Emptywheel’s Gigantic Patriotic Bad Ass Mega Super Bowl Trash Talk Houseparty

It is SuperBowl weekend and the biggest story in Indianapolis is Peyton Manning. Probably not fair to Peyton, Indianapolis or the Giants and Pats, but such is how it seems to be playing out. The melodrama has served as a reminder that the Colts are still an Irsay family enterprise and the main difference between Robert “Midnight Mayflower” Irsay and his gabby son Jim is that Jim stumbled into Peyton Manning. Who knew all these years we have been facetiously calling them the “Indianapolis Peytons”, it was pretty much accurate?

Irsay has made almost as much of a hash of things the last couple of weeks as the Susan G. Komen Foundation, which is saying something. I wonder if Ari Fleischer is helping the Colts too? Remember, Ari “helped” the Packers with the Brett Favre separation too, and the end of the Peyton era in Indy is turning every bit as ugly. Manning claims to be cleared to play and is intent on resuming his career; clearly it looks to be in another city though. Hmmm, wonder if Larry Fitzgerald has been in touch?

The Peyton Place soap opera has sapped some of the attention off of the Pats and Giants over the runup to the big game. The New Yawkers have been running their yaps about how awesome they are now and, while still the slight underdog, everybody seems to think the Giants are the team to beat. All of this likely suits Bill Belichick just fine. It is no longer possible to discount Tom Coughlin as a coach, but give Belichick two weeks and sell him short, and you are asking for trouble. It took until the AFC Championship game, but the New England defense finely gelled. Getting linebacker Brandon Spikes and safety Patrick Chung back, along with the sudden awesomeness of Vince Wilfork, has really made a difference. Julius Edelman is the weak link, but Belichick may be able to scheme around him.

The national media has focused on the health of Gronk, and he will play, but the Pats have Aaron Hernandez too. Almost have to wonder if there is not a stealth plan to spread the field vertically with Ochocinco. Heck, might as well give it a try, no one will expect it after him being in the witness protection program all year.

As for the Gents, well, Bad Eli seems to be but a distant memory and the New York offense really is clicking on all cylinders. Victor Cruz is simply an animal, and now Mario Manningham is back. Coupled with the two headed monster of Brandon Jacobs and Ahmad Bradshaw, there really is no weakness. Actually, the same can be said about the Giants defense too, led by Jean Pierre Paul and Justin Tuck. The weakness is the secondary, where the Giants lost enough corners and safeties this year to stock a couple of teams. The situation improved over the year, but if the Pats O-line gives Brady any time at all, he ought to be able to carve em up.

So, what gives? Every factor seems to favor the Giants. There is simply no way to add up all the respective factors and do anything but predict a Giants win. So, I am going to go out on a limb and jinx Marcy. Patriots win on the foot of Stephen Gostkowski. Not to mention Bill Bel just doesn’t lose to a team twice in the same year.

For some strange reason, the NFL picked Madonna for the halftime snoozapalooza. I guess Rosemary Clooney wasn’t available, so they got the next oldest dame they could find. She sure ain’t no virgin anymore. Bleech. As the game is thankfully not in Michigan, at least we don’t have to suffer through Nicleback. So we got that going for us I guess.

So, at least here in this post, we are gonna have some better music. Both cities/teams are represented. For New England, it is the Bad Boys of Beantown, the one and only J. Geils Band, with the classic “Houseparty”. And for New York, it is, of course, They Might Be Giants with the oh so appropo “Take Out The Trash”.

That is the rundown for Super Bowl XLVI. We have a lot of time for pre-game trashin, so what you got and why do you got it? This is the last football of the season, so get down and dirty and let fly the dogs of trash!

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  1. emptywheel says:

    I should explain, btw. bmaz set up this shell to try to fool me, to make me think we had trash when we didn’t.

    I’m not falling for it!!!!

  2. Jim White says:

    I’m going to jump right in by pulling for Good Eli to show up, because I just can’t bear to watch the forces of evil win the biggest prize, even though one of my favorite Gators, Aaron Hernandez may see more attention due to the Gronked ankle.

  3. emptywheel says:

    Mr. EW just forgot that the QB Matt Cassell has to compete against his his favorite (?) Kyle Orton.

    I mention this–which rightly deserves to be in a draft thread or something–only to incite Mr. EW to show up and trash.

