Wildcard Weekend, Sexy Rex Art and Johnny Football

There is a lot of football news in the wind but, frankly, there is only one thing everybody is interested in. Rex Ryan’s wife. Tattooed on his ass, er arm. Dressed only in a Dirty Sanchex jersey. No wonder Tebow couldn’t get on the field and finished the season in quarterback production somewhere behind the St. Louis Rams’ punter. Meanwhile, gossip purveyors on the internet have been pondering what tattoos Bill Belichick might have.

The second best story is, JOHNNY FOOTBALL. Dude is legit. What kind of dropoff did Johnny Manziel have after all the Heisman hoopla and partying? None. Opening drive of the game, Mr. Football capped off with a 23 yard TD run. Score was tight through the first half, but Texas A&M never let the Sooners really into it. In the second half, they just flat blew the doors off of Oklahoma. Manziel ended up with a FBS bowl record 229 yards rushing on 17 carries, and completed 22 of 34 passes for another 287 yards. 516 yards of total offense by himself. The Aggies are very good, and their offensive line is as good as I have seen in some time. They would kill Notre Dame, and have already soundly beaten Alabama in Tuscaloosa. I’m going to catch hell from the Gulf Coast Pirate but, say what you will, right now Texas A&M is the best college football team on the planet.

Also, it seems, there is some professional football on this weekend. Before we get to that, there were a boatload of coaches and GMs sacked on Monday. The chips are starting to fall into place. Andy Reid is in at the Chefs and Scott Pioli is out. Speaking of Chips, Kelly from the Oregon Ducks is looking good for the Brownies, who are putting a full court press on here is Phoenix where the Quackers just blew out Kansas State in the Fiesta Bowl. The Cardinals are, of course, behind the curve and are looking at one of the bigger jerks in football, Todd Haley. Oh, and the Jets are sniffing around Norval Turner.

As for the games, first up Saturday is Cinci at the Tejans. Houston should be the better team, but they are in a serious funk and the Bungles ar on a real roll. Lot of sports media types are picking the Bengals for the road win. Not me, I think Houston pulls it together enough to eke out a win. The nightcap Saturday, however, is far more interesting. Vikings at the Packers. On the Frozen Tundra. Under the lights, snow flurries and temps in the low 20s. Adrian Peterson and Aaron Rodgers. This is good stuff. Peterson has just worn out the Packers on the ground this year. But that was in the dome at home and when the weather was better in GB. The Pack may not stop #28, but they can likely contain him enough to make Christian Ponder beat them. But Rodgers is the one more comfortable in the cold. The Vikings are not going to eat the Cheese twice in a row.

The early game Sunday is the return of the Colts to Baltimore. Andrew Luck really cut down on the turnovers down the December stretch and the Colts believe. But Ray Lewis is returning for his “last ride” after announcing he will retire at the end of this season. I was shocked how at peace with the decision Lewis really seemed; he appears to really mean it. Say what you will about Ray Lewis, but the man was a monster on the field. The only other defensive player that I’ve ever seen who was so dominant, for so long, was Lawrence Taylor. And Lewis is a more critical team leader than LT was. Is it Andrew Luck’s time to shine, or will Ray Ray live to play yet another day? No clue, I rate it a dead toss up. Maybe slight edge to the Ravens; Flacco always wins at least one playoff game every year he’s been in the league.

Which leaves what may well be the best for last. The showdown between super rookies RGIII of the Skins and Russell Wilson and the Squawks. RGIII has all the glitz and pub, but I think the Seahawks have the better team. Especially on defense, where they are big, fast and very, very good. This will be only the second playoff game ever played at Fed-Ex Field, the last being in 1999 win against the Lions, of all people. But the Squawks are not the Criminal Docket Kittehs. Wilson and RGIII, and Marshawn Lynch and Alfred Morris may just cancel each other out in a wash. But Seattle is superior on defense by a lot. That is the difference.

The music this weekend is in honor of Rex Ryan and is, of course, from Tattoo You.

And now with the preview for Monday night:


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  1. GulfCoastPirate says:

    First of all let me offer my condolences to Mr. White. That game had to be a big disappointment for a lot of Florida fans but that Louisville QB looks legit.

