Time to Investigate John Brennan and Those Air Marshals Again

Back in September I noted that the entire narrative of the guilty plea from Donald Sachtleben presented the false impression that he was the first, only, or most dangerous leaker about the UndieBomb 2.0.

But, as bmaz emphasized in his post on Donald Sachtleben’s plea agreement, there’s no hint of prosecuting Brennan, who leaked Top Secret details about the British/Saudi double agent into AQAP, even while they’re imprisoning Donald Sachtleben, who is only accused of leaking details he knew to be Secret.


They would also have you believe the AP had no inkling of the UndieBomb plot until ABC reported inflammatory claims about cavity bombs on April 30, 2012, even in spite of ABC’s reference to TSA head John Pistole’s earlier fear-mongering about it and in spite of additional reporting about broad Air Marshall mobilization.

That was nonsensical on its face.

But it is something that Sachtleben went out of his way to make clear at his sentencing yesterday.

“I was neither the sole nor the original source of information to ‘Reporter A’ about the suicide bomb,” Sachtleben said in a statement sent by his law firm. “The information I shared with Reporter A merely confirmed what he already believed to be true. Any implication that I was the direct source of a serious leak is an exaggeration.”

Ah well. Eric Holder has his head, and DOJ doesn’t have to prosecute the CIA Director now.

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  1. Frank33 says:

    Undie #1, similar to Undie #2 was a staged event by Brennan and Hayden and Alexander. Walter Pincus told us, it was a CIA ruse. It was ruse against the American people to terrorize them, as was the Boston Marathon Bombing.

    This was a CIA ruse, not a terrorist-initiated plot

    But the CIA are terrorists. They put Undie #1 on board Flight 253 and they were allowing another attack against an airliner by another double agent.

    The Spymaster Generals support the murderers, Al Qaeda in Syria. They created Al Qaeda, probably with help from Ollie North. Like Obama, Brennan, Hayden and Alexander are good at killing.

  2. Frank33 says:

    And another Kangaroo Court punished another American hero. Jeremy Hammond was falsely imprisoned in the American Gulag, by the Bankster Criminal Eric Holder. The Spymasters apparently used the Snitch Sabu, to entrap Hammond. We now know, the NSA terrorists had recorded all emails and phone calls. They can frame anyone with a crime.

    I felt betrayed, obviously. Though I knew these things happen. What surprised me was that Sabu was involved in so much strategic targeting, in actually identifying targets. He gave me the information on targets.”

    Part of Sabu’s interest in him, he now believes, was that Hammond had access to advanced tools including one known as PLESK that allowed him to break into web systems used by large numbers of foreign governments. “The FBI and NSA are clearly able to do their own hacking of other countries. But when a new vulnerability emerges in internet security, sometimes hackers have access to tools that are ahead of them that can be very valuable,” he said.

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