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Last week we opened up with discussion of the stunning announcements of Sebastian Vettel and Fernando Alonso to change teams for 2015. That was a titanic sized announcement the likes of arguably never seen before in F1, certainly not with so many races left on the calendar. All that was lead unto the Japanese Grand Prix at Suzuka, which unfortunately was scheduled at the same time a rather large typhoon was rolling in. The conditions were horrible on track, and in fact the first dozen or so laps were run at a crawl behind the safety car.

And then unspeakable tragedy struck Adrian Sutil went off course in his Sauber and a lap later, young Jules Bianchi went off at the same exact location and his Marussia car went into the side of and under a tractor crane present to remove Sutil’s car. frankly, it is so graphic that I am not going to embed it, but if you want to see it, it is here. It seems almost inconceivable that Bianchi survived, but he has, although his condition is grim and with serious head trauma.

The accident has cast a pall over this weekend’s inaugural Russian Grand Prix in Sochi. Team Marussia will run only a single car for the race, a dedication to a down teammate not seen since Damon Hill of Williams ran solo after the death of Aryton Senna 20 years ago. Bianchi is young, personable and a fantastic up and coming driving talent. Get well Jules.

Baseball is back, and there was yet another extra inning barnburner involving the Kansas City Royals last night, with the Royals pulling out the win – again – on the road in ten innings. Today is game two between the Royals and Orioles, and the start of the NLCS between San Francisco and St. Louis. MLB has been incredible this October.

Hey, who would have thought the road to the college football national championship would run through Starkville and the Mississippi state Bulldogs? But today it does as the second ranked Auburn Tigers come to town to face the third ranked Bulldogs. Mississippi State has beaten LSU and Texas A & M in back to back weeks. Can they beat Auburn too? Tall order, not so sure about that, but should be one heck of a game. The aforementioned Aggies host the ‘Ole Miss Rebels, and may be in danger of losing two in a row after a hot start. Two other games are huge, and in the Pac-12. Oregon at UCLA and USC at Arizona are both big games with huge post season implications.

In the pros, Dallas at Seattle looks like the best matchup of the weekend. Dallas is way better than people thought, and their defense and running game are really coming into their own. But Seattle at home is a tough hill to climb, don’t think the ‘Boys have enough juice for that. Giants at Eagles also could be decent. Giants have looked better last couple of weeks, but I will take Nick Foles over Bad Eli here. Pats at Bills, Steelers at Browns and Skins at Cardinals also may have interest.

What you have to talk about?

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      • bmaz says:

        Well, we wouldn’t take that washed up Brady guy for Fitzgerald straight up, the Pats would have to throw in a first round draft choice along with Brady as a sweetener.

  1. Bay State Librul says:

    Brady Watch: The Belichick fake out or Jimmy G takes the reins? Did Vegas notice?

    FOXBOROUGH — Tom Brady surprisingly popped up on the injury report on Friday, with the Patriots listing him as questionable with an ankle injury for Sunday. By league rule, there’s a 50-50 chance Brady will play.

    Brady was not on the injury report Wednesday or Thursday. He might have been injured in practice on Friday; he was listed as having limited participation in the session.

    Brady was not seen in the locker room after practice on Friday, which is unusual.

    Brady was on the injury report on the Thursday and Friday before the season opener in Miami with a calf injury, the only other time he’s been on the report this season. He was listed as questionable for the Dolphins game, but made his 81st consecutive start.

    Brady’s name has appeared on the injury report frequently over the years, but he has not missed a game since the 2008 season, the year he suffered an ACL tear in the season opener.

    It is not known how or when Brady injured his ankle, but he has a history of playing through pain. It would have to be a significant injury for Brady not to be in uniform in Buffalo.

    If Brady doesn’t play, the Patriots would turn to rookie Jimmy Garoppolo, who saw his first NFL snaps in Kansas City Sept. 29, leading the offense to a touchdown.

    • emptywheel says:

      BillBel’s prolly benching Tommy for insisting on an Offensive Line.

      Tho I hope no one fucks with the Bills. They’re much better this year.

  2. Peterr says:

    Rumor has it that admissions are up at every KC area hospital’s cardiac unit since Sept 20th. No matter how bad their condition, though, the patients find a way to pull through.
    The most improbable part was Billy Butler. After stealing a base in the series against the Angels Who Don’t Know Where Their Home Is, he followed that by scoring allllllll the way from 1st in the 3rd inning last night.

    • Jim White says:

      Royals haven’t lost a postseason game since 1985! They are 5-0 this year, with four of those going extra innings. I’m really enjoying watching this group play.

    • What Constitution? says:

      Nothing but respect for the KC Baseball Playing Men, they have put on a clinic and are clearly enjoying it. They just flat out beat a very good Angels team in every aspect of the game — including “heart” — and they’re on a roll. Hope they win it all, but it’s looking like a Flyover Series in the making, so I do hope we all still get to see it on live TV.

  3. Peterr says:

    Bmaz, you left the criminal docket stuff out of your post . . .