  4. rosalind says:

    And, to put a nice topper on the situation, I understand Rosalind may be jonesing too.

    let the record reflect that while i silently cursed throughout the day “where’s my freakin’ super-sized trash” i never committed said thought to written blog comment. now that i discover this is but a Trash Tease:


    ok, moving on:

    I tried “Team Brady” to support my mama’s hometown boy. Didn’t Take.
    I tried “Team Eli” to support the NFC. Niners loss still stings.

    By default, I shall have to go with “Team Super Bowl Commercials”!

  5. orionATL says:


    yes indeedy, my thought exactly.

    preemptive move, just like a damned republican – even usin’ his wife as an excuse.

    hey, arizona, where’s them bodacious deliverables you promised us on tuesday pm?

    and don’t give me that “horse threw a shoe”

    if so, cou’d a called mary, she’d know what to do.

  6. emptywheel says:

    @rosalind: Aw cmon. Commit already. They may both be evil, but if you don’t root for one of them (and the Pats are practically the underdogs now), you’re rooting for a Madonna wardrobe malfunction.

  7. GulfCoastPirate says:

    I think I’ve spent $295 on various squares, showdowns and other forms of gambling. I don’t care who wins as long as the numbers come out in my favor.

    So what’s everyone eating and drinking for the Super Bowl? Down here we’re going with various grilled meats (chicken, sausage, boudin, hamburgers, etc.) along with some grilled seafood items. All the usual accompaniments. The weather is looking as if it may be pretty bad though so we’ll make a pre game decision tomorrow if we should change to gumbo, lasagna or something else we can do inside.

    All washed down with tequila, ouzo and chianti – with beer for the lightweights.

    I even have 0 – 0 on one square pot so I’m hoping for a scoreless first half at least. Lots of fumbles, interceptions, punts and no offense gets past midfield.

  8. GulfCoastPirate says:

    @emptywheel: It’s about 25 years too late for that to be meaningful isn’t it? Although I guess it could be an advertisement for her plastic surgeon.

    How did she end up doing a Super Bowl anyways?

  9. orionATL says:


    not to disturb your concentration (too much),

    but i been looking at those bottles on either side of your laptop.

    i don’t have any trouble recognizing the angel of death on the right side – one of the few famous things ever to come out of tennessee other than andrew jackson, andrew johnson, the grand old oprey, and al gore.

    oh, i almost forgot bob corker and hagold ford.

    but that bottle on the left side worries me.

    you haven’t taken to tippling kecap manis have you, bmaz?

    ’cause that bottle looks kinda like this bottle:


    say it ain’t so, bmaz.

  10. Bustednuckles says:

    Good Lord Bmaz, get a clue.
    Jack Daniels, really?!

    Get your narrow ass back to the likker store and find a bottle of George Dickel, the Black label.

    You will thank me.

    Jack will burn a hole in your gut while Dickel is virtually the same whiskey but three times as smooth, you can actually taste the difference. Same price range too.

    In the mean time, hugs to Marcy, she is lucky I got married to another good woman and anyone except New England.

  11. Petrocelli says:


    Niners’ loss really blew chunks, cuz two dumb mistakes cost us 10 points.

    OTOH, we made it to the Final 4 in Harbaugh’s rookie season; and with a QB, who, until this year looked mediocre at best.

  12. nomolos says:

    @Bustednuckles: Get your narrow ass back to the likker store and find a bottle of George Dickel, the Black label.

    I have just half a bottle of Basil Hayden’s small batch with a back up of 1/2 Gal of Makers Mark both of which are ready to follow a few pints of, of course, Guinness prior to the game.

    Who are the Pats playing?

  13. Mauimom says:

    I wonder if Ari Fleischer is helping the Colts too? Remember, Ari “helped” the Packers with the Brett Favre separation

    It’s a testament to the stupidity of right-wingers that they CONTINUE to hire Ari, even after his long — and continuing to grow — list of FAILURES.

  14. emptywheel says:


    Now that your post has finally caught up to the rest of this, I gotta say that as impressive as the Gents RBs look, they have actually had an awful year, behind even the Detroit Kitties in running offense. They have fixed that somewhat of late, but that remains a weak spot.

    (I really do think shorter RBs are harder to tackle, once you get over the mental block of Jacobs’ size.)

