Big Games and the End of the Hokey Pokey Era Trash Talk

My my, there is a lot going on in the sporting world this weekend, so let’s take a look at some of the more interesting bits and pieces. First off there was some big news in Ann Arbor yesterday that pretty much answers the burning question from last weeks trash talk, namely who will scuttle their flailing football coach sooner, Michigan or Florida? The answer is in, and it is the Michigan Men! Michigan Athletic Director Dave Brandon has resigned effective immediately, and that will almost certainly spell the end of the Brady Hokey era for the Wolverweenies.

There are a couple of updates to items on the Docket Report. First, there was a hearing in EDVA on the appeal lawsuit of the Washington Redskins from the negative trademark decision in the administrative patent court system. The hearing was on a motion to dismiss and the early reports are the court was dubious about the dismissal effort and seemed inclined to retain jurisdiction. If so, that probably favors Dan Snyder and the Skins, because it will allow additional evidence to supplement the narrow and limited administrative record. It will be interesting to see what the decision is here. Secondly, the Ray Rice appeal hearing is set for next Wednesday, and the hearing officer, Judge Barbara Jones, has ordered Roger Goodell to testify. Some people are discussing a settlement, but I would be surprised. This could be fascinating seeing good attorneys cross-examine Goodell.

Then there are the games. The World Series is over, and congratulations to the San Francisco Giants who won a compelling series over the Kansas City Royals. The Cicago Cubs have hired Joe Maddon as their new manager after he quite suddenly up and left the Tampa Bay Rays. That is a great move for the Cubs, but the Cubbies are career killers for managers. RIP Joe Maddon. And the NBA season has started, so there is that. But we are really about football here, so let’s get to it, and there are a lot of big match ups on tap.

You would think that there is no way possible that the biggest game is not Peyton versus Brady and the Broncos at Patriots in the quarterback battle of the ages. Nope, that ain’t it. No, the biggest game this weekend is the Cardinals at Jerryworld to take on the Cowboys. The Cards, along with the aforementioned Broncos, have the best record in the NFL to date with only one loss on the season. The Cowboys were up there too before last week’s close loss to an inspired Redskins squad. This really shapes up as a great game. The Cowboys Demarco Murray has passed Jim Brown with eight straight games over 100 yards to open a season. But the Cards have perhaps the leagues best run defense. The Cowboys can be thrown on, and Carson Palmer has finally got Larry Fitzgerald untracked. Tony Romo is hurting and has not practiced all week. Oh, and by the way, the Honey Badger is back. All the factors point to the Cardinals having the edge. So I am picking the ‘Boys on the basis that they are home, and pissed about their performance against the Skins.

The other big game is of course Broncos at Patriots. Both Brady and Manning are playing lights out currently, and the Pats are on a bit of a roll. Any matchup between these two quarterbacks is an instant classic candidate, and this one is no different. I am going to assume ‘Ole Noodle Arm Manning and Brady cancel each other out. once you get past that, and even understanding Gronk is really rounding into the old Gronk, the Broncos simply have more and better weapons on offense. The Broncos also have a better defense, and they get the pick here. The only other really interesting game on the NFL schedule is Ravens at Steelers. Oddsmakers have it a draw right now, but I think Big Ben and the Stillers have found a groove and pull out the home win at the Big Catsup Bottle.

In college, the unquestioned game of the week is number 3 Auburn at number 4 ‘Ole Miss. After today, one of the teams will be done for the playoff discussion. The Rebels are favored by two at home, and that sounds about right to me. The other really good match ups are in the Pac-12, which has provided every bit as much excitement and compelling football this year as the SEC. Stanford is at Oregon, and the Trees have a history of manhandling the Ducks and giving them fits. Stanford is having an off year, but seemed to find an offensive groove last week. Still, I think the Quackers have the edge. Number 12 Arizona is at number 22 UCLA and I smell an upset here. Lastly, in a night game, number 17 Utah is at number 14 ASU. Utah is always superbly coached by Kyle Willingham and is consistently a better team than people give them credit for. But ASU has some momentum and, as long as they don’t get caught looking forward to next week’s tilt with Notre Dame, should take care of business in Sun Devil Stadium, though I expect a tight game.

Welp, that is it for this week. Rock on. This week’s music by Gerry Mulligan, Dave Brubeck, Doc Severinsen and the Cincinnati Pops with Duke Ellington’s classic “Take the A’Train”.

