Jets, Pats & Other Pro Trash

I promised new Trash for the NFL Sunday slate, and dammit I’m gonna deliver. Plus a certain Ms. Wheel is just dying to predict the Jets, Jets, Jets are gonna whup up all over the Patsies. And who am I to deny the forum for that? So buckle up for takeoff Wheel pilots!

In all seriousness, the Pats in New Yawk, er New Joisey, is really the most interesting game of the week for several reasons. There is the conference rivalry, the fact it really may determine the conference champion, the whole Bill Belichick/Jets tension from long ago, and the fact that both teams are in a way weaker posture than they figured to be and are desperate for some street cred. Frankly, the latter may, shockingly, apply even more to Bieber and cohorts than the Jets at this point; even the invincible Pats offense is looking like it is missing a couple of cylinders lately. And, say what you will about them, the Jets have firmed up the backbone and Revis Island is gobbling up ground again. You all know the players by now (except Bill Bel sent Fat Albert Haynesworth packing to TB), so no need to go through that again. I have no idea how to call this one, but am excited to see what happens. It is the Sunday Night Football game, so we all get to watch together.

Damn near as good, ought to be the old time Black & Blue Division match between the Lions and Bears. This one is at Soldier Field and, believe it or not, Cutler and Da Bears have been very solid of late. When Cutler can stay on his feet, and is not being an idiot, he is very good and so are the Bears. Detroit has the line to put the sometimes Jello Jay on his ass though, and they better if they want a chance to win. Make no mistake, the Lions need the win, because they have the Packers twice, Chargers, Raiders and Saints left on the schedule. Not a piece of cake from here on out. This will be a real good test of where Matt Stafford, MegaTron and the Boy Named Suh are.

Also in the first rate category is Giants at 49ers. Good Eli has been prevalent of late (of course he always beats the Pats), and the Gents have looked mean. But next to the mercurial Cheeseheads, the Niners have been far and away the most consistent NFC team this year. Again, another great test heading into the final stretch of the year. We will learn a lot about San Francisco; if they pull out another win, then they really are legit.

Saints at the Dirty Birds in Hot’Lanta also shapes up to be a very good game. New Orleans has not been very good on the road this year, and Atlanta can be a tough venue. Stillers at Bengals is yet another tell tale matchup. I was a little shocked Pittsburgh did not dispatch Baltimore last week, so how they bounce back on the road in Cinci will be a good measure. Also be interesting to see how the so far unflappable rookie Andy Dalton holds up against the Steel Curtain. Good times await!

Honorable mentions this week go out to the Bills at ‘Boys and Tebows at the Chefs. Also the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, but it will be over by the time anybody sees this, unless you are up very early in the morning (if you are, tune in to Speed TV, Abu Dhabi is a nice circuit).

Prepare for takeoff! By the way, I saw the tour, and indeed maybe the exact concert if that is Pauley Pavilion, the video above was taken from in 1976. It was completely killer.

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  1. freepatriot says:

    it’s a sad day when ew needs bmaz to create a forum for her to trash the bieberites

    what happened to the brave and fearless leader who once used the word “blowjob” on amurika’s sacred television airwaves

    the patsies are just one of half a dozen or so psycho teams afflicted by the parity disease

    Atlanta, tampa, new orleans, philly baltimore, pittsboro; they all lose games they should win easily

    it’s all part of a plot to increase liquor sales

    the NFL is as fixed as pro wrestling …

    now where is the hatpin ???

  2. Bay State Librul says:

    Last 8 Matchups for Patsies vs Jets

    Oct 9 2011 W 30-21
    Jan 16 2011 L 28-21
    Dec 6 2010 W 45-3
    Sep 19 2010 L 28-14
    Nov 22 2009 W 31-14
    Sep 20 2009 L 16-9
    Nov 13 2008 L 34-31
    Sep 14 2008 W 19-10

    Prediction: Ocho finally catches fire, NE 27, Jets 17

  3. emptywheel says:

    I think the Jets may win by as much as 20. BillBel thought he was being clever, by emphasizing TEs rather than WRs. It’s an out of the box solution to Revis Island. But it ain’t gonna work, particularly not now that the Jet’s backs have figured out who to work together again and their O line has fixed their problems (whereas the Pats can’t seem to keep Brady off his ass). And there’s no way Ocho is gonna catch fire. He’s done.

    As for the Lions and Tigers and Bears oh my! Here’s the thing. Kitties kicked the tail off of Cutler earlier this season. But that was before Lovie Smith told Martz he had to start using Forte again (even if he doesn’t pay him). And the Kitties’ D is built to rush the QB, not to stop the run.

