Trash Talk! Packers v Barack Obama

I don’t know whether it’s because we almost didn’t have a season, or because the accelerated pre-season is making things more interesting (or that the alternative was the clown show GOP Presidential debate). But I sat my arse down and watched hours of pre-season football last night.

Highlights included seeing Larry “Spidey” Fitzgerald, with a good looking QB again, catching shit off his helmet, and watching BabyJesus Tebow thinking he had gotten a TD–only to have it called back for about 3 holds. He he he. (Though BabyJesus Tebow looked pretty good after that.)

Oh, and did I mention that BillBel managed to get the very last Lloyd Carr-coached QB available, ever, to back up Brady? And he looks damn good? Mind you, he had to spend a whole 3rd round pick to get Ryan Mallett, which for a tight wad like BillBel is unheard of.

That said, as good as I (hope) the Pats are going to be this year, the Iggles look as good as they should look (and that was even before Steve Smith became the latest former Giant to get the hell away from Tom Coughlin). And I even think backing Vick up might turn Vince Young into the QB he should be able to be.

According to Mark Knoller, Barack Obama is now the proud owner of 1 share (out of close to 5 million shares) of the Green Bay Packers. That’s probably more valuable than all the shitpile the government has taken on from the banks. That said, as a Chicago guy, Obama probably doesn’t understand what he’s got a piece of.

Coming this weekend: We get to see how the Detroit Lions–who lost their entire rookie class to injuries–plays against the (likely) worst team in the league, Cinci, and how the runner-up Stillers play now that no one is allowed to hit anymore. Tomorrow, the Niners take on the Aints, Peyton will maybe get around to actually throwing his first pass of the year against the Rams, we get to see whether Aaron Rogers’ head recovered from all the hits it took last year in a game, and whether Coughlin’s beleaguered team has enough to welcome Cam Newton to that other pro league. (Speaking of professional college QBs, the decision of whether or not Terrelle Pryor will be eligible for the supplemental draft is still pending.)

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  1. emptywheel says:

    @bmaz: You know how I work: I torment you w/videos as part of a motivational program to get you to do trash.

    I figured this might piss you off as much as Joni Mitchell did (though not quite as much as hte Brady softporn).

  2. phred says:

    Obama is a Packer share-holder?!?!? Spit.

    ‘Course now that I think about it, if I ever go to a shareholder meeting and if he ever goes… I’ll have a chance to read him the riot act. Heh heh. Maybe it’s not such a bad development after all ; )

    And speaking of the finest team in sports, the pre-season kicks off tomorrow night! Woot! Go Pack! I am most definitely ready for some football : )

  3. scribe says:

    Just to note, as the Jets continue to sign bad character players (ex-con Plexiglas Burris joining Santonio Holmes and many, many more), the Steelers picked up a veteran, high-character locker room leader, signing Jericho Cotchery after the Jets let him go.

  4. JohnT says:


    Yea, I skimmed through the post and read Knoller out of the corner of my eye and thought “what? what does Mark Knophler have to do with the Cheeseheads?” Different name

    I think the song fits Zero though

  5. rosalind says:

    @bmaz: so you doing a road trip to see the movie? by your tweets a day ago, figure you’re planning a fish&chips feed with digby and gaius_publius followed by a “senna” screening.

    • bmaz says:

      Yeah, I wish. Will be over sometime; not likely until mid fall though. Sadly.

      And you think I would roll into the base of the Santa Monica Pier without advising and incorporating you?? Get out.

  6. CTuttle says:

    Aloha, Marcy and bmaz…! I’m watching the Aints and 49ers play some scrimmage here in the Isles…! I left ya an interesting Scientific study for ya’lls perusal/input downstairs…! *g*

  7. Jim White says:

    So sorry I missed the Baby Jesus Tebow action last night in my travels. Got home tonight just in time to watch the Bucs at KC. Kinda surreal to see a KState QB (Freeman) pass to the all-time TD reception record-holder for KU (Briscoe) early in the game in KC for the Bucs. Chiefs are looking pitiful at home…

  8. P J Evans says:

    It certainly got a friendly reception at the LA Times. (I read the piece by the guy who apparently knew Senna and still wonders what he could have done.)