    OK, the Aggies. I knew, I just knew when I came here you’d have something to say. You are correct in one area – that line is the best college offensive line on the planet. I’m not even sure who would be a close second. However, folks around here knew that going into the season and it was expected to be the strong point of their offense. There are two first round draft choices (possibly both top 15) on that line and one guard (also expected to be a pro player) who is actually playing out of position (regularly a tackle) in order to get some playing time. That’s pretty stout for a college team and not unsurprising given they were all Mike Sherman recruits and Sherman has done good work with offensive lines both in college and the NFL. Let’s see what Manziel does next year without Kingsbury and a more ordinary offensive line.

    Lots of angst in this area about the Texans. Schaab simply isn’t getting it done. If he plays the way he has for the last month we’re dead meat.

  2. Jim White says:

    Yeah, those Aggies looked dominant in the second half last night. I’m so glad the Gators had them in the very first game under Sumlin.

    Speaking of the Gators, @GulfCoastPirate: is right, the Sugar Bowl was a huge disappointment. On a personal front, the family trip to New Orleans was big fun. My wife and girls got serious face time on ESPN since we were on the front row, but somehow, they seemed to avoid my mug.

    The silver lining for the Gators is that the poor performance will dial down expectations for next year to a significant extent. If they had won by the margin the odds-makers had come up with, they would likely have finished at No 2 in the polls and top five in next year’s pre-season polls. After the flop, they deserve to drop to the 10-12 range both for this season and the pre-season for next year. It always seems easier to work up the polls than to defend from the top.

    I haven’t given much thought to the NFL playoffs yet, but I’m having some issues on whether the Rex Ryan tat photo is real. There is a conveniently placed chair obscuring his wife’s feet in the photo. I’ll believe the tat is real when I see that Rex’s mouth is firmly attached to her feet.

    The real excitement, though, is that Gator Baseball is only a little over a month away. Although they lost three first-rounders and several other key players to the draft, they are incredibly deep with pitching and they have a true hotshot stepping in to take over at shortstop for one of the first-rounders. This team won’t have the pressure of last year’s preseason no 1 ranking, but they should have a legit chance of getting back to Omaha.

  3. scribe says:

    Should be interesting to see when Johnny Football comes into the No Fun League. He should stay in college – in a league full of men a teenager will get killed on principle. And we’ll see just how good he is without that O-line. I suspect coming into the League he runs into the same kind of problem Tebow has – teams’ reluctance to upend their offensive personnel and scheme to suit his skills. The Broncos did that, to some degree, for Tebow and all he did was win. The Skins did similar for RG3 and … all they’ve done is win. To a lesser degree, the Iggles did that for Vick and when he got hurt didn’t know which end was up.

    I am disinterested in the Alabama game – SEC football does little or nothing for me.

    As to Fat Rex the Perverse and Mrs. Rex, we’ve had swingers’ websites, foot fetish videos with starring and supporting roles, and now the Mrs. Rex Naked in a Sanchez Jersey While Tebowing tattoo. After violating League rules by skipping town without meeting the media during the week following the end of the season. As Francesa said Wednesday afternoon (about 6 minutes into a 15 minute rant): “The Jets are a sewer.” He was right.

    I don’t particularly care about what Rex and Mrs. Rex are up to in their off-hours, nor how they decorate their bodies. The juxtaposition of imagery in the tattoo does raise interesting questions guaranteed to give radio call-in callers and barroom sages infinite opportunities for humor, off-color and otherwise. (e.g., “Tebow would have gotten playing time if he’d … yadda yadda … tattoo … yadda yadda.”) But, more to the point, Rex’ conduct shows a profound disrespect for the league and its PR. He’s done a shit job of coaching. He broke Fireman Ed’s spirit – how bad does one have to be to pull that off? He has turned the Jets into even more of a clown show than they were before. Woody Johnson gets the back page, but not for winning. Hell of a way to run – ruin – a team.

    Me? I’m enjoying it. I revel in J-E-T-S misery. Keeps my mind off my Steelers getting older, slower and beat.

    My picks: Colts, Cheese, Skins (close game that could go either way) and Bungles.

    And the theme music? Could/should be the soundtrack from Tattoo (1981). http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0083178/ Like Dern in that movie Fat Rex has left a mark, and not in a good way.

  4. Peterr says:

    @Jim White: The Fighting Journalists want to thank the good people in Florida for some truly fine hospitality during their recent trip to the Gator Bowl.

  5. Peterr says:

    My picks: Bungles, Ravens, Cheese, and the IIIs.

