Let Mitt Romney Go Bankrupt

Because he just lost this race.

Our country hates hates hates industrial policy. But industrial policy just re-elected a President.

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  1. Ben Franklin says:

    FOX news folded as soon as Ohio came in.

    Is it ok to criticize Obama, now? Or is the filibuster and veto override gonna keep him neutered?

  2. Roman Berry says:

    Industrial policy didn’t re-elect a president. Delusion did. And if the challenger had won, it would have been delusion that elected him as well.

    Obama’s industrial policy amounts to enabling the export of more American jobs. And his fiscal policy amounts to worshiping at the alter of the Deficit God. Look for the Grand Bargain and the gutting of Social Security for future generations.

    I see no reason to celebrate tonight. Wouldn’t have seen a reason either way. To supporters of both of these candidates, my attitude was “Be careful what you ask for. You might just get it.” Unfortunately for the rest of us, we’ll be getting it too. On issue after issue, looks like GW Bush just got his fourth term.

  3. bigchin says:

    Say goodbye to Social Security and Medicare as we knew it.

    Say goodbye to faux progressives complaining about the electoral college, especially if Romney wins the popular vote.

    Say goodbye to issues that matter, such as poverty, unemployment, due process and the rule of law.

    And say hello to four more years of fighting the Democrats…

    and losing.

  4. greengiant says:

    The US is spending 20 percent of GDP on health care and getting the results that other countries get while spending 6 per cent. That 2.8 trillion dollar juggernut makes Exxon and wall street look like pikers.

    Its all smoke and mirrors to let people delude themselves. Even with medicare you can go bankrupt real fast once the medical industrial complex starts using you for a cash pump.

    I don’t have any solutions. The people who do will be heroes.

  5. prostratedragon says:

    Well, at least some of the loudest and most offensive of the GOP’s latest crop of Congressional trolls have been given the big hook by the voters —Akin, Mourdock, and Walsh by my last count, dedicated mind-destroyers all.

    Oh yeah, and this (Whew!).

    Add to their absence a few anticipated plusses like a freshly energetic Mrs. Professor Doctor Senator Elizabeth Warren (for there are those in the world who ought to address her as all of that for the next year as penance) and maybe it’s time to go back to trying to frame positive actions again.

  6. prostratedragon says:

    Josh Marshall and I have an unexpected convergence on Rove as flailing about in the earlier stages of grief; while sifting my brain for a bookmark heading on that theme, I ran up on this, my solo murmuring becoming a chorus all of a sudden.

    The variation: Rhinoceros, except with millions of us not going along instead of just one.

  7. angry bitter drunk says:

    Let’s not forget another loser this night, Sheldon Adelson. According to Bloomberg, he spent more than $50M this election cycle. (I believe $10M went to Newt!)


    I’m no economist, but I think if that miserable douche had instead just paid $10M more annually in taxes the past four years, something productive could have actually been done with the money, and he’d have come out ahead…

  8. prostratedragon says:

    DeLong’s compendium of VSPundit foolishness in the face of realities they didn’t create sent me to look at the maps at HuffPost; click on a state, and you can get the results by county.

    Wisconsin being both of some interest to me and the subject of a high level of noise among the dugpa class, I checked out some of the counties I know and found that Winnebago County went for Obama, 51.1/47.4/1.5.

    Winnebago County is in the east central part of the state where lumber and paper were the main engines of industrial development, paper still being very important. Notable towns and cities include Oshkosh and Neenah (Neenah Paper). The city of Appleton (The Appleton Company), with its rural satellite Grand Chute, spills into Winnebago from its own main county to the north, and is the major city in the local census area.

    If all this rings bells, this could be why, or maybe this. It is just delightful that Winnebago turned out to be a clearly Blue county last night.

  9. Peterr says:

    Joe Scarborough is speaking bmaz’s language this morning: “This wasn’t Alabama vs Louisiana State. This was Alabama vs Ball State.”

  10. Sojourner says:

    Personally, I think Ann Romney cooked it with her remark about “You People!” It could not have happened to nicer people!

  11. thatvisionthing says:

    @P J Evans: Kerrey drowns kittens. Fuck him.


    This is what Nebraska’s Robert Kerrey said in the opening paragraph of an article titled, “On Remembering the Vietnam War:”

    “Around the farm, there is an activity that no one likes to do. Yet it is sometimes necessary. When a cat gives birth to kittens that aren’t needed, the kittens must be destroyed. And there is a moment when you are holding the kitten under the water when you know that if you bring that kitten back above the water it will live, and if you don’t bring it back above in that instant the kitten will be dead. This, for me, is a perfect metaphor for those dreadful moments in war when you do not quite do what you previously thought you would do.”


    Former Senator Robert Kerrey has admitted that as leader of a Navy Seal unit he participated in the murder of civilians in Vietnam. The Seal unit was part of an assassination squad, operating under the guidance of Operation Phoenix which, in the course of the war, killed more than 30,000 Vietnamese, using what its leader, William Colby, called a “scatter-gun approach,” in later congressional hearings. Villagers on the scene say Kerrey’s Seals not only shot more than 100 women and children with automatic fire, but slit the throats of five people, all judged less than human: Gooks, Slants, Slopes, Cong, Charlie, VC.

    I read that years ago and it’s all that I think of when I hear his name.

  12. P J Evans says:

    Howard Berman, a (nominal) Democrat who was endorsed by three well-known GOP hawks, lost. There are people now talking about him as a potential replacement for Hillary. Even those he’s been on the House foreign relations committee for some years, I wouldn’t trust him in an actual diplomatic position.

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