Continuing Shutdown Resolution Shakedown Trash Talk

Whole lotta nothing going on in the nation’s capitol. Guess that is not exactly news, but, still, it seems extra fubar currently. Ah well, what to do? Rock and roll baybee. And trash talk, of course. Seriously, as I look up at my TeeVee right this instant, Ralph Reed is on CNN blowing some perverted shit out of his ass. Really, Ralph Freaking Reed. It is just stupid out there. On MSNBC, Alec Baldwin looks like he is sitting in a Chicago steak/chop house yammering with some twit I don’t immediately recognize. Oh, wait, it is Bill de Blasio, the soon to be chameleon new mayor of New York. Is he a Weatherman anarchist from the 60s or a neo-liberal from the present?? Who knows? Who cares? He will be far better than Mayor Bloombito, so teh New Yarkers are gonna have that going for them. Let’s play games.

Gotta start with the pros this week. Lot to talk about, but first off I would like to not that right now, the ‘Ole Geezer, Mr. Brett Favre, could play quarterback this Sunday better than what service the Bucs, Jags, Vikings and Giants at a minimum. And, arguably, maybe the Raiders, Bills, Cardinals and Steelers too. He is rested. And he is ready. And he is way more fun than the others. Bring back the FavRuh.

In case my lead has not exactly engrossed and hooked you, I guess we can talk about actual games. If we must. Okay. Here we go….I must admit I am strangely perplexed by weird games lately, as we are still early in the season and the wheat has not yet completely separated from the shaft. Well, except for STRONG ARMED PEYTON MANNING AND THE DONKOS! While Bieber Brady is still looking for his next hairstyle, Happy Faced Peyton is rolling. As long as Peyton keeps a Jockey’s Neck Like Bollocks, he could obliterate very sacred records this year. We shall see.

So, back to the offbeat games of interest. First up is Deetroit trying to shakedown the Brownies in the Dog Pound. Who are teh Kittehs? Hard to tell, but they need Megatron to tell. And he is questionable (though I expect he suits up and plays, like the stud he is). But Cleveland has a sneaky good defense, and there is some momentum in mistake by the lake land. If Brandon Weedon can get the Brownies offense 28 points or more, they well could win. But you have to figure Matt Stafford and Reggie Bush can put up that.

Steelers at Jets, Jets, Jets is another goofy game. Steelers can’t be as bad as they have shown so far, can they? Actually, maybe. And the Jets are a tougher D than some they have faced so far. This is a gut check game; if Big Ben and Stillers have any game at all, they will bring it. They might; but I am not betting on it. Cheese at Ravens is also interesting. League is sleeping on both right now, even though Baltimore is the defending Super Bowl champ and GB is, well still the Pack. Both seem still unsettled and adjusting to huge losses. Ravens lost by retirement and players moving on. Pack has lost by injury mostly except for Greg Jennings, who they let leave. Jennings ain’t the problem, the injuries are. This is a pick em, whoever wants it more will win.

The super rejuvenated Saints, and man have Sean Payton and Rob Ryan turned that gig on a dime, roll into Foxborough to meet the Pats. Later in the year, with a little more gelling, Bill Bel, Major Tom and the Whoevers win this game at home. Not right now though, Saints and Drew Breeeezz got to much jazz. And on Sunday night, we got Skins at the ‘Boys. Will take a heroic effort from RG III to win this; I think Romo will cut the bad edge off of last week’s disappointment.

In the student athalete category, seems like a somewhat quiet week. Guess the biggest interest is whether or not Mack Brown can pull a jackrabbit out of his ass, er hat, and upset Freepatriot’s Boomer Sooners. If not, Mack may get knifed by the time that giant schooner can roll a circle. Game is in Austin though, so there is that. PolitiFact Check rates this: Orange Crushed!

ESPN and some other cackling birds are clucking about Mizzou at the Dawgs in Athens Georgia. Nuh uh. Aaron Murray and the Hounds got WAY too much for the Tigers. Florida at LSU may actually be the best real contest of the day. Gators starting to live a little now that Driskel the water pistol is down for the count. Still, the Tigers in Baton Rouge in a big night game; gotta take the Po Boy home cooking there. Also the ‘Ole Ball coach and the Cocks are going to Sooo-eee-pigeeee land in Ar-kansas. The okies from Muskogee were not cool with those wheat stalks on the Kansas license plates, so they seceded and called if Our Kansas. Or, if Old McDonald spelled it, Arkansas. Or something. Am tempted to take Brett Bielema and the Hogs here. Just because. But I can’t, South Carolina is just a better team. Fighting Journalists may have a tough time in Camp Randall Stadium with teh Badgers. Would be brutal to lose two in a row after such promise, but Wisconsin is a decent team and is at home.