    The Ravens should bring the ghost of Johnny Unitas into the locker room to give the pre-game pep talk. From his wiki:

    After Robert Irsay moved the Colts franchise to Indianapolis in 1984, a move reviled to this day in Baltimore as “Bob Irsay’s Midnight Ride,” Unitas was so outraged that he cut all ties to the relocated team (though his #19 jersey is still retired by the Colts). Other prominent old-time Colts followed his lead. He asked the Pro Football Hall of Fame on numerous occasions (including on Roy Firestone’s Up Close) to remove his display unless it was listed as belonging to the Baltimore Colts. The Hall of Fame has never complied with the request. Unitas donated his Colts memorabilia to the Babe Ruth Museum in Baltimore; it is now on display in the Sports Legends Museum at Camden Yards.

    Johnny Unitas was inducted into the American Football Association’s Semi Pro Football Hall of Fame in 1987.

    Unitas actively lobbied for another NFL team to come to Baltimore. After the NFL returned to Baltimore in 1996 as the Ravens Unitas and most of the other old-time Colts regarded the Ravens as the true successors to the Baltimore Colts. Unitas was frequently seen on the Ravens’ sidelines at home games (most prominently in 1998 when the now-Indianapolis Colts played the Ravens) and received a thunderous ovation every time he was pictured on each of the huge widescreens at M&T Bank Stadium. He was often seen on the 30 yard line on the Ravens side. When the NFL celebrated its first 50 years, Unitas was voted the league’s best player. Retired Bears quarterback Sid Luckman said of Unitas, “He was better than me. Better than (Sammy) Baugh. Better than anyone.”

  6. Peterr says:

    Re the gossip purveyors on the Internet . . .

    Given the way Scott Pioli never acquired a QB for the Chefs that would threaten Matt Cassell’s job security, I’d say the answer to Zirin’s question is Yes. For that matter, BillBel and Pioli may have gotten them together.

    New Chefs coach Andy Reid may want to make Belichek an offer. “If you’d like Cassell, I’m sure we could work something out . . .”

  7. bmaz says:

    @Peterr: That gossip purveyor has Ryan Mallet as her backup now; likely don’t want Cassell back. Maybe he can go backup Carson Palmer again.

  8. What Constitution says:

    I thought I heard somewhere that the undefeated Fighting Irish of Notre Dame would be playing against some non-undefeated SEC squad named after a laundry detergent with the national championship on the line? After all the other non-undefeated teams had played some preliminary games of no consequence over the past week or so, being non-undefeated and all that? Or did I get that wrong? Now, I have no personal tie to Notre Dame, unless having a spouse who went there counts (I tend to defer to that, personal self-preservation and all that). Are they really such an aberration that the BCS championship game is not going to interest anybody? Roll Soapers!

  9. Peterr says:

    @bmaz: See, you’re looking at this in football terms, and completely ignoring the marital aspect of this trade offer.

  10. JohnT says:

    Well, at first blush conventional wisdom says the cheese will win the day.

    15-1 last year, 11-5 this year, Aaron Rodgers as QB – who should get as much consideration for MVP as Peyton considering he has better overall stats, with no running game, a piss poor o-line, and had to deal with injuries to Cedric Benson, Greg Jennings and Jordy Nelson … but something during that Giants game got exposed. Can’t put my finger on it, whether it’s obvious lack of talent on the o-line, running backs, overall defense, or that they were telegraphing the coming plays. … But something fundamental got exposed. And they are vulnerable. And their home playoff record is a not too stellar 2-4 in the last decade.

    That’s not to say the Vikings are world beaters … on paper they aren’t, e.g. Tarvar- ermm, Christian Ponder as QB, a receiving corp who couldn’t catch air if they fell out of an airplane, and Antoine Winfield’s broken hand. They are a dome team, but if there’s one team built for inclement weather it’s the Queens. And they beat the 49ers, became very less than average, but then won their last four games in which they beat the Bears, Texans, and Packers. And had the second toughest schedule in the second half of the season in the division

    Then there’s the one player who’s so out-of-the-box extraordinarily talented that he can’t be compared to anyone else playing today.

    Greg Jennings is back. Jordy Nelson is back. And Randall Cobb is back. Which says ARodg should have a big game

    But this smells a lot closer than the 7.5 line Vegas says it should be.


