Verizon Loves Dragnet Reform

If there was any doubt that Verizon was the source of some of the difficulties behind the phone dragnet, this may address them.

Verizon supports the bipartisan USA Freedom Act because it will achieve the important goals of ending Section 215 bulk collection of communications data, heightening privacy protections and increasing transparency.  We thank the House Intelligence and Judiciary Committees for taking this bipartisan approach and look forward to working with the House and Senate leadership, along with the White House, to address remaining issues and enact the USA Freedom Act into law this year.

I’m curious what transparency Verizon thinks this adds — unless it means it can start reporting its real numbers?

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  1. What Constitution? says:

    Immunity. They don’t really care about anything else the bill would do, nor will they have to.

    • chronicle says:


      Ditto. However, their immunity is limited. Especially when one of their management is out and about.

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