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  1. bloopie2 says:

    Doc Severinsen is all of 87 years old and is still even touring a bit. God bless him. If only I could say that I will leave behind something in this world, as good as he (and Ellington and Brubeck, of course) will be doing. None of these ADs will be so remembered. Great music, including the kind transcribed note by note from the brain of a Mozart or Ellington, enables so much improvisation and interpretation; an experience that satisfies both the soul and the intellect.

  2. scribe says:

    Heard about half of an interesting program on German radio yesterday, about how American jazz and blues, brought by GIs, made a profound impact on their culture. At one point, they spliced interviews from all the musicians and cultural types about who had the biggest impact on them. Doc wasn’t among the names – his career came along much later – but there is no question he knows how to handle a horn. I’m surprised he’s still playing at 87 – trumpet places no small physical demand on the musician, especially when it comes to the pressure needed to make it into the higher register. Kudos to him for still having it, and still sharing it.
    Speaking of old guys still having it, I caught some of the Tony Bennett-Lady Gaga duets. Worth a listen. She’s a great talent – still has some corners and edges that need some work, but hers are the kind of things that get worked through by years of experience. Bennett, just perfect.

    • bloopie2 says:

      I’ve been afraid to listen to the Bennett-Gaga shows – worried that Tony doesn’t have it any longer, and not wanting to tarnish the image I have of him in my mind. But on your say so, I’ll tune in. Can you just imagine how many hundreds of thousands of people have left his shows thinking, “That was so beautiful – I am blessed to have seen it.”

  3. emptywheel says:

    The interesting drama on the Donko-Pats game will be D, Talib/Revis. Talib hasn’t been quite on form this year (tho agree the Donko D is vastly improved). But he’s got a lot more help. Whereas, with Revis, you’ve got to be playing man to man to make him worth his while.


    While BillBel has been very successful playing simple man against Peyton in the past, in this case I think Peyton plans for it.

    • phred says:

      I listened to the 2nd half of the Pats game on the radio last week. After the Pats crushed the Bears, the announcers were strewing the Pats path to the SuperBowl with roses. It was magnificent : )
      No matter how the game turns out against the Broncos, the post-game radio entertainment value will be huge ; )

      • Bay State Librul says:

        Tommy v Peyton……. The Obnoxious Boston Fan weighs in………

        The problem with Manning’s commercial is his voice (In my opinion, it drives me nutso)

        “The “Tom Brady vs. Peyton Manning” debate is a pick ’em on the football field.

        It’s all a matter of preference: Individual Stats vs. Championships. Head-to-Head Record vs. All-Time Records. But there is one place where Manning has crushed Brady: it’s in the field of corporate endorsements and mass-marketing.

        When it comes to selling you stuff, Peyton Manning is “America’s Quarterback.”

        Papa John’s Pizza, Buick, DirecTV, Nationwide Insurance, and Gatorade all use the Broncos QB to mass-market their products and services. His broad appeal and regular-guy image aims squarely at Middle America.

        For these companies and several others, cries of “Omaha!” means millions of dollars in revenue and sales, not just first downs and yards passing.

        Manning landed at No. 39 in this year’s “Forbes 100” survey, pocketing $12 million in endorsement money in the 12 months leading up to June 2014. Brady did not make the cut in Forbes’ list this year. He made $7 million in the same period a year earlier, thanks to companies like Uggs, Movado watches, and Dick’s Sporting Goods. “

        • bloopie2 says:

          Yes, Giselle makes the biggest bucks, true. And that proves the mindlessness of people. So much for your attempts to use intelligent argument to turn the world against bad gummamints; good luck with that!

        • What Constitution? says:

          Now, now, behave. At least Giselle has made all that money without ever appearing in a Carl’s Jr. burger ad — working hard in a Nike ad, that’s progress, right? Will the true crossover woman, able to convey intelligence as well as ____ (what exactly is it that the male jocks of commercial TV convey that’s on a higher plane than feminine beauty, again?) will prove to be Emma Watson. We can only hope.

        • Bay State Librul says:

          How does Giselle do in the weather?

          Billyboy does a number on the weathermen………

          The National Weather Service forecasts a chance of rain, with wind around 15 mph and gusts up to 35 mph. Temperatures are expected to be in the 40s. Last season’s matchup had similarly windy conditions, and the Broncos’ offense was out of sync in the second half after building up a big lead. Bill Belichick doesn’t put too much stock in early forecasts.

