MLB Divisional Playoffs and NFL Week 5 Trash Talk

A fairly minimalist week on the sports criminal docket front other than the announcement of former SDNY Judge Barbara S. Jones to hear the Ray Rice appeal against the NFL. She looks like a decent pick.

There is, however, a lot going on in the actual sporting world. Exciting MLB playoffs, and week five of college and pro football. But, by far if you look to the global sporting stage, the biggest news broke late yesterday: Sebastian Vettel is leaving Red Bull for Ferrari, and it seems almost certain that Ferrari’s Fernando Alonso is leaving the Scuderia for his old team, McLaren.

This is simply stunning. Frankly, not sure I have ever seen such a seismic shift with this much time left in the current season. Vettel is certainly younger (by about a decade), and would look to be with Ferrari for the long haul, but Alonso is for now a superior driver. For the next couple of years, not sure the boys from Maranello got the better part of this change. And the Circus is in Suzuka for the Japanese Grand Prix this weekend. Rosberg and Hamilton have the front row locked out after qualifying, and Suzuka is a great course. Worth the watch.

Then there is baseball. We don’t usually do much baseball here, but holy cow has there been some fantastic playoff action in the MLB. Especially any and all of the games involving the Kansas City Royals. First they beat the Oakland A’s in one of the most gripping baseball games you will ever see to make it past the initial knockout 1 game wildcard playoff game – in 12 innings. It was mesmerizing. Then they have followed it with back to back 11 inning wins over the Angels in Anaheim. Just wow. The Cardinals and Dodgers series seems similarly charged, and there are hard feelings between the two teams. And once again, Detroit, with all their talent, is self destructing in October, this time with two 8th inning collapses against the Orioles. Great stuff across the board for baseball.

In college football, I think we have to open with credit due for Rich Rodriquez who took his Arizona Wildcats to Autzen Stadium, knocked off the second ranked Oregon Ducks and walked out 5-0. Maybe Rich Rod wasn’t the problem in Ann Arbor. Sixth ranked Texas A+M at Mississippi State has the biggest buzz about it. Don’t sleep on the Bulldogs at home, they have a superb QB, Dak Prescott, and a tough fast defense. Same thing goes for Alabama at ‘Ole Miss. Big day in Mississippi.Stanford at Notre Dame, LSU at Auburn, and Nebraska at Michigan State all look to be good games. Before being exposed in the nightmare against UCLA the last time they took the field, I would have thought ASU at USC would be a good game. Not so much now, the Trojans will roll them.

Not a great week in the NFL. Man, the Packers just destroyed the Vikings on Thursday Night Football, and the Pack is back to 3-2 and looking better. The big game this week is – go figure – the still unbeaten Cardinals in Mile High against the Broncos. The Cards are a solid team, but won’t be unbeaten after Peyton is done. Could be a really good game though. Both teams are coming off a bye. Chiefs at 49ers and Bengals at New England are the only other really interesting games on the schedule. I will take the home team in both of those, though I am starting to wonder if Bill Bel, Brady and the boys deserve the respect any more. We shall see.

Okay, that is it for this week. Chat it up.

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    • scribe says:

      Your logorrhea is a horrible thing to subject others to, BMAz. Go wash up and come back when you’re done.

  1. bmaz says:

    Okay you ungrateful mopes, I am going to go add some more content now.
    Actually, I see what happened – sorry, looks like I hit publish instead of save early in the process, so it went live before I was done. Ooops! It is done now.

  2. Jim White says:

    Gosh it sure has been fun for the Royals to be winning again. They were my team from high school days through the 85 World Series win until I soured on MLB with the strike-shortened season and the steroid scandal. I haven’t been able to stay awake late enough to catch the endings of the two extra-inning wins in Anaheim, but watching the early bits of those games brings back memories of grad school days and trundling down there to catch a Royals game or two. As I recall, they had expanded “The Big A” in those days, so Lisa and I “lovingly” referred to it as “The Even Truly Bigger A”. So far the only series going the wrong way for me is St. Louis over the Dodgers, but that one is only one game in. I was a huge Cards fan in elementary school, pulling for Gibson and Brock, but Mark McGuire and Tony LaRussa (and now Ferguson) have put me off the Cardinals forever.
    I’d really hate for the Gators to get trounced by Tennessee today, but I fear that is what is in store. Even worse, Jeremy Foley has been insisting that Muschamp will be evaluated on the basis of the full season, but I have to think that if the Tennessee game is embarrassing enough, his hand will be forced. The tragedy is that Muschamp wasn’t fired last year. Dan Mullen probably could have been hired then, but with Dak Prescott playing the way he is now and another season or two available from him, Mullen would be crazy to leave. And Charlie Strong is off the table, too. Foley really stepped in it and will have a poor crop of candidates to choose from this off-season.
    At least my Jayhawks saw the light and ran off Charlie Weis. I will once again wish for them to hire Nolan Cromwell, who had glory days running the wishbone offense for KU when I was an undergrad there. He went on to have several All Pro years as a defensive back in the NFL. He should have been the hire two coaches ago, but he’s still the right choice now. He’s bounced around to a lot of coaching positions in the pros and college ball, so he should be ready to run his own show now.