This weekend is the Japanese Grand Prix at Suzuka. Which used to be a penultimate and deciding race in the Circus schedule, but no longer. And no drama at this point, it is another Vettel and Red Bull year. Hard to be excited, I am, however, excited about next year and the new car specifications.

Also, baseball. Sadly, the Pirates got keelhauled by the Cardinals in the deciding game 5 of the Divisional Series and are out. Hopefully the Dodgers claim the Bum status of old and win the NL. As to the AL, hard to pick between the Tigers and Boston. Both great teams, both a lot of fun and interesting. But gonna be a Detroit Breakdown, so……Go Sawx!!

That is it folks. Shut it down baybee!

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  1. scribe says:

    From what friends have been telling me, some of the Boston media has been reporting “I talked to people who talked to Gronk in the last 24 hours and he’s saying ‘not only am I not playing this week, I’m not playing for the next two weeks’.” Apparently, Dr. James Andrews is playing a mediator role in the ongoing dispute between Gronk’s doctors and the team’s. Gronk appears to have lost all faith in the team doctors.

    This is only surprising in that it’s taken this long for a dispute between player and team physician to come out into public. Like it or not, the team physician gets and keeps that job only by serving first the interests of the team, ahead of the player’s. If the team needs him to play, the doctor will find a way to get him “ready” to play. Regardless of the long-term (or even short to medium term) impact on the player’s well-being. All those guys doddering around in their 40s with dementia*, useless knees, and all the other ills that former players suffer from are the product of team physicians ok-ing them to play.

    So, I’m with Gronk on this one. And that’s before factoring in my usual antipathy towards Cheatin’ Bill and the Patsies. The only game Gronk should be playing in the immediate future is Gronk Chomp down at Dunkin’ Donuts. (Go ahead. Google gronk chomp and find out.)

    As to my Stillers, I’m getting pretty convinced Tomlin has somehow managed to lose the locker room. The latest example: his intervening in the veterans v. young players to-do over games in the locker room. Video games, pingpong, pool, whatever. The veterans said the younger players couldn’t play. The younger players got pissed off. Tomlin intervened and said “no one plays games in the locker room”.

    Now, I’m of the opinion that going from playing music in the locker room to playing games is a big step. It’s one thing to have music in the office – which is what the locker room is for the players – and another to have video games and pingpong. I worked in an office once, back in my pre-law school days, where we had a pingpong table. But use was limited to lunchtime and after quitting time. Of course, on Fridays management would spring for a couple cases of beer, chips and pretzels. And this was an office where the vast majority of the employees were out in the field all week and came in Friday to file their reports and check in with the staff. So the pingpong and beer was as much a way of keeping tabs on and managing us as anything else.

    On a football team, all the players are right there all the time. No need for fun and games, particularly when it’s a losing team.

    But that Tomlin felt he had to butt in says a lot.

    Maybe he should pay attention to straightening out their offense, particularly the O-line and playcalling. And put Ben to use so he can win in the prime of his career.

    But, I don’t see much of a game by the Stillers until they get their heads out of their asses. And this might well not be the week.

    * As noted at the time of the recent settlement of the NFLPA v. NFL suit over concussions, former Bears Super Bowl Champion QB Jim McMahon suffers from dementia. I’m still wondering how they can tell.

  2. dakine01 says:

    The folks at The Bourbon Trail suggested that Bama fans do the Trail this morning, spend the afternoon at Keeneland before hitting Commonwealth Stadium for tonight’s pounding of the Cats by the Tide. Point spread is The Tide by 27.

    This is the end of the toughest schedule period in ‘Cats history (4 top 20 teams in 4 weeks). Stoops is actually succeeding even if the record is 1 – 4

  3. emptywheel says:

    I think this week marks the end of Patsies dominance in the AFC East, bc they’re going nowhere w/o about 5 more receivers (and having lost a lot up the middle on D), and I do think the Clown Show is turning it around.