          “If I did my job the way they do theirs, I’d be here about a week,” Belichick said, never afraid to put meteorologists on blast. “Look, I’m not saying I could do it better than them, I’m just saying they’re wrong a lot. That’s a fact. They are wrong a lot. We all make mistakes. I’m not being critical of them. I’m just saying I don’t think you go based on that.”

          Belichick says that a forecast two days before a game in New England is “almost always wrong” and you have to be ready for everything.

          “Based on the forecasts that we have gotten so far this year, none of them were very close to what the game conditions were. There was a 100 percent chance of rain last week and the only water I saw was on the Gatorade table,” Belichick said, via

        • bloopie2 says:

          Bill Belichick is 62 years old. No reason to pay any attention to anything he says except in his area of expertise – football coaching.

          Anyhow, most of the rest of the USA would say that Everything about New England is “almost always wrong”. Am I right?

        • Bay State Librul says:

          Yup, we are usually wrong, except we hit the jackpot in the election of Thomas Menino as Mayor of Boston.

          Tommy was one of the best, always looking out for the little guy, never forgetting his roots, and leading the city for 20 years as the “urban mechanic”.

          They called him mumbles but he was a marvel as a person.

          He will be missed.

        • phred says:

          The hubby and I are planning to pay our respects tomorrow at Faneuil Hall. The world would be a much much better place with more elected officials like Mayor Menino. He will indeed be missed.
          I know he didn’t like the mumbles thing, but one of the things we loved best about him was his voice : ) Every time one flies in and out of Logan they are treated to recordings of local officials. Our favorite set of 3 was Mayor Menino, Teddy Kennedy, and Duval Patrick. Three more distinctive voices you will never find…
          I wonder if the mayor was aware that there were real fans of his voice? I’d take him every day of the week and twice on Sunday over the smooth talking useless pinheads that so often drift into fundraising, I mean, politics. Menino was nothing like them and all you had to do was listen to him speak. He had compassion and heart and it was right there in his voice. He was a good man.

  4. phred says:

    Never did I expect to live to see the day when bmaz would write the following:
    “the biggest game this weekend is the Cardinals”
    Thankfully, he then went on to pick the ‘Boys, ’cause otherwise I mighta had a stroke…

    • bmaz says:

      Did you notice how Ms. Wheel completely ignored that bigger game?? And she has completely abandoned her once fangirl love of Larry Fitzgerald. Spidey is upset by the abandonment.

      • phred says:

        Well, she only has eyes for BilBel and ManningLemonSuckingFace, so under the circumstances one could forgive her for overlooking the other 12 games this week ; )
        I had noticed a distinct dearth of commentary coming from our hostess about Spidey F this season. Any idea why she jilted him? Poor guy, I would wallow a bit over the loss — good thing the Cards are winning. It will take his mind off his ill treatment…

        • emptywheel says:

          Hey, it’s hard work keeping up with both the Pats and the Kitties in a season where the latter are still worth watching in the second half.

          But since the Kitties are off, I shall go stare at Spidey Fitz’ nice looks tomorrow.

        • phred says:

          Spidey will be delighted! The Cowboys better watch out, since Spidey is bound to have a banner day on your behalf ; )

  5. Jim White says:

    Since the Wolvereenies have won the race to dump someone, I declare that their prize should be Jeremy Foley and Will Muschamp. We’ll ship them both off to Ann Arbor first thing Monday morning.
    I am approaching this afternoon’s Florida Georgia game with a lot of fear. Although I of course always want the Gators to win, I really fear what kind of damage a win today could do in terms of maybe giving Foley a little room to keep Muschamp here longer. It sounds like Treon Harris has been doing great things in practice and Georgia didn’t get Gurley reinstated. If Georgia gets their one remaining healthy and eligible running back hurt, this game gets very close.

  6. bloopie2 says:

    What’s on the menu today? It’s the weekend and I actually have time to cook. We’ll start with the leftover Halloween candy, of course -seem that they didn’t like the Almond Joys – not a good result there. And of course we always end up short of Three Musketeers – again not good. But lots of SweetTarts – yes! No need to hit the store before hitting the telly.

      • bloopie2 says:

        Nothing wrong with steak sangwich for breakfast – in the vein of cold pizza – great food, leftover, is still good (if not great) food.

        But speaking of college football, I wonder – does the success of ASU athletics detract at all from the (ostensible) educational mission of the institution? I used to be so anti-college-sports, and now am just neutral about it. Perhaps that’s a factor of age, though – why give a s**t about most stuff.

