After Ray Kelly Proved Incapable of Hosting a Terrorist Trial, His Supporters Shouldn’t Call OTHER Cities Overmatched

The NYDN and NYPost continue their uncritical defense of the NYPD’s spying on residents of other cities. In response to continued outrage that NYPD’s officers profiled Newark’s and Paterson’s Muslim community, the New York fearmonger papers’ response is basically a taunt that New Jersey should be grateful the NYPD has invaded their state because New Jersey can’t prevent terrorism on its own.

What is the matter with New Jersey politicians that they are raising a stink because the NYPD keeps an eye out for terrorists on their turf?

Have Gov. Chris Christie and Newark Mayor Corey Booker forgotten that 746 residents of the Garden State were killed in the terrorist attacks of 9/11?

Have they forgotten that ringleader Mohammed Atta met with co-conspirators in Newark?

Have they forgotten that the van used in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing was rented in Jersey City?

(The NYDN, which claims to have read the profile reports on things like girls’ schools, seems to have missed that none of the profiling reports we’ve seen from the NYPD have targeted any of the kinds of NJ establishments the terrorists have used in the past.)

But as a MI resident, what I’m really amused by is the NYPD boosters’ claim that Newark is “overmatched” and “incapable.”

So why wouldn’tthe NYPD bring its unmatched skills to bear in Newark, whose overmatched police department is simply incapable of monitoring threats as they develop far out of sight?

I can remember only one police department in recent years which has been “overmatched.” And that’s the NYPD, when faced with the prospect of hosting a terrorist trial in Manhattan.

When DOJ first announced plans to try Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and the other 9/11 plotters in New York, Ray Kelly started making the same kind of complaints about not being consulted as New Jersey’s politicians are making now.

NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly said the Justice Department did not consult the city officials before deciding to send Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and four others to New York City for trial.

“There was no consultation, no consultation with the police department. That decision was made. We were informed,” Kelly said Tuesday.

When asked if the NYPD should have been asked about security and other considerations in advance of sending the accused terrorist to the scene of the attack, Kelly said,” The fact is we weren’t asked. And we will make the best of a situation. We weren’t.”

At first Kelly said the NYPD would be up to the task. But then he started rolling out a plan to effectively militarize lower Manhattan and demanded first $90 million then $200 million to pay for his war zone. Ultimately, the DOJ gave up the plan for a civilian trial.

Because Ray Kelly wasn’t up to the task of hosting a terrorist trial, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed has had at least two years added to his life.

The NYPD boosters suggest its relative poverty makes Newark overmatched. Which is what really got me pissed. After all, Detroit is suffering financially even more than Newark. But it recently proved capable of holding a terrorist trial–actually two at once (the Hutaree militia trial started as Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab was sentenced). All with none of the squealing that Ray Kelly did.

Meanwhile, Ray Kelly spends $330 million a year and assigns 1,200 staffers to do things like profile girls’ and grade schools in other states. Those resources would have more than paid for the security reasonably needed to host the 9/11 trial. Trying KSM in a civilian trial probably would have done far more to combat terrorism than profiling 2nd graders.

If Kelly used his resources more wisely, it’s clear, the victims of 9/11 might have had justice by now. The NYPD still would have missed the Faisal Shahzad plotting and might still have tipped off Najibullah Zazi that the FBI was hot on his tail. But there appears to be one city, above all, that is misallocating resources to fight terrorism. And it doesn’t appear to be Newark.

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  1. scribe says:

    The point is, and must be remembered, that Ray Kelly and the largest part of the senior police/law enforcement establishment Do Not Want Justice for the Victims of 9/11, nor do they want to end terrorism or act in ways that will end terrorism. They want ever larger and more expansive budgets and power. Effecting justice – real justice – or ending terrorism (or, for that matter, reducing crime of any sort) are anathema to the high-level police/law enforcement establishment because they wind up putting themselves out of business (or reducing their budgets).

    Kelly is being a perfect, paradigmatic example for bureaucrats everywhere.

  2. Matthew Swaye says:

    I wear a hoodie because it’s cold out. You have your hands in my pockets, Officer, because I’m Black. That’s the description I fit. I do not consent to this search. Look for yourself on Youtube. We’re creating a decentralized digital museum of the New Jim Crow. Your grandchildren will know what you did for a living. You’re no hero.
    Female Goldman Sachs executives arrested in Harlem – 1/5/12

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