A Race to Get Excited About: Trevor Thomas


I noted last week that we might have an exciting candidate–Trevor Thomas–running against Justin Amash to be my congressman.

He has officially filed his papers to run. So I now have something to officially get excited about for this election.

His video, above, really captures why I think he’ll be such a good candidate.

That’s my city!

(Well, there are a few shots of Battle Creek, home of Kellogg’s, which is also in the district; also, don’t tell anyone, but my building has a cameo in the video but Trevor doesn’t know that).

The video captures the mix that Grand Rapids is: factories, lots of them closed, and an increasingly funky downtown and neighborhoods. It’s a great mix of Midwestern grit and funky revival, a mix of struggle and optimism.

And that’s what Trevor’s story is too: he comes from a family of working people. But he’s also thrived in this newer economy. He will fight for the working people in the area who have been struggling, but he’ll also be able to lead in new directions.

Here’s his website. You’ll be hearing more about Trevor from me.

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  1. rosalind says:

    @Bob Schacht: Howie Klein/Down With Tyranny added Trevor to his page, where i just made my donation. If you’d like to do the same the link is here.

    (the list is alphabetical, so Trevor is second from the bottom)

  2. Bob Schacht says:

    I know this is tangential, but Ezra Klein, subbing for Rachel Maddow tonight, put up a map of Michigan showing all the counties, and made the point that Santorum leads Romney in the polling in EVERY county except one: Oakland, I think– the county lying just north of Detroit where the Romney’s lived when George was governor, I think.

    We were all writing off Santorum a few months ago, but look now. He seems to have run a VERY smart campaign, with very little money. Romney’s support looks to be dropping again, and Gingrich is down in the teens, along with Ron Paul.

    This prompted Ezra Kline to show a segment on the idea of a brokered Republican convention. He ran through the in’s and mostly the out’s of it, saying that a brokered convention was extremely unlikely. But I suspect there are significant elements within the Republican convention that WANT a brokered convention. I’m sure Ron Paul does.

    The scenario, of course, is that Romney’s support gets stuck in the 30s, while Santorum, Gingrich and Paul get just enough delegates to deny Romney a first ballot victory. That’s when things get really interesting. But as Klein pointed out, if that be the case, the brokers would not be the same as they were in the old days.

    My guess is that the Broker’s Club will consist of the billionaires who are keeping each candidate afloat. The number is larger than 4, but probably not by much. Say, 6. If we get to a month before the Republican convention, and Romney (or Santorum, for that matter) fall short of the number of delegates to win on the first ballot, there’s going to be a meeting of the Billionaires Club, and they will strike some kind of deal, while trying to sell that deal to the four candidates. And as Ezra points out, there will be no fifth candidate: there just isn’t enough time between the convention and the election to launch a new campaign. Then they’ll give each of the four candidates time to speak to the convention. The Billionaires Club will have a communications setup allowing them to keep in touch with each other quickly while the convention proceeds– there’s always the chance of a powerful speech that gets everyone stampeding in one direction, and it may not be the direction that the Billionaires club has chosen.

    You can bet that the final choice will NOT be Gingrich or Paul. But right now it is a toss-up who the winner will be.

    That’s my speculation for the moment.

    Bob in AZ

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