  7. bloopie2 says:

    Caught a sweet movie on one of the Starz cable channels last night – “At Middleton” – an indie romantic comedy with Vera Farmiga and Andy Garcia (can you believe it?). Two folks (adults!) who make a one-day connection with each other. A real heartbreaker ending, though. It has its weak spots, but I’m proselytizing for it. Anything else I should be watching?

    • phred says:

      Football? ; )
      Sorry, couldn’t help myself ; )
      By the way, I don’t usually think of cooking in the same sentence as Halloween candy, but now that you mention it… We had a light turn out last night so lots left in the bowl for us. Personally, if the small fry didn’t go for the Almond Joys, I would consider that a great result — sometimes you feel like a nut ; )

  8. Jim White says:

    I have a real dilemma where I need some help. As bmaz pointed out, Joe Maddon suddenly left the Rays. He will be announced Monday as the Cubs’ new manager.
    One of my most prized possessions is my Rays Joe Maddon gnome. When we weren’t able to make it to the Trop for the day they gave them out, Lisa actually went on Ebay and got me one.
    I suppose I will still consider Maddon a great manager, but leaving the gnome out on display will just not be right. I can’t imagine throwing the gnome out, either.
    Does it just go into storage somewhere or does it stay out with some sort of ritualistic obscuring of the Rays logos? Maybe it gets put in the back of a display shelf like he’s been sent to the corner?

    • Peterr says:

      Perhaps you can make him a nice little Cubs jersey.

      That is a great move for the Cubs, but the Cubbies are career killers for managers.

      When it comes to looking for a new manager, the Cubs have something to offer candidates that no other club has. Says the owner, “You’re good, and that’s why we and a bunch of other clubs want to hire you. But all they can offer you is money. We can offer you money AND a chance at immortality. You lead the Cubs to the World Series title, and you are going to be talked about for generations to come.”

  9. JohnT says:

    Had about a half inch of snow, early this a.m. up here in my corner of the high Sierra. Funny, the worse the weather is, the better the lake looks.
    Giants baby!
    Honestly, even though they win the WS all the time now, Giants baseball is torture. Just wanna say the Nationals and Royals have bright, bright futures, and the Cardinals have one of the best orgs in all of sports. If any one of those teams would have won they would have deserved it
    Basketball? Meh. The only team I pay attention to is another loveable loser team that only gets on teh teevee once in a blue moon
    At Middleton is a good independent movies nobody’s heard of. Off the top of my head, a couple others are Adult World with the Veronica Mars actress, and another is The Perks of Being a Wallflower with Emma Watson, and Safety Not Guaranteed is pretty good as well
    Yea, the Utes are for real. ASU better be ready for a battle.
    And, Mississippi State better not sleep on Arkansas. Ms State is -11, but i think it’ll be much closer than that and could easily be an upset
    On Paper there should be some good games. Chargers – Dolphins. Niners – Rams. Ravens – Steelers. And Colts – Giants

  10. Peterr says:

    Speaking of the Fighting Journalists and Big Blue, ESPN offers this bit of news from the ubiquitous Unnamed Source . . .

    Michigan has targeted Northwestern athletic director Jim Phillips as a candidate to succeed Dave Brandon, according to a source.
    This is an indication that Michigan will seriously consider candidates without university ties. . . .


  11. Peterr says:

    Bmaz, you left something off your Docket Report:

    Oklahoma freshman running back Joe Mixon reached a plea deal this week to avoid going to trial on the misdemeanor charge of acts resulting in gross injury.

    Mixon entered an Alford plea, which allowed him to continue asserting his innocence. He was handed a one-year deferred sentence, 100 hours of community service and behavior counseling.

    Mixon was accused of punching a female student July 25, breaking four bones in her face. After the incident, Mixon was suspended from football-related activities for one year.

    Mixon’s attorney, Kevin Finlay, released a statement shortly after the agreement became public.

    “Today, Joe has made the decision that entering an Alford Plea to the misdemeanor and accepting the short period of probation was the best course of action at this point in his life,” the statement read. “Joe does not want to be a further distraction to his family, friends, teammates, and the University of Oklahoma.

    “Joe would like to apologize to everyone affected by this unfortunate chain of events. Joe looks forward to continuing towards his goal of becoming a successful student and athlete at the University of Oklahoma.”

