Final Four Championship Trash Talk


Well, I was two for two in my predictions for the semi-final games Saturday. Considering the poor quality of my prognostications lately, that is smokin hot. So, I am back for more! The scouting really has not changed; Louisville still has the three headed punch and the big game skilz of Rick Pitino. the bo Merlots from Ann Arbor still have a freaking lights out assassin in Trey Burke and quality support in Hardaway, Nik Stauskas and Glen Robby Three Matchsticks.

The line tonight at press is Louisville -4. That sounds about right going in. The Wolverweenie fans are all yammering about whether or not Chris Webber will appear for a Fab Five reunion tonight. I, however, think it appropriate to call time out on that. Pitino, on the other hand, is trying to sell his troops that they are NC State Wolfpack like underdogs. That’s, shall we say, a little much.

Winner: Fuckin A, it’s gotta be THE BO MERLOTS!

[Special Championship music by the one, the only, Mr. John Cash. Yippy Yi Yoh!]

It seems every sporting season is so painfully stretched out now to milk the consuming public. The Super Bowl is now into February, The World Series into the cold winter of November and the NBA playoffs seem to take half a year. And here we are with “March Madness” about to enter the second week of April. With that bit of complaining out of the way, let’s take a look at what is left in the Final Four.

The first semi-final is Wichita State v. Louisville. The Shockers are not quite as shocking as their name suggests; they have had a marvelous tournament and deserve to be here. They are relentless on the glass, have size, speed and get on frequent lights out streaks from behind the three line. Hey, seriously, they took out both top seed Gonzaga and Ohio State on the road to Atlanta, that is pretty heady stuff. But this is Louisville’s second straight trip to the Final Four, and Rick Pitino has a flair for the big stage. He also has a triumvirate of studs from guard Russ Smith, to forward Chane Behanen to center Gorgui Dieng. The Cardinals are 10.5 point favorites. I think it will be closer than the spread, but Louisville moves on.

The second game today is the one of local interest, the one with Marcy’s Bo Merlots taking on the Orange Crush of Syracuse. Man, this one has even grouchy old me excited, and the best is clearly saved for last. Boeheim’s vaunted zone versus Trey Burke, the Big Blue one man zone buster. Wow, am really looking forward to this game. As is their Famous Fabulous Five Freputation, Michigan is loaded with young guns. Syracuse is a veteran group led by junior forward C.J. Fair and sophomore guard Michael Carter-Williams. Yes, that is what qualifies for “veteran in today’s NCAA Tournament, sad as it may be. The men in the Tim Hardaway family tree are known for mouthing off when they should have kept their idiot yaps shut, and Junior, a junior guard for the Merlots, is at it again, albeit it in a less homophobic way.

Syracuse is representing for the rump of what the mighty Big East once was. Jim Boeheim has made quite clear this will not be his last dance. But, it is the end of an era in college basketball. The line is Michigan -2. The talent portion of this pageant is on the Wolverweenies side, and with preparation, zones can be busted. I think the once and future promise of the wholesale raiding of West Virginia by the monsters in Ann Arbor pays off and Beilein and the boys in Blue make a beeline for Monday’s Championship game.

Music today by the J. Geils Band. One Last Kiss for the Final Four. Cut the nets down bitchezz!

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  1. jo6pac says:

    Well since I have no idea what this is all about I’ll just set over here in the corner with my glass of wine and wait until F-1 come back.

  2. P J Evans says:

    Well, there’s the Insane 4 in the GOP March Madness tournament, over at the Great Orange Satan.
    It’s Limbaugh (Right-wing Media region) v Bachmann (Teabaggers region), and Santorum (Theocons region) v Cheney (GOP Establishment region).

  3. bmaz says:

    @jo6pac: One week until China, which is a lame ass GP by my perceptions, and then the despicably held Bahraini GP.

    Then Europe, at long last. Then we shall see whether McLaren has anything at all for this season, or if they are just toast completely. Pending podiums in either Shanghai and/or Bahrain, the early European races are everything for McLaren. As bad off as Ferrari was last year, Alonso pulled stuff out of his ass that Button has not (he may have had a shot in it in Malaysia, but not to be even with the wet, so they are hurting bad). Nigel was right.

  4. jo6pac says:

    @bmaz: I finally watched Malaysia race the other day and was amazed team orders don’t mean a thing and WTF was Ferrari thinking leaving Alonso out there.

    I agree once back in Europe on real race tracks Oh well looks like the music about to change and I need to start a fire to stay warm for the evening.

    Good luck to your teams in the boring 4.

  5. dakine01 says:

    I don’t know what the NCAA is/was thinking (I know, big assumption that they think at all) but they have managed to screw up the best sports weekend of the year by moving the finals this year. A weekend with Opening Day and the Men’s and Women’s Final Four has been great these past few years.

    Of course, I will stay true to the home state and swallow hard and cheer for the Pitinos

    Don’t forget, the Pitinos will be in the Big East for one more year until they join the Boeheims in the ACC

  6. Peterr says:

    Halftime of Louisville v Wichita State, and it’s the shockers by one.

