Vote For A Winner – Vote Emptywheel!!

Okay denizens of The Wheelhouse, there is such a thing as “Twitter Fight Club”. And the first rule of Twitter Fight Club is talk about Twitter Fight Club and vote for Marcy “Emptywheel” Wheeler. The second rule is don’t forget the first rule.

It is a fun game that has been done once a year for two or three years now; you will recognize many of the names involved, many you will not. It is a bracketed competition like the NCAA basketball tournament. Fill out a full bracket for a chance at glory and prizes, or simply vote on one game (Hint: Emptywheel’s portion).

Here is the page you need for voting and further information.

First round voting closes at midnight tonight. Assuming the headmistress here gets through to the second round (she should) you should then check back at TFC and help lead her to victory in further rounds! Let’s win one for the Wheeler!

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  1. Valley Girl says:

    well, from prior experience in voting stuff, clearing one’s cache can allow one to revisit the questions.

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