  3. GulfCoastPirate says:

    I hope Mississippi State rolls the Gaggies back into the stone age. I am so sick already of hearing about them.

    • bmaz says:

      Pirate!! We’ve been planting the Aggie stories here trying to draw you out. Where have you been my friend??

      • GulfCoastPirate says:

        Had some health problems but everything is good now. I’ll shoot you an email later.

        Now that we’ve taken care of the Gaggies the next on my shit list is Baylor.

      • bmaz says:

        Hey, I think I mentioned in the post that MSU was a handful. They are that and more. Wow. And Dak Prescott is as advertised. Also wow.

      • emptywheel says:

        I don’t have kids so I can’t really answer this fairly.

        I also come to the questions as someone who, as a college rugger, stayed in a game after getting concussed.

        But I’d also emphasize it’s not just football, and even with those newfangled measures, you’re still left with the question of whether you’d quit a sport you love. Someone very close to me plays hockey and has already registered once (he’s still quite young). But I’m not sure he’ll quit any time soon.

        • bloopie2 says:

          My brush with this came in college when we were playing intramural flag football and I was tackled. The next thing I remember is being in the locker room, which was after the game ended. To this day I have no idea what went on in between. I assume I was conscious, or they would have taken me somewhere? And maybe that’s why, so often when I do something, people preface their criticisms with “You idiot!” But really, this shows that it need not be a contact sport per se; like everything else in life, you can be prepared to the hilt and still get blindsided.

          Anyhow, let the games begin!

        • Jim White says:

          I had a rather adventurous childhood and had three concussions before I was 5 and then another in first grade, so my brain is certain to be fairly addled. I continued with football through my sophomore year of high school but decided as a junior I’d rather have the spending money from an after school job at the grocery store, so I probably avoided more head trauma that way.
          I would think that use of monitoring technology will spread pretty rapidly. There will have to be an arbitrary choice made on criteria for banning a kid from these sports after a certain number of events at specified levels of impact, but I think that I would be in favor of working toward such a system.

  4. Saltinwound says:

    Yes there is bad blood between the Cards and Dodgers. Greinke takes the mound today. He is cold blooded and will plunk someone.

  5. emptywheel says:

    FWIW, I originally believed that BillBel would, as he has with the D in past years when he traded away or lost to injury a key player, plug the hole as the season went along, perhaps in time for this game.

    But there seem to be increasing management issues. I do wonder whether Brady, after having lost Welker to his biggest rival and Gronk last season to accelerated return, and now his shield, has lost faith in BillBel’s ability to plug these holes. So I think this may be different.

    • scribe says:

