Super Bowl 47 Trash Talk: The Harbowling

It is finally Super Bowl weekend and it feels….kind of blah. Maybe it is because two brothers from an apparently nice wholesome family are squaring off after two weeks of nice making between themselves and their teams. I dunno, but there seems to be a distinct lack of intense vibe, at least to my senses. Super Bowl weekend is also always bittersweet because it is truly the end of the football season and of regular Trash Talk. Sure we will be around for the start of the Formula One Circus and maybe March Madness, but this is it for the regular Trash posts.

In New Orleans there is a party going on. There is also the nagging specter of Katrina hovering over the festivities. For all the glitz and glamor, the Big Easy is still a tale of two cities. There is the glitzy tourist centric French Quarter, which largely survived Katrina intact, the well to do areas of the affluent, all restored and ready to party, and the center of it all this weekend, the Superdome. They are all looking good.

Lets look at at the Superdome, which is not only rebuilt and beautified, but now bears the signage and imprimatur of the ultimate in prestige and wealth, Mercedes Benz:

The multi-phase $336 million project begun after Katrina wrecked the building in 2005, stripping away part of the roof and dumping water throughout, allowing mold to grow unchecked. Evacuees stewed in the summer heat without air conditioning or working bathrooms in a scene that epitomized the chaos of the disaster.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency provided $156 million of the renovation money, said Superdome manager Doug Thornton. He said renovating the Superdome was half the cost of building a new stadium.

“This is a brand new stadium,” said New Orleans Saints owner Tom Benson, who pushed hard for construction of a new facility before the 2005 storm. “It’s got all the things we wanted. I haven’t seen a finer stadium in the country.”

We bought that. Now that is not necessarily a bad thing, the Superdome was one of the symbols of New Orleans, and an eye that was blackened by Katrina’s surge and aftermath. It was important symbolically to heal and it is an economic driver for the city. Federal money spent means jobs and there is no denying the pride that the folks of New Orleans took in the rebuilding of their house and the rebirth of the Saints, culminating in their own Super Bowl season. It was a transfusion for an ailing city.

As we get ready to celebrate all that is good, glitzy and reborn about New Orleans, let us also take a moment for all that is lost and unrecovered. And there is still that. The population of New Orleans, although growing well, is still only about 80% of its pre-Katrina level and many of those were not the ones who were driven out never to return. Cleansing is a tough word, but it may have some application, and not in a good way.

Having taken a look at the side of the city that is whole again, let us also do so for the infamous areas that are not:

Most tourists this week will see the parts of the city that fared the best during the hurricane — the French Quarter and the Garden District, built on the highest ground near the Mississippi River. But many neighborhoods still bear Katrina’s scars, from the brown stains of high-water marks on buildings to piles of rubble on lots overgrown with weeds. Unemployment and crime rates are still high.

“It’s hard when you walk out the door and don’t see a house across the street,” said Nevles Brown, 46, who lost his home in the Lower Ninth, but now rents a refurbished one nearby.

His uncle, Ronnie Brown, lives down the block in a house that shouldn’t be standing. Still visible on the bright blue siding are spray-painted X’s — symbols drawn by rescuers who checked the houses for survivors in the early days. The front corner of the roof is sheered and splintered.

“I got nowhere else to go,” Brown said, sitting in a chair on the remains of his front porch.

Overall, you have to feel pretty good, both for, and about, New Orleans this weekend. They have come alive again, but there is still work to do and people to heal in the less glitzy areas. And then there is the homophobia that has surfaced in an ugly way over the last week in the hustle and bustle of the Super Bowl scene.

That is the tale of the city, now for the teams. Niners and Ravens. On the hermetically sealed, temperature controlled fake tundra. As the future of this blog may depend on it, I want to be clear:

The San Francisco 49ers will be the Champions of Super Bowl 47!

As my prediction record is basically 0 for the last few weeks, this should bode well for the Ravens and allow the good work here at Emptywheel to continue unabated.

There are several reason behind my Niners pick. First off, San Francisco has been to exactly five Super Bowls, and they have won all of them. Jo6pack and JohnT, both of the Bay area demand a six pack of Super Bowls. Ray Lewis turned his “last ride” into a sleigh ride. John Harbaugh has been too bubbly and fun, Jim Harbaugh has been too quiet and sullen, you KNOW he is plotting.

