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New and Improved FBI! Now with 12 New Pages of Investigative Methods!

Among the documents ACLU obtained as part of its EO 12333 FOIA are 3 pages out of the bajillion-paged Domestic Investigations and Operations Guide.

The actual content of the pages isn’t all that interesting. The content has been available for years.

But this is interesting.

Screen Shot 2014-11-03 at 2.29.38 PM

The pagination of the third page, discussing wiretapping of a targeted American overseas, shows two things.

First — as the description of the document provided to ACLU also describes — this is a new version of the DIOG. The publicly available DIOG is dated October 15, 2011. This DIOG is dated October 16, 2013, two years later.

Also, the pagination reveals that there are at least 12 new pages in Section 18, which describes investigative methods.

What do you want to bet FBI has already added hacking to its investigative methods?

Update: Via Mike German, I learn that FBI did a 2012 edition as well, for which just a fragment plus the Table of Contents got released. The methods section grew about 4 pages between 2011 and 2012. So that leaves 8 pages that are new in this 2013 edition.

Also note, the latest revision came the day before Charlie Savage reported that DOJ would start giving defendants notice of Section 702 usage.

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