      I’ve heard/seen serious (journos, not callers) talk about “who would be a good trade destination for Brady”, and how, the way his contract is structured, he’s an appealing pickup for some team like Houston or even … Cleveland. Keep in mind the Patsies are millions below the cap, possibly the biggest below-the-cap number in the League (some stat nut will probably contradict me with some team even further below, but I don’t care). I have to wonder just how many times a day Biebs has the thought “why did I take that restructuring – they were supposed to use that to beef up the team around me – and now this?” pass through his head. Probably gets in the way of the counting he has to do to be sure he gets rid of the ball before something passing through The Mankins Gap at high speed turns him into a smoking rubble pile again.
      Also some strong words to the effect that, on further review, the moves Cheatin’ Bill has made in his capacity as GM have not, in the far larger part, worked out well. Words to the effect that Cheatin’ Bill should not be GM.
      From what I’ve seen in some cursory viewing, it appears there’s no small level of dissension among offensive Patsies. So much so that one of their receivers (from among the worst receiving corps in the League) got himself into a suspension for yapping back at the staff.
      All this leads me to think that something, somewhere in the Patsies organization is sucking up money they could otherwise spend on players. And winning. Or management is more interested in lining their own pockets, team and winning be damned.
      I’m expecting Mount Giselle to blow her top soon, just to add to the entertainment.
      As to my Stillers, the great disappointment at their giving away the Tampa Bay game has not faded. The sting persists. I am less and less convinced that Tomlin has the Answers, and surely Haley does not. All they seem to be accomplishing is pissing away the careers of Ben, Troy, and the rest of their team one week at a time, in a futile attempt to prove their theories of Football work. I recall, a few years back, their D came up with a scheme nicknamed “11 Angry Men”, in which the D just milled around so as to thwart the opposing QB from being able to read what was coming. It lasted several weeks until offenses were undeterred and the D was ineffective precisely because there was neither set nor coordination. Filed under “wildcat offense” – teams and the League adapt. Tomlin, Haley and LeBeau have not adapted.
      So it goes.

        • scribe says:

          I know, I know: “we’re on to Cincinnati”.

          Problem is: Cheatin’ Bill is no longer controlling the narrative. Rather, he’s having to respond to people not under his thumb making a narrative, in which part is devoted to mocking and not worshipping him.

          Besides, when was Cheatin’ Bill ever entitled to a presumption of honesty or forthrightness?

          • bmaz says:

            When you only actual All-Pro level player could just as easily lay around Rio with Giselle Bundchen as get creamed as the only target on an otherwise shitty team, hey, you know, maybe you lose that guy. If I was that guy, I would be long gone. Then you replace his best bud and security blanket (despite the wife) with Danny “Injury List” Amendola? Are you kidding me?

        • Bay State Librul says:

          I also blame Kraft.
          He is in lust with his girl friend and needs to focus on spending more money to protect
          Bill is getting his comeuppance for being arrogant

  6. rosalind says:

    Yes to the sentiment and City sites in video above, but Death to Autotune! (the aural hell that “Glee” has spread into our musical world)

  7. jo6pac says:

    Yep, the F-1 musical seats begins and can Ron Dennis forgive FA enough to bring the top F-1 driver back. I do believe Honda has a lot to say on FA coming back to McLaren. There’s a lot of rumors already that the Honda motor is over weight and to big but I truly believe in Honda tech skills that this isn’t true. There is a great story on line about Hondas first ever motor and how Sir Jack Braham worked with Honda to solve their problems.

    Go 9ers and Giants.

  8. What Constitution? says:

    The MLB playoff system has matured to the point where these games are now just plain great contests. The talent level is so high and so consistent that individual performances can barely take center stage and “conventional wisdom” gets challenged. Great pitching beats great hitting? Clayton Kershaw staked to a a 6-2 lead and the Cards end up winning 10-9 as Puig strikes out with the tying run on third. Then again, a 22 year old rookie phenom with ice in his veins magnificently throws 102 mph darts and a four foot breaking ball at the Angels deep into the game, holding even Mike Trout hitless (KC has done this twice now) and the highest scoring team in baseball gets one run. It’s sure shocking to see the Angels down 0-2 even as their pitching has held up admirably — but these games are worth the watch. Good for baseball. Great for KC, though.

  9. Bay State Librul says:

    We are on to Cinci….. Billy Boy circa October ’14

    From the Obnoxious Boston Fan (OBF)

    “Bill Belichick has provided us with some interesting boilerplate quotes during his reign as Patriots coach, GM and Dark Lord.

    “It is what it is” has become one of his monikers.

    “Do Your Job” has become the stuff of t-shirts for some of his players.

    “Improving in all areas of the game” is another one of his gems.

    During Wednesday’s weekly press gaggle, Belichick added another verbal masterpiece to his limited repertoire.

    “We’re on to Cincinnati” was the coach’s response when asked about the team’s woes that were exposed during Monday night’s 41-14 demolition at the hands of the Kansas City Chiefs.

    Poof. And just like that, with those four simple words, the team’s troubles were gone.

    Of course, Sunday’s game is in Foxborough. Belichick’s answer was as much metaphorical as it was geographical or team-centric.