  15. bailey says:

    How badly the Gints woop the Pats will depend on how much the Refs try to dictate the game. 14 points vs. the Pack & 7 points vs. the 9ers is an AWFUL lot of points to spot the opposition at this time of year. ps. The more little brother learns from his hero, the less it matters. GINTS by 10. Best, all.

  16. Bill Hicks says:

    Wouldn’t it be kinda neat if the NFL Players Union called a boycott of the game by the two teams on the grounds that Indiana just passed a Right to Work Law.

  17. Casual Observer says:

    I worry that the G’s running game is suspect. For all his size and rep., Jacobs sometimes just goes down too easy (easy for me to say), and the O line has had trouble opening holes for either RB. I know the stats are good on Jacobs yards-after-contact, but sure doesn’t look that way much of the time.

    One of the real differences second half of this season is that Manning has simply carried them for a long stretch without making the errors of earlier times. He’s not a pron-star like Brady, but he’s just been damned good for a long string of games now. Look at how SF hammered him and he still nailed them. Add to this the intangible that giants receiver corps has been practicing their catch-the-ball-against-your-helmet patterns for two weeks and there could be trouble for Pats. The Pats can stuff the run and still lose.
    Final thought is that the giants beat such great teams of late that they need to play well, regardless of who wins. Just don’t stink the joint up–the teams they beat deserve that.

  18. JohnLopresti says:

    I never saw the singer madonna except in the newspaper; I think she plays rock and roll, but am not certain about that; she looks like some of the visitors Reprieve brought to gtmo during bushco years in some photos; so she has my support; and she seems generous in a philanthropic manner. I think the FCC let CBS out of the fine.

    On the gridiron, the nfl has added more million$ to the silicon valley move by the niners set for 2 more years $1 billion for a stadium 40 miles south of candlestick. I forget when jersey tackles and jersey induced fumbles became legal; maybe always were in the professional league. At one time coach walsh must have been weighing whether to draft JimHarbaugh. I gotto help rent a dumpster for tenants who moved. I still can say Siegel Schwall, though they were from up north. Save the meadowlands. Save the Charles.

  19. Skilly says:

    @Casual Observer:
    Those silly republicans. We were the first state (I think) to ram through the state legislature the Voter ID law, requiring “Valid picture id’s to be shown at the polling place on election day.” Recall that the Rethuglicans were concerned about Voter fraud. Never mind that there had not been a single incident of fraud they could point to. Not a single one!
    So, know we have a real voting fraud case, and who is it? Its the guy who is supposed to certify the vote.

  20. bmaz says:

    @Skilly: Holy fuck. Judge Emilio Gaza of the 5th Circuit; a pretty solid conservative who was apparently seriously considered as a nominee to fill Thurgood Marshall’s seat at SCOTUS (any jurist willing to covertly salt a published opinion with Talking Heads references, no matter how conservative, would have been a hell of a lot better that the mute jackass GHW Bush gave us, Clarence Thomas).

    Sadly, Garza apparently could not find a way to work “Psycho Killer” or “Stop Making Sense” into the opinion.

  21. bmaz says:

    So, yesterday, while I was being heckled, henpecked, badgered, extorted, and otherwise clubbed about the head with a lead filled snowshoe like an innocent baby fur seal by that testy Wheeler woman, it was all alleged and stuff that the most righteous Mr. Wheel was wanting to talk up some MAJOR LEAGUE trash.

    Well, great googly moogly, I have not yet seen hide nor hair of the reputed trash talk. I demand said trash be delivered up forthwith! Or no more pancake breakfasts.

  22. scribe says:

    @bmaz: Anyone who salts his posts with references to the same songs on the same side of FZ’s Apostrophe – one of the greatest albums not to get a lot of airplay, evah – can’t be too hammered, yet.

    And I will eat your sleazy pancakes just for Saintly Alfonzo. They’re so light and fluffy white, we’ll eat a million by tonight.

    I’ll be on the road tomorrow, probably having to listen to the game on my car radidio. But I’ll be talking trash in spirit with you.

