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[Note from Jim: There have some issues with the PayPal buttons taking you to PayPal’s main page instead of the page set up for Emptywheel donations. Please use the link below and it will give a functioning button. On my machine and browser, though, you have to click the button and stay in the same browser tab for it to work. If you do “cntrl-click” to open in a new tab, you get the main PayPal home page. If there are any issues, please let us know. If you prefer snail mail, checks made out to “Emptywheel, LLC” can be mailed to this address:Emptywheel, LLC
P.O. Box 1673
Grand Rapids, Michigan 49501-1673Thank you one and all, you are the best readers an supports on the web!]

Okay, the Emptywheel blog has run a fundraiser for a week now. For the most insightful, deep weed analyzing, cutting edge and kick ass journalism on the web.We continue to need your support.

We started this ask a week ago, and I should know because I agreed for it to start just ahead of my Trash Talk post at the open of the NFL football season a week ago last night.

But I am going to extend the ask for a short time; such as through the weekend, because it is a more than worthy effort. And it will stay on top of this blog until some time Monday with the hope that the Emptywheel model is kickstarted, so to speak, further into success. Please, help us make it so by going to this page and donating.

If there is a more neutral, deep fact based, deeply analytic, independent and proven insightful blog, or voice than Ms. Marcy T. Wheeler, better serving the relevant niche, than this one, I would like to see it. Whether you are on the right or the left, this blog is incredibly valuable for its depth and consistency of analysis.

The lioness share of this history is by Marcy Wheeler and she alone deserves the support; but you also get the cogent analysis of Jim White, Rayne and, every now and then, me. I won’t speak for my own, but the rest is damn good work. And worthy of your support as a critical voice, whether you agree or disagree with us politically, legally, and/or policy wise.

We need your support as independent journalistic voices in the mass media milieu. Make no mistake, your support of all of our work here helps establish all of us as protected and respected journalists, and we are thankful for the same.

If you are reading this, you either know, or should know, precisely what level of outstanding journalism goes down daily on, and at, the Emptywheel blog.

As they say in my business, there is a certified record. And it stands up. Help us keep up that record, and add to it, with all that is going on in the world every day.

It is not about us. It is about you, and all of us, and what we should and can be. Support this journalism. From me, to Marcy, to Jim, to Rayne, to everything that is, and always has been, the Emptywheel blog, thank you.

Some people get squashed crossing the tracks
Some people got high rises on their backs
I’m not broke but you can see the cracks
You can make me perfect again
All because of you

We can help check the government in its tracks, help fill the gaping cracks. The Emptywheel blog is indeed all because of you. True independent journalism, not bought off by anybody in the main; not subject to any corporate ball and chain. Real independent deep analysis, reportage and journalism.

Help us continue the tradition.

You can donate here.
Thank you!
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  1. rosalind says:

    to our NSA overlords: chip in! what fun is Total Information Awareness wihhout a worthy adversary!

    to the TradMed journalists: those who wait for EW to do the heavy lifting then lift the pertinent parts for your pieces – chip the fuck in!!

    to the FBI/DHS/whoever the fuck is tracking this site “to keep America safe”: we are here to support the rule of law. to support the Constitution. to believe that however far the fuck off track this Country has gone, we still have time to correct it. deep down you know we are on the same side. kick in some cash. show some love. (just sign in on your boss’ account – no one will know better!!)

  2. Rayne says:

    Thank you to all who’ve made a donation, and thanks in advance to those of you who plan to do so.

    You folks help keep the team here plowing through the wee hours of the night. Your support helps pay for hosting and tech support, analytical services, design services as needed to keep stuff running. There’s no waste here, the wheel is very empty. Most of what Emptywheel does is a labor of love, borne of commitment to the pursuit of knowledge and democratic process. You won’t get cheap nonsense shoved at you; this site is very spare on frippery. You will, however, continue get deep content you won’t find anywhere else.

    Thanks again, for your financial support and for your readership.

  3. Valley Girl says:

    Hi all. Thanks to all of you who do such great work here.