    Presumably that apology for an unfortunate chain of events extends to the woman with the four broken bones as well. I’d love to see her attorney take this on in a civil suit.
    Alford pleas should be abolished. Either you admit to having done something or you don’t, and if you don’t, you can’t plead that you did.

  12. Jim White says:

    For the first time since the third quarter of the 2011 game, Florida has a lead in a game against Georgia.
    Had to put that up quickly, because it probably won’t last.

    • Peterr says:

      Or you might be wrong. The Bulldogs seemed to go into the locker room at the end of the first quarter and didn’t come back out until the fourth quarter, by which time it was too late.

    • scribe says:

      There’s dumb, and then there’s the idea of Romo playing with a broken back. I know that The Star on the helmet produces certain rays which drill into the wearer’s head and scramble his thought processes. But this week he hasn’t put on the helmet just yet and he’s had since his last game for the rays’ stupefying effect to wear off. So, he’s still susceptible to someone talking sense to him and keeping him out. I am not counting on Jerry being that guy, but I hope someone can get to Romo in time.

      Mind you, my rooting interests are, in this order: Stillers, Who’s Playing Dallas, Iggles, Giants and laugh at the J-E-T-S JETS JETS JETS. But, as much as I like Who’s Playing Dallas, I don’t want to see Romo (or anyone else) risking permanent injury of the type that can come too easily from playing with a broken back.

      • emptywheel says:

        As someone who has lived through 17 years of at times excruciating back pain as a result of sports injury, think it’s one of those things that can be unbelievably painful but of limited immediate DIRECT impact (which is different from your entire body building around the pain which causes a great deal of damage by itself).

  13. Peterr says:

    Not sure if this little non-issue at practice on Friday will be a distraction to the ‘Boys, or if they will use the game as a distraction from the Frisco City Hoosgow dustup . . .
    My favorite part:

    While Randle was being booked at the Frisco City Jail [earlier in the month], the Cowboys running back can be heard asking a jail employee if he will be suspended by the Cowboys because of his arrest.

    Randle then mentions the prior arrests of Cowboys teammates Bryant and Josh Brent.

    “Dez didn’t miss no games for smacking his mom,” Randle said.

    “Josh Brent, he’s still up in the locker room,” Randle added. “He’s coming back. … He was driving drunk. That’s stupid.”

    Does Randle regret the comments he made in the video?

    “I regret saying everything,” Randle responded Friday before declining further comment.

    Randle was arrested on a misdemeanor charge for allegedly shoplifting a package of underwear and a tester bottle of cologne from a Frisco Dillard’s department store on Oct. 14.
    Yeah, no sense of entitlement in THAT locker room.

    • scribe says:

      ESPN reports that after Garrett met with all three individually Randle’s been docked a game check and is, per the report, “here for now”. Also that the locker room has kinda ostracized him. Not a prescription for an extended career.
      I have to say, EW, I’m a gamer, too. But there is a line marked “no playing” somewhere this side of “broken back”. I have an old – late ’80s – construction injury to my lower back and it still bothers me.
      And then there’s Washington, where to interview RG3 they have to take it outside the locker room b/c the other players shouting him down are too loud. Apparently his “leadership” has been, at best, questioned by his fellow players. And the Word is that he’s playing today because of an “owner/General manager decision”. Everyone denies this, which means it must be true.
      And, to continue the trip up the east coast, we get to the land of the J-E-T-S JETS JETS JETS where the back page of today’s NYDN headlines “Dog has his day” over a picture of Vick, Fat Rex’s new starter. (This makes 3 quarterbacks whose career starts he’s ruined, assuming you count Tebow – still available! keeping in shape! – as a quarterback.)
      Snowing now in Foxborough and it’s blowing like a sunofabitch. It’s not sticking, but that just makes it worse. It’ll be pretty f’g miserable there.
      And today the Stillers do one of their rarest acts: they retire a number. #75, worn last by the Immortal Mean Joe Greene, will be retired. It’s not that they don’t not-issue numbers. No one has worn Bradshaw’s #12, Harris’ #32, Burris’ #36, Webster’s #52, Lambert’s #58 or Ham’s #59 since they walked off the field, either.* But that’s not a formal “retirement”. Greene is the first guy since the 60s to have his number retired.
      In other words, this is a Big Deal.

      * I don’t think anyone’s worn Neil O’Donnell’s #14 either, but that’s a matter of players avoiding it rather than the team informally retiring it. For money he jumped to the J-E-T-S JETS JETS JETS, had his arm and legs shrivel up and fall off in the classic new-free-agent-to-Jets manner and his career sank below the waves like it was wearing concrete overshoes. I think he still dares not show his face in the ‘Burgh, lest he get the Jagr treatment. At best.