I could go over the usual litany of players and potential impacts on the game, but you know them already. Both teams are pretty healthy and ready to go. Lewis may still have a wounded Raven wing, but he played fine against the Pats and has now had an additional two weeks; he will be ready. I am going to go out on a limb here and say the difference may be…..Randy Moss. The Ravens play great ball hawking pass defense; Ed Reed and the boys will have to focus on Michael Crabtree and Vernon Davis. If they leave Moss one on one downfield, he will burn them. If they pay attention to Moss, there has to be less overage on Crabtree or Davis. Both are killers for Kaeprnick to exploit.

So, what will Roger Goodell be eating while in Nawlins watching the NINERS WIN? Well, not sure, but there is a laundry list of fine establishments that refuse to serve him. Man, that’s cold.

Music this week is by a variety of Big Easy big names. That is it, see you in comments!

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  1. emptywheel says:


    You forgot to explain the risk here. I’ve added my playoff picks in the thread–I wrote them on the back of an invitation envelope the Saturday morning before the games.

    As you can see, if the Niners win I will have picked perfectly. (and FWIW, I was picking the Niners in the early season as well, at least by September.)

    I really do want the Niners to win. Sadly, though, if it happens I will feel obliged to shut the blog down and move to Vegas to bet full time.

  2. Jim White says:

    I am convinced the 49ers will win this game (and want them to).

    That of course leaves me with looking for the blog equivalent of a cardboard box to live in. Maybe a blogger FEMA trailer…

  3. Bay State Librul says:

    I like San Francisco.

    Charlie Pierce has a humorous take on Number 47 — hamstrung?

    “I suppose we must deal with the annual festival of unhealthy snack foods and corporate elephantiasis that will unfold on Sunday. (I have been to four of them. The first one was in Miami, between San Francisco and Cincinnati, and the Overtown riots broke out four days before the game. People were stealing food a half-mile from where the various parties were at full boil. An escadrille of luxury jets flew down from Washington, where Poppy Bush had been inaugurated the previous Monday. The NFL did its damndest to ignore what was happening on the other side of town, but the cognitive dissonance of the whole event was probably detectable on Neptune.) This year’s festivities take place in a radically different cultural context. America is looking at football differently than it ever has before because now the simple fact that the destruction of the human body is as fundamental to football as it ever was to boxing has become unavoidable. The NFL will try to ignore that as thoroughly as it ignored the rioting in Miami. The broadcast crew may well blow out their hamstrings trying to dance around it.”

  4. Bay State Librul says:

    A-Rod feasting at Balco-East?
    Can they void his contract, probably not, without an eye-witness account?

  5. jo6pac says:

    @emptywheel: Thank You

    Here’s an interesting story that was out last week. The time line (I made this up)
    1. Jeb takes over the team
    2. Hires Uncle Eddy
    3. 9ers and Stanford have been close since Bill Walsh days
    4. 9ers are losing and Stanford is winning
    5. Eddy talks with JH about coming over to the 9ers.
    6. JH knows he can’t get Andrew Luck but needs a plan so when gets to the 9ers he’ll have the right QB. The D is in place but needs an O.
    7. The rest is history

    I do hope they win by this margin so they can put in Alex Smith.

  6. GulfCoastPirate says:

    I don’t care who wins. There’s going to be brisket, pulled pork, ribs and sausage.

    Then, since I have numerous squares and showdowns I will be pulling for particular scores at the end of each quarter. Winning a little money will make it a great day. :)

  7. jo6pac says:

    @P J Evans: No idea, I use to say hi to him when we would meet up at the local newsstand but it has closed down so I don’t see him anymore. I think most of his work is out at his house I understand from those that know him he has a good size office there.

    The train then light rail would put him almost at the front door of 9er world.

    GulfCoastPirate, I’m doing Dungeness Crab, Oysters, and wild smoked Salmon all from Calif. ocean with a little/lot cheap Calif. wine.

  8. Peterr says:

    @bmaz: I believe you meant to say

    The San Francisco ILers will be the Champions of Super Bowl XLVII!

    This being the annual celebration of Roman numerals and all, you need to get that right.

  9. Peterr says:

    @Bay State Librul: Mr Pierce also points to this nifty gadget that will be unveiled in television ads for Budweiser in Canada:

    [Budweiser’s] one-minute ad Sunday will launch Budweiser Red Lights, replicas of the goal light that shines whenever your favourite NHL team scores. It has created a spokesperson, Ron Kovacs, the hockey-loving inventor of the Red Light who — beyond just appearing in the spots and teasers — may actually come to your home to install it.

