Da Bomb! And now we gotta say “Pac 12”? Pfffftt! I’d rather say “Pac 10+”.

  28. bmaz says:

    @Oaktown Girl: Yep, generally appear weekends anywhere from late afternoon Friday to Saturday morning/afternoon depending on the extent of happy hour enjoyed by the resident authors.

    By the way, I have been around more than long enough to know Pac-8 and Pac-10 well. Would have to say that both Arizona schools have proven to have been fine additions. Did you know the Pac only really wanted ASU and only took UofA because the Arizona Board of Regents would only let ASU go if it was a package with UofA? So, it could have been the Pac-9!

    I am not crazy about the expansion, if they were going to do it, I wanted Boise State, but there were some issues as to school size, teams other than football and facilities I guess.

  29. CTuttle says:

    @bmaz: I’ll tell ya that I’m glad Boise St. has left the Wacky WAC…! Just like when BYU left…! My Warriors can rule the roost now…! ;-)

    Oh, and FTFY…!

  30. rosalind says:

    heh. recent tweet from tbogg:

    “Tim Tebow is the answer to the Broncos future QB needs 1. Start Tebow. 2. Lose a shitload of games. 3. Get draft rights to Andrew Luck”

  31. bmaz says:

    @rosalind: That is effectively what I said @31 above. Let Baby Jesus Tebow play this year; if he turns out to be all that, then great, if not the Broncos will know to cut bait and will be well on their way to getting Lucky.

  32. CTuttle says:

    @bmaz: As a Diehard Bronc, that is exactly what I fear will happen, bmaz…! Pox on Tbogg too…! I’m fervently praying that Baby Jesus does come through for my much maligned Broncs…! *gah*

  33. Bob Schacht says:

    “Rhiannon” has been a favorite of mine ever since I first heard it– which is long enough ago so that I bought that Fleetwood Mac album as an “LP,” in case anyone remembers what that is. Around the same time, I was reading the Welsh classic that Stevie Nick’s refers to in the intro to this version of the song. The sound quality on the LP is a lot better.

    Bob in AZ

  34. Bob Schacht says:

    @Jason Leopold:
    “On a side note, anyone into Stevie Noicks should check out her new album. Been listening to it this morning and its very good. ”

    A-a-a-rgh! Stevie was one of my Most Desirables decades ago, but now I’m afraid to look. Do you think she might have “aged”? A-a-a-ck! I can’t look. PLEASE don’t show me a recent picture of Stevie Nicks! Tell me when it’s safe to take my hands off my eyes!

    Bob in AZ

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