  23. freepatriot says:

    High Everybody

    jus doin a dropin to announce that I’ve returned to the darkside

    I’m forced to root for the cheaters an less than 50 points, so I predict the evil empire over the not peytons by a score of 23 to 20

    an jes to make sure nobody says I sold out cheap, I got 50 bones ridin on that outcome

    I’ll try to show up in time to collect my hubcap, but if I don’t make it,hock the hubcap an send me cash

    an be sure to trip your waiter

  24. Rirer Capital says:

    If Wilfork disrupts the line of scrimmage and pressures Eli, as well as stuff the run, could be a low scoring affair.

    Look for Patriots to run more than usual with the Law Firm of BenJarvus Green-Ellis. If they’re patient it could make Giants pass rush less aggressive.

    Oh my, this game, with two HOF QB’s(Brady a lock, Eli on his way), will be decided by the inglorious bastards up front, just like every game.

    Personal note: I’d love it if Madonna cancelled for the Halftime show and M.I.A. stepped in and performed “Bad Girls” with dancers in Camo Burqas. It’d be good for Eh-merikah.

    Hope nobody fucks up the Anthem–more tax payer dollars will be wasted for a useless Jet Fly Over. The Militarism, as always, will be nauseating. Happily I’ll be able to watch it with my Pops, brothers, and friends. We all, as Midwestern sports fans, hate New York teams,but, not surprisingly, hate the Patriots more(no offense Marcy).

    Giants win 24-14.

  25. Jim White says:

    @Rirer Capital:

    The Militarism, as always, will be nauseating.

    Yup, back during the college bowl season, I went on about a two week Twitter rampage on the military contractors sponsoring bowls and other affiliated disgusting militarism.

    On a related note, has anybody else seen the Air Force ad with the drones in it? They are surveillance drones, but you can bet the next ad will have a drone that’s armed…

  26. Mauimom says:

    more tax payer dollars will be wasted for a useless Jet Fly Over.

    This pisses me off every time it occurs. That and the stupid military bands, which of course appear everywhere.

    Where are those deficit hawks when you need ’em?

  27. orionATL says:

    so, will we be having a drone flyover this year

    with the drone “pilots” shown seated in front of a bunch of led screens, flashing lights, and electronic joysticks?

    and the words “air force”, “cia”, and “jsoc” subliminally flashing out for youthful minds?

    surely it won’t be long beore the cia sells a license to make “sit safely and kill”, the drone simulator game.

  28. orionATL says:

    gretchen morgensen has a blockbuster of an article on mortgage industry fraud:



    “… In hindsight, what [levelle] found looks like a blueprint of today’s foreclosure crisis. Even then, Mr. Lavalle discovered, some loan-servicing companies that worked for Fannie Mae routinely filed false foreclosure documents, not unlike the fraudulent paperwork that has since made “robo-signing” a household term. Even then, he found, the nation’s electronic mortgage registry was playing fast and loose with the law — something that courts have belatedly recognized, too.

    You might wonder why Mr. Lavalle didn’t speak up. But he did. For two years, he corresponded with Fannie executives and lawyers. Fannie later hired a Washington law firm to investigate his claims. In May 2006, that firm, using some of Mr. Lavalle’s research, issued a confidential, 147-page report corroborating many of his findings.

    And there, apparently, is where it ended…”

  29. Petrocelli says:


    Temps are around freezing, or as we call it in the Great White North … BBQ Season !

    But my friend who owns a terrific BBQ joint has us covered, with Brisket, Pulled Pork, incredible smoky Wings and heavenly tater salad & coleslaw … the real challenge will be staying awake through the game !

  30. orionATL says:


    dear officer petrocelli,

    your petulent comment brings poetry to mind, specifically william blake:

    “you can kiss my royal arse”.

    “bmaz on February 5, 2012 at 11:43 am said:

    Because this is a FULL SERVICE blog:…”

  31. nomolos says:

    Jimminy cricket you guys are gettin’ feisty. Calm down, the Pats victory is still over 7 or 8 hours away.

    Strange looking car that new Ferrari, should be a very interesting year.

    (shit this waiting goes on much loner I will have to go and get more Guinness)

  32. orionATL says:

    i want to know where bill bellichick gets this title of “greatest coach”?

    ahead of say, bill walsh, chuck noll, joe gibbs to name a few very good coaches?

  33. Bay State Librul says:


    He gets it at 9:05 EST tonight.
    Final score: Patsies 24 Giants 14.
    Patriots are loosey-goosey.
    Gronk is ready and has been faking his limp.
    Ocho scores 1 TD.