    New York Jets coach and podiatrist Rex Ryan tried it, with a twist, before his weekly press conference later in the day.

    “Obviously, on to San Diego. Ok here we go. Can we just move on?” Ryan said, trying to defuse criticism of his team’s current woes and QB issues.

    For just a second, if you watch that clip, you forget that the Jets are the worst football franchise this side of the XFL.

    “We’re on to Cincinnati” could have far-reaching implications beyond One Patriot Place or the football field.

    It’s really the perfect answer for any of life’s toughest challenges. Way better than alcohol, cigarettes, drugs or excess carbohydrates. It has zero calories or side-effects.

    Just try it. Delusion and denial never felt so complete.

    For instance, your boss catches you watching that latest NSFW video featuring untoward language and nudity on company time.

    “What do you have to say for yourself, Bob?”

    “We’re on to Cincinnati, sir” would stop Boss Man in his tracks.

    At home, your wife finds out you spent another $300 to enter six more fantasy football leagues this season.

    “Honey, why did you spend that much money on fantasy football?”

    “Dear, we’re on to Cincinnati.”


    When it’s time to break up with your significant other, try this to ease the pain:

    “Sweetheart. It’s not you. It’s not me. We’re on to Cincinnati.”

    Drop that line and you’ll definitely stay friends on Facebook.

    The Red Sox just found their automatic out in the offseason, as opposed to all of those automatic outs that littered their lineup during the regular season.

    Whenever concerns are raised about the lack of starting pitching, stability in the outfield or consistent left-handed hitting from anyone not named David Ortiz, Larry Lucchino and Ben Cherington have the perfect response.

    “We’re on to Fort Myers.”

    Ditto for the Celtics, who begin Tankapalooza II in just four weeks.

    “We’re on to ping-pong balls.”

    How about the Bruins, who have made absolutely zero significant improvements in the offseason?

    “We’re on to another collapse against Montreal in the playoffs.”

    In this election season, “We’re on to Cincinnati” could become a valuable tool whenever a candidate is faced with a challenging question.

    Scott Brown, Jeanne Shaheen, Martha Coakley and Charlie Baker, fell free to borrow this rejoinder whenever it comes in handy. We’re a non-partisan entity.

    The first one who uses it in a tough spot might just win his/her race.

    “Senator Brown, what about all those campaign contributions from big oil?”

    “Once again Senator Shaheen wants to dodge the important issues like terrorism and Obamacare. She seems to be on to Cincinnati.”

    That’s worth a 10-point bump in the polls among ticked-off Patriots fans.

    When you’re pulled over for going 82 on the Mass Pike and are asked by the Statie why were you going so fast. “We’re on to Cincinnati” could provide both a literal and figurative answer.

    Kids, you too can get in on this “Get Out of Jail Free” card. Just try it.

    “Son, why did you steal your sister’s iPhone.”

    “We’re on to Cincinnati, dad. Seriously.”

    What parent wouldn’t love a kid who came back with that logic?

    While the Patriots season teters on the brink on of mediocrity, at least it’s already given us one lasting legacy.

    As far as excuses for this column.

    “We’re on to Cincinnati.

  10. JohnT says:

    What?!? No SF Giants? Blasphemy!11!!!111!1!!!
    Hey, where’s phred? Got new trade for you, Christian Ponder, a package of Hillshire Farm brats, and a case of Old Milwaukee for Aaron Rodgers
    Any bettors out there? Bet the over any time Cal is playing, and it’s under 100 … naw forget that, just bet the over, every game. Jared Goff is the real deal. Dunno if he’s so much a product of the system, or if he’s that good of a QB. Prolly a combination of both
    And if anyone wants to get on the bandwagon of a winning team before they start upsetting some people. Watch out for the Washington Huskies in the next few years. Everybody knows about Chris Peterson, former Boise State coach, but they recruited a QB out of Folsom Ca, named Jake Browning, who’s lighting the scoreboard up again in the Central Valley, and setting state records. Just remember that name

    • phred says:

      Heh heh, tempting, but not tempting enough.
      a) I’m a vegetarian (does Hillshire make veggie brats? ; )
      b) I love my home state, but Old Mil??? Yowza. I’m stickin’ with Guinness.
      c) I actually, you know, WATCHED that game on Thursday. Ouch. I am genuinely sorry for Ponder, that was a humiliating outing after the previous week.
      I’m hoping your new QB is fit as a fiddle in November, because I am already looking forward to the rematch : )
      Go PACK!