    I hope potential donors realize that you don’t have to have a PayPal account to donate online. I’ve seen this become an issue a while back for a different fundraiser. There was a version of the donate button up one of the first EW posts- I can’t find it right now- but it takes you directly to a page that makes it clear you can donate via a credit card or debit card w/o having a PP account- asks for info as to how you want to pay. I used that.

    The more recent incarnations of the donate button take you to the main paypal page, and starting there, it’s not at all obvious how to escape paypal clutches (set up an account, etc) and simply use the site to pay via credit/ debit. Well, not obvious to me, anyway. At first look it creates the impression that you have to get a PP account, or log into you PP account… etc.

    Maybe the previous more direct version of the donate link could also be posted, with clear statement that you DON’T have to have PP account? Just on the chance that some are put off b/c like me they wouldn’t have a clue how to navigate to the right place on the PP site.

  4. landreau says:

    For what seems like forever (at least from Last Hurrah on), I’ve been trying to turn my friends & family into Emptywheel readers. Mostly they get lost in the weeds and I have to explain it all to them. And then they still don’t understand it. But some of us do. Thanks, gang, for all the work (and writing every day IS work, pajamas or no).

  5. FFEIN says:

    I donated — and I’ve donated many times before, but I don’t get an acknowledgement, so I just trust that you get the donation. It would be nice if you had some sort of automated response. I really appreciate this site and all the contributors, and the unbelievable research that is shared. I also appreciate the folks who comment. Thank you!!

  6. Peterr says:

    I won’t speak for my own, but the rest is damn good work.

    *throws yellow flag*

    Clearly this blog has been hacked, and someone has taken over bmaz’ login.

    The real bmaz would have no problem with the second half of that sentence, but the first half seems odd. Bmaz is clearly good at what he does, and defends his work tirelessly, until either (a) we commenters have come to see the wisdom that eluded us when we first read his pieces, or more rarely (b) our careful poking leads him to revise and extend his remarks, clarifying and correcting as necessary. The real bmaz LOVES speaking about his own work.

    And I love speaking about it, too.

    With the exception of some of his more ridiculous comments about certain dairy-related football teams, his own work is damn good, too.

    I’ve sent a token of my appreciation off to a certain PO box in thanks.

    Emptywheel, LLC
    P.O. Box 1673
    Grand Rapids, Michigan 49501-1673

    And unless your bank/credit union has decided to charge you a fee for depositing funds with them, you’ll get to keep the whole token and not have to share it with PP, Visa, or anyone else in the financial services industry.

    Hmmmm . . . Could it be the banksters who hacked the blog?

  7. joanneleon says:

    bmaz, the donate button is not working for me. I’m not sure why. Going to try one of the ones in the other posts.

  8. joanneleon says:

    Okay it’s the bottom Paypal button that didn’t work for me, but I tried the other ones and they take me to the Paypal home page. Is there a way to donate without logging into a Paypal account via a credit card transaction?

  9. joanneleon says:

    @Valley Girl: Thank you Valley Girl! Your link helped me do the donation when the paypal buttons just kept taking me to the Paypal home page.

    bmaz, update those links to go to the emptywheel “Support Us” page and it makes it much, much easier to do the donation with a credit card transaction. I’m afraid you’re missing out on donations because those paypal buttons take you to the Paypal home page. Here’s the link that makes it easy:

  10. Valley Girl says:


    Thank you! I thought I might be nattering on about nothing, worrying about the problem with the link putting off people. Haven’t checked if donate links have been updated, but totally agree.

  11. karenjj2 says:

    snail mail will go out end of next week with post-it note to ask if mobile view will be restored.

    I’m pleased to continue supporting the best in depth analysis on the web.

    Thanks Marcy, Bmaz & Jim

  12. landreau says:

    @bmaz: Thanks, bmaz. I’m a regular reader–just one of those folks who, if I’ve got nothing good to say, keeps my mouth shut and listens. Learn a lot that way. And, Bill, I totally agree. Marcy’s a sharp tack who has the insight and patience to pick apart the tapestries of lies. Scooter didn’t have a chance. Clapper’s next.

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