    I also think you gave Terelle Pryor short shrift at Oakland (and fuck, I saw that as a Wolverine, though one who was in First Class as all the Wolverine recruiters turned on their phones to find out he had committed to OSU). THey won’t beat KC, but they’ll put up a good show, I think.

  4. bmaz says:

    Oklahoma has apparently abandoned their great running game in favor of all passing game all the time. And it is not working well for them. Maybe Stoops is on the “Save Mack Brown’s Job Committee”.

  5. jo6pac says:

    @quebecois: Yes but will he finish without catching on fire. I would like to see him win a few of the last races as he moves on to Porsche and 24hrs.

  6. SomeCallMeTim says:

    The Donalds are in a nail biter in the Jet City 21-7 over the Sun Dodgers at the half.

    (Somebody’s gotta pipe up from Ecotopia…)

  7. Peterr says:

    And not a word about The Beautiful Game, bmaz?

    World Cup qualifying continues, and for the US, it’s looking better than it ever has. They clinched a place in Brazil earlier by beating Mexico last month, and then put the icing on the cake by winning their qualifying group with last night’s win over Jamaica. Meanwhile, Mexico had to win (and did) against Panama simply to keep their qualifying hopes alive.

  8. JohnT says:

    @Peterr: Good point. Utah’s a good program. And Kentucky’s good at basketball, but football … ?

    PS and the Wolverinees are undefeated? Must be the ghost of Bo Schembechler

  9. Peterr says:

    @emptywheel: If you want a real kicker, look at the folks who play The Beautiful Game.

    Of course, those who play The Beautiful Game are not inclined to strap on armor and engage in trench warfare.

  10. bmaz says:

    @emptywheel: Well, he ain’t exactly Chip Kelly or Sean Payton you know. It was very Bo Merlot like.

    Also, the Tree has been felled at Rice Stadium by the Utes.

  11. Peterr says:

    @bmaz: OTOH, Bama seems to have recovered: 34-7 at the end of the third quarter.

    I guess the tremors in the force are confined to the San Andreas fault.

  12. quebecois says:

    Webber Choked!!!! He could have passed Grosjean about eight laps from the end. Nice race, love Suzuka, probably more than Spa.

  13. What Constitution? says:

    Mike Trout catches that ball against the center field wall in Game 1 of the NLCS and this would be a different series. But, of course, that’s part of the beauty of baseball: the playoffs are where the best teams’ best players make ridiculously extraordinary plays and that’s what’s necessary to win. Come really close with a good effort, but not an exceptional feat, and the other guys win. To get to face Verlander… who may not even be Detroit’s best pitcher right now. Some tremendous individual and team performances this weekend in The National Pastime. And in other news, Stanford lost lost lost.

  14. Bay State Librul says:


    Indeed, but what a catch by JD Drew’s bro.
    Made the ninth intriguing.
    If only Bogey didn’t get under the ball…. that was a fast ball
    right down the middle…………
    Bogey is the next Conig.

  15. quebecois says:

    @jo6pac: Yes, I saw that, but, if he had passed the first time instead of choking, he could have gone for Vettell, and most probably stayed behind him.

  16. bmaz says:

    @quebecois: Yes, or Vettel would have thrown a hissy fit, and Webber is a throwaway driver for Red Bull at this point, with whatever points he scores a bonus.

  17. bmaz says:

    Also, thinking I did not undersell the Rayduhs at all. Slow and steady Alex Smith and the Chefs cooked up another solid win.

  18. scribe says:

    @Bay State Librul: The hell with that. I couldn’t bear to watch the Stillers today, so I went target shooting and got home during the Patsies’ game.

    But, still, Tony C is a bad exemplar. You wind up having to explain who Tony C was b/c no one under about 50 has heard of him, and then you wind up having to explain how he came to a bad end, careerwise after the person wonders “why have I never heard of this great ballplayer”. In so doing, all the power of the comparison you’re making gets diffused and confused.

  19. scribe says:

    @emptywheel: The announcers noted that the place was half empty when Biebs managed to pull it out, Stone Hands Edelman’s best efforts to the contrary notwithstanding.

    It was an impressive drive but, as the talking heads on NBC’s pregame noted “you can’t give Tom Brady the ball three times in the last 3 minutes and expect him not to beat you.” That loss is on Professor LongHair Ryan.

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