  34. rosalind says:

    @Petrocelli: thank you, brother petro, for taking one for the team.

    and as the mistress of the house made clear i risk super-trash banishment should i not commit, i shall lay my marker down on My Mama’s San Mateo Hometown Boy (Thomas of the Shorn Locks) by 4.

    (and walking by the muted TeeVee i gazed in wonder at pre-game Billbel attired in a suit. he suits up for warm-ups and then dresses down for the game? is this his regular m.o.?)

  35. emptywheel says:

    @Bay State Librul: I got good feelings about Ocho, too.

    Yeah, releasing Underwood was a typically BillBel assholish move. But thing about the strategy of it: it signals to Ochocinco that this is his moment. And he puts in some more speed to go after Eli.

    If it works, it’ll be genius.

  36. JohnLopresti says:

    i dont follow much football, but some of those military bands are okay, though Karl Orff might be a nice vulgar contrast for part of the show, vulgar latin, that is. i like the irish sound of calling the NE team the Pats. and, since offTopic is ok in the thread, check out the interesting 1A article prof M Ammori has published; the author therediscusses a symposium which will examine it this coming week.

  37. rosalind says:

    while killing time i discovered this short video narrated by Wendell Pierce (of “Wire” fame) about Tom Brady and his longtime QB mentor, Tom Martinez. Martinez is in dire need of a kidney transplant and Tom has helped spread the word.

    as the piece ended they mentioned Martinez is from Menlo Park. i suddenly looked into his eyes, put the name together, and realized i had been watching my longtime neighbor. He and his beautiful wife Olivia moved into a house down the street when i was about 7 and started their family, three great kids. Tom M. was a hit with the other kids as he was the coach for the College of San Mateo football team and willing to toss the ball around in the street on his rare moments off.

    i heard he had been ill, but didn’t realize the extent. i am amending my SuperBowl prediction, and am laying my marker down on the team of the little kid coached by “my” coach, may he find a donor soon.

  38. Bob Schacht says:

    Brady lost to Eli & the Gents this year, and in the Superbowl 4 years ago. Nothing motivates Brady like losing, and he’s lost twice to these guys in important games. Brady’s motivation will be sky high, and he’ll be super-focused. And he’s a leader, too. He will have his team ready. If there is any shred of possibility, Brady will win.

    BillBel is a monomaniac like Brady. They will be as prepared as it is possible for them to be.

    My bet is on the Patriots, 24-21.

    Bob in AZ

  39. Rosalind says:

    Let the advertising games begin! May the advertising troglodytes have finally discovered that men are not idiots and women actually like football.

  40. burnt says:

    Bittersweet and I are headed over to Origami for some happy hour sushi. I imagine by the time we wallow through a few rounds and return to chez bittersweet we’ll be halfway through the first quarter. I root for the Giants when they are playing the ‘skins and the ‘boys, but thanks to an accident of birth and some ties to Steve Nelson and Ron Erhardt I’m rooting for the patsies. Oh, and because Joe Kapp also too.

  41. emptywheel says:

    I see Brady felt like spotting the Gents some points. That’s gonna fuck up those numbers spreads.

  42. bmaz says:

    I thought the Belichick coached team was supposed to be the calm and organized one. Not working so far….

  43. homeroid says:

    Hope you all will throw some scores out as you go. We lost all TV transmission. The commentary is da bomb.

  44. orionATL says:

    i haven’t watched the patriots all year, so i don’t know their style,

    but based on what i’ve seen so far the pats look like a confused, disorganized team.

    too much adrenaline? possibly

    giants offensive plan? possibly.

    there’s plenty of time left, but right know i’m looking at a panzer division attacking polish cavalry.

    and the giants are showing confident swagger/much individual enthsiasm at successful plays.

  45. emptywheel says:

    @bmaz: This is how the Pats played the end of the season. Spotting their opponents a bunch of points in the first quarter.

    Mind you, it was never really a good idea, but at least they’re consistent.

  46. Bob Schacht says:

    Maybe the Patsies are like a fighter who has to get hit a few times before they get going.

    100 comments in the First Quarter? What’s the record?

    Bob in AZ

  47. emptywheel says:

    @CTuttle: That’s the part of the field where they’ve been having brain farts all game. So I’m just grateful Brady didn’t throw a pick 6.