    Documents: Police, FSU hampered Jameis Winston investigation
    Florida State University officials and Tallahassee police took steps to both hide, and then hinder, the criminal investigation into a rape allegation against the school’s Heisman-trophy winning quarterback Jameis Winston last fall, a FOX Sports investigation has found.
    The upshot: University administrators and Winston’s attorney, Tim Jansen, had a head start on the state attorney in Tallahassee responsible for investigating and prosecuting serious crimes. Florida State administrators, for instance, had all the police reports at least four days before State Attorney Willie Meggs was handed the case.
    After learning in December of 2013 that no charges would be filed, FOX Sports examined thousands of pages of documents — including law enforcement files, e-mails and other correspondence as well as video and audio interviews conducted by detectives and other records — through a series of requests filed with multiple agencies under Florida’s public records laws. . . .

    Looks like the road to the college football championship may run though a courtroom or two.

    • bmaz says:

      Let us not fall too much into the framing of “gosh all the bad guys had a leg up on the State’s attorney” bullshit. The State’s attorney was Willie Meggs, a good old boy known for boosterism and the guy who was literally laughing and joking at the press conference where he said Winston would walk and the victim would be unconscionably screwed yet again. Meggs looked quite happy to be helping FSU and Jamies Heisman out.

    • bmaz says:

      I have been told it is Vettel and Raikkonen for Ferrari in 2015, so I think this highly unlikely.
      And, wow, that is a cool photo gallery from Stanford.

      • Jo6pac says:

        Yes I’ve read something about who going to Ferrari and I guess we’ll find out when the new CEO comes next week.

        The Stanford collection is fun to look at and I’ve been to most of the Northern Calli tracks.

  4. scribe says:

    The biggest question in the Stillers at Browns game is whether Football will be trotted out to appease the home crowd and provide some raw meat for the Stiller D to devour.

    As to the latest iteration of the Biebs saga, I’m willing to go along with the Cheatin’ Bill’s Messing with People’s Heads theory. Whether it’s Biebs’ or Garop, or the opposition or the press, who knows and who cares.

    As to Dallas, refer to statement 2 in my list of answers to “who do you root for?”: “Who’s playing Dallas?” Like it or not (I’m in the “not” category) Seattle is dominant and I expect them to do a number on Jerry’s Kids.

    I wonder whether there’s anything other than playing for a Pete Carroll college team which can lead to the revocation of a Heisman (for during-college conduct)? Leave OJ out of it. Wilson seems to be a leading candidate….

    • bmaz says:

      Johnny Football would devour an aging and overrated defense like Pittsburgh’s. He would be making that money sign on top of their vanquished bodies all day!

      • scribe says:

        The 506 tells me we’ll all be stuck watching Peyton meet Fat Rex and Cursing Geno, so none of us will truly get to see the Stillers-Browns.

        • scribe says:

          Hey! Brady Quinn got a job! He’s going to backstop Dick Stockton on the Redskins at Arizona game! Tell us how he does, BMAz – if he’s any better talking than he was as a Brown.

    • Bay State Librul says:

      Power Rankings…….. What Steeler team will show up for Cleveland?

      ◾Pretty good consensus about the Ravens being ~11th-ranked team.
      ◾Chargers: solidly in the number 3 spot.
      ◾Indianapolis is one of those teams that looks good, but nobody knows just how good.
      ◾Steelers all over the map. Not at all surprising given their wins and losses this year.

  5. phred says:

    Give me a ticket for an aeroplane, ain’t got time to take a fast train…
    No idea who Alex Chilton is, bmaz ; )
    Yer October-rather-than-September Gurl, phred ; )
    (Or Big Star, evidently ; )

      • bmaz says:

        An old like me should have never gotten hooked up with a young girl like you! Only parking tickets and bad things result!!.
        Also, Phred is awesome. AND is brilliantly a Packers fan.

        • phred says:

          Heh. Maybe not so brilliant at the moment… Anybody got a defense we can borrow?
          Thanks rosalind, the Pack clearly needs all the help they can get ; )

  6. emptywheel says:

    Apparently the Broncos don’t think it’s necessary to protect Peyton Manning from sacks.

    Probably not a smart decision.

    • bmaz says:

      Patriots seem to be having the same issue.
      Also, the Ravens are just destroying Tampa Bay. jesus, 35-0 early in the second quarter. Wow.

      • rosalind says:

        As the Col. opined on the twitter machine: “If the first quarter is indicative of how the whole game will go, the @Ravens will beat the @TBBuccaneers 112-0.”

      • emptywheel says:

        Right. But Pats have a remedial offensive line. We’ve been seeing that all season. What happened to Peyton was new.

  7. scribe says:

    First, it was The Return of Gronk The Fragile.
    Now, it’s Ridley The Broken.

    I’m kinda glad the Stillers are not on here.

  8. scribe says:

    Bungles bungle chipshot OT gamewinning FG after getting a bonus penalty on Carolina D. Wind up in a tie.
    Mwaaaahhhhaaaahahahahahah says this Stillers fan. My one happy moment of the day.

  9. an f1 fan says:

    bmaz, as I’m sure you know, the name of the driver that drove solo for the Williams team after Ayrton Senna’s death was Damon Hill, who would go on to be Formula One world champion in 1996.

  10. JohnT says:

    Thought of the day
    How many so called cfb experts on the tv machine predicted either team would be this good?
    How many so called experts predicted the Royals going on a run?
    They seem to be as good as the talking heads on the Sunday “news” shows
    When are the Giants relief pitchers gonna stop throwing batting practice to the Cardinals?

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