  9. Valley Girl says:

    Marcy! Very interesting Vid. It was “interesting” to watch, b/c 1) it kept stalling and 2) I was thinking is Obama some kind of sports whore? Jeez, he seemed to have 2 objectives- 1) I am just such a great guy because I follow sports and 2) implant some subliminal political messages.

    This the first time I have ever commented on a “trash talk” thread. But, I gotta say, I was pretty revolted (gag me with a spoon) by Obama’s tactics. I seem to kinda recall that Bush wanted to be head of MLB- or is my memory totally comprised?

    First time I’ve commented b/c I don’t follow sports, tho I did follow BB before the 1994 strike, when I realized that BB players now are not the ones I grew up with, and listening to Vince Scully and Jerry Dogget call the Dodger’s games on the radio.

    I would really like someone to comment as to what football position Obama might have succeeded in. Water boy?

    Yeah, sorry for the rant… remember, it’s my first trash talk entry…

  10. Valley Girl says:


    Yeah, well, draw your own conclusions that I have the bravery to make a long stupid comment at the new site, and on “Trash Talk” nonetheless. Marcy and bmaz are the best! I hope they aren’t too hard on me b/c of my “trash talk” uh… otw comment. Aloha to you too!

  11. emptywheel says:

    @Jim White: Chiefs are treating this as a practice–and Haley’s not playing anyone who’s not fit, which is … most guys.

    Tampa is trying to get up to speed with a young but hungry team so treating any possible win as a possible win.

    Still, Tampa looks … intriguing.

  12. emptywheel says:

    @Valley Girl: Well, mostly, I hate how he calls someone out and then asks them to identify themselves. Seems like a defensive strategy so you don’t accidentally call someone else Charles Woodson.

    Obama is seriously fit and coordinated. I bet hed be an okay college receiver. (Though I could tackle him–high center of gravity and right presumed speed.)

    But I’d love to know how this got scheduled. BC it places this dog and pony right between his disappointing victory lap on jobs in MI and his bus-tour-in-Midwest-but-not-industrial-MW next week.

    That is, this seems like a cheap way to glom some Midwest glory, of the best kind, while trying to avoid the fact that his policies don’t help the Midwest, which of course he needs to win.

  13. Jim White says:

    @emptywheel: Oh, that makes more sense, then. I haven’t been paying a lot of attention as I’ve still been clearing email and catching up on a few other things around the house.

  14. Valley Girl says:


    Hey! Thanks Marcy- I was about to crash when I caught your comment.

    As I am on the way to bed… keep that in mind..

    You said:
    I bet he’d be an okay college receiver. (Though I could tackle him–high center of gravity and right presumed speed.)

    LOL! I do know a bit about rugby (watching not playing, unlike you) I have no doubt you could take him down.

    Thanks for the additional info as to “I’d love to know how this got scheduled”, this is a great point. I don’t follow trash talk, and so I had no idea where the vid fit in with the Obama timeline.

    Your last two paragraphs bear repeating:

    Marcy says:

    But I’d love to know how this got scheduled. BC it places this dog and pony right between his disappointing victory lap on jobs in MI and his bus-tour-in-Midwest-but-not-industrial-MW next week.

    That is, this seems like a cheap way to glom some Midwest glory, of the best kind, while trying to avoid the fact that his policies don’t help the Midwest, which of course he needs to win.

  15. Petrocelli says:

    @Valley Girl:


    I have to psych myself to go and see Senna … still miss him so much.

    It’s only the first game but Senhor Bundchen & Co looked great. And I have a feeling Aaron Rodgers has a smidge more confidence after the way last season ended … gonna be a great year of Foosball !

  16. phred says:

    @bmaz: Wowzer! That is cool. I would love to see that.

    And Valley Girl, I don’t recall W ever talking about being baseball commissioner, but I do recall Condi wanting to be the head of the NFL. (Ick.) W did co-own the Rangers and was a managing partner for a time, though, so maybe he did aspire to running the MLB.