  11. Dick & Scooter Laffing Asses Off says:

    Former CIA Officer Is First to Face Prison for a Classified Leak

    On January 25, Mr. John C. Kiriakou is scheduled to be sentenced to 30 months in prison as part of a plea deal in which he admitted violating the Intelligence Identities Protection Act by e-mailing the name of a covert CIA officer to a freelance reporter, who did not publish it. The law was passed in 1982, aimed at radical publications that deliberately sought to out undercover agents, exposing their secret work and endangering their lives.

    In more than six decades of fraught interaction between the agency and the news media, Kiriakou is the first current or former CIA officer to be convicted of disclosing classified information to a reporter.


  12. phred says:

    Aside from watching a good, but ultimately disappointing, Rose Bowl (sorry ros), I have skipped the BCS bs. We can talk college football championships when they get around to having them someday. In the meantime, miscellaneous bowl games are just a handy excuse for the snowbirds to warm their frosty toes for a few days ; )

    The real action kicks off in less than an hour…

    My picks for the weekend are: Putty Tats, Cheesers, Turn-Colts, and Wilson’s team (once a Badger always a Badger ; )


    Happy Playoffs All : )

  13. phred says:

    By the way, as for Rexy, I think it’s pretty fabulous that the man is that into his wife. Most of the time, isn’t everyone scandalized by extramarital preoccupations? Whatever.

    The thing I don’t get is Sanchez’ number on the tat. If Sanchez had gotten Rexy a ring, I would understand it better. Instead, it seems pretty risky to imprint such a permanent reminder of, uh, lack of success on one’s person. That’s gotta hurt.

    As the proud owner of two Favre jerseys, I can keep them tucked into a bottom drawer where they don’t necessarily remind me of certain unfortunate antics. I wonder if Rex has considered picking another number and getting it touched up…

  14. bmaz says:

    @JohnT: Peterson is great, and had an awesome year. Remember watching Jim Brown when I was a kid (only really the last 2-3 years).

    But those are not the real mark of running back greatness if you ask me. No, that title belongs to Orinthal James Simpson. OJ amassed 2003 yards in only 14 games instead of 16. And he did it playing at least half of them in the cold dreck and muck of Rich Stadium in Buffalo. Not in a turfed dome. There is the standard, not Brown, not Dickerson, and not Peterson.

  15. scribe says:

    @bmaz: Gotta agree with you on that, BMAz. Like it or not, OJ has a much stronger case for having been the greatest RB evah. Still love the Buffalo O-line’s nickname – “the electric company”. Named after the kids’ show, but they “turned on the Juice”.

    Just now watching the Texans’ return man circling the drain on a punt return. And a clip. Funny.

  16. phred says:

    @JohnT: Hi JohnT : ) Your comments hadn’t posted before I made my previous ones, but I wanted to chime in quick to wish you and your team well : ) Ok, not well enough to win, but still…

    Off to go have dinner with our ol’ chum Scarecrow, will be back for the late game though…

    Go PACK!

  17. CTuttle says:

    Aloha, bmaz and Wheelies…! My picks… Tejans, Cheese, Ravens, and Squawks…! Johnny Football certainly lived up to his Heisman hype…! ;-)

  18. Peterr says:

    @bmaz: Ahem.

    If you’re looking for Running Back Greatness, there’s only one word for it: Sweetness.

    Walter Payton outclassed OJ on the field in all kinds of ways, playing in the muck of Soldier Field.

  19. Peterr says:

    @bmaz: I’d put Sayers at #1 if he had better knees. Sayers was great at what he did, but did it for far fewer years. Sweetness was much more versatile, and did it for quite a bit longer.

    But I won’t argue that one too hard.

  20. JohnLopresti says:

    We did mixed beef-dairy; so, I have met a few Holsteins; but cannot claim having been smitten by their attributes from the herder’s viewpoint. Which relates to the cheese-sourced ninth largest cattle population’s being situated in the state of Wisconsin, if one can call cattle situated at all.

    WI so far still is home of Scott Brown, but I do not believe Republicans can mask the rustbelt right-to-work vorpel blade sufficiently to preserve Brown thru his next election, 2014.

    WI, a place Tom Vilsack worries about because of Republican obstruction efforts in the 112th Congress over the 5-year Farm Bill. Imagine! Republican do not like ag! Enough to turn the farm bureau against the Republicans! That shift of tectonium might take suspension of the right of primogeniture. Yet, WI just might be francaise enough! I’m not sure if WI favors the South East France tradition of inheritance or South West France Young movement conservative SBrown also is drooling over the prospect of easing WI state mining rules. That’s Republican. Though, I must be careful because I worked in the mining industry, after a fashion.

