Clint Eastwood’s Time Travel

The local paper in Carmel scored the interview with Clint Eastwood where he tries to describe his bizarre empty chair performance at the RNC. Some of it, including this line…

President Obama is the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on the American people

… Reinforces my suspicion that the reason Eastwood feels so strongly about Obama is because he actually cried, too, when Obama got elected. He bought the hopey changey bit and now feels gypped.

That said, there’s reason to doubt the honesty of what Clint says in this interview. That’s because his account of how he doubled the amount of time he was alloted is not credible.

Originally, he was told he could speak for six or seven minutes, and right before he went on, he was asked to keep it to five, but he said, “When people are applauding so much, it takes you 10 minutes to say five minutes’ worth.”

Also, there were no signals or cues of any kind, so “when you’re out there, it’s kind of hard to tell how much time is going by.”

Conventions use lights to signal the time, and the Romney campaign’s account of the talk confirms one was used–and ignored–by Clint.

They gave him a time limit and flashed a blinking red light that told him his time was up. He ignored both.

Moreover, his account of how much time was lost to applause and laughter is false: Including the 31 seconds of applause after he came on stage and the 30 seconds of applause after he said, “And when somebody does not do the job, we got to let them go,” there was just over 2 minutes–out of an 11:40 minute talk–of applause and laughter beyond brief interludes. Eastwood generally interrupted before it ended. So once you consider some of that–especially his 30 second intro applause–is expected, Eastwood took about 10 minutes to say 10 minutes of stuff, some of which didn’t actually help Romney all that much.

Which makes his jab at Hollywood liberals–“conservative people by the nature of the word itself play closer to the vest. They do not go around hot-dogging it”–all the more ridiculous. Clint ignored what the campaign told him (perhaps he thinks he owns the campaign as well as the country), and now he’s lying about having done so.

Mind you, I’m not crying for Mitt, anymore than I’m crying for Obama that Bill Clinton went way over his alloted time. Invite certain kinds of people and you’ve got to expect they’re going to do what they want.

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  1. MadDog says:

    One of the important truths missed by many of the political punditry and elite regarding the Eastwood implosion and for that matter, one of the most salient truths about the entire Romney campaign, is Romney’s dependence on the primacy of style over substance.

    Romney himself made the decision that just the celebrity of a Eastwood endorsement was all that was necessary to know to give him a prime-time speaking gig at the Repug convention.

    How could it go wrong? Why bother vetting Eastwood’s speech when its intended audience wouldn’t be paying attention to its crackpottedness anyway?

    The simple fact is that if even the political journalists of our 4th estate can’t be bothered calling out the Romney campaign for its non-stop serial dishonesty and never-ending fact-free imaginary plans, why on earth would they bother pointing out that the Romney campaign is all sizzle and no steak?

  2. Mauimom says:

    I’ve seen a couple of ads for Clint’s new movie — one on baseball coming out in a couple of weeks, I think.

    I wonder how his “performance” will affect box office?

    OTOH, that idiotic “Obama’s America 2016” is smashing box office records. It’s even playing here on Maui, where NOTHING plays other than alien/vampire/shoot-’em-up films.

  3. John B. says:

    I still wonder why Clint made the Detroit commercial for the SB this past January/February…what does that tell us?

  4. seedeevee says:

    Perhaps emptywheels’ usual PC glasses were dirty today, but “gypped” could be considered a very racist term.

    But, to the point, your piling on of Eastwood is a little disturbing. You are really taking your valuable time and spending it on some guy going from 5 MINUTES to 10 MINUTES?

  5. P J Evans says:

    You might want to rethink that. There was a bit more involved than just his running way-the-heck overtime.
    Hadn’t you heard that a lot of people thought Clint was the high point of that convention?

  6. Brenda Koehler says:

    “President Obama is the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on the American people.”

    I’ve been saying that for four years.

  7. Brenda Koehler says:

    So what are you saying–that those of us who NEVER bought the hopey-changey bit can’t feel strongly about Obama? The guy’s a mass murderer. EVERYBODY should feel strongly about him.

    The fact that the so-called left allows Barry to ride roughshod over the American people in a manner no republican could ever manage to achieve makes me as furious at Obama as I ever was at Bush.

  8. JohnLopresti says:

    Fistful, she said, needed one more long-haired man for Clint to anihilate
    A man starved in the desert.
    ?You would not mind Clint killing you?, she asked.
    She also was looking for Picassos, and for some of what I had pondered in the previous six weeks, the paintings and romantic modern artifacts.
    So, I knew.
    Very smart, that lady, casting in the museum.
    ?What happened to the 1959 character?
    Must’ve been the price of beef in Kansas ‘at the end of the ride’…
    No, I replied, suggesting the movie makers had type cast her Clint too stereotypically.
    She did not want to talk about that.
    ?How about Charlton Heston?, she said.
    Clint Used to be Ok, but…

    I deliberately went to the studio two days after the shoot. The film company was doing Madrid for some scenes, and arid pueblo Mexico for a few panoramic scenes. Near aboriginals who had not seen a film crew, ever.

    In the studio were young adults acting out a college darkened disco scene, someone gave them colonial garb.

    Clint’s Republican outfit obviously left on the trail back home.

    The museum was empty,

    peacefully quiet.

  9. JohnLopresti says:

    C. Eastwood is an investor, I believe, in a rural building construction project, houses, hotel(s), by a golf course, within view of the ocean; zoning permits litigated, evidently recently settled, 10 MB there.

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