John Brennan, Assassination Czar

Between appearing on Democracy Now this morning and some other things, I’ll be out of pocket most of the day.

But I should say that I didn’t invent the moniker “Assassination Czar.” I’m not sure who did (though I’m happy to provide credit!), but here’s to hoping use of it embarrasses the Administration into reversing their plan to run the Yemen war out of the White House.

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  1. ondelette says:

    In re Yemen:

    It’s been said by some that if the global community had acted sooner with more support, more targeted and appropriate support, and more quickly, that all those people that died last year in the Horn of Africa wouldn’t have been so many. There still would have been the problems with al Shabab and the problems with the bandits, and it’s hard to see how some problems at Dadaab and in Mogadishu could be solved so easily, but it’s been said.

    At the current time, 44% of Yemen, 10 million people, mostly in the West and South, do not have enough to eat. What happened in the Horn of Africa is going to happen across the Gulf of Aden in Yemen, if the response is inadequate. 267,000 children are suffering from SAM (severe acute malnutrition), 900,000+ from GAM (the global category, which includes both SAM and MAM(moderate)).

    As before, it’s time to look up from the wars and realize that humanitarian aid must take preference.
    Here is the link from multiple aid agencies
    and the one with the stats from OCHA

    Not screwing around. The Horn famine really did kill 1M people.

  2. newz4all says:

    With Control of Drone Strikes, Is Counterterror Chief John Brennan the USA “Assassination Czar”?

    President Obama’s counterterrorism chief John Brennan is heading up a new team to determine who should be targeted by armed USA drones overseas. The newly revealed procedure for drone attacks means Brennan’s staff consults the Pentagon, the State Department and other agencies before ultimately deciding who will be targeted. One official said there is growing concern over “how easy it has become to kill someone” under the administration’s drone strike policy. We speak with investigative blogger Marcy Wheeler of the website, “Empty Wheel.” “I think we’re now calling Brennan the ‘assassination czar,'” she says. Wheeler disputes the government’s assertion the drone attacks are finely targeted, noting that it is unclear who the targets really are and that civilians have been killed.

  3. Eureka Springs says:

    Hey Marcy, Just wanted to say I caught this the old fashioned way… channel surfing on the TV. Really nice job. It’s really nice to hear your words, explanations out loud. Lawd, lawd, what a tangled nasty web. Seemed like Amy and DN prep team had it together and gave you much latitude. Smart, very nice.

  4. orionATL says:

    very interesting interview and a good job of keeping your concentration and train of thought, always hard to do in that environment.

    the graphics at emptywheel are very nice and seem new – clear, sharp, and colorful.

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