  11. Peterr says:

    This is from Samer Kalaf at Deadspin, just for bmaz and other Cheeseheads . . .

    Green Bay Press-Gazette editor Amy Bailey wrote her Oct. 1 column about an incident at a Packers viewing party she attended. It was straightforward: A man said, “It’s a big ol’ nigger pile,” during a fumble, and Bailey called him out for saying a racist thing. Because yes, calling a scrum for a football a “nigger pile” is racist. One man didn’t like how Bailey handled it, and sent a two-page letter in Comic Sans font. It is the work of an insane person.

    Bailey said there was no full name or return address. So, yes, this guy sent an anonymous letter (again, in Comic Sans) bitching at the columnist for not having the courage to have a private conversation with the man who said something racist. . . .

    The letter is at the link, and it’s a beauty of testosterone overload, combined with a tea partyish disdain for anyone trying to tell him anything — but he has no problem telling a woman what to do. One of the tamer lines is “I don’t believe a woman like you belongs at a football party like the one you attended . . .”, and by the end of the paragraph Amy Bailey is no longer a woman but merely a certain part of a woman’s anatomy. “These are basic truths. All real men know this.”

    It’s not quite criminal, but clearly someone’s not firing on all cylinders up in Green Bay.

    • phred says:

      “someone’s not firing on all cylinders up in Green Bay”
      True. But someone is, and that someone is Amy Bailey. Good for her. Bigotry is everywhere and directed at the other, whoever that might be. I’m delighted to see Amy not just call it out, but to use the tool she has at hand, a newspaper column to call it out to a larger audience. In an odd way, I find that a heartwarming story. Not the racism (nor the subsequent sexism), but the standing up to it. Makes me proud. One must chip away at these things and in white-as-snow-except-for-the-Packers Green Bay it takes a determined soul to speak up, especially in a culture of taciturn politeness.

  12. Peterr says:

    Nebraska v Michigan State is the marquee game in the B1G today, with the Badgers at the Fighting Journalists running under the radar as another likely good game. If the FJs come out like they did vs Penn State and the Stinkin’ Badgers come out sluggish as they have the last couple of games, they could be in for a real stunner. Put me down for the Spartans and the FJs.
    The bigger question, though, is whether Rutgers will make the Wolvereenies cry.

  13. Jim White says:

    Gosh, that was tough on my old defective ticker, but the Gators somehow pulled out a 10-9 win at Tennessee. After multiple fails by Jeff Driskel, Muschamp FINALLY relented and put Treon Harris in at QB. Result was a prompt touchdown. Next possession was the game-winning field goal.

    Only downside of that is Muschamp survives for a bit longer…

  14. bmaz says:

    Tell me, what do Lombardi, Knoll, Walsh and Belichick have in common?
    That would be Bart Starr, Terry Bradshaw, Joe Montana and Tom Brady.
    Funny how great quarterbacks make great coaches.
    Oh yeah, you can throw Favre in as to Mike Holmgren. Though he is a joke compared to the above group.

  15. scribe says:

    Lern to spel, BMAz.
    It’s “Noll”.
    I thought you, as the wearer of a cheesehead, would have put Favruh on that list without qualification or prompting.

  16. Peterr says:

    It’s been a tough week for ranked teams . . .
    #2 Oregon
    #3 Alabama
    #4 Oklahoma
    #6 Texas A&M
    #14 Stanford
    #17 Wisconsin
    Of these folks who lost, only Stanford lost to a higher ranked team.

      • scribe says:

        For some reason, my cable does not carry the obscure channel on which the Giants-Nats game is being shown.

        Then again, it’s TWC, so why should I be surprised at paying good money for crap.

  17. dakine01 says:

    Hey @JimWhite, saw some accounts last night and this AM that the Ol’ Ball Coach, Mr Visor hisownself, called a rather sh*tty game last night, allowing the ‘Cats to come from 2 touchdowns down in the 4th quarter to beat SC in Lexington.

    Do the folks in FL still think he’s a water walker? /s

    • Jim White says:

      Dunno about the other folks here, but my opinion of Spurrier had always been that he was tremendous at putting a game plan together but horrible at in-game tactical adjustment. I felt that was why he flamed out in the NFL so badly, since much of that game is about those continuous adjustments.

