One Cowardly Nerd

It’s done. Governor Snyder signed the bill in the secrecy of his office or a closet or wherever else he goes to deal with the shame of turning his state into Indiana or Mississippi or Bangladesh because he wasn’t tough enough to stand up to Dick DeVos.

Michigan is now the 24th state that limits union contracts and only union contracts on fees.

And unless we change it the Democratic Party will become even more captured by the oligarchs.

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  1. GulfCoastPirate says:

    When is it time to bring the mafia back in? I grew up with a lot of those types. I kind of like ’em and we didn’t have this type of trouble with politicians when we had them around.

    It’s either that or the oligarchs ……………

  2. Bardi says:

    It is only union contracts, except for the firemen and police. Wonder why they denied those groups the “liberties” they sold to the rest?

  3. RT says:

    Cowardly all right: I tried calling yesterday and today and I think they weren’t answering the executive office publicly available phone number at all and had also disconnected the Constituent Services number that was STILL ON THEIR OFFICIAL WEB SITE.
    So much for transparency and 1 tuff schmuck. Maybe he should be known as pRic Snyder from now on and @ some time the state’s name will be “Michissippi”.
    What are we to expect from a guy who filches a billion dollars from schools and pensioners and still can’t balance a budget?

  4. bell says:

    it is depressing to see this unfold, and on the coat-tails of your last post.. good coverage regardless marcy. thanks..

  5. Phoenix Woman says:

    @Bardi: Because most cop and fire unions were bought off by the GOP ages ago.

    Snyder used the same game plan as did Scott Walker in Wisconsin, and one of the great surprises of my life was to see the police and firefighter unions turning against Walker — but that was fueled partly out of resentment at being used as his palace guard, among other things.

  6. guest says:

    Exactly what I would have expected from that party. The dispiriting part was watching the Michigan voters give them the green light to do it with the constitutional amendment failure, while the R’s supposedly got their asses handed to them in the elections.

    And perhaps it is just foreplay for the lame duck fuck-over Obama/Reid/Pelosi and Boner are hatching right this moment. I give 50/50 odds that Obama will make a reluctant show of being forced to negotiate 67 y.o. Medicare eligibility by the end of the month. And if I win that one, I’ll go double or nothing that something like the Ryan Medicare as voucher plan gets passed within the next four years. That’s four years of lame duck fuck-overs we could be facing, and I don’t think that’s a rolled up pocket veto I see in the presidential trousers.

  7. Dale says:

    Republican Senate, Republican House, Republican Governor. I think it was Obama that said it best: “Elections have consequences”

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