Eric Holder: Torture Inquiries, Ted Stevens Prosecutorial Misconduct Investigations Almost Finished

Eric Holder is testifying before the Senate Judiciary Committee right now. [watch here]

In response to two questions from Orrin Hatch, Eric Holder revealed that the John Durham investigation into torture and the Office of Public Responsibility investigation into the prosecutorial misconduct in the Ted Stevens case are both nearing their end.

While none of the Senators asked for Holder to make the results in the torture investigation public, Hatch, Pat Leahy, and DiFi all asked for the Stevens report to be made public.

Let me predict for them what that report will say: While problematic, the behavior of DOJ’s own does not merit punishment. Love, David Margolis.

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  1. scribe says:

    These are taking almost as long as Penn State in deciding that retired coaches sodomizing boys in the shower on U property is a bad thing and should not continue.

    Of course, Mr. Welch is entirely too useful to DoJ for him to be tossed (or reprimanded in even the slightest) for screwing up the Ted Stwevens case.

  2. rugger9 says:

    CYA is the catchphrase for the Obama WH, as much as IOKIYAR was for the Bu$hies. What the elites always ignore is that at some point the people get pissed off and do things about it. This is why they need to heed OWS, but they will not.

  3. alinaustex says:

    I mourn for my Country’s sullied reputation from the barbarityof our GWOT.
    I was counting on more audacity for protecting the sanctity of our Rule Of Law.
    I have very little hope for that now .

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