  17. Valley Girl says:


    I tried to dig up something via the google.

    Above link is to hugely long Vanity Fair article (like 38 pages) and I just couldn’t force myself to read past page 2.

    But here is the tag, opener-

    ~~The Accidental Candidate
    George W. Bush’s dream job has always been baseball commissioner. So why is he running for president? Try a father’s heartbreak, a mother’s revenge, and the blindly competitive streak that has surfaced whenever failure loomed: at school, in business, at home, or, now, in the biggest game of his life.~~~

    Also see:

    ~~Thanks to Major League Baseball owners, who voted Thursday to extend Commissioner Bud Selig’s contract till 2012, Bush just lost the job he has always wanted much more than the one he’s in. ~~~

    phred, I don’t remember reading either of these two links at the time, so I can’t say where I got the idea, but seems so!

  18. phred says:

    @Valley Girl: Ugh! Thanks for digging those up so the rest of us don’t have to ; )

    I can think of few things more repellant than Baseball Comish W and Football Comish Condi. Blech!

    Ok, maybe I can think of a lot of things more repellant, but still ; )

  19. Jim White says:

    Pack go three and out and then Colt (freakin’) McCoy marches the Browns for a TD? Is McCoy going to be for real? As a Whorn, I had assumed he’d fade away once he hit real competition…

  20. phred says:

    @Jim White: I suppose pointing out that it is the first quarter of the first pre-season game, might be superfluous ; )

    Ah, and even as I type: TD Pack!

    Super Bowl here we come!!!

    Now what was I saying a moment ago… er, yeah, a little early in the season to leap to conclusions ; )

  21. P J Evans says:

    @Valley Girl:
    the blindly competitive streak that has surfaced whenever failure loomed

    They must mean the streak that had him running to his parents and their friends to be bailed out of trouble….

  22. phred says:

    @Jim White: Woot! Pack back in the lead : )

    So Jim, McCoy looks good tonight. Correct me if I’m wrong, but don’t you follow FSU? Care to enlighten me on Ponder? I don’t follow the college game, except to cheer for the Badgers, but I’m pretty uniformly clueless with the newbies in the NFL. With Ponder playing behind McNabb for the Vikes, I figure I better come up to speed ; )

  23. Jim White says:

    @phred: Much as I hate FSU, I think Ponder has a real shot at being good. He’s huge and has the advantage of having played his entire college career in true pro-set offense, so he shouldn’t even have much of an adjustment issue.

  24. Jim White says:

    @bmaz: Aw now, we’re starting a new season here and putting that behind us. Like I said last week, if Charlie Weiss could turn that piece of crap little Brady fart into a quarterback, he should be able to turn Brantley into something good.

  25. Peterr says:

    Obama is a part-owner of the Packers?

    A love of bipartisanship is one thing, but this is beyond that pale.

    There is no compromise: you either root for Da Bears or you root for the Cheeseheads. But why am I not surprised that he wants to have it both ways?

    Axelrod, you shoulda known better.

  26. Oaktown Girl says:

    Re: Preseason interest –
    Yeah – what’s up with that? I haven’t paid so much attention to NFL preseason since 1978! Now, it wasn’t like I cared about the outcomes, just very interested in how certain players on various teams did. I’m sure part of it is that the off-field action is more compressed due to the lockout, but also for me, I can’t think when I’ve cared less about baseball than I do right now.

    Listening to sports talk radio yesterday and today, I’m also kind of enjoying the college football drama with Texas A&M threatening to defect to the SEC. Apparently, they’ve had it with the Longhorns’ diva act of being First Among Equals and their new $300 million TV deal with ESPN for a “Longhorns Network”. If A&M does leave, that really takes some steam out of the Longhorns’ balloon for sure. A weakened conference reflects poorly on them. Link:

    (I’m afraid to try an html hyperlink without a preview button option. Hey Wheel – get a preview button on this joint!)

  27. phred says:

    @Peterr: Thanks a lot Peterr, now I’m gonna have nightmares ; )

    And no kidding about Mr. Bipartisan trying to have it both ways. He had best not show his face in Soldiers Field any time soon ; )

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