    In the years after Bill Walsh, his former assistants dispersed to a few snowy zone teams and made good. That’s what I really think of when we talk Fikings…carefully pronounced; Pack…

    …That and now I have found images of some quite pretty outdoor places in Wisconsin.

  21. bmaz says:

    Ruh roh, ponder this one: Christian is OUT and will be inactive; Joe Webb be be QB for the Vikes. Though that may be an upgrade.

  22. scribe says:

    @bmaz: That’s good. Almost as good as me asking a rabid Dallas fan of my acquaintance when the Cowboys’ game is this weekend.

    In other news, Ponder declared inactive b/c of throwing arm. Anyone want to re-examine that Cheeser spread?

  23. prostratedragon says:


    Six touchdown passes.

    I have a photo of him smiling with the Olympic torch, which someday I’ll get digitized.

  24. JohnT says:

    @scribe: Not much to go on, but, off the top of my head, he was QB when Favrah got knocked out the previous game (?) – thanks to the fat tub o lard LT Bryant McKinnie – a few years ago and beat the Iggles. And last year he was QB when they beat the Skins in the game where AD got his knee shredded

  25. Jim White says:

    Who on earth came up with this lame-ass plan for the NFL bowl games? I mean, really, who thinks fans will pay attention through four rounds of “playoffs” with so many teams involved? When will they come around to the far superior system of letting a bunch of drunken sportswriters and an Apple IIe choose who will play for the Lombardi trophy? Get real, guys.

  26. phred says:

    @Peterr: I didn’t see your comment in time, but I uh, took the liberty to wish him well all the same : )

    We had a lovely dinner, there were 9 of us in all, a very nice evening all around. We dawdled a bit and Scarecrow’s son was kind enough to give me updates on the score : )

  27. Peterr says:

    @phred: It wasn’t taking a liberty at all, as you obviously knew we’d want you to wish him well.

    It’s kind of like wondering if bmaz would hit the roof when Gloria Allred gives a press conference. You don’t have to see bmaz’s comment to know that he’s throwing something at his TV. It’s not taking a liberty — it’s knowing who you are dealing with.

  28. phred says:

    @Peterr: Thanks : ) I know everyone is thinking of him. He looked good and we had a nice conversation. I’m fortunate to be able to hobnob with him in person now that he is typing to us less these days.

    So thinking of bmaz and Alread… how many TVs do you figure he goes through in a year? ; )

  29. Peterr says:

    The winter storm in Wisconsin is just south of Green Bay, much to my dismay. Watching steam coming from the mouths of the players is one of the great sights of playoff football, but seeing it while snow is falling is the icing on the cake.

  30. phred says:

    @bmaz: Jim, Peterr, I don’t know about you, but a certain counselor seems a might testy tonight, given his team is playing pretty well. Maybe he’s hankering for a hunka, a sliver, a slice, a chunka, he’s hankering for a hunk of CHEESE ; )

  31. phred says:

    @CTuttle: He looked good CTuttle, cheerful and pleasant as always. He has family visiting, so a group of us took over a corner of a nice little restaurant and had a delightful time. Chatted about politics and the recent fiscal cliff foolishness (shocking, I know ; ) Chatted a bit more about energy policy, climate change, and technology. It was great to see him.

  32. CTuttle says:

    @phred: Great news, phred…!

    I’m no fan of either the Tide, nor the Golden Domers, but, I do want to see Te’o live up to some of his Heisman hype…! Of which, I had a front row seat here in the Isles…! The treacle was extremely cloying…!

  33. phred says:

    @JohnT: I just wanted to say that you sincerely have my sympathies. Having a QB for the playoffs that hasn’t started a regular season game is a disadvantage that has only ever been overcome once. I would have preferred both sets of starters on the field. This wasn’t at all the match up we expected and I feel for the Vikes fans. I know how I would have felt if they made Rodgers inactive 90 minutes before kickoff.

  34. Bay State Librul says:

    Yesterday, Charlie Pierce joked that the NHL should just have the “playoffs”

    Today, it looks like a 48 game season?

    Credit to Federal Mediator Beckenbaugh. Darts to the rest of the negotiating team

  35. rosalind says:

    dang. in car on way home Fox Sports reporting Colts’ Offensive Coordinator just taken to the hospital. hope i misheard.