      And yes, last night I was watching when he suddenly started having his team throw the ball while they still had a seven point lead with not much time left even though they had been shredding the ‘Cats with their running game. The announcers on the broadcast were dumbfounded.

  18. P J Evans says:

    This must have been an interesting game – for someone:

    The Bears allowed an FBS-record 734 passing yards to Washington State quarterback Connor Halliday, yet still won another crazy one, 60-59, in front of 30,020 at Martin Stadium on Saturday night.

    Washington State’s Quentin Breshears missed a 19-yard field goal with 15 seconds left that would’ve given the Cougars a two-point lead and a likely win.

    The only way I knew it was football was that it’s the wrong time of year for college basketball.

  19. scribe says:

    The genius who devised today’s 506 maps: he deserves to have a car door slammed on his fingers. Sucky games for me – I’m going outside to play.

  20. rosalind says:

    anyone wiser than I know why L.A. got the Fox pre-game show but no game itself…? San Diego doesn’t play until afternoon, so if this is some blackout b.s. Imma be even more p.o.

    • rosalind says:

      OK, wikipedia explained it to me. CBS/FOX get three games total each weekend, with the two networks trading off who gets 2 games.

      • phred says:

        That is a ridiculous system. You have my sympathies.
        I’ve been spoiled for years with NFL Sunday Ticket. The hubby won’t tell me what it costs (very likely far too much), he just smiles sweetly and says it is a present. He’s a keeper ; )

    • bmaz says:

      How ’bout them Buffalo Bills!
      You had to know that a working man’s town like Buffalo would want to help their friends in Green Bay. Go Pack, now tied for the division lead!

      • phred says:

        Thrilled to see the Bills take the Kitties down a peg, but wish it hadn’t cost me so many points in my football pool. Speaking of which, I picked your Cards for the upset in Mile High, but didn’t put many points on that, just couldn’t help myself ; )
        So, EW, who do you get to watch this late in the day?

        • bmaz says:

          I am guessing she gets Chefs and Niners, but just a guess.
          Dunno about Cards winning, but they are playing Denver tough and straight up. 14-13 Donkos after Calais Campbell intercepts Peyton and takes it back to Denver 5 and then a Cards TD.

      • emptywheel says:

        We’re lulling the rest of the division by playing w/o a kicker for the first half of the season. Prater’s gonna win it all for us at the end of the season though.

        • scribe says:

          I heard on the car radio that the Bills named him their Most Valuable Player today and wanted to give him a game ball.

          Any truth to that story?

        • CTuttle says:

          Prater’s gonna win it all for us at the end of the season though.

          I wish my Donkos hadn’t released him, I already miss his leg…! 8-(

    • bmaz says:

      Cards got opening drive FG. Peyton now Peytoning the Donks methodically down the field.
      And Peyton gets his 500th TD pass quite easily. Ugh.

  21. scribe says:

    As to the Biebs-to-Cleveland story, what will the Brownies then do with Johnny Football? Introduce him to Giselle’s twin sister?

    • Bay State Librul says:

      How the night passed: Deliciously

      The evidence: W43-17, Brady 23-35, 292 yds, 2 tds,

      The nature of the beast: Boston media

      Hypothesis: No huddle, emotion, protection

      What the questions were: Brady’s decline, age, Jimmy G, uncanny abilities

      Conclusion: Yogi Berra “The future is the most difficult to predict”

  22. CTuttle says:

    Dayam, Bieber seems most determined to win tonite…! Congrats to Peyton for the 500th+ td passes, and my Donkos looked great, sorry about knocking out Stanton, bmaz, I think it would’ve been a much closer game…!

    How on earth did the Kitties lose to the Bills…?

  23. phred says:

    So the Mr. and I just popped out to a lovely new bar and grill that is within walking distance (yay!), excellent beer selection, yummy locally produced food, and 3 silent large screen TVs showing sports behind the bar… Caught the end of the Nationals staying alive against the Giants, when lo and behold, another Washington team appeared one screen over.
    I posed the question to the hubby: surely there must be another mascot that could make good use of the red and gold color scheme… Without missing a beat he says, “blood and money, sure the Washington Lobbyists”. The man should have gone into marketing. He suggested an eagle in flight with a roll of parchment in one claw and a bag of gold in the other. Works for me ; )
    Problem solved, Mr. Snyder.

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