    That said, I think it’ll be close–I think the Kitties can win this. one thing almost no one noted from the MNF game is this: Kitties contained Hester on returns. They’ve probably been the most successful team at doing that this year. That has to happen again if they’re going to pull this off.

    Incidentally, it had been turning into winter in these parts, which would have favored Da Bears (particularly given that Best is out again for what no longer looks like it was just a concussion). But the weather reversed course, and it’ll be close to 60 today.

  4. emptywheel says:

    @bmaz: FWIW, I think my several year prediction that BillBel is not the genius on personnel he’s always been made out to be–that Pioli was doing that–may bear out. Interestingly, folks are already talking about Pioli dumping Haley and hiring Josh McDaniels (who has his own notable problem assessing personnel). Probably still won’t work, but it’s an interesting idea.

  5. jo6pac says:

    Yep, this were we left coasters find out if the the 9ers are in the top tier. I sure hope so

    F-1 I caught Q3 yesterday and the new dvr works so may be I’ll watch the race later. To bad Seb went out on L1.

  6. bmaz says:

    @emptywheel: Ah yes, the Pioli Principle resurfaces. Thing is, while the degradation at NE supports that, it is fairly iffy whether KC can bolster the other end. And Pioli would confirm his brilliance by hiring McDaniels? Would he then trade for Tebow too?

    By the way, the men Tebowing in Paterno’s front yard were freaking creepy. Jeebus.

  7. bmaz says:

    @emptywheel: Keys to the Game:

    For the Pats: “Try to get an early lead, because you will be even older in the second half”

    For the Jets: “Make sure to protect Mark Sanchez by providing him with the same quality exfoliating facial scrubs, high SPF lip balms and emollient lotions the Pats give Brady”

    Oh, that is good, and there is more there!

  8. Bay State Librul says:


    Another predication… The Patriots win the toss and elect to RECEIVE.
    On Ocho, it takes at least eight games for our complex offense to kick
    in (see audibles)

  9. Petrocelli says:

    A few weeks ago, BigBen & Co. showed the League how to beat the Pats. We’ll see if the Jets were paying attention.

  10. Petrocelli says:

    Today, playoffs begin in the Canadian Flutie League, with the Grey Cup game on Nov. 27th in Vancouver.

  11. bmaz says:

    @Petrocelli: Hey, the pride of Fordham football, John Skelton, is outplaying Vick so far. Has also don better in last game and a half than Kolb has done all year. Still not real good understand you, but still.

  12. quebecois says:

    Hey bmaz, this could have been an epic battle, a shame Vettel had this problem. Rarely have I seen a post-race interview with the three drivers so happy about their results. Hamilton showed us his talent, Button was solid and dependable, even with a faulty kers. The two activation zones on the rear wing gave us half a dozen passes and repasses that were entertaining.

    Back to India, our guy in Abu D. said that the heavy haze was caused by the surrounding farmers who were protesting the land grab for the track. They burned down their fields all weekend long…

  13. Petrocelli says:


    Mon ami !

    I don’t doubt that the burning contributed to some of the haze but Delhi has smog right down to ground level, all year round. Same for Bombay/Mumbai and all other major and medium-sized cities.

  14. bmaz says:

    Tebow is 1 for 7 for a whopping total of 13 yards as the 4th quarter starts. Yet the Donkos are leading KC 10-7. What if Baby Jesus keeps sucking, but pretty much winning? Stillers pulling ahead of Bengals. Bills circling their wagons on quicksand; getting killed by RomoCop.

  15. bmaz says:

    So, apparently some lawyer in Denver offered to make a big donation to charity in Denver if Tebow threw for over 200 yards. #VerySafeBet

  16. bmaz says:

    Spidey fitzgerald mad a ridiculous catch on a bomb down to Eagles 1 yd line and Cards, after two running plays for a net minus 4yds, pass it in to go ahead 21-17 on the Iggles with less than 2 minutes to play.

  17. GulfCoastPirate says:

    @bmaz: 7 – 3 with a fairly easy schedule down the stretch getting to play Jacksonville, Tennessee and Indianapolis. All of whom they handled easily in their first meeting. Throw in Cincinnati, Atlanta and Carolina. Getting 2 of those 3 gets them to 12 wins and that may very well be enough to get top seed in the conference. The loss to Baltimore hurt and gives them the tiebreaker but who knows?

    Andre Johnson coming back after the off week next week to add to the offense. They could have something special going this year.