      • bmaz says:

        Hey now, I went to a Super Bowl where Neil O’Donnell had taken the Stillers to it. Granted, that was as far as he took them, because once in the stadium, the ran into Jimmy Johnson and the ‘Boys.

      • Bay State Librul says:

        Thomas, Chapter 16, Verse 1.

        There is only ONE game today

        Cmp Att Cmp% Yds Yds/Att TD Int Rating
        Brady 334 500 66.8% 3,680 7.4 27 12 96.4
        Manning 376 600 62.7% 4,371 7.3 31 20 88.0

        “The good news is that Sunday will bring a 16th chapter of the Brady-Manning story. And if history is a good judge, the only thing we’ll be able to predict is that the game will be unpredictable.”

      • P J Evans says:

        I’m surprised they haven’t retired more numbers – and I approved of retiring that one. (There is, after all, a reason why I-the-Niners-fan have a Steelers keyfob.)

  14. Bay State Librul says:

    Back to baseball.


    According to the Globe, your Rays are falling apart?
    Gone Girl?

    Andrew Friedman: Gone
    Joe Maddon: Gone
    James Shield: Gone
    David Price: Gone

    “Add poor attendance. Add no new Stadium deal in sight. Add not a chance of adding top
    stars to enhance the product. Add a depleted farm system no longer able to churn out homegrown pitchers and position players. Add the death of icon Dom Zimmer. It’s been a tough couple of years for the Rays.”

    • Jim White says:

      The Maddon hit is huge. I’m not so sure on Shields at all (in fact I think Wade Davis was the bigger loss in that trade) and even on Price the talent they brought in may well help pretty well over the next few years. I look for Wil Myers to come back strong this year and Drew Smyly probably had better stats with the Rays than Price had with the Tigers after the trade.
      On the stadium front, there is still intermittent discussion on a new open air facility in Tampa. That would probably get me to more games. St. Pete is not easy access for us in the outlying areas and the Trop is pretty damn gloomy.
      I do worry that they will pick up and leave, but I really enjoy their TV broadcast team and will keep watching as long as they are local. I even had the good fortune to meet their main play-by-play announcer Dewayne Staats a couple of weeks ago. He randomly turned up at a horse show we were at in Tampa and was happy to chat for a few minutes.

  15. bmaz says:

    Welp, today is a big day here at the Wheelhouse, not just because of all the big games. It is also Jim White’s birthday! Happy Birthday Jim!
    But Jim is is not getting older, he is getting better; in fact, I think he is just starting!

  16. Bay State Librul says:

    More on Tom Menino from Jack Beatty, co-author of his Memoir. The Bruins honored him last night, maybe the Pats today

    Fucking Republicans on Tuesday…. as Charlie Pierce says, “God save the Commonwealth”
    Summer jobs for kids is the best.
    “Tom Menino cared nothing for fame, yet I can’t help thinking of how proud his parents would be at how high he rose and all he achieved without a shadow of dishonor falling on his name. In a time of toxic cynicism about politics and government, his example helps restore faith in both.

    In a city still reeling from busing and the racial hatred it ignited, he said the one thing he would not tolerate is, ‘people being discriminated against,’ and saw to it that his government was as good as his word.

    He practiced the politics of healing when politicians from Bill Weld to the Bill Clinton of “welfare reform” were exploiting the politics of resentment. In a city still reeling from busing and the racial hatred it ignited, he said the one thing he would not tolerate is “people being discriminated against,” and saw to it that his government was as good as his word.

    Assuming responsibility for a failing school system, he first raised the expectations of students, parents and teachers that change was possible, then — “incrementally,” with time and money and unflagging attention to the metrics of progress — he made it happen.

    He made it happen for the 200,000 kids he placed in summer jobs, kids like the girl who turned her internship at Dana-Farber into a career in medicine. “These summer jobs are amazing,” she told the Globe’s Shirley Leung. “It…shows that someone cares.”

  17. Jo6pac says:

    Go 9ers, just not sure were.

    F-1 just doesn’t sound the same but will catch part of the race any way.

    How about them Giants?

    Yep, HB Jim and thanks for all of the wonderful writing.