  48. homeroid says:

    Having grown in the mill towns and logging areas of Mass and NH i tend towards anyone not NY. Pats just need a few minutes to work the bean farts out.

  49. hate2haggle says:

    Collinsworth opined he thought Belichick/Brady match was best in Super Bowl history and when I tweeted him reminding him that Noll/Bradshaw was 4-0 with no “blemishes”, he replied that “Bradshaw was lucky.” Yea, luck, that’s the ticket.

  50. emptywheel says:

    One way to make sure Eli doesn’t look like the better 2 minutes QB is to make sure he doesn’t touch it.

  51. homeroid says:

    Yeee haa. Got’s ta love them guys from the IBEW they fixed the power to the transmiters across the bay just in time to catch some old lady trying to ung ung ung.

  52. orionATL says:


    it was nerves.

    the pats got their muscles warmed up and some good defensive and offensive plays under their helmets.

    now they are going to be tough.

    this is where coaching adjustments count for a lot – in fact probably count for who will this thing.

    i’m not sure two clouds of dust and a pass are going to get the job done for the giants.

  53. JTMinIA says:

    @Bob Schacht: Thanks, Bob. It’s been more than five years since I last fell off the wagon, but now I can see myself getting Barbarella down off the shelf once the kids are asleep.

  54. JTMinIA says:

    Unrelatedly, they’ve been really good at shutting down channels tonight. I’m on my tenth or so, and now the ads are in Italian. There also hasn’t been a terrorist attack (that I know of) this evening. This cannot be a coinky-dink.

  55. CTuttle says:

    Dayam, Eli is sacked and have to settle for a chip-shot FG…! 17-15 with the Patsies clinging to the tenuous lead late in the third…!

  56. JTMinIA says:

    Great. Now I’m going to have to listen to Giants fans b*tch and moan about that non-call all week if they lose.

  57. emptywheel says:

    So far the 5’11” Law Firm has taken 2 Giants players out for at least a play by being tackled by them, including the monster (and I say that with the utmost respect) JPP.

  58. JTMinIA says:

    Has anyone ever been crazy enough to just let the other team score, just to get the ball back sooner?

  59. orionATL says:

    @Bob Schacht:

    yeah, agree.

    since when is it clever to let another team score six for free?

    “brady did not have a chance”, collingsworth.

    collingsworth has been pimping brady all night.

    oh, and terry bradshaw was just lucky.

    clever lad.

  60. Bob Schacht says:

    @bmaz: They dropped several key throws. Brady & co. just couldn’t do it.

    Now Brady really has a monkey on his back: beat twice by Eli in the SuperBowl.

    The Pats defense was good enough. The offense wasn’t.

    Bob in AZ

  61. Bob Schacht says:

    Was Ochocinco even in the game during the last attempt at a scoring drive? I think BillBel should have put him in for at least half the plays, and challenged him to make the winning catch. He probably would have done it. Ochocinco was WAY underutilized.

    Bob in AZ

  62. Bob Schacht says:

    @emptywheel: I heard plenty of references to Gronk through the rest of the game, and none for Ochocinco, except for his one catch. I’d bet that Gronk got more minutes than Ochocinco. I’d guess that Gronk was at about 80%– but that lost 20% was critical.

    Bob in AZ

  63. orionATL says:

    super bowl and nfl hq is so f—- corporate. kinda like susan g. komem—.

    thank goodness the young athletes convey humanness.

  64. orionATL says:

    if i were pats coaches i’d be tellin’ my players now:

    ” we don’t have a damned thing to apologize for. we fought hard, played hard, got some breaks, didn’t get others.”

    this was a great superbowl game in which both teams can be proud of their remarkable efforts.

    i’ve seen a LOT of superbowls of which that most definitely cannot be said.

  65. orionATL says:


    i’m sure you’re right.

    it’s just that the damned ball is an obdurate oblate spheroid.

    the pats got here because

    – a pass was caught but knocked out of catcher’s grasp

    – a field goal was missed because the holder couldn’t get the laces turned.

    in short, two “ball handling” errors – almost always the most costly in the game.

    football is a lot less deterministic than it is portrayed as being.

    and high pressure encourages those small, fatal errors.

    in any event,

    belichick is a first rate coach, brady an outstanding qb who played up to his rep, and the pats as a team played their hearts out. i never expected their defense to play as strong as it played on the field tonight.