    The home version can be synced to your favourite team. It will flare and a horn will blare whenever your team puts one in the net, even if you’re not actually watching the game. It’s a piece of the rink in your home, or more likely, your man cave.

    Thankfully, the article notes that there is a volume control on the horn.

    As Charlie notes, however, this could be tough on a Vancouver fan who lives in the Eastern time zone: “The Canucks score in overtime, and your den turns into NORAD headquarters at 3 in the morning.”

  10. Peterr says:

    @jo6pac: That menu makes my mouth water.

    It also makes me miss living in the Bay Area. The 9ers, not so much; the cost of living, not at all; but the seafood, definitely.

  11. Peterr says:

    @JohnT: Looks like he’s demonstrating how one navigates on Lake Shore Drive: “Change lanes to the left . . . now right . . . now left again . . . now right – no change back! . . . now shout at someone in another car for being an idiot . . .”

  12. GulfCoastPirate says:

    Speaking of oysters – we’re in oyster season in the GOM and the beginning of crawfish season so their are definitely some good eats to be had in New Orleans this time of year. That char-grilled oyster dish with the butter, garlic and parmesan that started at Drago’s (but you can get them at a number of places now) is one of the greatest dishes ever invented. I could eat those all day.

  13. emptywheel says:

    @jo6pac: @GulfCoastPirate: Num. My farmers had a Super Bowl special for a pound off your butt, so I’ll be eating pulled pork.

    If I can just get Jim White to share BOTH the Carolina BBQ sauce and the KC one.

  14. JohnT says:


    GulfCoastPirate, I’m doing Dungeness Crab, Oysters, and wild smoked Salmon all from Calif. ocean with a little/lot cheap Calif. wine.

    Two Buck Chuck? Sounds like a joke, but it won and keeps winning awards

    I’m going with the Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, pork tenderloin and roasted veggies grilled over mesquite charcoal

  15. Jim White says:

    I’m keeping it simple tomorrow. Spare ribs were on sale and there’s a nice cabbage from our CSA farm, so it’s just ribs and slaw.

    Oh, and since we’re overrun with sweet potatoes, I made sweet potato bread and there should be most of a loaf still around tomorrow.

    @emptywheel: I just sent you the special family-secret KC recipe. I thought you still had the Carolina version.

  16. Peterr says:


    Here at our place, the menu is in flux. Originally we had planned a kind of appetizer buffet through which we’d graze that included many of our kid’s favorites. Then he got an invitation to a SB party at the home of one of his friends, and so Mrs Dr Peterr and I decided to revise things, seeing as how it will just be the two of us. No decisions yet on the specifics, but we’ll figure that out this evening.

    As for a recipe for pork butt . . . mmmmmm . . . I’d cover the butt liberally with garlic powder, fresh cracked pepper, and a little salt, then smoke the sucker for several hours over low heat. When it feels like it’s ready to fall apart, bring it in and do just that, adding just enough sauce (tomato-based) to moisten it after you pull it apart.

    I don’t make sauce myself. I like to cook, but with the embarrassment of riches that is the KC BBQ community, I’m happy to enjoy the sauce from our favorite local BBQ joint.

  17. Peterr says:

    @Peterr: Note, please, that this is not a slam on Jim’s recipe in particular, but rather an observation that there are better uses for vinegar and mustard than inflicting them on a pork butt.

  18. emptywheel says:

    Also, RGIII, rookie of the year.

    I buy that (though prolly would have voted Russell Wilson after letting myself be illegally influenced by playoff outcomes.

    Plus, B1G. We may run like molasses but we can still make good QBs.

  19. emptywheel says:

    @Peterr: Not using the grill because, well, I don’t want to shovel the grill out. Plus, may try to go to the gym tomorrow. Or skiing.

  20. JohnT says:

    Back to football

    Niners win. If they play to their strengths, I don’t see how they lose.

    The Ravens are on a roll, but, the Niners Defense is arguably the best in the league. Navarro Bowman is only the 2nd best LB in the league because of a guy named Patrick Willis. The Smith Brothers from different mothers are on a tear. Aldon could be this generation’s Fred Dean, and the Cowboy is a man among other men

    They’ll prolly run the pistol, and read option a lot, but what I think will win the game is a a lot of Frank Gore and Vernon Davis.