  18. phred says:

    Happy Birthday Jim! And how nice that on your birthday, I got a present… SNOW!!! It’s snowing : ) I love snow, especially early in the year with the promise of more to come… Yay!!! I just love winter. Happy Birthday to You! And Happy Snow Day to me : )
    And my dear scribe, misery is in the eye of the beholder ; )
    bmaz, I am relieved to see Romo will not be playing. I’m with scribe on this one, the risk of serious permanent injury ought to outweigh a 60 min football game. Glad someone saw reason there…

    • bmaz says:

      Agree. Of course, my luck Brandon Weeden will come out and have one of those Colt McCoy game of his life moments today.

    • Jim White says:

      Thanks for the birthday wishes. And I’m glad you consider your snow a gift. I’m such an old grouch I think of even cold weather as curse. Snow would be an off scale insult to me.

      • phred says:

        Well, one must make allowances — some people actually think living in Florida is a good thing ; ) To be fair, snow might just kill a gator. ‘Course, rumor has it that gators down your way have been suffering from a bout of failure to thrive already, maybe a little snow would help…
        Sadly the snow has ended up here. No snowball fights in Gillette for Pats fans : (
        It was great while it lasted!

  19. emptywheel says:

    My telly tells me to keep an eye on Larry Fitzgerald, just like my trash buddies.

    It’s like the whole world wants me to spend the afternoon ogling poor Larry’s nice fanny.

    • phred says:

      It’s fate EW, no matter how you try, you can’t escape Spidey’s web. Appropriate for Halloween weekend when you think about it ; )

  20. emptywheel says:

    Apparently the Boys’ plan on how to win w/o Romo is to keep the Cardinals’ O on the field and score off D.

    So far it’s even working. Time for a Cardinals’ D score.

  21. bmaz says:

    Looks like it is going to be a long brutal day in the Big D for the Cardinals. On a positive note, by the time this is totally out of hand, i.e. right about halftime, the US Grand Prix will be starting! Maybe there is a god after all,

    • phred says:

      Pssst, don’t look now bmaz, but the Cards have the lead and there are still 4 minutes left in the half… What will you choose???

  22. scribe says:

    The Honey Badger will now be even more insufferable.

    Buck and Aikman just came up with one of the pearls of all time, speculating on what the last week would have been like had the Owboys chosen Johnny Football in the draft and Romo was coming up hurt. From their context, it sounds like Mt. Manziel is fuming and steaming, sitting second on the depth chart in Cleveland. Could be entertaining when it erupts.

  23. Peterr says:

    I’ve had the very odd experience of watching the Chefs game while making hospital visits on various parishioners. See one parishioner who had the game on, chat a bit and watch some of the game, then pray and move to the next parishioner’s room and repeat the routine. Everyone was watching the game, and was happy to bring me up to speed about what I’d missed while in the elevator or moving between hospitals.
    The craziest part, though, happened while I was moving between rooms. The hallway was quiet, as hospitals usually are. Suddenly, just as I was walking past the nurses’ station, there was a scream from inside a patient’s room. The nurse glanced at the monitor sitting on her desk, then looked at me and smiled, without leaping up to see what was wrong with the poor guy. She noticed the look on my face that probably asked “aren’t you going to help him?” and her smile got wider. “He’s fine. It’s just that he’s a Jets fan and he’s watching the game. The first three times he screamed, we went in to check on him, but then we told him that unless he codes, we’re going to ignore his screams until the game is over. He said that was probably a good idea.”
    I imagine that they’re probably upping his pain meds right about now, as the Chefs close out a 24-10 win.

    • scribe says:

      He should know better than to be a Jets fan. It could kill him.

      As to Manziel making the effort to learn how pro football is played: not gonna happen. Johnny’s already Football, so what does he think he has to learn – not a damn thing if you get him in an honest moment.

    • emptywheel says:

      Btw, saw a letter to the editor — I assume to a KC newspaper — from SF fans who talked about how wonderful people in KC were to them. Saw it on Twitter and then lost it but it looked neat from what I saw.

      • Peterr says:

        I didn’t see it, but heard some sports radio hosts saying that they had heard comments like that from the SF broadcasters and their interactions with fans who traveled to KC for the World Series.
        I think I’m on safe ground when I say that if St. Louis had beaten the Giants and been KC’s opponent in the World Series, the reception for the Cardinals fans coming to KC would not have been nearly so warm.