  36. scribe says:

    @rosalind: You heard right – Arians has been hospitalized with the flu and will not coach today.

    FWIW, I had that flu early last month. It came on in about 30 minutes Saturday afternoon and laid me out. All night Saturday. I was going to go into work Sunday and managed to wake at the usual time, followed by a walk to the toilet and back convincing me there was no frickin’ way I was going further than my rack. Which is where I spent the entire day and night Sunday, bundled in 5 layers of clothes and more blankets, trying to sweat it out. I managed to get in to work Monday and not toss my (empty) guts. Almost a month later, I’m still having coughing fits and gagging up crap out of my lungs.

    You. Do. Not. Want. This. Flu.

  37. Peterr says:

    @scribe: My choir director called me last week to say that when her two dozen family members descended on her house over the holidays, one of them must have just been exposed to the flu but it had not yet affected them. Now it has, and when the whole crew returned to their various homes, all but something like two have gotten sick.

    I’m hoping she’ll be back in shape by Easter.

    And that’s only partly a joke.

    You. Really. Really. Really. Do. Not. Want. This. Flu.

  38. What Constitution says:

    @masaccio: Ah, Joan Jett — with a rendition of a classic which reminds me, in a wonderful way, of Woody Allen’s classic line “The prison psychiatrist asked me if I thought sex was dirty; I said it is if you’re doing it right.” Thanks!

  39. phred says:

    1 for 3 so far in my picks this weekend. Fortunately, that 1 is the only game I really care about ; )

  40. JohnT says:

    Well that sucked

    Was gonna be hard enough with Ponder in there, so they throw Webb in with no preparation, and he was rusty … gosh, whodathunk? Then they run zero read option … ok, mebbe 6 plays total … huh? Yearight, the reason they allegedly hired Bill Musgrave (Offensive Coordinator) was because he was going to tailor the play calling to the strengths of the players … mmhmm. Amazing AD still got 99 yards despite having to deal with all that

    That said, Aaron Rodgers is still Aaron Rodgers, and the better team won

    But … be careful what you wish for … now Candlestick and the Niners await

  41. emptywheel says:

    Coming late. But I wrote my playoff bracket on the envelope o f the wedding invite I was at. I picked Texans, Ravens, Cheese, and Squawks.

    So go Squawks!

    Saw Masaccio while I was in Chicago. Told him that bmaz wasn’t really commenting on the Domers game.

  42. P J Evans says:

    They probably aren’t going to get snow and ice there. (It’s Candlestick. I can’t rule it out. But torrential rain is more likely.)

  43. CTuttle says:

    *Irony Alert* I think the Squawks will be, once again, the only road team victor next weekend…! My Donkos, the Patsies, the Niners, and the Squawks will all prevail next weekend…! You heard it here, first…! ;-)

  44. phred says:

    @CTuttle: Congrats on the hubcap CTut!

    rosalind, thanks for the condolences, fortunately, I still have my Rose Bowl Champions sweatshirt with Bucky looking proud on it, but I’ll admit it’s getting a little old ; ) Your puns however, remain as fresh as a squeaky cheese curd ; ) Yummm, I do love visiting the cheese factory when I visit my family over the holidays ; )

  45. emptywheel says:

    @CTuttle: See, I picked the Falcons to win, though I’m second guessing myself.

    And mostly out of hope rather than reason, I picked the Ravens to beat Peyton. Cause someone’s gotta beat Peyton, right? And who better than Ray Lewis?

  46. Jim White says:

    By the way, the UNC-UVA basketball game on ESPNU now is very entertaining.

    @Peterr: I’m thinking that if we could photoshop an open bottle of tequila into GA’s hand, he should be distracted through the entire game tomorrow night, trying to decide if he’s attracted to or repulsed from the picture.

  47. Peterr says:

    @bmaz: Amen.

    I detest John Elway with a passion, but the notion of Teh Old Man winning while both Teh Big Rookies went down this weekend has a nice karma to it.

    Man. First I’m rooting for the Packers, and now I’m leaning toward Elway’s Broncs . . . With the bowl game win by the Fighting Journalists, maybe I’m just a little delirious.

  48. bmaz says:

    @Jim White: It is hard to understand how the “National Championship” game is being played tomorrow night, since neither Texas A&M nor Oregon is in it.