  66. Starbuck says:

    Did anybody win?

    I walked into a local tavern after being invited in by the barkeep having a cigarette outside. The TV was an old CRT, washed out flat color and not much going on. AFAIK. But every once and a while someone would scream, another would cuss I’d look over and nothing was still going on.

    Oh yeah I saw a pass either intercepted or the receiver pushed off side.

    But again nothing going on.

    Didn’t stay for a beer. Went home and had some home made chicken soup.

    Ok, ok, I know The Giants 21-17. Correct?

  67. CTuttle says:

    @orionATL: i’ve seen a LOT of superbowls of which that most definitely cannot be said.

    I remember the slaughter that Elway succumbed to against the Hawgs and Doug Williams, and, even the thrashing Montana had handed the Bungles…! Gruesome doesn’t even begin to describe ’em…! ;-)

  68. CTuttle says:

    @orionATL: …football is a lot less deterministic than it is portrayed as being…

    *heh* That’s exactly why they play the game to the last snap of that obdurate oblate sphereoid…! ;-)

  69. orionATL says:


    glad you mentioned the redskins cum hogs (their line) v. denver sbowl.

    i happened to be a redskin fan in those days ( you cannot live long in washington and not get caught up with redskin’s fever. that fever, by the way, never seems to wane, whatever the redskin’s record.)

    by the way, c. tuttle, i think that that was the game in which the redskins qb was one doug johnson – the first black qb to play in the nfl.

    at a press conference an inquiring reporter asked:

    “tell us, doug, does it different to be a black qb?”

    to which johnson gave one of the best responses to a dumb-assed media question that
    i’ve ever heard:

    “i don’t know”, he said, ” i’ve been black all my life”.

  70. Bob Schacht says:

    @orionATL: Agreed. It held my interest until the end.

    But there’s a defect in the league alignment. They should rig the playoffs so that the finals always involve a team East of the Mississippi vs. a team West of the Mississippi. This year we got a runoff between two East coast teams. That leaves half the country out of the game. Why not the Pats or Giants vs. the 49ers? The old AFC vs. NFC alignment is, well, old. It once meant something, but now it doesn’t. Why not an Eastern Conference vs. a Western?

    Bob in AZ

  71. orionATL says:


    216 – 0

    (and counting)

    commissioner godell will now present the trophy for good writing, good music, and good humor

    in nfl football blogging

  72. CTuttle says:

    @Bob Schacht: But then ya upset the Media’s applecart, Bob…! This Superbowl was already slated to be a bonanza for the Media, in that it featured two of the largest Nfl media markets pandering for the big buck$…! ;-)

  73. CTuttle says:

    @orionATL: Guilty as charged…! A long- suffering Donkey Fanatic, (at least since Elway retired!) Pissed that Josh bet the farm on Tebow, and even shipped off Cutler and Brandon Marshall…! *gah*

  74. Bay State Librul says:

    Sheesh, need a dopamine hit.
    Thought Brady’s last hurl had eyes, but turned into the last hurrah.
    Fans suffered a major Skeffington-related heart attack.
    The mourning will last years.

  75. Takin' out some other trash says:

    Hopefully, Emptywheel has ushered you out to the woodshed for that stuff you said about Madonna. Whatever! However, I don’t think I heard any old-age jokes when the amazing Bruce Springsteen, who is a decade older, played halftime. Would you say the same thing about Prince, who is just about Madonna’s age? What about The Who, who are even older? No, because hard-working men of rock can grow to be elder statesman, while a woman in her 50s just ain’t no virgin anymore.

    From your comments, one might begin to think that guys who watch football don’t believe any females should get near the gridiron if they’re not those other athletes who are carrying pompons, showing off their midriffs and kicking up their legs so you can see their spandex.
    Seems to me that you might be the one showing your age.
    Respectfully submitted.

  76. scribe says:

    Hey – how’d that game work out?

    Oh, yeah.

    Cheaters never prosper.

    Even when they play games with the Foxboro clock to beat the Ravens. Especially then.

    The Football Gods have spoken, and Giselle don’t like it. Tough shit, girlfriend. I forecast a rocky locker room debate all through the off-season over her mouthing off and ultimately someone asking Bieber: “if you can’t command your wife, how do you expect to command a football team?”

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