Meet Adam Kwasman, Arizona’s Racist Bigot Politician of the Month

With the latest furor over minor children and the border already in full swing on top of all the other immigration fear mongering going on in this election year, you would think you had about heard it all when it comes to preening idiotic nonsense from “conservative” politicians.

Think again.

Exhibit A: This somewhat beyond amazing story of Adam Kwasman, a current member of the Arizona State Legislature and a candidate for Congress in Arizona LD-1. Kwasman, in a mad rush to the gun nut bigot fest protest of immigrant children in southern Arizona, inspired by the Murietta hatred, saw a bus load of YMCA campers in a school bus on their way to summer camp. Kwasman, displaying every ounce of his razor sharp Einstein like brilliance, immediately concluded they were evil immigrants.

From Brahm Resnik and the Arizona Republic:

He [Kwasman] had tweeted from the scene, “Bus coming in. This is not compassion. This is the abrogation of the rule of law.” He included a photo of the back of a yellow school bus.

Kwasman later told me he saw the migrant children. “I was actually able to see some of the children in the buses. The fear on their faces…. This is not compassion,” he said.

But there was a problem with Kwasman’s story: There was no fear on their faces. Those weren’t the migrant children in the school bus. Those were children from the Marana school district. They were heading to the YMCA’s Triangle Y Camp, not far from the Rite of Passage shelter for the migrants, at the base of Mt. Lemmon.

12 News reporter Will Pitts, who is at the protest scene, says he saw the children laughing and taking pictures of the media.

Watch Brahm Resnik make an idiot of Kwasman at this link. I will not embed the video because I cannot get rid of the auto play command.

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  1. masaccio says:

    Your congressionals are trying to be a nutso as Louis Gohmert, but let’s face it, he has a big lead in the breakaway, and your guys are just leaving the peloton in a desperate attempt to catch up.

  2. RUKidding says:

    Doesn’t matter that Kwasman was ignoranty wrong about the likely very legal Hispanic kids on a bus in AZ. All Kwasman did was the usual rightwing bigotry move: highlight the currently most detested of the dusky-hued, which in this case is kids, and then cut ‘n paste the current rightwing bigoted “talking points” to create some red meat to toss to the ever slavering base.

    Murietta CA gave Kwasman a sad bc they beat him to the punch of being last week’s most ignorant bigoted assholes, so Kwasman quickly moved to up the ante.

    Hey: Murrietta CA acted like ignorant bigoted assholes about “real” illegals. Kwasman did them one better and behaved like an ignorant bigoted asshole about legal Hispanic kids.

    Now, really, who’s the rightwing “winner” in this pissing match? No contest: Kwasman is the clear winnah! And his base will just LOVE it!! What’s the downside?

    Not really snark, I’m sad to say.

    • bmaz1 says:

      I know this state inside out, and you are mistaken if you think the YMCA camper kids from Marana were all, or even predominantly, Hispanic.

  3. Overthrow-r1b says:

    I would not be surprised to see ANY bus driving around in america full of children with fear on their faces! Even a YMCA bus.
    Bus equals nightmare in nightmerica.
    I don’t know what school or YMCA you went to but it’s synonymous with hell where I come from.

    But I guess that’s besides the point…. Maybe.

    • bmaz1 says:

      What? First off, Marana is a nice little community. Secondly, EVERYBODY who was on scene, including multiple reporters I am more than familiar with, said they were just normal kids laughing and having a good time and taking pictures. Where do you come up with all this dark scenario junk?

  4. Evangelista says:

    The blog-post generating this comment thread demonstrates a seriously disturbing lack of objectivity on the part of the writer. This does not speak well for the blog. It also indicates a significant generation of antagonism and aggression. The generation of antagonism and aggression necessarily escalates tensions and invites, and tacitly expresses approval for, if not enthusiasm to confrontation.

    In other words, in plain English, while some with a lot of extra adrenalin to burn and love for the sense of empowerment confronting aggressively brings up in them, their playing with themselves makes volatile and potentially volatile situations worse. The end of escalation in the United States immigration situation is going to be violence, and it is going to be primarily innocents who will suffer the violence and for the violence, and, if I may prognosticate from past to future, it will be primarily the so-called “minority” children who will be “targeted” by the violence, and casualties are likely to include, among others, some of the “happy” today non-immigrant children the post gloats being mistaken for “targetable”.

    bmaz1, you are an idiot to escalate tensions for your laughs where your laughs today are going to cause great and greater suffering and destruction tomorrow. But, it must be said, you are an amateur and scent on the wind in comparison with those who organized the “children’s crusade” assault against the United States’ borders to “push” the immigration issue. You should review the history of “Jim Crow”, and note that “Jim Crow” did not come out of the Civil War, it came out of the so-called “Reconstruction”. Was a hundred years of oppression and victimization a good way to “integrate” the negro into United States society? Will getting a lot of people killed for “looking like Mexican” be useful to anyone when the “Immigration Situation” goes over the edge, when the government in the United States today entirely loses control? (Which event history indicates is inevitably coming.)

    • bmaz1 says:

      Are you fucking kidding me? You cannot overcome the ignorant bigot stupidity of Kwasman with that gibberish.

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