    • phred says:

      Great story, Peterr, thanks for that!
      Just popping in briefly to add my two cents to all the previous CitizenFour reviews… The hubby and I skipped THE GAME to catch a showing before I head out of town. If not a sell out, it was very very close. Not bad for a Sunday afternoon. Anyway the thing I wanted to mention was this…
      As noted elsewhere the movie reveals that Ed’s sweetheart has joined him in Moscow. But it is the way that information is conveyed… Poitras is brilliant. She shoots the scene externally. There is no interview, just an ordinary domestic scene that gets the message across while not intruding on their private space or private lives. She manages to keep the story focused on the message, not the messenger, just as Snowden had hoped. It was an especially clever bit of film making. Kudos to Ms. Poitras for a beautifully constructed film.
      Ok, I better go pack. scribe, I just turned on the game, at the moment, your Stillers appear to have avoided a safety. Hopefully, it gets better for them…

  24. scribe says:

    Patsies-Peyton looks to be a real grind-’em-out, bloody knuckle game. I’m willing to bet flags like this one on #39, will somehow wind up being determinative.

  25. emptywheel says:

    My favorite part of this Pats game so far (I missed Peyton’s pick, mind you), was the missed Field Goal because Detroit Kitties and their new improving kicker Matt Prater.

  26. CTuttle says:

    Dayam, what a beatdown my beloved Donkos are getting from the Patsies…! 8-(

    To think that Peyton will have to come back to Foxboro when it’s much colder too…! 8-(

    • bmaz says:

      Yeah, dunno but what The Brady’s will have to travel to Mile High. And they are not comfortable there.

      • emptywheel says:

        uh, don’t the Donkos have to win home field first? Season ends today they travel right back to Foxboro, assuming they make it through a Wild Card Stillers team.

        • bmaz says:

          What?? Have you never been to Flagstaff? We have frozen tundra here. Albeit it 2.5 hours north and only for a few months a year.

        • CTuttle says:

          My Mom was at NAU pursuing her Masters in Public Policy, while I was stationed in El Paso, I’d visited her while on leave in Feburary, and, dayam it was cold…! ;-)

        • bmaz says:

          Don’t know when that was, guessing a while ago, but wish I had known you then. I would have come up. Even better, wish you had known Bob Schacht then, because he was a professor at NAU forever before spending a few years at University of Hawaii.

        • CTuttle says:

          I actually had the distinct pleasure to meet Bob and his lovely newly-wed wife, about a year before his demise, here in Hilo town…! He was actually the first Fire pup I’d met face-to-face…! I surely miss him…! 8-(

        • bmaz says:

          Yep, I had the pleasure of meeting Bob personally too, as did Marcy. Great guy.
          You know, you wouldn’t think it, but i have found meeting internet folks to be wonderful. They have usually proved to be not only who you thought, but even better.

        • bmaz says:

          Yes, it is certainly chilly there. That is why HOT FUCKING LAVA is rolling down yer countryside. Come on man.

        • CTuttle says:

          *heh* They’d arrested two White Privileged buffoons for trespassing and then bragging about sticking an egg-beater and a golf club into the recent flow, to one of the multitude of International and National press corpse, that’d descended upon sleepy Pahoa Town to cover it…! ;-)

        • CTuttle says:

          Running across snow covered ground. Good point, PJ, in the middle of the North Atlantic even…! If the ‘Big Enchilada,’ Mauna Loa blows, it’ll most assuredly flow across snow covered ground, and, no one can anticipate which direction Madame Pele will go…!

        • Peterr says:

          (and also in reply to bmaz)
          Frozen is an optional event in Hawaii and Arizona. You want winter? Great — you head up into the mountains (aka volcanoes) to play in the frozen stuff, then head back down to the sun, the sand, and the delightful beverages. Note: Uncle Prickly does not grow in snow, and they don’t make shave ice with the stuff that falls from the sky.
          In Wisconsin, Frozen is not optional. It is what you get, whether you like it or not.

  27. Bay State Librul says:

    All Brady

    The results should silence Manning’s advocates.
    Denver’s “Fourth and Six”

    “With the Patriots leading 20-7 with only a few seconds remaining before the first half’s two-minute warning, the Broncos decided to go for it on fourth down and six to go at the Patriots’ 43-yard line. It was a decision that head coach John Fox had hoped would extend a drive and lead to a Denver score, which would cut New England’s lead to six heading into the half.

    Instead, Patriots newcomer linebacker Akeem Ayers broke the Denver line and sacked quarterback Peyton Manning for a loss of nine yards”

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