John Brennan Praises the Object of His Own Intimate Knowledge

John Brennan, the guy whose role in torture and illegal wiretapping the Obama Administration continues to protect by looking relentlessly forward, also once admitted to having intimate knowledge of the NYPD’s spy program.

President Barack Obama’s homeland security adviser, John Brennan, who was the deputy executive director the CIA when the NYPD intelligence programs began, said he was intimately familiar with the CIA-NYPD partnership. He said that agency knew what the rules were and did not cross any lines.

Curiously, Brennan picked the day after Najibullah Zazi testified to praise the NYPD for its role in identifying terrorists (and proclaim, again, that he and the CIA and the NYPD hadn’t done anything illegal).

John Brennan said Friday at an NYPD event that the federal government can’t identify terrorists and stop attacks without help from local agencies.

He said the NYPD’s work has been responsible for keeping the city safe and that the department has done nothing illegal.

It doesn’t inspire great confidence that Brennan seems so unaware that the NYPD pointedly did not find Zazi and his accomplices, in spite of the fact that the NYPD believed Zazi’s imam was cooperating fully with the NYPD.

Is it possible that Obama’s top Homeland Security Advisor doesn’t even know that the NYPD’s spy program failed to find the most serious Islamic threats to NYC in recent years?

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  1. lysias says:

    As a 1977 graduate of Fordham University (and a native of the New York City suburbs in North Bergen, NJ,) Brennan very likely knows people high up in NYC law enforcement.

  2. MadDog says:

    I would remark that though the AP deservedly got a Pulitzer for their work on the NYPD domestic spying on Muslims story, and as part of it, the CIA on the Hudson connection, there wasn’t an examination of Brennan’s rather obvious fingerprints that one think was well worth scrutiny.

  3. rugger9 says:

    Nor will there be any as long as Holder runs DOJ with the instructions he has from the Obama WH. They’re letting far too much go by.

  4. Bob Schacht says:

    The only knowledge Brennan knows that is worth anything is his knowledge of the origin and development of the Bush-Cheney torture program. He appears incapable of mastering any other form of knowledge.

    Bob in AZ

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