    My WAG is it will end with a spread of three or less, and I would not be at all surprised to see Wichita on top.

    And Michigan will have their way with Syracuse.

  7. Jim White says:

    Meh. I just can’t get very worked up over the Final Four since the Gators choked and aren’t there.

    I had to do a double take on the title of that J. Geils piece. It made me think of the one in the link below. That one keeps coming up on the radio when my daughter is listening to the bubble gum station. It’s hilarious because with all the censoring they do on it on XM, you don’t get many of the words. At any rate “I’ve had a shit day so blow me” is a very useful lyric.

  8. P J Evans says:

    It’s an audience-participation tournament. What else can you say?
    (They keep blaming the organizers for setting up the brackets so that the media goes up against the teabaggers. LOL!)

  9. bmaz says:

    @Jim White: Awwwwww good grief, teh Gators are hatin on teh Gator h8ters.

    Admit it Swamp Boy, those Merlot swilling dilettante debutante Nancy’s of Ann Arbor are in teh Quatro de Finale! Chomp Chomp!

  10. Mrs. JimWhite says:

    Ugh. Was pulling for Wichita State but my goodwill is the kiss of death this year. And so we move on. The optimal outcome of Syracuse-Michigan would be a scoreless tie but I doubt we’ll get that. I think I’ll go practice flute and check back on basketball about halftime.

  11. bmaz says:

    @Mrs. JimWhite: I for one welcome the voice of the better half of White. In the words of my President (and god knows I am truly an Obamabot) the most attractive of the Whites.

    I honestly am looking for a way to get in further trouble than I already have here. Do NOT discount my abilities in this regard….

  12. Jim White says:

    Okay, it’s taken me this long but I finally know what I want in this Orange vs. the Wolverweenies game. Since we can’t have the game end with both teams embarrassed, we can at least end with the NCAA embarrassed. If Syracuse wins, then the National Championship game is between two teams in a conference that will cease to exist the second the game is over. That is just such a fitting symbol of the inane corruption that is the NCAA.

  13. Mrs. JimWhite says:

    Back to basketball. And thank you, bmaz. Does anyone else think those yellow and orange uniforms make it look like someone spilled a bag of Skittles on the court?

  14. quebecois says:

    And back to Formula one. I agree that Vettel’s move was coming from a mountain of bullshit. His excuse afterwards left a very bad impression, it was reminescent of Schum’s worst non apologies for the crap he pulled. I’m looking forward for Montreal and Spa. Can’t get excited for Monaco anymore, I wouldn’t mind it’s demise.

  15. bmaz says:

    @Mrs. JimWhite: I was thinking the Eberhard Faber Co., or whoever the heck makes HiLighters, was sponsoring this fluorescent trip.

    @Jim White: I dunno how to even respond to Mr. White, who champions a conference that touted Cam Newton and Auburn just like yesterday.

  16. bmaz says:

    @quebecois: I too thought very much of the arrogant worst of Schumi as regards to Vettel. But, somehow, you always knew Michael was a ruthless mofo and that was that. He may have been the best by far for a decade or more, but he was never a white hat even dating back to the underdog days at Benneton. He just wasn’t. Vettel on the other hand came to prominence just as a personable and likable superior talent. No more with that.

  17. bmaz says:

    So, I picked both winners today.

    That along with my pick of Florida Gulf Coast University to make it to the Sweet Sixteen makes for a golden season…..

  18. bmaz says:

    Also, if past is but prologue, does this mean that John Beilein will leave Ann arbor for the greater pastures of Arizona State? It is the Frieder way after all.

  19. emptywheel says:

    @Jim White: Just checking in.

    But gotta say UM’s effort to throw that game at the free throw line was not pretty.

    At noon? Amherst plays for the national championship.

    I’m guessing BOTH my alma maters are runners up this year.

  20. Jim White says:

    @emptywheel: Don’t you dare let your Wolverweenies give the title to Louisville. I’ve started to REALLY hate those guys. At least UM will be the visitors and so the highlighter yellow unis are done for the year. My eyes are very grateful for that.

  21. bmaz says:

    Aaaand the Jeffies are the Champions of THE WORLD mofos!! That was about the whitest basketball game I have seen in like forever.

  22. P J Evans says:

    In the GOP March to Madness tournament, the final round for the craziest GOoPer is:
    Santorum v. Bachmann

  23. P J Evans says:

    It would be a comeback worthy of the NCAA championship. Really. (Santorum currently has a little more than 20 percent of the votes.)

  24. emptywheel says:

    About to board a Frontier flight to MI w/TVs on it. I imagine it’ll be an interesting flight, no matter what happens with the game.

  25. dakine01 says:

    @Jim White: Well, at least the trophy stays in the home state for another year

    Has anyone ever had a week like Slick Rick’s has been? His 31 year old son gets a job as head coach in the Big 10.2 (Minnesota). He’s part owner of a horse (Goldencents) that wins the Santa Anita Derby and is on the Kentucky Derby track, he gets named to the Basketball HoF then finally makes history by becoming the first coach to win NCAA basketball championships at 2 different schools.

    Enjoy it while ya can Rick. The Monstah Cats will be on the prowl once again in November.

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