The Bipartisan Effort to Keep Robert Mueller on at FBI Starts

I’m watching the Senate Intelligence Committee’s hearing on Global Threats.

And I’m a bit alarmed that both Dianne Feinstein and Saxby Chambliss used their statements to suggest Robert Mueller should stay beyond the end of his already-extended term this year.

DiFi said,  “unless Congress intervenes again, this threats hearing will be the last one for Robert Mueller” and then looked at him and said, “it could happen.”

Then Saxby repeated that line, saying he would shortly approach Mueller to ask him to stay on again.

Before his statement, James Clapper also nodded to Mueller, noting he has served as Director for 12 years.

We have terms for FBI Director for good reason. Not just to prevent the rise of another J Edgar Hoover, one person with an empire over the secret information collection in the US. But also to bring a fresh approach to such things as our manufacturing of “terrorists.”


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  1. P J Evans says:

    I know that DiFi is old enough to remember J Edgar. What I don’t understand is why she thinks having another one is a good idea.

    (Well, that and not understanding if she even thinks any more.)

  2. dakine01 says:

    Can we get pics of Bobby Three Sticks in a dress? Since he (or someone) wants to have him emulate J Edgar, might as well take it all the way.

  3. allan says:

    But, EW, I thought you were a big proponent of US manufacturing.

    Seriously, in what other line work (other than TBTF banking)
    could some oversee so many screwups and still be considered indispensable?

  4. beowulf says:

    Here, let me suggest what the President can do to make everyone happy– fire Eric Holder and appoint Mueller as Attorney General (he was US Attorney in San Francisco before the FBI).

  5. emptywheel says:

    @beowulf: Hmm. Not what I had in mind. Though I admit that Mueller is probably less dangerous at FBI, even for more years, than Ray Kelly, who had been floated.

    Since we’re talking about J Edgar types.

  6. beowulf says:

    Ha, that would be funny if the whole push to keep Mueller as Director (2 years ago and today) is simply about keeping Ray Kelly out.

  7. emptywheel says:

    @beowulf: I think they may have meant to delay to make it available for Kelly but he has since become poison enough that even Chuck Schumer can’t get him confirmed.

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