    The question is, is this the game they unleash the Freak (Moss)? Or has he just been a distraction?

    After the game you’re gonna hear a lot of this phrase

  21. emptywheel says:

    @Peterr: Uh. It was shoveled out earlier this week.

    We’re finally having snow. Real snow, where compacts have to stay home bc they don’t have the clearance. Relishing in it, really. But, yeah, the grill is pretty deep right now.

  22. Peterr says:

    @emptywheel: Okay, first jo6pac gets me misty-eyed over the seafood from CA, and now you’ve got me envious of real snow.

    sniff sniff

    But I’ll be fine. Just give me a moment . . .

  23. GulfCoastPirate says:

    @emptywheel: All the old Czechs in Central Texas say if you need sauce with your bar-b-q then you’ve screwed up your bar-b-q.

    Of course, they also raised a bunch of right wing rednecks so what do they know?

  24. Peterr says:

    @bmaz: You’ve got a lot of nerve complaining after you wrote this: ” I am going to go out on a limb here and say the difference may be…..Randy Moss.”

    If Randy “I’ll Play When I Want To” Moss is the difference, the Ravens will win going away.

  25. bmaz says:

    NFL Network reports

    “Jim Harbaugh had a Marine colonel, a buddy of his, address the Niners last night. Message: Importance of being calm with so much on the line.”

  26. Jeffrey Kaye says:

    As I determine how I will determine which team I will choose in my side-bet with my erstwhile friend, Seutonius, I have to consider the principle of the regression to the mean. Since the Niners are 5-0, it not only superstition but the mystical quality of statistics that should push me towards the Ravens, as the Niners are, as they say, due to lose in a Super Bowl.

    But given your own O-fer record recently, you too, Almighty Bmaz (and didn’t I see you hawking handicap tip sheets out at Turf Paradise a few weeks ago?), must surely be due for a win.

    What is one to do? How does a mere mortal calculate the odds in such a situation?

    Thank God for my friend, Suetonius. He told me that one could discover the ends of history, even football history hanging pendant upon a Super Bowl morn, by the mere flipping of a coin. And my coin says —

    Oh, damn. If you want to know, you’ll have to subscribe to my predictions business. I’m not going to give it away free here.

  27. Jim White says:

    Okay, ribs got a generous dose of Butt Rub and are on the grill at 225 degrees. In three hours, I’ll wrap them in foil and put them back on the grill so that they stay moist.

    Gotta make the coleslaw and the family recipe KC sauce. It goes on very sparingly, and not even on every rib I eat, but is essential to the full experience, despite what pirates and ministers in these parts would have you believe. I’m out of hickory, so oak chips will be adding to today’s flavors.

  28. GulfCoastPirate says:

    @Jim White: JW – Did you see the reports of the new plane the Iranians displayed? Any thoughts?

    If you like to Q you may find some of these videos interesting. I’ve actually waited in line at his place and it’s very, very good. I’m personally not a wrapper but since learning a little of his technique I have started using the butcher paper about half the time to wrap that way. For me it depends on the size of the brisket. For a large brisket I think it helps a little.

    Another interesting item you may find interesting.

  29. Mrs. JimWhite says:

    Wait, what @Peterr? For those of us born in KC (St Luke’s Hospital) and raised there, liquid smoke is one of the four food groups. And that’s my family KC BBQ sauce recipe @Jim White is using BTW. Anyone who would even consider making vinegar mustard sauce must be from somewhere else.

  30. phred says:

    @emptywheel: LOL!!! Not to rain on your parade or anything EW, but DO NOT SHUT DOWN YOUR BLOG no matter what happens tonight. Leaving aside the importance of your work to civilization as we know it, consider this…

    There was a time when one of your devoted readers and hobnobbers WON THE HUBCAP. Even got her name in the title of a post iirc. Yeppers, she was riding high on her football perspicacity and insight into what made a winning football team…

    Sure, times were good, but then… 2012 hit like a tsunami followed by a plague of locusts, desolation everywhere you looked… dead last in her football pool… only two correct playoff picks… grim, ugly, bleak hard times.

    Learn from your forebears EW… don’t follow in their footsteps towards epic tragedy…

    P.S. ros, while I’m at it, I hate to break it to you, but I’m cheering for your Niners, which pretty much means they’re doomed ; )

  31. bmaz says:

    @phred: There used to be such mercurial claims of winning not just hubcap pools here, but office pools far and wide by this unknown commenter (NAMED PHRED) you refer to. Once in possession of the prized hubcap however, nothing but doom, gloom and locusts.

