Happy New Year!

Tap tap.

Is this thing on?

I understand the blog (or rather our host) went down for several hours today. The outage lasted from Youngstown to Toledo in my world. Sorry about that!

But now Mr. EW and McCaffrey the MilleniaLab and I are safe in our home, surrounded by .75″ of ice under the 2″ of snow that fell while we were gone, relaxing and eating vegetables after 10 days full of meat and cookies and chocolate, hunkering down for a quiet night to celebrate the New Year (I’ll be in bed long before 2013 will be).

May you all have a safe and happy evening. May the B1G prevail tomorrow.

And may the New Year bring just as many wonderful and smart readers as those who graced this blog all year. Thanks for making what we do possible!

Happy and safe New Year to all!

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  1. Greg Bean (@GregLBean) says:

    Happy New Year EW, and thank you for the brilliant work you do. Also to BMAZ, Rayne and Jim and the community here that gives me hope.

  2. scribe says:

    Happy New Year, EW, BMAz and friends of the site!

    May the coming year be better than the one almost past.

    Now, EW, what was it that you published that made the site get crashed?

  3. Nancy O'Connor says:

    Thank you all for this Blog, keep it coming and I’ll keep donating! Happy New Year Marcia, Bmaz and Jim White.

  4. JohnT says:

    Thank gawd it’s almost over!

    2013 has been incredibly trying. I’ve made a big transition for the overall good, but there’s been a recent curve thrown my way. One thing that’s helped me tremendously are the writers and commenters of this site who’ve helped me grow through their perspectives and freely shared knowledge

    I’ve never wished for a new year like this one and I can’t wait for 2014 to begin. Thanks emptywheelers!

  5. rosalind says:

    “May the B1G prevail tomorrow” what?!!! heresy!! go Tree!!!

    glad you and yours made it back to GR without incident. the Super Geek enjoyed his time back home in GR with the family, his comic book collection and Tardy’s Collectors Corner. The snow, not so much. The airline snafu that delayed his arrival back in L.A. a day, not at all.

    2014 Cheers to EW and Company!! where else do you get today’s news yesterday, gardening tips, pie-making pointers, football fellowship and foul-mouthed kick ass brain-blowing investigative insights!!


    (and as all my comments for the last week and a half have gone straight into moderation, i shall expect to see this comment around Noon PST tomorrow, once one our 3 hosts has slept off their NYE)

  6. jjohannson says:

    Happy new year, Marcy, to your kin and the EW diaspora. So much good to do based upon the work published here in 2013. Let’s at it! (And for posterity, this is PFM’s Super Bowl.)

  7. SomeCallMeTim says:

    What folks above have said – salut, EW. When I read posts like the NSA’s creative analysis of metadata I feel like I’m listening to a staticky radio transmission from east of the Iron Curtain – hearing news that should be common knowledge.

    Also, since there hasn’t been a trash talkortunity since yesterday, just let me say Quack! Though a local Oregon jock-scribe mentioned that post Chip Kelly, and now post Nick Aliotti (long time D coordinator), Uncle Phil’s team doesn’t seem to have a rile ‘me up and lay waste personality on the coaching staff any more. I’ll try to keep some perspective…

  8. posaune says:

    Here’s a toast to EW, bmaz, Jim and Rayne, and to all those who comment here!
    You really are the source of my sanity these days!
    Happy New Year!

  9. bloodypitchfork says:

    @rosalind: quote”2014 Cheers to EW and Company!! where else do you get today’s news yesterday, gardening tips, pie-making pointers, football fellowship and foul-mouthed kick ass brain-blowing investigative insights!!”unquote

    Indeed. Although I’m not a sports fan, I appreciate the break in the daily information battle as even war hardened soldiers need a break once in a while.

    As to “foul-mouthed”, I’ve never seen any of the ew crew use expletives within their blog posts. However, I AM one who has used them within comments. And frankly, considering the vulgar acts the USG continue to do, even today, I’d say, in comparison, the use of expletives within expression of outrage is the LEAST I can do, as these mofo’s are MURDERING people around the globe. While some people here may find it “objectionable”, for “me”, there is no way to “civilly” express monumental contempt of the Death State’s war crimes. No, these bastards do not deserve civility.
    On the contrary, an expletive filled “virtual” hollow point round to their temple is the least I can do. After all, these cockroaches would KILL you in a New York second if they could, as YOU are THEIR enemy now.
    Let me put it this way. If you witnessed one of their jackbooted thugs murder one of your children while they held you at bay..what would you say to them?

    Alright, sorry for the New Year’s Day rant, but let’s get real. These murdering psychopaths don’t stop for a fucking holiday. After all, they just murdered a group of human beings on Christmas day.

    Happy New Year. indeed.

  10. Ted says:

    A dedicated lurker here.
    Many thanks to Marcy, et.al., and to all the commenters who keep me informed like no other site!
    Happy 2014!!

  11. thatvisionthing says:

    Yo ew, scanning through the sidebar, my first laugh of 2014:

    emptywheel ‏@emptywheel

    Seeing Ruth Marcus call ANYONE insufferable makes me want to make room for her in my pots and kettle cabinet.

    And I have no idea who Ruth Marcus is.

    Thanks and salud all :-)

  12. thatvisionthing says:

    @rosalind: Yo rosalind! Want to thank you for a comment you wrote Xmas 2011 — it’s been on a stickie on my monitor since then, tumbled to my keyboard today:

    Holy fuck I giveth up

    I love good quotes and gifts from above

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