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Links, 9/28/11

Back in the day we were watching cut submarine telecom cables pretty closely. Here’s a map of the global Toobz network. (h/t Global Guerrillas)

A Muslim Republican, Nezar Hamze, was denied a spot on Broward County Republican Party’s Executive Committee not because he is Muslim, the party claimed, but because he has ties to CAIR. The DOJ owns significant responsibility for this, as they have not rescinded a document in the Holy Land Foundation trial naming CAIR as an unindicted conspirator.

Hershey has gotten increasingly dickish in response to the foreign workers who they’ve been exploiting all summer. The latest? They’re pushing these kids out of housing and harassing their parents. (h/t Susie)

Among other things, Facebook includes a record of every event you’ve been invited to, and whether you’ve accepted, declined, or ignored that invitation. This must be why FB, on a seemingly daily basis at this point, spams me to tell me I’ve got notices I’m ignoring.

The Obama Administration has delayed implementation–from November to January–of the new fuel efficiency standards that it was bragging about back in July. I’m sure implementing them during an election year won’t be a problem.

Anthony (Tony Baloney) Bologna actually pepper-sprayed at least one other group of protestors over the weekend. Check out Bologna’s face as he engages in this kind of senseless brutality.

As hard as you New Yorkers think it is to find a parking space, take solace in knowing that it is far harder to find spaces in cities in China and India. This, btw, is one of the fundamental flaws to plans car companies have to keep expanding wildly in China. There’s simply not space to park all those cars.

I was going to write a post on how the Administration should be focusing is energy on Chinese currency manipulation rather than its jobs bill (or better yet, both). But DDay laid out what’s going on, with Harry Reid postponing Obama’s jobs bill for now to work on the currency bill. So go read his post.


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