  18. quebecois says:


    As we saw the weekend progress, we went from brownish orange to grey on sunday. I agree that friday was nasty enough to turn most off the whole scene, I’d also say that sunday, the protest succeeded. All in all, it was the very definition of nasty.

  19. emptywheel says:

    Hmm. What did I tell you about Hester? There they go kicking it to them, because our punter hurt himself, um, kicking.

  20. JohnLopresti says:

    [The meadowlands are near Newark NJ a city]”…founded in 1666…Today, over 21 million tons of fill material occupy former salt marsh areas…”
    geologist’s notes, there, most of 740 kb filesize is consumed by field drawings.
    So they put a stadium on it. I wonder about mitigations in the EIR, except all those files are multi-MB.

  21. scribe says:

    All in all, a good Sunday so far. My Stillers won against Cincy, a team one can never overlook because they can jump up and bite you, and I won a turkey at a turkey shoot. Thanksgiving dinner is now in the freezer.

    I feel for Iggles fans. I’ve heard talk that replacing Reid is in the cards. (No pun intended. Sorry.) There’s some guy named Paterno available. They say he’s a good coach. Been successful at some cow college and might deserve a shot at the pros.

    I think the Owboys win over Buffalo was as much a product of 3 INTs by the Bills QB (Fitz-something) as Good Tony Romo showing up.

  22. Bay State Librul says:

    No excuses, but do you think Brady is not at 100%?

    From our rag, the Herald….

    “There was that scene mid-game earlier in the year when Patriots QB Tom Brady was spotted icing his forearm during a game. During the Cowboys game, he was seen with a heat wrap on his forearm.

    And among the game-day apparel that Brady has added is a small brace to his right forearm (left), the kind that those with tennis elbow wear. And considering his recent inaccuracy and 10 interceptions, it’s worth wondering whether he is completely healthy.

    What do we know?

    First of all, plenty of throwers — QBs, pitchers, etc. — perform regular maintenance on their arms. They ice, they heat, they massage. It’s a constant process. So just the fact that he’s getting it worked on doesn’t mean much. Still, when Brady looks merely normal, it’s curious.

    Coach Bill Belichick was asked if he can definitively say that Brady’s elbow is healthy.

    “We list it on the injury report every day in practice and every week based on what his current status is so that’s what we’ll continue to do,” Belichick said.

    Asked about it in the locker room, Brady has maintained, “I’m good.” Brady’s QB whisperer Tom Martinez was asked about it in Karen Guregian’s NFL Notes, and he wouldn’t address it. He called Brady’s issues, “complex.”

    We will take his word for it for now. But no doubt, it is worth watching.”

  23. emptywheel says:

    @Bay State Librul: I think he may be hurting. But I also think BillBel didn’t spend an unheard of 2nd round pick on Mallet for nothing. Hoyer is actually good enough for BillBel’s typical backup. He got insurance for a reason.

  24. emptywheel says:

    @scribe: Meanwhile, I was rooting for Buffalo and Baltimore, and Michael Jackson appears to be playing QB for the Kitties.

    Which seems to bode poorly for the Patsies.

  25. Bay State Librul says:

    While waiting for the Patsies to mangle the Jets, it’s good to think
    about beer…

    “In the first half of the 1900’s beer was associated with men, blue-collar workers, college students, and mainstream sports enthusiasts.

    In the Late 1900’s beer had a different image and cultural function, with growth in popularity among a more diverse share of the population”

    Drink up

  26. bmaz says:

    @Bay State Librul: Well, whatever it is they are a drinking in the mugs of the fine citizens of Detroit, you may want to throw that swill down de drain; because that Kool-Aid ain’t working for football teams.

  27. Petrocelli says:


    I’m not so upset with the Kitties getting spanked … humiliation is a great Teacher. I’d be ticked off if’n I was an Iggles Fan, watching a veteran QB & Coach get beat so many ways this season.

    *wOOt* … Looks like the Niners are for real !

  28. Bay State Librul says:

    No Chung, but Faulk is back

    Analysis from the Patriots’ inactive players tonight:

    1. Without Chung, safety spot depleted. Safety Patrick Chung tested his injured right foot before the game, but he didn’t show explosion when planting and driving. So it’s no surprise that Chung isn’t playing. James Ihedigbo, Sergio Brown, Ross Ventrone and Sterling Moore, all of whom entered the NFL as rookie free agents, are next on the depth chart. Here is a blog entry breaking down the safety personnel, and here is a story analyzing how the situation has come to look like this.

