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Better Late Than Never Trash Talk

Okay, I admit it. I have let down the collective with terminally late Trash Talk. Was probing to see if Disco Bieber Brady showed up. Actually, I just had a hellish week, and when I finally had time to relax and have a beer last night, I just couldn’t bring myself to write anything. Still a little slow this morning. But trash must be talked, so here is an abbreviated post in which to do so.

In an early college game of note, there was talk that Johnny Football may not be able to go today, but early in the 3rd he is already 20 of 27 for 242 yards and 3 TDs. Kid can flat out ball, and man is he a joy to watch. Most fun QB to watch since the ‘Ole Gunslinger Favre. Texas Tech at the Sooners could be pretty interesting, as could UCLA at the Ducks. But UCLA has been exposed, and Autzen Stadium and the Quackers are very inhospitable; look for the Ducks to roll big. The most interesting game I see is South Carolina at the surprisingly solid Missouri Tigers. Mizzou often looks good early in the season, only to fall apart. Maybe not this year though, they seem to have even weathered the loss of star QB James Franklin. South Carolina is pretty solid, and their D-line should provide good pressure for Franklin’s replacement, redshirt Freshman Maty Mauk. Going to jinx Mizzou and pick them for a home win to go to 8-0 on the season.

In the pros, there are several interesting games, but no great ones. Probably the best matchup is Dallas at Deetroit. Romo is hot lately, Kitties strike me as a better overall team; thus it is a pick-em. Giants at Iggles is interesting because someone has to win. Philly is 0 for the last 9 at home, and the Giants still looked like shit even though they beat the Vikings last week. I’ll take Philly with Mike Vick back. Jets an Bengals should also be interesting, and Don’t think the Fish can swim in Foxborough. Skins may actually have a shot against the suddenly mortal Broncs. Ow, wait, it is at Mile High, so maybe not.

The world Series resumes today, with three games in a row in St. Louis. Much as I hate to say it, I think the Sawx may be in trouble. the Cardinal’s pitching just lines up way better the rest of the way, and not having the DH is a lot harder on Boston than it is St. Louis.

In other news, the guy who refused to shave until the Vikings won a Super Bowl has died with an extremely long beard.

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