  49. CTuttle says:

    @Peterr: …I detest John Elway with a passion… See, now that is where we diverge in total opposite directions, despite his Super Bowl victories and all, one has to recognize his sheer magnificence, in shipping Juicebox Jesus to the J-E-T-S….! Can I get an Amen, here…? ;-)

  50. Jim White says:

    @bmaz: It’s not. Don’t you remember? I explained that the National Championship game was Dec. 1 when Alabama beat Georgia. Tomorrow night is the the trophy award ceremony with an exhibition game as prelude. The Clover Domers are just the Washington Generals of the week.

  51. JohnT says:

    Via SFGate

    Thirty-one years after Dwight Clark snagged one of the most famous receptions in NFL history, there is one seriously spooky sign that Michael Crabtree could be following in his footsteps.

    Crabtree just finished the season with 85 catches for 1,105 yards and became the franchise’s first 1,000-yard receiver in nine years.

    In 1981, Clark had … 85 catches for … 1,105 yards and became the franchise’s first 1,000-yard receiver in … 11 years (I know, so close).

  52. emptywheel says:

    @bmaz: I BELIEVE I said Ray Lewis would beat Peyton.

    Though I gotta say Flacco had some fun throwing to former Cardinal Anquan Boldin today! ;-p

  53. bmaz says:

    @masaccio: All I know about the Sugar Bowl is that it was fortunate that Florida team did not have to play a truly superior team like Northern Illinois University.

    That could have truly gotten ugly.

  54. bmaz says:

    @emptywheel: Well, whoever. I cannot account for you when you are in Bear land.

    As to Anquan, well, the man ain’t stupid; he got the hell away from the Cardinals while there was still a QB actually throwing to wide receivers.

  55. Peterr says:

    @bmaz: Shipping Juicebox Jesus to NYC was truly a thing of beauty. It was a giant slap in the face to the Colorado Springs crowd, which can’t happen often enough.

  56. Peterr says:

    @bmaz: I’m just admitting that my opinion of Peyton is shaped by my disdain for the guy who signs his paycheck.

    You nailed my Super Bowl matchup: Peyton v Teh Cheese.

  57. bmaz says:

    @Peterr: Pat Bowlen? What did he do?

    For the record, my predictions for SB were Cheese and Donkos. More worried about the NFC half of that prediction though.

  58. Peterr says:

    @bmaz: Don’t play games. This is Elway, not Bowlen:

    Since late 2009, rumors have begun to emerge that Bowlen stepped out of the spotlight and is suffering from short-term memory loss.[5] He told The Denver Post columnist Woody Paige that his memory wasn’t what it used to be and that he couldn’t recall details of the Broncos back-to-back Super Bowl titles in the late 1990s. For most of 2010, Bowlen was invisible. He no longer plays a major role in the Broncos’ decision making; VP and CEO John Elway, and President Joe Ellis now have that control.

    When an owner can’t remember the details of winning not one but two Super Bowls, he’s not doing well.

  59. bmaz says:

    @Peterr: The problem with this is, we are relying on Woody Paige to be less senile and alzheimered than Bowlen.

    At least Pat turned over his gig to John Elway; Woody Paige let Stephen A. Smith take over his role of a lifetime spot. Who do you think has their mental faculties? Huh?

  60. CTuttle says:

    @Peterr: *heh* Ever more Thank Dawg’s to Elway then…! ;-)

    Now, do you suppose Theo Epstein will finally lead the hapless Cubbies to the Promised Land like he did for my Cardiac Sox…? Btw, good riddance to the ‘bloody’ Valentine…! *gah*

  61. CTuttle says:

    Btw, Peterr, besides the Rock Star treatment Reid is getting in KC these daze…! Who do you think he’ll select as the first pick in the draft…?

  62. bmaz says:

    I have contacted John Brennan to investigate and torture whoever put that lame ass video at the bottom of my post.

  63. Peterr says:

    @CTuttle: As the Chiefs began circling the drain this season, the shouting has been for the Chiefs to use the #1 pick for a QB. Given that there’s no obvious Luck or RGIII in this year’s class, I don’t know that he’ll go that way — but picking a QB would certainly be applauded by a sizable chunk of the fan base.

  64. orionATL says:

    if there’s two american sports teams i truly dislike, it’s notre dame and the yankees.

    glad to see notre dame, so far this evening, looks like the flag football team from our lady of perpetual hope.

    “name recognition” – its what activates the peter principle for both ranking football teams and electing presidents. its the american way – social promotion of the marginally competent famous to a level far beyond their competence.

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