    2. Price remains stuck on sideline. About two weeks after offensive coordinator Bill O’Brien shared his hopes of getting second-year receiver Taylor Price on the field more, Price is again inactive after injuring his hamstring last week. Price had been questionable on the team’s injury report. That means Wes Welker, Deion Branch, Chad Ochocinco, Julian Edelman and Matthew Slater are the top options.

    3. All on board along the offensive line. Rookie offensive tackle Nate Solder, who was added to the injury report Saturday was a concussion, passed his pre-game test. Top center/guard backup Ryan Wendell, who missed practices Wednesday and Thursday with a concussion, also is ready to go. The Patriots have their top seven offensive linemen active.

    4. Cunningham active. Second-year defensive end Jermaine Cunningham, who has been a healthy scratch the last two games, is dressed for action tonight. Cunningham has played sparingly on defense, with most of his time coming on the punt return unit. Cunningham has been bumped down the depth chart with veteran Andre Carter taking most of the reps on the right side.

    5. Ellis to face his former team. After missing last Sunday’s loss to the Giants with a rib injury, former New York Jets defensive end Shaun Ellis is active and returns to the Meadowlands to face his former team. Ellis and Brandon Deaderick figure to split snaps on the left side. Overall, the Patriots have a lot of defensive linemen active, which could be with stopping “ground and pound” in mind.

    6. Faulk back in the fold. Rookie Shane Vereen is the odd man out at running back, with veteran Kevin Faulk back in action after missing last week. This gives the Patriots a top running back group of BenJarvus Green-Ellis, Faulk, Danny Woodhead and Stevan Ridley

    from Mike Reiss from the Globe

  29. Petrocelli says:

    Via wiki – The San Francisco 49ers, who held the first overall pick, had hired a strong personality head coach in Mike Nolan. Nolan thought Smith to be cerebral, introspective, and non-confrontational. Nolan also evaluated Aaron Rodgers but did not believe that Rodgers’ attitude could co-exist with him.

    I can hear phred guffawing as we speak …

  30. sparks says:

    Finally, the team I dubbed “The York Disaster” has gotten their act together. I still don’t expect the Niners to be in the Super Bowl, but they’re getting downright respectable.

  31. GulfCoastPirate says:

    @Petrocelli:That could well be true but SF isn’t going to get him. He’ll be a functional pro but unless he’s with a really solid team/coach I can’t see where he is going to set the world on fire.

  32. GulfCoastPirate says:

    Is trash talk only for sports?

    I just want to report that my fall tomatoes are gorgeous and I’d put them up against anyone’s. I think I’ll have fresh tomatoes for christmas. Along with the usual organic fertilizer and worm castings I put a couple fish heads and a couple of aspirins in the holes when I planted. Seems to have worked. I think they’re better than the spring plantings.

  33. GulfCoastPirate says:

    Is trash talk only for sports?

    I just want to report that my fall tomatoes are gorgeous and I’d put them up against anyone’s. I think I’ll have fresh tomatoes for christmas. Along with the usual organic fertilizer and worm castings I put a couple fish heads and a couple of aspirins in the holes when I planted. Seems to have worked. I think they’re better than the spring plantings.

  34. P J Evans says:

    I get everything except the aspirins. What are they supposed to do for tomatoes?
    (I still remember the year my father died. We planted the garden a little late because of that, but the first frost also was late: I picked five pounds of ‘Santiam’ (a short-season tomato, runs about 3 ounces per fruit) at Halloween. We also had currant tomatoes that year – you have to pick those a little green, because when they’re fully ripe they split open and all the flavor escapes.)

  35. emptywheel says:

    @bmaz: Correction. 2 Ocho Cinco sitings. One Revis Island missed so as to babysit Cromartie.

    That said, I’m thinking the Pats are gonna need a Touchdown or 8 to win this game.

  36. emptywheel says:

    Brady’s throws are off. Watch how often his receivers have had to adjust on him.

    THen again, that was true of Moss 4 years ago. Just now it’s everyone.

  37. emptywheel says:

    Huh. Wasn’t counting on the Pats being able to tee up on Sanchez again.

    Not complaining, mind you. But I’ll take it.

  38. bmaz says:

    So two Patriots just tried to get rough with Plaxico and—took out each other. When is Belichick gonna get this defense coached up?

  39. emptywheel says:

    Alright. If only BSL can prove me wrong TWICE more on 85, we might have a shot. I don’t mind if Welker continues to wear Revis as a coat for the rest of the evening. You want to waste Revis on a slot receiver and let Gronk score and possibly 85 surprise here and there? Do it. That, at least, is the game plan. I’m still skeptical it’ll work. But it just might.

