Massie-Lofgren Amendment Closes NSA’s Back Door (for Now)

The Massie-Lofgren amendment to the appropriations bill just passed, 293-123.

The amendment would prohibit funds to be used to do either of two things:

  • Conduct back door searches on US person selectors
  • Require companies to put back doors into their products

The vote total was similar to that the National Security folks have been crowing that USA Freedumber got a few weeks ago.

Leadership on both sides of the aisle will attempt to find some way to kill this, so the battle is not won yet. But the vote makes it very clear that a bipartisan majority is not okay with some of NSA’s worst abuses.

Update: Here’s the roll call. I’ll have more to say about that tomorrow.

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  1. bloopie2 says:

    I called my Representative to ask her to vote for the Amendment. Actually EFF called for me after I entered my info on their website. Very helpful. Thank you EFF.

    • TomVet says:

      I called mine too. I have all the necessary numbers for mine, but that tool EFF and their techie friends built is really great. I hope it gets more folks to call when important votes are pending.
      Related item: This just came out today, they now have a way to give all the Congresscritters a real email address. I’m sure you know what a pain this used to be. I think this will be great, too.
      Details here

  2. Peterr says:

    Did John Boehner resign from the House? His name doesn’t appear on that roll call list as voting in favor, against, or present, nor is he listed as not voting.

  3. orionATL says:

    now is the time to put advertising/youtube/op-ed/demonstration screws to the president, feinstein, chambliss, the two house leaders, sensennbrenner, ruppersberger, ford (especially in their districts). even if ford et al. aren’t running and ruppersberger is nsa’s champion.

    now is the time to hit the president and the appropriate congressslouches while popularity among voters actually presents a threat.

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