C Street Takes Care of The Family’s Sex Problems, Again

Roll Call reports that former Representative [redacted] son, [redacted], got hired as Tom Coburn’s District Staff Assistant. That, in spite of the younger [redacted] conviction on misdemeanor charges of criminal solicitation and sexual harassment.

Sen. Tom Coburn’s decision to hire a former Member’s son who has a criminal record illustrates the latitude lawmakers have to hire as they see fit — and the value of personal connections in a world where information about wrongdoing can be found at a moment’s notice.


Credit where it’s due, the Hill actually makes the connection between Coburn, the [redacted], the Christian cabal “The Family’s” brownstone known as C Street where they shacked up together, and the involvement of both in covering up John Ensign’s extramarital affair [redacted].

While it doesn’t come out and say it directly, it comes as close as possible in a Hill rag to stating the obvious: [redacted] only got this job because his daddy belongs to the same cabal as Coburn (and because he’s white and connected, because if he weren’t, even The Family might not have been able to help him).

Of course, Coburn is also the guy who once sterilized at least one woman without her consent because he thought she had had too many babies already. Vagina monsters, you see, aren’t entitled to the same kind of second chances as male members of The Family.

Update: Fixed mis-identification of original report to Roll Call thanks to Peterr.

Update, 12/3/20: Names that have legally been expunged have been redacted.

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  1. MadDog says:

    This is why Repugs never want to talk about sex. Sex doesn’t fit in with their self-image nor their alternate reality view of the world. For Repugs like Coburn, sex simply doesn’t, can’t exist.

    And anyways, given their proclivities, they know damn well they’ll get in big trouble.

  2. Peterr says:

    Kudos to Roll Call for noting the double standard at work here:

    A criminal charge or arrest is usually a black mark that ends careers on Capitol Hill.

    An aide to Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.) was fired in 2008 on the day her office learned he had been charged with receiving and distributing child pornography. The year before, an aide to Sen. Maria Cantwell (D-Wash.) lost his job and was arrested for using a Senate computer to arrange a meeting with an individual he believed to be a 13-year-old boy but was actually a witness cooperating with the police.

    Maybe double standard isn’t the right phrase. Perhaps it is more that the Democratic women of the Senate have a bit more ethical backbone than Senator Cobern when it comes to their expectations of their staffers.

  3. posaune says:

    Ha Ha Ha — the only parking space I could find on the Hill tonight was right in front of 131 C Street! Maybe they left town. One can hope.

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