  40. emptywheel says:

    @bmaz: I think the WRs are wearing the Jets D. Which is why the TEs are still open underneath.

    Like I said, if you want to #OccupyRevisIsland like that, I’ll take it.

  41. emptywheel says:

    Hmm. They seem to have shifted Strickand onto the shorties. You don’t think they’ve figured out that the TEs are the ones hurting them, do you?

  42. emptywheel says:

    @bmaz: Oh, and you see? now that the Jets are trying to trade off coverages, you’ve got WRs in the end zone.

    This is actually crazy chess match. A game like I’ve not seen from BillBel for some time.

  43. emptywheel says:

    Yeah!!! I was so fucking wrong on this game!!! And I couldn’t be happier!


    (BSL, you can pay me back those two 85 catches in the playoffs.)

  44. emptywheel says:

    I know you all are watching this on TeeBee, but I’m gonna write it here:


    Man, I could play against half these teams.

  45. scribe says:

    Funny, to listen to Al and Chris talking about the J-E-T-S JETS JETS JETS having their spines broken and the mystical magic of Cheatin’ Bill being the causative agent and Bieber the tool. They then have, in the words of the booth, the easiest remaining schedule in the No Fun League.

    I’m wondering how long Fat Rex gets to be coach of this band of losers. Now the J-E-T-S JETS JETS, full of prideful, sinful nature get to go up the mountain and have their come to Jesus moment. I’m thinking they come out of Denver a .500 team and on their way to missing the playoffs.

    Backing up a bit, this game was one of those where I’m both happy and unhappy because I wanted both teams to lose. But, as asswhippings go, it was both solid and well-deserved and I’ll take it.

  46. emptywheel says:

    @emptywheel: Though FWIW, the Jets have almost as easy a schedule as the Pats:


    The big difference, of course, is the cross team rivalry.

  47. scribe says:

    @emptywheel: Not exactly. I’m thinking the J-E-T-S turn to jelly and dissolve in the light from the nimbus surrounding Tebow’s head, and L-O-S-E LOSE LOSE LOSE.

  48. emptywheel says:

    @scribe: In spite of my glee that they won tonight, I don’t guarantee that won’t happen w/the Pats.

    Though if they can pass rush like they did today, maybe.

  49. GulfCoastPirate says:

    @scribe: I’ve got some lettuce going also. Put it in the same day as the tomatoes and picked some today. Lettuce is multi season down here also because of the heat.

  50. Bay State Librul says:


    Yes. 85 in the playoffs, a new rallying cry…

    Hope you don’t have Ocho in your fantasy football league?
    He’s like having Varitek as your starting catcher

    News: Ochocinco caught two passes for 65 yards (including a 53-yarder) in Sunday’s win over the Jets. (Sun Nov 13)

    Spin: Ochocinco continues to be a secondary option in the Pats’ offense, getting targeted just twice Sunday. Meanwhile, fellow wideout Deion Branch was targeted nine times and Wes Welker, eight times.


    2011 RANKINGS

    108 % OWNED 49.9


  51. nomolos says:

    @GulfCoastPirate: My cool house has lettuce, spinach, turnips, beets, tatsoi, carrots and a slew of other veggies all up here in NH. Nothing like going out and harvesting a salad for dinner when the temp is in the lower 30°s

  52. nomolos says:

    @GulfCoastPirate: We plant at two different times. The first planting is in the middle of Oct for Turnips, beets kale ans chinese cabbage. The first week of Nov the rest go in, various lettuce, salad mix, tatsoi and, this year garlic and parsnip for early spring harvest.

    We, last year, ate well right through to Jan but at the end of Jan we had a hellacious freeze and we lost all but tatsoi and hardy spinach. We did cover the rest of the crop with another cover inside the cool house and so were actually able to eat (nibble?) right through until spring.

    In early spring, end of Feb early MArch we had enough salad stuff so as to be able to donate to our homeless shelter…very satisfying.

  53. JohnT says:

    How bout them Niners?

    Harbaugh might be a dick, but he sure can coach. Don’t wanna say I told ya so … but I told ya so, 3 or so years ago

    Almost time for kickoff at Lambeau Field. I just hope it’s close for a while

  54. Petrocelli says:

    *gasp* … phred didn’t show up to dance around and celebrate ?

    The Vikings looked like they were following the Dem playbook in Washington …

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