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Tim Pawlenty Gives Mitt the Bain Treatment

Here’s part of how Mitt would make money at Bain Capital: He’d get a organization that had real value. He’d suck that value out of the organization. It would go into debt. And often, before the organization lost too much of its value, Mitt and Bain would cash out.

That’s sort of what Tim Pawlenty is doing now. For just over a year, Pawlenty has enjoyed a prestigious position serving as the Co-Chair of the GOP’s favorite to become President of the United States. As I vaguely recall (the speech itself, as with all things T-Paw, put me to sleep), he got a prime speaking slot at the RNC.

And now, with Mitt’s campaign in debt, and its value sinking quickly, Pawlenty has cashed out. He’s moving onto the next lucrative gig, serving as CEO of the Financial Services Board.

Here’s what the banksters’ lobbying group has to say about the kind of leader who bails out on an organization just 8 weeks before its big day.

“Tim’s leadership, vision and ability to find common ground make him the right choice to represent the broad membership of the Financial Services Roundtable,” said Tim Wilson, the group’s chairman and CEO of Allstate.

“He is exactly the kind of leader we need to continue to improve our industry’s reputation, advocate firm-but-fair regulation and help maintain our global leadership of the financial markets.”

These sleazebags all deserve each other. Mitt deserves being abandoned with his value in decline. T-Paw has just gone from selling one discredited looter to selling them all. And the banksters now have a charisma-impaired guy with no loyalty leading their fight.

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