    We were forced to retire the hubcap out of pity on our poor innocent readers, lest another one of them suffer the same fate.

  32. Peterr says:

    @Jim White: Of course KC sauce is essential to the full experience. It’s the reference to Carolina sauce that is heretical. No one has been burned at the pit in KC for such sacrilegiousness in eons (that I’m aware of, that is), but they have been banned from coming within 100 yards of any smoker, grill, or BBQ installation.

  33. bmaz says:

    @Peterr: I am just thrilled nobody has suggested Texas BBQ is worthy of discussion (well except that Slovakian stuff the Pirate was pitching).

  34. rosalind says:

    @phred: ah hell, i’m rooting for them while deep down inside a voice sez they’re going to do the opposite of win.

    * Niners
    * Fresh Dungeness Crab
    * Golden Road Hefeweizen brewed right up the road
    * 1st Tangerine picked out of my garden this year for dessert

  35. Peterr says:

    @Mrs. JimWhite: Marcy is the one who mentioned the mustard and vinegar stuff, and she claims that your husband is her supplier:

    If I can just get Jim White to share BOTH the Carolina BBQ sauce and the KC one.

    Now to be fair to Jim, perhaps Marcy tossed that Carolina part in there to get him in trouble with his obviously intelligent wife.

    Don’t get upset with me — I’m on your side. I simply told Marcy to forget about the Carolina sauce and stick with KC.

    As for liquid smoke, maybe it’s my St. Louis roots, but I prefer to use the wood itself to add the smoke flavor to the meal, rather than import it through the sauce. I may be liberal on many many things, but when it comes to BBQ, I tend toward the conservative. Good meat, good wood, and a nice slow fire to blend the two . . . and good adult beverages to be consumed while supervising the whole process.

  36. GulfCoastPirate says:

    @Jim White: I thought that was pretty interesting also. ‘The stall’ with a brisket is a big topic of discussion in smoking circles down here.

  37. Jim White says:

    @Peterr: Got if off a discussion forum for Kamado grills several years ago:

    1 C white vinegar, 1 C cider vinegar, 1 T sugar, 1 T cayenne, 1 T tabasco, 1 T kosher salt, 1 T cracked black pepper.

    It’s out of this world on pulled pork. The vinegar cuts through the fat taste entirely. And because it’s so thin, it flows through the pork well.

  38. phred says:

    @bmaz: Remind me to tell you about trying to renew my driver’s license recently… Suffice it to say, I’m not kindly disposed to the state of RI these days. Grrrr…

  39. Mrs. JimWhite says:

    @Peterr – burning at the stake is an appropriate response to mustard based BBQ sauce. However, since @Jim White is dealing with having 3 horses (temporarily) on the property, I will eat the vinegar/pepper stuff on pulled pork without comment.

    Is there a football game today? Not big on either team but I’m trying to care. It’s not working…

  40. rosalind says:

    @phred: spent the morning planting fresh greens in my raised beds for the skunk to destroy in his nightly reenactment of the London blitz.

  41. Peterr says:

    Bmaz, Mercedes-Benz is really teasing their big during-the-game commercial during the pre-game show. “Sympathy for the Devil” in a luxury car commercial is certainly an interesting combination.

    Any predictions on the best automotive-related commercial?

  42. scribe says:

    Well, this is a rather tame edition of trash, but that’s understandable given the game is still at least 3 hours away.

    Dinner here … roast pork, mashed potatoes, red cabbage. Nothin’ fancy, nothin’ involved. Maybe some nachos later.

    In case any of you missed him on the Sunday shows, St. John McCain was at the Security Conference (in Munich, I think), demanding that the US (and NATO) shoot down the Syrian air force and bomb its bases. Goes to show that some people never change: that fucker goes to Annapolis and becomes a bomber pilot (a bad bomber pilot who gets himself shot down) and for the rest of his miserable life proposes to solve every problem by … bombing it.

    And, in other news, the Iranian Foreign Minister gave an exclusive interview to the Sueddeutsch Zeitung of Munich, in which he said his country was ready for direct talks with the US over its nuclear program, and returned the praise he says the US government has given the Iranians lately, while still complaining about the good cop-bad cop routine they are subjected to. The headline is that he believes in the view of Obama as honorable.

