MI Politics Gets Interesting: Trevor and Crazy Pete

Just interrupting pre-game to bring two pieces of interesting political news from MI.

First, we might finally have exciting news in my congressional district, where the party has thus far failed to recruit anyone to run against the unpopular Justin Amash even after his own party put a target on his back by making the district more Democratic. One of the key players in the successful DADT fight, Trevor Thomas, is thinking of challenging Amash. Now, local Dems are worried about an out gay and pro-choice man carrying the Democratic banner. Even aside from the bigotry implied by that worry, they don’t seem to be thinking about the benefit of having such a proven campaign winner carrying the banner of working people. Don’t our working men and women deserve the same kind of successful advocate that our gay service members got? (Trevor was also involved in Jennifer Granholm’s thumping of Dick DeVos in 2006, so he knows how to win locally, too.)

Trevor is reportedly going to make his decision in the next few days. If and when he announces, you can expect to hear more from me about him, because I’d be genuinely excited about this race.

Meanwhile, speaking of bigots, here’s the stupid, racist ad I’m going to be treated to during the Super Bowl.


So Crazy Pete wants us to vote for him–rather than someone who has fought for MI’s workers–based on the argument that he doesn’t spend money, as proven by his decision to spend $75,000 to run a stupid stupid ad during the Super Bowl?


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  1. Bob Schacht says:

    Thanks for this, EW. I’ve been getting notes from the Stabenow campaign, and have been ignoring them. But now that I know she’s running against Crazy Pete, I’m all in! Go, Debbie, Go!

    BTW, if that clip is showing lip synching, it’s not very well done.

    Bob in AZ

  2. Phil Perspective says:

    Now, local Dems are worried about an out gay and pro-choice man carrying the Democratic banner.

    So, the same clown-shows that wouldn’t take on Snyder are crapping their pants over a DFH? Any idea if the DCCC is flipping out too?

  3. Phil Skaggs says:

    Bullshit. Utter bullshit. Before you start calling people bigots, you ought to have the basic humanity to call some people out here in West Michigan. But, you didn’t. Bad blogging. Bad journalism. Bad politics. Shame on you.

  4. emptywheel says:

    @Phil Skaggs: Uh, Phil, who am I going to call? Myself?

    I’m in West Michigan. I speak to W Michiganders all the time. I’m in the damn district. If I find it offensive that the “liberal” party doesn’t want me to have autonomy over my own body and is to the right of Ted Olson and the Armed Services on the civil rights issue of the day, then I will say so.

    So are you really saying we shouldn’t have someone who has proven to be a winner should now advocate for the working men and women of the district?

  5. Phil Skaggs says:

    I’m not sure you understood. I don’t think you called yourself a bigot. You called a bunch of my friends bigots. I urge you to rethink that tact.

    I will be backing a proven winner, someone who has actually won … say … an election.

  6. Phil Skaggs says:

    Marcy, when did you move from Ann Arbor to GR? You should have access to my email, why not send me one to discuss this issue?

  7. bmaz says:

    @Phil Skaggs: If your friends are among the group described in the post. i.e. those contra to Thomas because he is openly “gay and pro-choice”, then I would say the description of bigot fits pretty well. It is quite likely that a federal court is going to so hold today. Try to join the 21st century.

  8. Phil Skaggs says:

    The article is simply wrong. According to her facebook, Marcy has lived in Grand Rapids 16 days. She simply does not have a well-informed take on West Michigan, nor does she even understand who she is calling a bigot and belittling with her later comment. The reason my friends are supporting another potential candidate is because he’s a proven winner, a beloved Democrat, a thoughtful man, a long-time friend and ally. He’s not someone who moved to Grand Rapids 60 days ago and believes he can just show up and bully folks who have put in a great deal of work for the cause in West Michigan.

  9. bmaz says:

    I have been a liberal Democrat for every cognizable minute of my life (and I am not that young any more). The type of Democrat you described is NOT beloved by me, or any of the people in the party I associate with, in fact he is of the type that are generally despised and that are little different than fucking Republicans. I am sure that only someone who lives in your neighborhood really understands just how awesome homphobic, anti-choice ConservaDems are though, so you got that going for you. Booyah.

    Quite frankly, I am glad Marcy has arrived in the area to cancel out such backward and regressive voters and their candidates.

  10. earlofhuntingdon says:

    According to EW, she has lived in MI much of her adult life and has lived in western Michigan much longer than 16, or even 60 days, whichever it is the writer meant. (Or is confusion what that comment meant to sow?) Had the writer followed this blog more than 16 or 60 minutes, it would know that Marcy is a committed liberal, a rare breed in any party, and an even more committed journalist, rarer still.

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