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Fast Trash

Um, okay, couple of MAJOR problems here. First is the issue of the illegitimate Trash appearing on this blog. and the musical selection for the same? Holy crap, I just do not know how I can work under such conditions. So, it turns out that Detroit had Nickleback, while The Cheese that is Green Bay had an actual quarterback. Like a Honey Badger, Aaron RoDgers don’t care, he just carve you up like Thanksgiving turkey.

Today there are already great games on. I was just talking to Marcy and, during the phone call, there were claims of both good and bad touchdowns in the Big Blue/Ohio game. Yeah, the Buckfucks do not even rate being referred to as Ohio State any more. Michigan gonna do the Hokey Pokey on dem Buckeyes.

Soon the JoePas will be taking on Russell Wilson and the somewhat inconsistent Badgers. There is a side of me that would not mind the young kids who are the Penn State team winning this game and shoving it in the face of a lot of hyperventilated crap. But the football side of me thinks Wilson and the Badgers are a lot better team. I will go with that.

Also, this weekend is the final ring in The Circus. Yes, it is the Brazilian Grand Prix. Sebastian Vettel has now broken the impossible record, and claimed his 15th pole for the season. the previous record was taken by a ground effects car that simply had an unfair advantage on the other teams in the field; Vettel’s record is straight up. It is something special, along the lines of a Triple Crown winner, except for being the top one ever. Truly special. Hats off to young Vettel. Yes, his equipment has been superior, but still so was that of his teammate, Mark Webber, and Vettel has wiped the floor not only with competitors, but Webber as well. I will not say “unparalleled” in the history of motorsport, but is there are parallels, there are damn few of them. It is really something special. There was Fangio, Clark (even if cut short), Senna and then Schumacher. For Vettel to come on the heels so quickly after an all time legend like Schumi is unreal. Again, hats off.

I am apoplectic on a couple of stories, and one of them involves newly appointed Penn State “investigator” Louis Freeh. As to the other, has anybody else noticed the similarity between Dominique Strauss-Kahn and Emilio Largo (also “Eric the Red” for It Takes a Thief fans)? I am, disappointingly, but predictably, off in the tall grass trying to figure out what in the world is going on in both. So this is a placeholder for all the Lugnuts that are the Wheelhouse to lay down some shameful Trash in the meantime. Do not disappoint people!

Trash it up, and further analysis will likely follow later! Also, to cleanse the palate of that fucking Nickleback crap, please enjoy some early Bob Seger System.

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