    He needs to hang around here more….

    And the SZ’s coverage of the Super Bowl is headlined “Only Nate Silver knows who will win”.

    And Chris Kyle, former Navy SEAL sniper credited with 150 kills and author of “American Sniper”, was shot to death on a Texas shooting range. Apparently, he was working with veterans with PTSD and met with one there yesterday, only to be shot by him. The other veteran has been charged in his killing.

  43. scribe says:

    @Peterr: IIRC, didn’t Mick Jagger attend the London School of Economics?

    The Stones seem to never miss a trick when it comes to turning a buck toward their pockets.

  44. emptywheel says:

    @Jim White: Ah, good, there it is again. Was just abotu to make it. Sadly didn’t have the ingredients for KC, in spite of MrsJimWhite’s persuasive powers.

  45. bmaz says:

    @Peterr: If the Benz commercial is not it, I will be shocked. I have seen the whole thing, and it is one hell of a commercial. Seriously good. It is every bit as good as you would hope it to be to be done to Sympathy for the Devil.

  46. bmaz says:

    @emptywheel: Well, Quan sure wasn’t gonna win one of these with the Cardinals, so yeah he is probably all out today.

    Anyway, this conversation only reminds you of OTHER Cardinals receivers.

  47. scribe says:

    @Peterr: I’m liking more and more the way those Steeler hypocycloids come out, when done in colored diamonds. Very tasteful.

    I gotta go watch the Puppy Bowl – keep the dog happy.

  48. Peterr says:

    If you are a receiver, the ball hits your hands, and you DON’T come down with it, You. Have. Failed.

    Especially when it happens in the endzone.

    -IV points for the ILers.

  49. Jim White says:

    Crap. What is it about post-season games in the SuperDome starting out as badly for me as they possibly could? Sugar Bowl flashback time here.

    On the bright side, those were easily the very best ribs I’ve made in a long time, if not ever. And they did have KC sauce.

  50. bmaz says:

    I am complaining HARD to Mrs. Bmaz that the food on the training table at Casa de Bmaz is not up to snuff compared to all the hoity toity described herein.

    Ergo, I may soon be watching in the garage and calling for pizza….

  51. orionATL says:

    is there any more grotesque cultural event in the united states than our annual super-bowl halftime show?

  52. bmaz says:

    Okay, SERIOUSLY, with all the incredibly fantastic local music in New Orleans, to ignore it and put on that horseshit disco/rap crap by Beyonce is just fucking criminal. I want to puke.

  53. Peterr says:

    @CTuttle: You don’t suppose there’s a corporate intern who unplugged the lights, so as to get more commercials, do you?

    Meanwhile, Mrs Dr Peterr just read my mind:

    “I’ll get us a rain out. . .”

    /Crash Davis

  54. Peterr says:

    If this were a championship soccer match — English Premier League, Germany’s Bundesliga, Italy’s Serie A, etc. — the fans would be singing team songs and a serious party would have broken out in the stands. There would be no worries about the teams losing intensity, or the emotions of the game taking a hit. If anything, it would ramp up the energy.

  55. prostratedragon says:

    @Peterr: My HS band director was a trombonist —in fact, there were two of them, twins, the other of whom taught elsewhere.

    Not to read too much into it, but bonists always seemed the most collegial section among themselves.

  56. orionATL says:

    what a great, great superbowl football game.

    no end of great plays; no end of adrenaline-coursing drama.


  57. bmaz says:

    @Peterr: Dude, I DID IT ALL for the good, and longevity of this blog.

    Anyway, Oscar Goodman rang me up and said he did not want “shaky sorts” like Mr. and Mrs. Wheel in Vegas.

  58. prostratedragon says:

    Finally, looking ahead to tomorrow’s postmortems, we must not overlook this one (ht stoat at eschaton):

    “A Transcript Of Yesterday’s Super Bowl Halftime Show, As It Happened In A Parallel Universe That Only I Can See,” by Tim Carvell

    GREG GUMBEL: And who are these figures marching through the blood?

    PETER SCHJELDAHL: Well, it’s hard to say, but — yes! These are images from some of Bacon’s best-known works! There are the figures from Three Studies for the Base of a Crucifixion! And here come some popes, awash in blood!

    GREG GUMBEL: That’s an unusual design on the popes’ robes.

    PETER SCHJELDAHL: That’s the E-Trade logo. …

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