Merry Christmas!

It’s that quiet part of Christmas morning where just McCaffrey the MilleniaLab and I are up. I’m drinking coffee preparing myself to take McC out into the “Al Gore is fat” springlike day, and tie up last minute loose ends for the day ahead. And, in spite of all the personal and political stresses, I’m remembering how many gifts my lives includes.

This community is near the top of that list.

Thanks for all your voices, which make this place a warm, dynamic place. And thanks for all the other support you give emptywheel, in various ways.

Have a Merry Christmas today (or, if you don’t celebrate Christmas, enjoy having the streets empty and quiet for the first day in weeks!).

And whatever you believe, let’s all just keep working on the Peace on Earth part!

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  1. Petrocelli says:

    Merry Christmas Marcy, Mr. Wheeler & your Loved Ones !

    Merry Christmas to all my fellow WheelHeads !

    I’ve got Eggnog French Toast, topped with your choice of Bailey’s or Grand Marnier … enjoy the day !

  2. Jim White says:

    It’s quiet here, too. Despite being 14 and 20, our kids insisted last night that the tradition of Santa’s Elf filling a shoe with candy and Santa filling stockings with goodies couldn’t die, so we were in the local Target as it closed getting the supplies for that.

    I join in thanking this community for its stimulating discussion and I thank Marcy and bmaz for inviting me in. Joining here was definitely one of the real high points of the year.

    Whatever you celebrate today, may it be peaceful and full of those who mean the most in your life.

  3. pdaly says:

    Just a quick drop by to wish everyone a Merry Christmas.

    My family tried to go to church but ‘there was no room at the inn’ so to speak, so I think we should try Petro’s Eggnog French toast with Grand Marnier to warm us up.

  4. jo6pac says:

    And whatever you believe, let’s all just keep working on the Peace on Earth part

    Yes and everyone have Safe and Happy Day

  5. karenjj2 says:

    Merry Christmas emptywheel and bmaz!

    Thank you for all the very informative
    posts and the “smart”phone friendly
    site so i can read them…

    and a better new year for all.


  6. emptywheel says:

    @Petrocelli: We’re working on our second round of sourdough pancakes (we’re having a tasteoff between VT and MI maple syrup–we cheated by getting “B” grade, which is supposed to be rawer but tastes better) and Pennsylvania Dutch sausages.

    Shortly after we’re done there, though, the Bloodies come out.


  7. quebecois says:

    Québec’s maple syrup should have been included in your taste test. I also prefer amber syrup, packs more of a punch. Enjoy!

  8. Peterr says:

    Fresh apple cider donuts at La Casa Peterr today, courtesy of Mrs Dr Peterr . . . yummmmmmm!

    Peace to you, Marcy, bmaz, and Jim, and everyone else here. Many thanks for moving the Political Sanity needle a wee bit back toward the Sane end of the spectrum.

  9. scribe says:

    Ho, ho, ho!

    Dinner was the turkey I won at a turkey shoot, homestyle filling and gravy, and mixed roast veg. White wine buzz, too. (Which makes my continued revelling in yesterday’s Steelers’ win and Owboys’ loss all the more pleasant. All that could have made that complete would have been, perversely, a Giants loss b/c that would have kept the Iggles alive. But, the J-E-T-S JETS JETS JETS lost so that pain is somewhat mollified.)

    Breakfast was coffee and too many cookies, all from my kitchen.

    Cold here today. Nice of winter to arrive.

    Please accept my best wishes to all who come here, for a joyous, peaceful Christmas and a happy, healthy, peaceful and prosperous new year.

  10. MadDog says:

    Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good morning afternoon. I only had 2 glasses of very nice Riesling last night, but the hangover still pursueth.

  11. Gitcheegumee says:

    From “Bourbon and bar-b-que territory”, a holiday greeting to all at the Wheelhouse…present and departed..

    A toast to the host,hostess and to the gracious guests and fine minds that frequent the Wheelhouse!!

    With humble thanks and appreciation for the inimitable insights.

  12. bmaz says:


    ATTENCION SENORITA: Yo es in a lotta troublo es tu are relyio ono uso to stay sane-o

    *J^#$#^^()_ Blam—->Boom—–>POW

    Okay, not sure what happened, but somehow El Bloombito got the jump on my MacBook and took over for a minute. The persons responsible for this outrage have been sacked and pounded. The persons that retained those people….have been sacked.

    Seriously, just sayin, if you are coming to our demented little corner of the intellectoverse to stay sane, you may be a redneck er, in trouble!

    Baby Jesus is more powerful than your Black Hole!

  13. Rosalind says:

    @bmaz: Holy fuck. I giveth up. I am currently avoiding Martin the software engineer fm Buenos Aires whilst listsning to soft-rock stylings of some nameless troubodour, awaiting my Desert & aperitif. Attention world: an unaccompanied woman eating Xmas dinner is neither pathetic nor deserving of pity. I am actually happy, healthy and in the exact place and time I wish tobe. Forgve the slight bitchiness, I am forever tired of the assumption that a woman alone is a woman to be pitied. I am actually the woman enjoying the ocean front room w/room service, sunken tub & gorgeous surfers stripping down as I walk the promenade.

    A happy holiday to Curtis the SUper Geek back in Grand Rapids who above all keeps me sane.

  14. Peterr says:


    I am actually the woman enjoying the ocean front room w/room service, sunken tub & gorgeous surfers stripping down as I walk the promenade.

    You’ll get no pity here.

    Envy, maybe, but no pity at all.

  15. joberly says:

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to Marcy, Bmaz, Jim White, and to those who come to EW to learn and to contribute.

  16. bmaz says:

    Good morning folks, hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. We will return to regular programming here in a bit. I have a couple of errands and a little catching up to do, so post any hot button stories going right now in this thread and discuss!

  17. klynn says:

    Hey EW, bmaz, Jim White and Mary (and your families) — Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! We celebrate the 12 Days of Christmas at klynn’s so I may post greetings for a few weeks.

    Happy holidays to EWers!

    My regrets I’ve been away a few weeks. A nasty bug has been dragging me down and it is making the rounds in the family.

    Take care.

  18. Bob Schacht says:

    Thanks, EW! May your day be filled with goodness & love! I had a full house here, with a dozen members of my wife’s family, and me. Um, who knew that 10 year old kids are not into magazines of any kind? Oops.

    Bob in AZ

  19. Bob Schacht says:

    @bmaz: I think he already has one. My problem is finding out what he *doesn’t* have. Or a subscription to some cool iPad apps, like a modern version of Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? I.e., something that will educate as well as entertain??

    Bob in AZ

  20. Bob Schacht says:

    @bmaz: Well, Baby Jesus couldn’t help himself this time. I don’t think you could say he was crucified, but at least he was drawn and quartered.

    It’s nice to see that the Kitties made it into the playoffs. I don’t expect them to last long, but Congrats to the Kitties!

    Bob in AZ

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